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X. . . Chrno, I'm Pregnant . . .X

X. . . Chapter 1: The Surprize . . .X

X. . . By: SugarBananaNutMonkey . . .X

It's the crack of dawn and everything is quiet at the Magdalene Order. The moon is just now setting and over to the west the sun be seen coming up to greet the day. The only one awake now is the head sister, Sister Kate, as she makes her daily morning rounds about the grounds. Humming a bit to herself she starts back to her office.

"AARRGG! Ah. . . . BAALAG. . . . Ahhh."

Rushing towards the cause of the noise Sister Kate soon came upon Sister Rosette's room. Knocking softly she slowly called out to Rosette, "Sister Rosette, are you alright? . . . . . Sister Rosette? I'm coming in now." Opening the door and inviting herself in the head sister was quickly greeted by a foul smell. Immediately stepping back out into the hall with the door safely shut the head sister took a deep breath of fresh air then pulled out a handkerchief preparing to re-enter the room. This time around Sister Kate saw the source of the atrocious odor. It would seem as though Rosette was dreadfully ill seeing as her bed sheets were soaked with vomit. Hanging over the window in her night slip Sister Rosette moaned at the pains in her stomach.

"Mor. . . . mornin' Sister Kate. I didn't mean to wake ya, but I. . . . . ah. . . . . . AARRGG! BAALAG!"

At that more brown colored vomit came out and slowly descended to the ground below. "Oh, ehh. . . eck." The head sister clearly did not want to dirty herself with the problem her fellow sister was beset with. Still she was in charge and could not leave her in pain. At that she slowly helped Rosette up off of the window and onto her feet. Walking towards the door and down the hall Sister Kate comforted the young sister with some words of encouragement.

"Rosette dear, I think you better take a nice warm bath and soak a while. That should help your stomach to settle a bit. I'll bring you some medicine and have a nice warm bed prepared for you when you return alright," said the head sister with an usually bright smile on her face.

Clearly in no condition to argue Rosette just nodded and followed Sister Kate down to the bathing room.

The Next Day

Once again Sister Kate woke up bright and early to her usual daily walks around the ground. It seemed to her that inspecting the grounds of the Order could never be more cheery then when it's the early morning. The birds are always singing cheerfully to the rising of the sun and the last remaining stars in the sky slowly say their goodbyes till the night rises again. "Aw, what a peaceful day it's going to be," thought Sister Kate to herself taking in a breath of fresh air. However, once more the head sister found a very sickly Rosette hanging out over her window vomiting once more into the pond just below her window.

"Oh my goodness! Not again! Sister Rosette," said Sister Kate now rushing to the aid of her fellow sister. And once more Rosette's bed sheets had to be cleaned while the young sister went to another warm bath. "Honestly, that's the second pair of beddings that girl has dirtied this week. Not to mention her room is never going to smell clean if she keeps this up! Although. . . . I didn't think that she was this sick. Perhaps I'll give her the rest of the day off."

The Third Day

On this lovely early morning Sister Kate decided that in addition to her normal rounds she would stop to check to see if Rosette was at her window throwing up today. Walking under her window Sister Kate was relieved to see that today showed signs of the good sister feeling better.

Suddenly the window slammed open and falling down to the ground was more of Sister Rosette's brown colored vomit. "AARRGG. . . . . BAALAG! AAARRRGGG!"

Being under the window at the point of impact Sister Kate was then covered in the yucky brown slime and quickly proceed to clean her own self as well as change her clothes. "That's it! I'm calling a doctor," exclaimed the head sister as she finished redressing herself, "It's just not natural! Being sick enough to vomit three times in just one week!"

Just as she was about to dial the local doctor in walked Minister Remington along with Chrno and Azmaria all looking extremely tired. "Ah! Minister Remington! How was your journey? I trust that these two were of help to you were they not," inquired Sister Kate.

Pulling off his hat while the other two set down their belongs the minister walked up to Sister Kate's desk ready to give his report. "Yes, it was quite a pleasant journey indeed, but the weather was awfully. . . ," the Minister stopped in mid-sentence apparently noticing something he had not noticed when he first arrived, "Sister Kate, what's that foul odor?"

Gasping at the Minister's comment he now noticed her slime covered clothes in the corner. Slightly embarrassed the head sister went and calming started explaining their meaning. "Oh, that! Well, you see Sister Rosette is dreadfully ill and. . . " Looking up from his luggage the violet haired devil exclaimed, "SHE'S SICK!" With a quick nod both Azmaria and Chrno were up on their feet, faces covered in concerned. They then quickly ran out of the room and down the hall.

