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X. . . Chrno, I'm Pregnant . . .X

X. . . Chapter 9: Explain our miracle . . .X

X. . . By: SugarBananaNutMonkey . . .X

A sharp piercing pain of utter despair was all the warning Rosette received before she was immediately up on her feet and out the door moving faster then any normal human eyes could see. Someone or something was hurt very badly and she instinctively knew this person needed her help. Quickly rushing down the halls another sudden blast of pain speared through the girls entire body causing her to fall onto her knees gasping for the much needed air. Being pregnant had once again reminded Rosette that she just was not as strong as before and that this sort of exercise simply wasn't permitted. Clenching her teeth together Rosette growled out her irritation desperately clinging to the wall. She had to get up. She had to move. Someone in terrible pain was calling out to her.

Standing up was a certainly a struggle for the poor girl, but even so out of the corner of her eyes she could see that same strange blue glow again wrapping itself all around her. Then suddenly it felt as though a cord had snapped and all at once something big burst from within. It was strength. An incredibly powerful strength from inside that got the sister completely on her feet and running faster then ever before. Everything went by in an utter blur, but upon reaching the old abandoned old work area the blue glow began to dwindle down to nothing and Rosette paused in order to get her bearings.

Walking inside she called out to whomever it was that so badly needed help to cause all this fuss. "Hello? Anyone in here?"

After hearing no reply Rosette quietly stepped inside and began walking towards the light in the back. Getting about midway into the building there was a sudden loud whaling sound which strangely enough sounded exactly like a baby's cry. "Weird," she thought continuing forward.

Finally within the clearing what greeted her was most certainly a strange sight indeed.


Four of them to be precise and another person curled up in a ball rocking back and forth. Rosette somehow felt a peculiar tug towards the adult figure and started approaching the person carefully avoiding the babies now trying to crawl towards the new comer. Once close enough the first thing that startled her was the long messy purple braid of hair attached to this person.

"Chrono," the girl called out softly.

Her voice must have seemed like a gods sent when their eyes met. His eyes so raw with emotion that Rosette let out a gasp of complete shock. His once beautiful ruby red pools now had this eerie far off blank look about them, but even further behind that mask was a tidal wave of raw painful emotions.

Not knowing what he was doing the exhausted demon crawled towards the only one that mattered and collapsed in her lap crying tears of relief.

Blushing a nice shade of bright pink Rosette somehow seemed to understand that Chrono probably wasn't in his right mind at the moment and was only looking for the nearest comfort so she let him be. Regardless of whatever sort of madness it is that was plaguing his mind she was just happy he was above all else save for now. Petting his violet silk locks as though he were just a helpless lost child Rosette on some baser primal instinct finally understood that it had been Chrono who had been calling out to her before. Whatever the reasoning for such a heart wrenching call the good sister was extremely relieved he seemed much calmer now then before.

Rosette was so entranced by Chrono that she was completely caught off guard when one of the babies from before had managed to crawl up right besides her. Picking up the little girl Rosette was so utterly confused as to where she knew this baby from.

"Do. . . . I know you?"

Giggling madly at being held up in the air it finally clicked in as to who this baby was! That angelic soft silver hair and those light purple innocent eyes! This baby was Azmaria!

"Impossible," she whispered horrified.

Whipping her head around Rosette quickly looked around and found the other three. Gently setting Chrono's head down onto the floor she carefully carried baby Azmaria over to the nearest baby. Looking down this one too appeared to be another girl with curly brown hair and light brown soul piercing eyes. Even becoming a baby hadn't changed those eyes. Rosette recognized that stare anywhere! This baby couldn't be, but there was no doubt in her mind that it had to be. Sister Kate!

Rosette's mind was utterly overloaded by all this. If these two little girls were indeed Azmaria and Sister Kate then that meant the other two babies had to be Minister Remington and the Elder. Swiftly picking up baby Sister Kate, Rosette frantically looked around for something to cover these little rug rats. Two spots of red suddenly caught her eye and low and behold it turned out to be Chrono's red coat and a smaller torn piece of it. Hoping he wouldn't mind Rosette tore one more different piece from it and began wrapping the two giggling girls up in these made shift toga's. With them now secure in some form of clothing Rosette again tore up two more pieces of the red coat and made her way over to one the two boys. Watching as one of them was sucking at his toes while the other one was clapping him for the performance the girl immediately set about getting these two into the red cloth. This, however, proved to be more difficult then she thought it would be. Finally getting a bit frustrated she gently set down her other two bundles. Now with both hands free Rosette continued her struggle against the little blonde head Remington wishing he'd cooperate better. All the while the other three were giggling happily at the amusing antics of this clothing operation.

Glaring hard at the little bald headed baby Rosette growled out. "You won't be laughing for long because you're next!"

That got the other boy's attention pretty quick for he promptly started crawling away.

"Wait! Come back here you! Right now!"

The two girls only laughed harder at the struggling girl wondering why on earth Remington was so against being clothed.

