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We decided that two heads are better than one, and wanted to try our skills at a Joint-Fic! We hope y'all like it, and we hope y'all review! To see our other works, Our Pen Names are:

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Count this as our Disclaimer: we do NOT own anything Harry Potter, cause trust us, if we did, Sirius wouldn't be dead dag nabbit! Oh, and Draco and Ginny would DEFINATELY be together ;-)

And here's a short summary before you go on to the Prologue: 6 years after the death of Nicholas Flamel, trouble is yet again stirred up. A strange prophecy is made, followed by strange riddles, and everyone's making a mad dash for what is believed to be a second Philosopher's Stone! (Yes folks, it's a DG fic, what else?)

Sorry the Prologue's so short! I hopey you likey!


St. Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, 2nd Floor.

July 8, 1999

Albus Dumbledore sat with tears in his eyes, watching his old friend wither away, knowing there was nothing he could do. He could hardly believe that this day had come, a day he'd been dreading for the past 20 years or so. Trying not to show the emotion he was holding back so strongly, he looked into to old man's eyes.

"Albus, stop worrying about me. It's not so much of a bad thing. I've lived a long life, it's about time I be set free, 682 is not a fun age," The old man said, trying to show that he wasn't afraid, like he was just waiting for it to happen. One is never quite ready for death, however, no matter how much preparation is made.

Dumbledore gave a weak smile. "Dear old friend, I'm happy for you. You get to move on from this life and experience a whole new one. After so long, I've got to imagine that sounds pretty good. Still, I can't help feeling a man's grief." He wiped a tear from his eye before he let it fall.

"Albus, I can feel the time is getting near, but I can't go until I've said my final peace." Nicholas Flamel reached from under his pillow and extracted a small, brown envelope. "Listen carefully to me. This is very important."

Dumbledore nodded curtly. Leaning forward, he focused all his attention on what Flamel was about to say.

"I hold in my hands a very important document. If in the wrong hands, we could submit the world to most terrible things. I trust you to keep this message until you feel the time is right to open it. Only then should you know what's inside of it.

"Trust only those that are closest to you, the ones you know are with you for sure. Albus, I know you would never break your word, so I am giving this to you. Please, whatever you do, Promise me that you'll keep it safe." Flamel's breath was getting shorter with each word he spoke.

"Nicholas, I give you my word. I'll not open it until the time is right, and I'll not show it to anyone I believe to be a danger. Go and be in peace with your wife." With Dumbledore's promise, Flamel closed his eyes. He took a deep, last breath and let it out slowly. Dumbledore watched his chest fall, knowing it would not rise again. Finally, he let his tears fall. Getting out of his seat, he stole a final look at his friend.

"Good-bye Nicholas." he whispered.

He walked out of St. Mungo's in higher spirits. His friend trusted him with this secret, and he would not mess it up. Dumbledore walked into a nearby pub, The Leaky Cauldron. He didn't stop to get a drink, he just went straight through to the back and met up with a brick wall. Bringing out his wand, he tapped the bricks in an order known only to wizards and witches. The bricks made a crunching noise and then they were pulled away to the side to reveal the one and only, Diagon Alley.

The Headmaster stepped into a few shops, greeted a few students, and bought a few items. It was impossible to tell that he had been weeping for an old friend only moments ago, what with his twinkling blue eyes. Then, he was on his way back to the only place he found fit to call home... Hogwarts.

He hoped that he would never have to open that envelope.

Onward, we say-