Chapter 4

Salazar Slytherin?

Ginny woke early the next day. She'd hardly slept thanks to that damn riddle. Why couldn't Flamel have just told them? Harry groaned as Ginny attempted to wake him too. He rolled over onto his other side and pulled his blanket over his head. "Harry Potter," Ginny growled at him. "Get up!" She ripped his covers off of him and waited a minute or two. "If you don't wake up right now, I'm bringing in cold water and dumping it all over you!" Harry opened his eyes and looked up at Ginny.

"That's heartless," He said, looking into her eyes. "Fine. I'm up." Ginny grinned, glad that she'd won.

"You have to actually get out of bed," Gin whispered, as if it were a secret. When he didn't move, she started walking towards the bathroom they were sharing. Harry knew what she was doing and jumped up.

"You are horrible." He yawned and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "Why are we getting up so early anyways?" Ginny rolled her eyes.

"To figure out the riddle," She said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. When Harry was about to object, Ginny told him to be quiet. "We were sent on a mission," Ginny stated. "We weren't sent here for vacation."

"Yes, mother," Harry said, agitated. When he saw Gin glare at him, he softened his tone. "Gin, you can't work all the time. You've got to have some fun. That's all you do is work."

Ginny smirked. "I like my job and I'm good at it. This is the one thing I've wanted to accomplish since the beginning, Harry. You don't know how it feels knowing we're so close, and yet nowhere near it. My work is fun. I live for one more great discovery." Harry smiled for the first time that morning.

"Still," He started. "You've got to take a break sometimes." He walked over to where the parchment lay and found all sorts of notes made on it by certain parts of it. "What is this?" He asked. "Did you find anything more out?"

Ginny sighed. "No, it's all things we already knew, but I figured maybe we'd forget." She said. Harry chuckled.

"Sure Gin." He said. "We're already in Bulgaria, and we know it's in a cemetary. How hard is that to remember?" Ginny hit him.

"Why is it you're always trying to make me feel like I can't do anything for this mission?" She asked.

"I'm sorry, Ginny, I really am." Harry turned his back to hide his smile. The truth was, he loved picking on Ginny. She was like his younger sister and it was so rewarding to make her temper flare. "Have you figured how to tell which cemetary we're dealing with?" Ginny shook her head.

"No this is a lost cause! He didn't leave enough clues." Ginny started pacing. "Maybe we should just search the whole damn country." Harry cocked his head and looked at her in awe. One minute she was happy and ready to solve the riddle, the next she was angry and wouldn't even try!

Ginny looked over the parchment a few more times. "Hold on," She said softly. "Harry, you don't suppose," She paused and read it once again. "I think I might have something. 'In the realm which dark wizards play, it waits for light to come it's way,'" She recited. "We know that means Bulgaria, but we also took the second clue to mean Bulgaria too. What if 'Venture to the place that men most fear, find the place where the trees are cleared' means something different. What if that is talking about the cemetary?" Harry looked confused.

"How does that help us?" He asked. "We still don't know which cemetary." Ginny frowned and read over the clue again.

"Maybe," She muttered. "If there is possibly a cemetary full of dark wizards, wizards that were feared by everyone in Bulgaria. If there is such a cemetary..." She stopped talking. It seemed like it was, once again, a lost cause. Like she was, once again, wrong. Harry, however, got very excited.

"Gin! You're a genius! Everyone knows Salazar Slytherin himself was buried here! So were some of his family. Maybe it's a family graveyard." He looked at her. "You might be on to something with this."

"Do you think so? How can we check?" Ginny asked.

Harry's smile faded. "Well, I don't know, exactly."

"So we're still in the same spot we were," Ginny said quietly. Harry nodded and grabbed his cloak.

"Come on, let's go get breakfast and we can talk about it while we eat." Ginny nodded and smiled. She was getting quite hungry.


Draco and Viktor watched Harry and Ginny leave their hotel and duck into a deserted breakfast nook. Since Draco had been told to follow them, that's what he did. He and Viktor entered the pub and sat as close as they could without being noticed. They both acted very casual and went unnoticed as they slid into a booth not even ten feet from the duo. Ginny and Harry were talking in such hushed voices that Draco and Viktor could just barely make out a few words.

Among these words he heard something about Slytherin and trees, but he couldn't make much sense of anything. "Dammit," He swore quietly. "Can you hear anything their saying?" He asked Viktor.

"No. How can zey be zo quiet?" He croaked out. "I don't understand anything zey are saying."

"What the hell can they mean by Slytherins and trees? That makes no sense!" Draco was getting very aggrivated. He hated being in the dark. Draco sat for a few minutes and then he had a somewhat great idea. He motioned over a waitress who looked relatively new.

"Can I help you?" She asked in such a sweet voice that you knew it was false.

"I can give you 100 galleons right here if you can do me one small favor." Draco smirked as she pondered what he'd just said.

"How do I know you've got the money on you?" She asked. Draco opened the small briefcase he carried with him at all times. It had all his most recent clients and all their information. There was also extra pocket change in case something like this should happen. The waitress took one look and smiled pleasently. "What can I do for you gents?"

Draco leaned his head in towards the table and whispered in a barely audible tone, "I need to know what's being said at that table," He nodded his head towards Harry and Ginny. "No, don't look now you git." He snapped. "I need that information, so get it right." She nodded curtly and Draco wondered if she might do well for his other mission as well. The waitress sauntered over an began cleaning the table right next to the pair. Her eyes widened with every new thing she heard. At one point, she stopped washing the table and turned her head slightly, looking at Draco with an expression of complete shock. When she knew she could no longer get away with washing that table, she walked back to where Draco and Viktor sat.

"Come with me." She guided them to the back of the restraunt and out a back door. "Is what they are saying true? A second Philosophers Stone?" She asked, opening her purse to put in all the galleons Draco had just given her.

"Nope," Draco answered. "I just wanted information on something fake." She gave a squeak. Maybe he'd been wrong. Someone who could be this air headed couldn't possibly make the cut. "Don't speak a word to anyone. Tell me what you over heard."

She took a big breath and let it out slowly. "I heard something about a cemetary and a Slytherin. Ceaser maybe?" Salazar immediatly ran through Draco's mind. "They also talked about trees alot. They didn't say much more. Oh, and I remember them talking about the Stone in the cemetary." She thought she was being helpful, but Draco thought her annoying.

"Well they wouldn't talk about cemetaries for a normal breakfast conversation now would they. Of course the stone is in a cemetary you pillock." The girl looked offended.

"I just helped you. I should think you'd be thanking me." She huffed.

"I payed you didn't I?" Draco said, smirking at her. "Leave me alone now. I've got to talk in private." She glared at him, but left him anyways. He seemed like he was the type who didn't mind hurting women, or people in general.

"Where is Salazar Slytherin buried?" Draco asked Viktor. "If we can get there before them, we have an advantage."

He shook his head. "I don't know vere he iz buried. I haff never asked." Draco rolled his eyes.

"You live here," He said. "How could you not know where the most famous wizard to live in your country was buried at?" Viktor shrugged again.

"I am very sorry."

"Right. Sorry." Draco paced for a minute. "Looks like we're following them again."


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