With a final squeeze of the ties Minister Remington was now completely covered within Chrono's red coat. Satisfied by this Rosette silently zoned in on the last and final remaining rug rat, the Elder. He had managed to get pretty far for a baby, but apparently not far enough since Rosette instantly walked right up to the little one. Within no time at all she had accomplished both catching and clothing the escapee baby.

Now with all four babies snug within her hold the good sister quietly walked back over to Chrono trying to wake him. After a few minutes of trying it looked to be no use. The poor demon was out like a light. Now this was a problem. Handling four babies was trouble enough, but dealing with a full grown demon would be even worse. Deciding on the best way to go about this Rosette settled for possibly trying to carry everyone back in a one way trip. This would be no doubt tough to manage, but it just seemed to be the only way. Softly putting everyone down Rosette carefully lifted her beloved demon up onto her back. However, he was indeed so very heavy and it almost truly felt impossible to carry him along with the babies back to the room.

Just as she was about to fall that strange blue glowing light appeared again and now Chrono felt as light as a feather. Her strength was back and Rosette instinctively knew she could do this! Securing the knocked out demon to her shoulders she then slowly bent down, mindful of her big belly, to grab the now escaping babies. Once secure held the babies each began quietly snuggling closer to her all now settling down from their previous mischief.

Now with everything in order Rosette cautiously began the long walk back to her room praying that whatever new strength she had received would hold up till then. Hopefully by then Chrono will have recovered enough energy that he could kindly explain this latest mess because so help her god she was itching to kill him this time.

Later That Evening

Safe. That seemed to be the only word coming to mind. A foreign unfamiliar sense of absolute calm had now enveloped Chrono at this point things appeared to be much more calmer then they had before. Dreading whatever sight it was that awaited him the sleepy demon slowly opened his eyes to find himself in Rosette's room. The demon then noticed he was currently in one of her armchair with a soft warm blanket draped over him. Looking around it quickly dawned on him that outside it was pitch black which meant it had to be night time by now. A few seconds later his memories started catching up to him and Chrono suddenly remembered the four little babies he had made out of Azmaria, Sister Kate, Minister Remington, and the Elder. Panic struck him as he desperately tried to get up, but found he could not. All of his strength was gone. Chrono had never felt so utterly weak before in his life.

Sitting back down in the chair the demon hoped that since he was here that someone must have also retrieved the others as well. Funny thing was that even though he knew something was a miss for the life of him he could not think of what it was. Thinking back that portion of memories appeared to be somewhat blurred out and wasn't there someone who had quietly comforted him? There was, but who was it? He just couldn't seem to quite remember who this person was. Chrono suddenly felt completely ashamed of himself for losing control like that. Somehow even though apart of himself was still greatly ashamed another portion of him was so relieved that for some reason that he just couldn't stop the rain of tears from coming out.

However, once the door slammed open he found himself wide awake and alert. The person quickly closed the door and swiftly made sure to lock out whoever it was that they felt needed to be kept out. Adjusting his eyes to the bright glare from the light that was then put on Chrono felt as though he had just now witnessed heaven itself with the angelic sight that suddenly met him.

It was Rosette and she was bottle feeding a baby.

However, it didn't take long for her now to see that her true chaos maker was up and awake. It also didn't take long for her forgotten anger to quickly come back full force. Rosette then began stomping over to him making herself look as menacing as possible, but for some odd reason Chrono had these glazed over eyes like there was no one home. She though knew better and loudly snapped her fingers to wake him up. It didn't seem to do much good so she unwillingly took a deep breath and prayed hard that her shout wouldn't cause what she was afraid of.



It did. Oh well, it got the desired effect she wanted from Chrono, but also the annoyance she did not want to occur. At least Chrono though was now paying attention to her from that wake up call.

"Rosette," he replied quietly working his mind overtime turning to figure out what her next move would be.

Unfortunately as much as the girl really wanted to yell and beat the crap out of him for having to make her shout in order to snap him out of his trance right now she was more concerned about getting that annoying wailing sound to stop. Carefully placing the bottle snuggly under her chin the girl allowed the one to continue its feeding while she then walked over to the bed. Quickly picking up the fussing baby Sister Kate she then silently began rocking her. Jeez, was she always this cranky even as a baby?

Sure enough Chrono seemed to have finally found his legs and somehow shakily managed to get over to the bed to find these four different bundled up sheets making these small tiny little beds for the four babies. It was quickly becoming apparent that Sister Kate wasn't the only one who was greatly upset by the yelling for baby Remington was fixing to start his own set of wailings. Swiftly Rosette handed baby Sister Kate over to Chrono and then gently picked up baby Remington for his own set of rocking. While Chrono was still somewhat unsure as to what to do he decided he'd follow suit with Rosette's example and continued rocking the baby girl.