Knocking the door open both Azmaria and Chrno saw a very pale faced Rosette hanging out over the window. One quick smell of the room had the two travelers back outside the room gasping for clean air. Just then Sister Kate appeared from behind them and entered the room holding to her nose a small handkerchief. "Sister Rosette, I've called a doctor for you. He should be here soon. Till that time I would like you to take another bath and I shall get your sheets cleaned for you."

The ill sister slowly looked up from her window and saw her friends out in the hall, but continued to keep her head out enough incase another round came out. Being unable to move Chrno then proceed to help his precious contractor to her feet. Now guiding her to the bathing room Azmaria quickly followed suit hoping that Rosette would be alright. While walking her down the hallway both of her partners noticed something mildly unusual about how Rosette looked. Daring to ask a question that might get him a very painful smack Chrno stared into her sky blue eyes and asked, "Huh. . . . Rosette, have you gained weight?"

In that next instant the young boy laid there on the floor, a giant bump pointing out of the side of his head. "HA! Of course not!" Though it may not have looked like it that one little surge of energy put Rosette to her knees struggling to get back up. Deeply concerned for her best friend Azmaria quickly went to help her. "Here, let me help you!"

Coming up from behind the young devil was now rubbing the bump on his head with one hand and along with Azmaria's help managed to get Rosette back onto her feet. They then continued on their way to the bath. "Rosette, he's right you know. You do look as though you've gained weight," said Azmaria hoping that she wouldn't suffer a smack from her as well.

When nothing came the two looked at Rosette's face, now extremely pale. "I guess I might have gained a few pounds."

After Rosette had finished her bath she quietly returned to her room where fresh new clean sheets were now on the bed. There sitting in a chair was a handsome young youth in a white lab coat with short orange hair and eyes the color of rubies. 'His eyes are certainly an odd color,' thought Rosette. "Alright then, would you please sit down miss and I'll examine you. My name is Doctor Kingsly. It's nice to meet you Sister Rosette."

During their exchange of hands Sister Kate began ushering everyone out of the room. The head sister then told Chrno and Azmaria to come to her office so the doctor could do his job. "You should also give your side of the report along with Minister Remington." Looking back once more Chrno looked longingly wanting to be in there with her. He was slightly jealous and a bit angry at some unknown man touching her in a manner he could not even imagine. "If he touches her in anyway I swear I'll-," he thought briefly.

After a while there at last came a knocking on the office door of the head sister. "Enter," called Sister Kate from inside. In came the doctor putting down his bag walking up to her desk. Listening carefully for the doctors report everyone was now on edge wanting to hear the cause of Rosette sickness. "Well, have you determined the cause of what ails Sister Rosette?"

Staring at her as though she were crazy the doctor simply smiled and stated, "What ails her? Why Sister Kate you have it all wrong. That child is not ill. She's just experiencing the normal pains everyone gets when their pregnant." At this comment everyone in the room fell to the ground with a thump. This time around everyone stared at the doctor as though he were the crazy one.

Struggling to get back into her chair the head sister tried her best to calmly ask the meaning of that theory. "I. . . . I don't understand doctor. YOU SAY SHE'S PREGNANT!"

Looking around for any clues or hints as to why the head sister would take it so offensively the doctor tried once more to state his diagnose, "Yes, she's pregnant. In fact I believe she's about two months along. You best be sure to contact the father to let him know. You all have my best congratulations. Excuse me." The doctor then picked up his bag and exited the room.

For a moment all was silent till it was broken by the head sister. "Oh. . . . oh my," at that Sister Kate fainted, falling out of her chair. Rushing to her side both Minister Remington and Azmaria knew that this was no joke. If the doctor said it was so then it had to be true. Cringing a bit at the sudden news Minister Remington stared at the young devil asking the question he feared the most, "Chrno. . . you couldn't possibly be the father of Rosette's child could you?"

Blushing an unhealthy shade of super bright red a burst of pink smoke then exploded out of his head. The violet haired devil was now at a loss of words; trying his best to figure this out. "I. . . don't know."

Suddenly it hit him! "Wait. . . maybe I am!" Chrno then remembered that one night two months ago when all of Order's militia and exorcists, including Sister Kate were out on an important mission. On that night the only ones left at the Order were Rosette, the Elder, and himself. Struggling to remember what happened that night he then noticed Minister Remington giving him the dirtiest of dirty looks and Azmaria looking very pleased seeing as she had now been over come with tears. He then continued to recalled the incident two months ago.


