Kaya walked through the village into the close restaurant, where she was meeting some friends. Her smile brightened as she walked in and her friends waved to her. At the table sat Mrs. Kaoru Himura, Mrs. Megumi Sagara, and Mrs. Tokio Saitou.

"Hello Kaya! We already ordered for you," Kaoru smiled delightfully. Kaya returned her smile and sat next to her.

"Thank you Kaoru. I'm so sorry that I was late, but you know how that husband of mine is," Kaya sighed. The rest of the wives simply giggled lightly at her remark. "Anyway, Tokio you were just about to tell us how Saitou proposed to you!" Kaya stated happily. All eyes turned to the elegant, Tokio Saitou. Who was wearing a dark-red kimono with golden lilies along the rims. Her eyes were a rich brown matching her hair, which was put up into a perfect bun, giving the look of importance. Tokio was a very beautiful woman, and was very similar to her husband. They were both very strict and kept much to themselves. Many people believe that they are perfect for each other.

"Well, Hajime had been told to protect me for a while. That was when I began to grow close to him. I was actually saddened when he told me he would be leaving for a mission in Tokyo. Hajime also said that he would be gone for months, and that I shouldn't wait for him to return. After he left, many suitors came to court and marry me. I refused each and every one of them, and only wanted Hajime. One night I came home from the village, and was about to fall asleep when" Tokio stopped for a moment and smiled.

"What! What happened?" Kaoru asked, nearly jumping over the table to get Tokio to talk. Tokio merely took her time in order to annoy Kaoru.

"Well," Tokio started. She waited a moment only to hear Kaoru's whining. "It was very dark, so I couldn't see anything. All I remember is feeling two arms wrap around me tightly. I instantly knew who it was, and it nearly brought tears to my eyes. His forehead in the crook of my neck, sighing in relief. Without a word, he turned me around and we–he–kissed me." All of the women looked at her in awe as she looked out the window longingly. "It was wonderful. Once he ceased, he scooped me up into his arms and brought me to my room. He laid me down on the futon, and gazed at me with those burning eyes of his. His finger caressing my cheek, all he said was 'Marry me'. All I could do was kiss him passionately in return, knowing my actions would speak louder than words," Tokio stated. A light blush invaded her cheeks, causing her to giggle lightly.

"That sounds so wonderful. That idiot of a husband of mine has never done anything quite like that, but I still love him," Megumi sighed. Her smile turned into a fit of laughter, causing all the women to laugh.

"Oh! Kaya, weren't you going to tell us today how you and your husband met?" Tokio asked. Kaya merely looked at all of them slyly and began to 'ponder'.

"Well, it's quite boring. I don't know if you ladies would actually even be interested," Kaya said like she really had nothing to offer. How she knew of the women were dying to know what had happened between her and her husband.

"Tell us!" the women begged. Kaya merely laughed at their excruciating curiosity and waved for them to settle down.

"Well, where do I begin?" Kaya wondered, stroking her chin in thought. "I guess I should start at the beginning. I was about eighteen when I first met him, never knowing that I would actually marry that buffoon. Anyway, I was wandering from the last town I had been to, looking for a place to stay. I didn't have much money since I gave most of it to my little brother so he could provide for himself while I was away. I was walking towards this very town when . . . " Kaya remembered everything that had happened the day she met, Hiko Seijuro.

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