Finally when the two little ones calmed down and they both were place back into their own blanketed bundles. With her other hand free now Rosette took the one who had been bottle feeding and put the little girl against her shoulder patting her tiny back. A few seconds later there came the desired little burp. Seeing as how baby Azmaria was now yawning Rosette slowly laid her back in the last blanket bundle. With them all now asleep Rosette's soft motherly glow quietly turned into her usual murderous glare of promised death. Pointing her finger towards the door she then motioned for him to come with her or else. Not one for wanting to add more to his plate of punishment Chrono quickly walked out the door. Closing it oh so very softly she once again gestured for him to follow her.

The place she stopped at was Sister Kate's office. Opening the door she ushered him in then immediately proceeded to slammed the room shut. The whole impact made him literally bounce off the floor and inwardly cringe at just how deep her rage probably was. Oh this time he knew he would be in for the BIG one. Turning around Chrono swore he could feel his back hairs standing on edge from that deadly glare of hers.

Rosette had honestly no idea what was really going on, but a part of her from deep within inside her very soul seemed to be on some baser instinctual level of rage that she had never known even existed. A lot of different emotions were each coming together all at once, but the major one she understood very well was the giant angry portion of it. As that anger continued to escalate she then noticed the blue light surrounding her again and Chrono swiftly jumped away from it terrified. At this little display of fear a part of her was suddenly quite pleased by the fact he was now frightened by of her anger. Somehow, in a scary sort of way it appeared as though the blue glow had a mind of it's own.

Walking over towards Sister Kate's big armchair Rosette could see out from the corner of her eyes how Chrono was desperately trying not to be within a mere inch of her. Was she really that scary with this odd blue glow surrounding her? She figured so watching as he seriously looked ready to transform in order to defend himself from whatever was coming. Sitting down quietly the girl did her best to breath deeply because she knew all of this anger was definitely not good for her unborn children. A few breaths later and the glow finally receded back, but unfortunately Chrono's fear did not. Although having him afraid of her was good and all whenever it came to questions she wanted answered it proved to be very troublesome since he would sometimes not really give her a complete answer. However, at this point any explanation was better then none at all.

"Chrono, I want to know right now – what in mother of all heaven is going on here? Why have Azmaria, Sister Kate, Minister Remington, and the Elder all now turned into babies? I thought you all were suppose to be returned to your original bodies not be transformed into infants!"

Her glare was pure murder, but she spoke with a relatively calm voice despite the mass hysteria look behind those eyes. That greatly frightened him. If she was using this much restraint then she really must be explosively furious at him. He'd have to be ultra careful if he wanted to live till morning. Sitting down in one of the chairs facing the big oak wood desk Chrono suddenly felt like Rosette being scolded by Sister Kate after another mishap.

"Well, Rosette it's a very long story."

Obviously not liking that answer one little bit Rosette glared back with complete unmasked annoyance spread wide across her face. "And I've got all night," she spoke in the coldest voice she could muster.

Chrono had not meant to make a joke out of her questions, it was just the honest to god truth. Though it would seem tonight that she was only out for the straight answers not the beat around the bushes jokes he normally used to avoid telling her things. It was now the moment of truth and he knew it all to well.

"Alright, do you truly want to know what's going on," he asked his voice clearly showing just how purely exhausted he was. Chrono was desperately hoping she would take the bait and let him tell her all of this tomorrow when he had fully recovered, but by her vicious nod and attentive glare showed she hadn't. Staring her straight in the eyes he spoke out an honest answer to her inquiry.

"Well, as you've seen for yourself Minister Remington, the Elder, Azmaria, and Sister Kate have all been turned into infants. As to what exactly caused it I have not a clue at this time, but hopefully by tomorrow I will get a chance to thoroughly investigate the cause then afterwards offer up a solution?"

Chrono had purposely answered in question form praying she wouldn't pester him further about this until he really knew why things happened the way they did. It would appear that she accepted this answer judging by her thoughtful look.

"Fine. But by tomorrow I want to know what went wrong."

"You have my word," he answered without hesitation.

Since that was all the answer she was getting for now about this issue she let it drop. However, that still wasn't the end of this talk because Rosette immediately pushed on not letting him think even for a moment about leaving just yet. The girl had finally gotten the chance to talk to him alone after a long week of troubling emotions. This was the prefect chance to have him answer some of the other troubling mysteries that had been bugging her.

"Now would you care to explain why this whole mess started in the first place? Just what were you doing in the old abandoned work area two weeks ago?"

Her voice startled him. He had honestly believed and hoped she wouldn't remember that whole incident. It was a mighty embarrassing issue to him. And he really did not want to explain to her what he did even though it did created this mess. Still she did have a right to know considering just how much it involved her too.

"Rosette, do you remember months ago when I explain to you about how we were experiencing your pregnancies pains together?"

An utterly surprised look then came upon her face as she clearly remembered hearing something along those lines some time ago, but she had almost completely forgotten about it.

"Don't tell me that has something to do with this?"

He replied with a quiet nod.