"YAHOO! With everyone all gone now's the time to have a little fun," exclaimed Rosette as she kicked off her boots and undid her gun pack strapped to her waist.

Setting down his own pack Chrno looked at his partner in surprise. In the past that same statement always spelled trouble for the two and in the long run always ended with him at fault. Still the little devil thought to inquire as to what kind of 'fun' she had in mind. "What do you mean?"

Turning around and looking deviously evil the young sister pulled out a small wooden box out from under her bed. "This kind," she said motioning towards to the box. A bit perplexed as to what could be so fun about a wooden box Chrno took a step closer and prepared himself as Rosette struggled to open it. The lid came flying off knocking Rosette's head to the floor. "Are you alright?" Tossing the lid aside and giving him the thumbs up the young sister took out what was inside revealing a very old bottle of red wine.

"Ah! No way," in the next second the ruby red eyed devil grabbed the wine bottle from her hands gripping it very tightly. "You know what happens when your drunk Rosette! The answers no!"

Of course Rosette was not going to let him spoil her fun and quickly grabbed her gun shooting off a warning shot near his left ear. "Chrno, give me the bottle!" A little shaken up at her willingness to actually fire her gun at him he slightly let lose his grip till he came back to his senses.

"No!" Chrno then quickly retightened his grip and prepared himself for another incoming round. Not wanting to waste the sacreds on her partner, whom she could never ever shot in a million years, she threw her gun to the bed and tackling the small devil. She then seized the wine bottle him. Rosette stood up triumph and glared down at the violet haired boy on the floor. "Don't worry Chrno I'm not going to be drinking alone." At that statement her eyes shined a small glint suggesting that she had intended for him to get drunk with her.

Steadily getting back to his feet Chrno knew at once that her being drunk would be bad, but him getting drunk was even worse. Jumping to stop her the young lad was greeted by a splash of red wine as she had just opened the bottle knocking some onto him. "Hehe! So you are eager to drink with me! Here then have some." The sister then stood over her partner pouring into his mouth a mouthful of the red liquid.

Pulling the bottle away from Chrno, Rosette took one big swig. By now about 1/3 of the bottle was gone. "Bahaha! That's good," exclaimed the young sister now at least 30 percent drunk. The young devil himself was more then already there when he reached for the bottle and drank the rest down to nothing. "Aw! You drink it all! Not to worry though cause I've got four more bottles to go!"

Now hiccupping regularly Chrno aimed for the next bottle buried inside the wooden box and quickly opened one chucking down more then half the bottle. Pulling it out of his hand Rosette shouted at her partner, "Hey! Leave some for the rest of us why don't ya!"

For the next few hours the only things that could be heard were the two exorcists and their fighting over the remaining wine bottles. However, by now five empty wine bottles could be seen on the floor as well as two very drunk exorcists. Both were utterly drunk and more then anything tired. "Oh boy, is it hot in here or what," stated Rosette pulling off her blue dress uniform. Slipping on her night slip she seemingly forgot about Chrno being there while she undressed then redressed. Suddenly feeling weak in the legs she fell to the ground. Chrno then walked over to her and lifted Rosette up into the bed. The young devil, himself, was way too tired to walk to his own room and decided to sleep with her. Taking off his red over coat and shirt he then crawled up next to her.

Lying in her bed the two quietly gazed at each other; each of them admiring one another's features. To Chrno she was everything to him and more. A being more precious then himself, she was all he could ever think of. Her silky sunshine hair, her blue eyes that shined like precious jewels, and her glossy pink lips. She was so close he could touch her and for once not actually get smacked for it. Rosette's mind was set on his long violet braid which she always fixed for him every morning, his eyes staring into hers. Reaching out a hand she quietly stroked her fingers through his bangs clearing it out of his eyes. It was at this moment that even without words both of them were expressing their love for one another. Each saying, "I love you." In a second the two were in a hugging embrace, each feeling the warmth of one another skin touch their own. His bare muscular chest and her soft breasts. Whatever happens now was inevitable as the two lovers slowly moved on top of each other, setting the motions of a passionate night that would last till the sun shone the next morning.

End Flashback

Trying very hard to cope with the fact that he could not remember any more then that Chrno then realized only one fact above all else, "I'm. . . I'm going to be a father."


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