Chapter 13: Accident

"Oh no you don't!" Kaya ran and stood in front of him to block his way out of the hut. "I never asked you to come or to help me! How can I prove I can take care of myself if you won't let me!"

"You're really a brat. Just be grateful that I helped you and move on," Hiko told her trying to get past her.

Kaya refused to move, causing him to sigh and roll his eyes. He simply took her by her arms and put her over his shoulder. "Put me down!" she yelled.

"You need to put something cold on your cheek, and clean your kimono, you got blood on it," Hiko said as he carried her down her favorite hill to the stream.

"I'm not something you can just toss around damnit!" Kaya screamed. Once Hiko got to the stream, he put Kaya on the ground. He ripped some cloth to dip into the stream, and despite being mad at him, Kaya allowed him to put it on her cheek. Hiko watched as she pouted, wincing at the pressure on her bruised cheek. It was silent for a while, except for the flow of the stream.

"So why did you really follow me?" Kaya asked solemnly, slowly looking up at him. Hiko actually spared a glance at her, still holding the cloth to her cheek.

"Bring your hand up and hold this," he told her. Kaya rolled her eyes and placed her hand on top of it, not realizing that Hiko had yet to remove his hand. For what seemed like much longer than it was, Kaya had her hand on top of Hiko's. Hiko slowly removed his hand, the cool air hitting his warmed flesh. He was ready to lift her up and take her back up, when a hand against his chest, surprisingly stopped him. "Hiko, I mean it. I want to know the real reason you followed me," she told him seriously and curiously.

Hiko heaved a sigh and stood straight, Kaya having to squint against the sun shining behind him. "For one thing, Kenshin wouldn't shutup about you going alone and couldn't concentrate on his training. Second, if anything had happened to you I'd never hear the end of it from Kenshin. Now come on," he said as he bent down to lift her into his arms and take her back to the hut. Hiko was surprised to find Kaya so quiet on the way up, and even when they got back inside.

"You should go make sure Kenshin's okay. I don't like the thought of him being out there alone. Besides, I'd hate to think that you'd need to escort me to my room for whatever reason, since you're such a possessive jerk!" she told him and walked quietly back to her room, leaving Hiko confused.

I'll never understand women, he thought to himself and turned to go find his apprentice. Though for some reason, he stopped and looked over his shoulder back at where he had left the sad young woman. Hiko almost turned around to see her, but remembered that he needed to fetch Kenshin to return before nightfall.

By the time he reached his apprentice, he found Kenshin right where he had left him. Hiko slowly walked up to him, only to hear instead of steady breathing, snoring. A vein popped on Hiko's head as he walked right up to him, placing his hands around his mouth. He yelled, as loud as possible, "YOU IDIOT!"

Kenshin fell over on the ground, spirals in his eyes and ringing in his ears. "Sorry master," Kenshin said dizzily. Once his head was straight again, he stood up and asked how long he'd been out of it.

"More than a few hours. Did you meditate at all?" Hiko asked annoyed.

"Oh! Yes Master! It was an interesting experience, but you had been gone so long so I ended up falling asleep," Kenshin nervously chuckled scratching his head. "Where did you go?"

"That's not the point," Hiko replied, walking towards the side of a nearby cliff, Kenshin following. "You'll climb this cliff to remind you why you need to do the exercises I teach you. Now get climbing."

Kenshin sighed as he put his sword down and started climbing, not liking the angry teacher on the ground below. Hiko watched as the boy climbed higher and higher, suddenly feeling the ground shake. Small pieces of rock started to fall onto the ground by Hiko, until the shaking of the ground got even more intense, causing bigger rocks to fall. Hiko had to actually start dodging some of the rocks falling, not knowing where his apprentice was. When he had the chance to look up, he saw something falling that wasn't a rock. Hiko's eyes actually widened a little as he used the cliff to jump up to where Kenshin was falling, dodging falling rocks along the way. Some hit him and scratched him, but they weren't keeping him from catching Kenshin. Once he had the boys in his arms, Hiko tried to find a safe place to stay.

A small ledge caught his eye, out of the way of most of the rocks. Hiko set Kenshin down and told him to stay there until the rocks ceased. Kenshin nodded and started sitting down, when a large boulder started falling right where Hiko was. "Master!" Kenshin screamed, Hiko didn't have time to look up before it knocked him off the ledge, making him fall to the ground with the rocks. "MASTER!"

Back at the hut, Kaya couldn't help but feel a pain in her chest. Something was wrong, very wrong. Kaya stopped what she was doing and slowly made her walk outside. Her feet didn't stop there, making her walk into the yard, then faster through the small woods, until she was running to where Hiko and Kenshin usually trained. Please, PLEASE let them be all right! Kaya begged in her mind as she ran.

Half-way to the training site, Kaya stopped to hear something coming. Soon she saw a very distraught Kenshin running towards her. "Kenshin!" she cried, running towards him.

"Ms. Kaya!" Kenshin replied, running faster. Once they both met in the middle, Kaya asked Kenshin what had happened. "We were training, and there was some kind of earthquake causing all these rocks to fall and...Master...Master Hiko! He's–!"

Kaya gasped, hearing that Hiko was hurt, she asked how badly he was injured. Kenshin said he was unconscious, bleeding and possibly broke a few bones and that was enough to send Kaya running. "Wait! Ms. Kaya! What should we do?" Kenshin called out to her.

Kaya stopped running, trying to think as clearly as she could. She ran back to Kenshin and placed her hands on his shoulders, making sure he was looking straight into her eyes. "Now listen to me Kenshin, if Hiko really is this badly hurt then we don't have a lot of time. Now you're much faster than me, so I will need you to fetch the doctor from town and bring him here. Tell him to bring whatever he can, and I will stay with Hiko until you both return. I'll have to make do with what I have with me, but you must hurry. Do you understand?" Kaya told him.

"Yes Ms. Kaya," Kenshin nodded.

"Good, now go, quickly!" Kaya instructed, watching as Kenshin nodded again and ran towards town to fetch the doctor. Kaya then turned around and started running where Kenshin had left Hiko.

A/N: Hey everyone! Now to start off, I'm not one to really research what I'm writing, so if these circumstances seem really unlikely I apologize. However, this is fiction and I ask that you bear with me, lol. I hope you enjoy the chapter:)