Suddenly grave concern for her children sprang from this realization and once again she found herself very angry. The blue glow was back and glowing much brighter glow then before. It was almost blinding.

Just as fast as it had taken form Chrono was swiftly out of his chair and behind it faster then the human eye could see. He was shaking quite badly and sweating profusely. His face had this look about him that said death was inevitable now.

It didn't take a genius to figure out his sudden fear of her. This blue glow was much more a potent threat then she first thought it was. She'd asked about it later, but for now all she wanted to know was if his little experiment had done anything harmful to her unborn babies still inside her.

"Chrono, if what you did hurt my children in any way I swear I'll—"

"It didn't! It didn't! I swear to you it did absolutely nothing to our children," he shouted loudly not knowing if it would help any. Rosette though didn't care for the loudness, but rather the sincere honestly his words had. Several deep breaths later the blue glow retreated away to where ever it came from.

"Alright then. Continue."

Her remarkable imitation of Sister Kate was extremely disturbing to say the least. Perhaps since the real one was currently sleeping like a baby, literally, she had now suddenly adopted to her method of questioning in order to scare the information out of him like she normally does with Rosette on a daily bases. Though reluctantly he silently sat back down in his chair and carefully decided on his wording lest he bring her anger.

"As I had explained before the whole reason why I had been feeling your pregnancy pains was because of our contract. While it is extremely rare for such an occurrence to happen it's not all that surprising considering the terms of our contract. However, there was another completely different reason as to why it happened. That reason is what drove me to do what I did."

Chrono was having some difficulty composing himself with how to tell her this portion of the news. Rosette, on the other hand, was growing ever impatient for him to continue.


Jumping a bit he looked around for anything to give him inspiration, but nothing came to mind. He was completely lost. He knew somehow he had to tell her, but it looked as though he'd have to explain things from the very beginning.

"Rosette, those marks on your neck, do you remember how you got them?"

Upon that question her hand immediately flew up to the marks as if she felt guilty somehow for having them. Shaking her head the girl pondered just why he kept jumping around from topic to topic. Maybe there was a connection here she just wasn't seeing.

"Chrono, what are these marks anyway?" Rosette asked now worried.

"Bite marks. My bite marks." Looking down quickly the demon could feel the blush all the way down to his toes.

Rosette's ears suddenly exploded in a bright red blushing smoke. He had bitten her? When? Why? And how? Her embarrassment soon though started transforming into anger again. However, before she could lash out at him for this outrage he confused her even more by telling her their other meaning.

"Their a symbol representing a demon's mate mark."

Carefully looking up into her face Rosette was now a blank. Their a what? What on earth is he talking about?

"Explain," she said uneasily not liking where this was going.

"That night seven months ago when we got drunk and we uh. . . . we ah. . . . well you know?"

Hiding her face in her head she waved for him to continue without saying it's true name. Rosette wasn't ashamed by what she had done. Far from it, the girl just didn't want to hear any of the name or terms people called it. Somehow hearing it's actual name made it all the more embarrassing to her.

"You see, demons don't have much of a tolerance for any sort of alcohol or wine and while in the midst of what we were doing my inner demon somehow took control to mark you as my chosen mate."

Still as ever confused, but quickly recovering from her embarrassment Rosette didn't quite understand this term, "mate".

"What does 'mate' meaning?"

"It's the demons word for soul mate or wife," he mumbled slowly.

If Chrono thought her face from before was a completely blank then he was sorely mistaken. Absolutely nothing appeared to be on her face. She had the look of a ghost.

"W. . . w. . . wife?"

He knew what was coming next and was deeply dreading it, but nothing could stop it now even if he tried. He silently nodded.

Rosette was fuming inside! She literally wanted to rip him limb from limb, but at the same time cry till she ran dry. Both were difficult choices and since she couldn't decide she settled for the latter.

Chrono was startled by the sudden onslaught of tears. He knew Rosette was probably feeling severely over whelmed by all of this. More then likely she was probably much more tired then he was. A few seconds later she fainted still crying right in the armchair.

Walking around the desk the demon quietly picked her up bridal style and walked back to her room down the hall. He knew by tomorrow he'd have to answer to her wrath, but just for tonight he wished she would sleep peacefully.

Next Day

Oh the headache. Her head hurt like you wouldn't believe. Lifting a hand up to start gently rubbing at the temple in order to relieve some of the pressure Rosette suddenly realized she was lying down on her bed. Quickly getting up she winced at her sudden kicking abdomen.

"Good morning to you guys too," she said dryly.

"That's not nice Rosette," came a voice from the door way where the smell of something really yummy was coming from.

Closing the door behind him Chrono softly set down a huge tray of lunch for his contractor. He knew she would definitely wake up very angry and decided maybe he could somewhat pacify her by bring food. After all, soothing a pregnant woman's vengeances can always be found by getting a good meal without having to fuss about it.

Rosette though wasn't too happy with his smart remark, but all thoughts of scolding him went out the door with the arrival of food. She'd forgive him, for now.

