It was another school day at Odaiba High School. The air was slightly chilly as the day neared the afternoon. Fluffy clouds patched the blue sky as streams of sunlight made contact with trees, flowers, and the nearby bay. It was indeed a gorgeous day to say nonetheless.

But alas, everybody was inside the massive school building, staring outside the window, wishing to be out there instead of listening to the monotonous voice of the teacher.

Inside the Health classroom, however, there were no windows, so they were spared the torture of having a single glass pane separating them from freedom. Instead the students were looking horrified at the teacher standing at the front of the room, explaining their project for the next two weeks.

"BABIES?" shrieked Taichi, standing up suddenly, almost toppling his chair over. He looked over at his friend Koushiro, who looked frozen in his seat.

"Sit down, Mr. Yagami," frowned the teacher, Mrs. Nakamura. "And yes, for the next two weeks, you and a partner will be taking care of one of these babies." She indicated to the fifteen baskets sitting on the tables behind her.

As if on cue, a high shriek was emitted from one of the still baskets. "And," Ms. Nakamura smiled. "These are real babies!"

Thirty pairs of eyes widened, staring at her. However, she received different reactions. The girls were giggling, overjoyed at the chance of actually being able to take care of the little angels. The boys, on the other hand, were not so thrilled. They had all paled at the thought. Taichi's knees had buckled at the sound of the high cry. He was now on the cold linoleum floor, unable to get up, not wanting to either.

"Umm, Ms. Nakamura?" Jyou squeaked, once the happy squeals of the girls had died down.

"Yes, Mr. Kido?" replied the teacher brightly. She had calmed the baby, so the room was once again quiet.

"How do you think we're ready to take care of real babies?" he asked quietly, fiddling with his glasses.

"Well, after studying the care of infants for the past month, I think you all are ready for an actual experience," she said. "Don't you think?"

Jyou was not convinced. He laid his head on the desk, letting out a broken sigh. He really did not want to be in this class at this moment, not that he ever did want to.

Taichi, Yamato, Jyou and Koushiro had tried to avoid this class, called Health Ed., dubbed Sex Ed. by every student in school. Just this year teachers had decided that students should take one semester of the class in order to graduate. Jyou had nearly escaped this new rule; it was his last year of high school. The others didn't have a chance, though. Sure, Koushiro had skipped the tenth grade and now joined Taichi and Yamato in the eleventh grade, but that still meant that he had to take the God-forsaken class.

Neither liked the subject at all. All forty-five minutes of the class each day would make the boys shift uncomfortably in their chairs. Koushiro would hold a red blush across his cheeks, and Taichi and Yamato would shiver involuntary. Poor Jyou still couldn't bear to look at any of the posters plastered all around the room on safe intercourse and the importance of wearing a condom. And he wanted to become a doctor.

Yamato, whose eye was twitching rather violently, looked over at Sora and Mimi, who were talking happily to a group of friends about the next two weeks. He gulped.

Koushiro blushed furiously. He was going to be paired up with someone. But who? He had to take care of a baby with this person for the next two weeks!

"Okay class!" chimed Ms. Nakamura. "I will now be announcing the pairs. When called, each pair will come up here and take their baby back to their desks."

She looked over at Taichi, who was still lying on the floor, shocked, eyes still wide. "Mr. Yagami," she sighed. "Please get up from the floor."