"Thank you."

"Your welcome," he smiled.

Pulling up a chair Chrono watched as within record speed a feast fit for a king was quickly devoured within a few minutes.

When she was finished she had a very satisfied face on which was taken as a good sign. He figured he go through with it now. Silently praying to whatever God that may listen he took a deep breath and began his story.

"Rosette, about last night, no – about really the whole last two weeks, I'm going to tell you everything."

Now there was a surprise you didn't see everyday. Normally Chrono wouldn't tell her anything unless she had to beat it out of him first. What a nice refreshing change. Placing the food tray over on her bed side desk Rosette decided to give him her full attention. "Okay then."

"I know that most of what I'm about to tell you won't make much sense, but I'm going to try and explain it all as best as I can so I think the best place to start is at the very beginning, to the night you became pregnant."

Blushing brightly, Rosette nodded for him to continue even though somehow she knew more then likely this might get really embarrassing.

"On that night, as I said before, because demons don't have any tolerance for human alcohol or wine I ended up losing control of both myself and my inner demon. I became totally oblivious to my actions while we made love and somewhere along the way I lost control. Next thing I knew it my inner self had finished the deed."

"What do you mean, 'finished the deed'?" she interrupted curiously.

Ashamed for what he was about to tell her Chrono dropped his head not wanting to see what kind of horrible emotions she'd throw at him once she knew.

"What I mean is, my own consciousness was put to sleep while my inner demon's self took over to finish the act of making love to you, but also to complete another portion of it. To ensure you would forever be mine it marked you through the two bite marks upon your neck, however, those markings also serve another purpose.

You see, those bite marks hold two different purposes. One is to show signs of ownership to whomever left them upon that particular person. The second part of it is to make an opening for demonic energy to flow."

Hanging onto his every word the girl dared to venture another question. "An opening for demonic energy?"

Looking her straight in the eye Chrono explain, "Rosette, as a human you wouldn't be able to carry a demon's child without help for either myself or some other demon feeding you daily amounts of demonic energy."

Shocked just didn't seem to begin to even cover the amount of emotions Rosettes felt at this point, but suddenly something else wasn't making sense to her.

"But how did you know I'd get pregnant that night?"

A blush quickly spread about as he turned his head sideways to stare at the wall. "I knew that you were fertile. Or at least my demon self did. It sensed you were able and ready for children."

Exploding pink Rosette cleared her throat and as calmly as possible continued. "I see. So you knew that if we did stuff that night that I would get pregnant then right?"

"No, I myself had no idea, but my inner demon could feel your fertility and desired that you would not have any trouble carrying them."

Suddenly the conversation she'd had with Azmaria a while back came to mind. "I can see that your babies aura's have now taken on the form of that of a demonic aura and yours has also taken on that very same feeling. I no longer sense a human aura from either or you, but that of a demons."

"Chrono, Azmaria spoke to me about my aura taking on the form of a demon's aura along with my babies, what does that mean?"

Surprised that she had actually been told that was quite a shock to say the least. None the less he did need to explain about that too.

"That's due to you entering your seventh month now."

"My seventh month? What does that have to do with anything?" she questioned.

"A lot actually. Even though a child of both human and demon parentage is extremely rare I have heard stories about the different phase of such pregnancies. You see, for the first six months the child will develop like a normal human baby would only much faster. In all honestly, by the end of the sixth month you could have given birth to a fully developed human baby. But because our children are half demon it needs more time to allow the development of it's other half to occur. Your and their changed aura is proof that your progressing nicely."

"That still doesn't explain much," the girl said now annoyed.

Sighing he went on, "Rosette, your seventh month is the starting point to where our children will soon begin growing their demonic abilities and powers. The changed aura is a natural thing because from here on out their demonic blood will take control to allow their development as half demons. As to yours changing, that's partly my fault."

Well, now they were getting somewhere. The first part was easy enough to understand, but Rosette was now confused. His fault? What did he do? "I don't understand. What do you mean your fault?"

"I mean our contract has done greater damage that I first thought it would. From the shared pregnancy pains to this. Rosette, I know I should have told you this from the beginning, but I kept forgetting and getting distracted. I'm so sorry for this whole mess. I'm so very sorry Rosette."

Started by his sudden apology Rosette had this strong urge to comfort him. "Chrono, I still don't get how it's your fault and why are you sorry? You have nothing to be sorry for."

Looking at her as though she were truly a god sent saint from heaven the young demon couldn't have picked a better mate for himself. He swelled with pride that she wasn't upset with him. Yet, he reminded himself. There were still plenty of things that needed to be explained to her properly.

"No, I have a lot of things to be sorry for. As to how it's my fault I'm afraid I haven't been carrying out my duties to you as a good mate should have and now things have advanced to a level in which you weren't ready to deal with. I'm so sorry for being so completely worthless in allowing things to go on as they have," he cried desperately trying to keep in check the unshed tears that demanded to fall.

"Duties? Chrono you're not making any sense."

Straightening up he pushed the tears back. "Rosette, remember how I said those bite marks served another purpose by permitting demonic energy to flow? And how you need a daily amount of demonic energy in order to carry the children safely?"

"What about it?" she asked confused.

"The truth is, I wasn't giving you enough energy and you ended up tapping into my inner demons energy source instead."

"Isn't that a good thing though? If I was taking that energy then I wouldn't need the daily amounts from you."

Shaking his head he clarified, "In theory you would be correct, but no it's not a good thing. That particular energy is not the kind you need. My inner demons energy is a very raw untamed astral energy. However, even though while it's not quite the sort of energy you needed your body apparently adapted to it, but the final end result was not suppose to happen. When you're usually fed energy your body then absorbs it and transforms it into the fuel source needed to keep your human body healthy enough to carry half demon children. By redirecting your feeding supply into my inner demons energy supply you gained a power your body just wasn't ready to handle."

Dropping his head to hide his face Chrono wasn't quite sure how well she'd take this next part. In the back of his mind he knew just how nasty it was about to get. Of course she'd be mad. Furious even! That still didn't help to calm him down enough to tell her.

A sudden hand upon his shoulder and a gentle warm smile were what finally prompted him to continue even though the demon knew behind those soothing eyes lay a vicious temper lurching in the wait.

"Rosette, there's really no easier way to say this, but the thing Azmaria told you about with your aura turning into a demons aura has occurred because your soul has been slowly merging into that of a demons."

When she didn't blink or even flinch at his statement Chrono first thought was that she might have fainted again, but he highly doubted it. A quick twitch of the eyebrows and a sudden bright blast of the blue aura surrounding her truly made her look utterly murderous.

Chrono immediately leapt from his chair and backed up against the wall hoping to avoid maybe some of the incoming attack. Every instinct in his body was screaming for a hasty retreat, but the demon knew he should face her sooner rather then later. Readying himself for the impact he was a bit startled when he then realized the aura was suddenly gone and Rosette was staring at her hands as though they were something truly unholy.

"Chrono, what is this blue light that keeps surrounding me?"

Falling down towards the floor Chrono was so beyond relieved that she hadn't killed him. Things probably would have gone so badly if she had even tried to harm him, but from now on he'd have to make sure she understood all of the complications going on here.

"That blue light is the proof of your newly formed demonic soul."

"You mean, that light is—"

"An astral aura of demonic energy."

Falling back onto her bed post Rosette looked as pale as a ghost and even more frightened then a child facing down the devil himself. Chrono knew inside she was trying very hard to come to terms with what was happening to her, but in truth amongst the midst of it all she was more then likely starting to feel utterly defeated from everything.

"Rosette, please listen to me. Since you been feeding off of my inner demons demonic energy the only way your soul could handle all of that raw energy was if it changed it's form. In changing it's form your soul went from being a human soul to become that of a newly born demon. The blue light you've been seeing surrounding you is your new demonic powers coming to the surface."

Slowly reverting back to her former confident self Rosette seemed to finally come to terms with what he was saying, more of less at the moment.

"So your saying that this blue light I keep seeing coming and going all the time is my new demonic aura?"


"Well that's just jake."

While she did seem happy now there was still much more he needed to tell her. "Listen, I know this may seem great and all now, but it is extremely important that you learn to start controlling your emotions better."

Staring at him confused she gave him a curious inquiry.

"This is probably going to be difficult to understand, but Rosette a demons energy level is mainly based upon his or her emotions at the time. Since only recently it's been showing up at times when your angry the energy then rises to the surface in the form of that blue light in order to drive away whatever it is that's making you mad."

Catching onto what he was saying many unexplained things were now also starting to make sense too.

"So that time I felt a jolt of energy attack Dr. Kingsly that was?"

He smiled at her, "You seeking to stop whatever it was that was causing you pain no matter how small."

Thinking again she realized something else. "What about that big amount of blue light I saw surround me during the astral explosion in the abandoned work area?"

"You again trying to protect yourself. At that time, your energy came out as a shield to prevent any of the foreign astral energy from harming you."

Gaping at him Rosette suddenly felt invincible with her found powers! She quietly began imagining all the awesome new powers she'd be able to use! It felt like a really big rush!

Sensing her going in the wrong direction of thinking for this issue he pressed on. "However, since your still pregnant that also makes your powers much more dangerous."

Halting her thoughts to this latest statement she didn't quite get the new implications. Her powers dangerous by being pregnant?

"Dangerous how," she asked.

"Your new demonic soul can sense your pregnant and as such has made you more of a threat then you think. Rosette, female demons when carrying a child are one of the most vicious of demons alive. They will do any and everything to keep themselves and their unborn babies from harm. About the only one they will even allow near them in this state is their mate, but even their mate has some restrictions as to what their allowed. And since your powers and control are that of a newly born demon you won't be able to properly restrain yourself from hurting others without meaning too."

The girl then paled. "You're joking right?"

"I wish I was. And what I'm about to tell you will only prove the point further. Do you remember what happened when the astral energy ran wild in abandoned work area?"

Thinking back she recalled the events leading up to it and what she felt at the time. "I remember a strong urge to get to you and to run away from whatever power was coming."

Nodding his head Chrono went on. "There's more to it though. That particular urge your talking about was born from the desire to save your mate, but when the room became engulfed in the astral energy your own self preservation instincts took priority in protecting you and the children first. But you did more then just put up a shield. Rosette I don't want you to be alarmed by this, but the real reason we had all switched bodies was because your demonic energy redirected the astral energy to do as such."

Her jaw dropped at that statement. "I don't understand. I caused the switch?"

"You did. Not on purpose though I can assure you. Your demonic soul merely wished for you to be safe. As such when it put up the shield both you and the children souls shared the same desire for the astral energy to disappeared because it frightened you. The barrier enforced that wish by forming a spell much different then from the one I had been reciting to come forth. It bounced the energy off of your shield and through us pushing out our souls into new bodies. It was pretty much your shield that changed around the astral energy confusing it to do what it did."

"I can't believe I did that," she breathed silently.

Looking at her sympathetically Chrono could understand how it must feel to know you were responsible for something like that. However, she also had to know it wasn't really her fault.

"Rosette, it truly wasn't your fault. You were only trying to protect yourself and the children. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that."

"I know, it's just. . . . I feel so horrible for all the trouble I caused everyone."

"It's natural to feel that way. I actually can't believe your energy could change astral spells like that," he smirked.

Turning her eyes towards him she saw the look of someone who now had a new toy to play with. It was bit weird to see such an expression, but he must have really found the whole thing interesting enough to give off that kind of face.

"It's not suppose to do that?"

"Theoretically no, but I believe since your powers are still so new to you that your energy just couldn't quite create the proper kind of barrier and instead forced out some unknown energy which messed up the astral energy that was already there."

"I get it. Looks like I'm really going to need to learn how to control my new powers." Rosette sighed.

Smiling proudly to her the demon took her hand in his and squeezed. "And I promise to help you as much as I can."

Tearing began to form in her eyes, but she quickly wiped them away to pull him down into a tight hug. Well, as tight of a hug as can be managed from a pregnant woman. Then Chrono tensed sensing incoming danger.

"You still never did tell me what spell you were casting in that work area," she said icily to him very much annoyed that he covered everything else except that.

Blushing a bit he knew that one was coming. Sitting back he realized there was really no way she'd forget the whole thing that started this entire mess. A demon could still hope though couldn't he?

"Well, remember how I said I hadn't been feeding you properly?"

"What about it?"

A bit scared by her coldness he dreaded the next part. "The truth is our contract was preventing me from doing so. Instead of having the strength to give you the daily amounts of energy you desperately needed I found that I was constantly being drained of power by you while also receiving your pregnancy pains too. So I did some research and found a spell which would stop this from happening by cutting off the unwanted links you had put on me so I could then start feeding you without always being drained by you."

"So the spell would have stopped me from taking strength from you and prevent you from having my pregnancy pains. Hold on, are you saying I was taking energy from you," she questioned.

"In a sense yes, but there's more to it. You see, our contract had us both sharing and exchange things which ended up complicating things. In exchange to keep your from fainting with everything that's been going on I became too weak in physical strength to give you any of the astral energy you needed while you constantly took it all."

"I'm so sorry Chrono! I didn't mean to—"

"Wait, let me finish," the girl quieted down to listen, "I know your sorry about that, but it's not your fault. Our contract was what caused all of this. It had nothing to do with either of us, but instead of what our contract felt was necessary to keep the other going. A sort of, give and take. It took energy from me to give to you. The only problem from there was with my body always in a weakened state I wasn't able to give you what you really needed causing you to pursue it yourself which led you to tapping into my inner demons energy source."

"I did? How?"

"You didn't consciously. The children more or less did it for you," he said smiling, quite proud his babies felt the same need he did to protect their mother.

"Wait. They did," she asked touching her swollen belly. "I don't get how."

Chrono could only chuckle to himself since it was really quite amusing seeing as how usually whenever the mother is in distress it's the father who comes running to save her not the unborn little ones.

Slightly annoyed that he was laughing at her Rosette took the forgotten nearby breakfast tray and whacked him over the head with it. "This is not a laughing matter!"

Rubbing his newly formed bump the poor demon still had his silly grin plastered on his face. "In a way it is Rosette. They were only trying to save their mommy."

A brand new pink blush covered her cheeks while her eyes twitch clearly not liking his mocking tone. "Chrono!"

"Sorry, but it's just really something else. Because I wasn't feeding you and you yourself had no idea you were suppose to be given daily amounts of energy from me you honestly had no real way of knowing what you needed. The babies on the other hand did. They understood that you weren't receiving my energy and somehow mysteriously connected themselves to me through our link to find what you needed. Problem is where my usual strength would have been there was now nothing so they had to find the next best thing which just happened to my inner demons energy source. So it's really they're fault that your body then connected with my inner demons energy outlet."

Stunned could not even begin to cover the many different mixed up emotions running through her mind at this point. "You mean, it's because of them my soul in now a demons and that I have demonic powers?"

Nodding his Rosette was beyond shocked. "How on earth did they figure out I wasn't getting the energy though?"

Chrono's smile continued to beam with something that could only really be defined as fatherly pride.

"You underestimate our children Rosette. Even though for the first six months they developed as normal human babies would they did already have a strong intelligent demonic mind that could sense there was a problem."

A thousand instances suddenly came to mind when Rosette felt as though her children were somehow doing something she never thought possible. All those times and she never noticed not once.

He continued on, "I know it seem hard to believe, but our children did understand mostly what was happening around us and more importantly what was happening with their mother. They only wanted to protect and save their mommy."

Rosette really wish he'd stop calling her their mommy because it was so damn near embarrassing as hell to hear him saying that. She knew once the children were born though they'd be screaming mommy day in and day out, but for now she really didn't want to be mocked like Chrono was doing. Though staring downwards the girl couldn't help, but feel so utterly loved that everyone around her was trying their best to help her. Rubbing her swollen belly Rosette somehow on a baser level understood that they were listening intently to what she was doing and saying. They had been rather awfully quiet through the last portion that talked about them which meant they must understand their mommy wasn't to happy to hear about all the trouble caused by them.

Leaning closer she softly whispered menacingly, "When the two of you are born you both are in world of trouble for what you guys did to mommy and daddy you hear me?"

Almost as though they knew she would indeed carry out that threat they softly backed further into her womb in fright.

Chrono on the other was completely surprised she had gone and done that. Still, it was nice to see that she was back to her normal cheerful self. He'd hate to have anymore stress put on her or the little ones. Relaxing a bit he knew things would turn out okay from here on out. There were no more secrets to be told so everything should return to the usual soon enough.

Turning to face him once again Rosette still had a few more questions. "So did the spell work? I mean, I know things screwed up, but did it work?"

Becoming grim again he was a bit disappointed that she could suddenly turn the mood around like that.

"I'm afraid not. Because of what happened your spell became the more dominate one canceling out mine. I'd have to redo it in order for it to work."

"How soon can you cast it again," she asked.

"I'll cast it again once I've gotten everyone back to normal."

That's when it suddenly hit her just how silent it really was. Shouldn't she be hearing some sort of high pitch wailing coming from one of the babies? Wait, a second, she then noticed none of them were no where to be found? What happened when she fainted last night?

"Chrono, where is everyone anyway," the girl inquired now becoming concerned.

"Last night after you fainted I took them over to the Elders cottage so you could sleep without interruption," the demon explained.

"That's a relief. Why on earth did they turn into babies anyhow? I thought you guys were suppose to revert back to normal once you cast the reversal spell?"

Oh boy would she sure be surprised by this one. "Actually, this new mess this time around is your fault."

Gaping at him she could not believe him! "My fault how?"

Chrono just shrugged. "Well, Rosette your new demonic soul left a small amount of astral energy behind from when your shield occurred which caused them to become infants. Unfortunately I didn't notice it until it was too late to stop the process."

Looking at him as though he had grown another head he just continued, "You see, your new demonic soul is quite like a newly born demons so like before when your shield redirected the astral energy to cause the soul switching your leftover energy again confused my spell. The spell was suppose to return us to our normal self's which it did do, but because there was some baby demonic astral energy floating about it mixed itself in with the newly bought forth batch and the spell thought it's purpose was to transform us into infants."

Throwing her hands up into the air Rosette was beyond annoyed that somehow every time a spell was tried she always seemed to mess it up to doing all this weird crap. "ARG! I DIDN'T MEAN TO ANY OF THIS!"

Patting her shoulder softly Chrono knew it was best not to provoke her anymore then was necessary considering how much she'd just heard today.

"Don't worry so much about it Rosette. I'll fix things I promise. Now that all of your leftover astral energy has been absorbed by this latest spell there shouldn't be any problem with casting a new spell to turn everyone back," he smiled cheerfully.

Hopeful eyes stared back at him praying he spoke the truth. Rosette didn't think she could take anymore of this spell screwing up creating one mess after another. It was just all too much in her books to handle.

Suddenly there was a very loud bang sound coming from the outside. Quickly looking out through her window she noticed there was an odd pink smoke coming out from the Elder's cottage damaged windows.

"Uh. . . . Chrono where did you say the others were," she paled.

"In the Elder cottage," he answered horrified at seeing the cottage now being covered in pink smoke.

Rushing out of the doors the two were up on their feet and out the door desperately rushing to reach the others before anything else bad could happen.

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