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Taichi wasn't really planning for anything when he stepped onto the white sands of the beach. He had no idea what to do or say or anything. He felt ready for whatever was going to be flung his way. All the brunette was sure of was that he had to tell Koushiro just how he felt.

Hell, nothing really prepared him for this, not even Hikari's advice, which he had flung out the window a long time ago. And he was pretty sure she didn't mention the possibility of having the redhead kiss him.

Because he certainly was.

His soft lips were pressed against his slightly parted ones, a lithe hand coming up to cup the back of his head, fingertips gracing his brown locks. Taichi's eyes widened, scanning every inch of his friend's light skin, the large black eyes fluttered shut. Everything had frozen around him, disappearing except for himself and the boy before him, kissing him softly on his lips.

Damn, this was even better than anything he could have possibly planned.

Grinning against the smaller boy's waiting mouth, he returned the embrace, resting his fingers on the other's jaw as he slid his arm from the narrow shoulders to the small of his back, bringing Koushiro closer. He thought it was wonderful how perfectly their lips fit together, like two pieces of a puzzle, completing a beautiful scene. They separated, Taichi angling his head lower to enter again, enveloping his mouth with those supple lips, breaths meshing together as he teased the lower lip with the tip of his tongue, this time savoring the taste of this boy, this time without ripping himself apart from him and running away without looking back. He felt the redhead beneath him shiver slightly, Taichi taking this as a cue to pull apart once more. He rolled the taste in his mouth, savoring it.

"Dude, don't have sex with him just yet."

Redness instantly flushed the soccer player's face, saliva catching in his throat as he jerked his face away from Koushiro's own, coughing uncontrollably at the blunt remark. God knows he was thinking about that just now. "Shut the fuck up Yamato," he gasped in between hacks. He caught sight of a blushing Koushiro beside him, shining eyes doubled in size. And that wasn't helping the particular thought go away.

Mimi's giggles filled the air, sighing in relief as she settled a pair of dreamy eyes on the two boys. And with that, she quickly turned on her heels, dragging a pink-faced Jou away from towards the refreshments. "I think I want a soda, don't you, Sora?" she glanced at the other girl. The hint was taken, Sora snatching Yamato by the wrist, pulling him away from the pair. "See you guys later!"

Her voice was a bit too sweet.

"Love your jeans, man! Didn't think you owned something that tight!"

He'd get the blonde back for that later.

Taichi rubbed the back of his head nervously, an awkward chuckle escaping his throat. Koushiro darted his eyes back and forth between the grains of sand beneath his sandals and the boy he had just kissed, the blush fading to a dusty pink stretched across his cheeks. The brunette slowly took a hand to the back of the other's neck, rubbing his fingertips along the short strands of hair at the base.

"I was going to buy you a card." The corners of his moistened lips turned upward, thinking back at those big red letters declaring love forever, the flowers and pink and red. Really, were cards only made for women? They were the only ones who would ever buy that junk.

The redhead giggled in response. "I think this approach worked just fine, don't you agree? A similar approach to your own yesterday."

Taichi shifted his eyes downward, a heat rising to his ears as he remembered that first all-too-sudden kiss. "Heh, yeah…"

Koushiro placed a hand on his shoulder, tracing the seam carefully with the tip of his index finger, his lidded eyes following the straight path of the light jacket. His tongue rolled along the curve of his taut bottom lip, a giddy sensation blossoming in the bottom of his stomach. Finally, he was able to ask everything he had been wondering about for the past week, the past 24 hours. "So…was this the reason you didn't talk to me for those couple of days…and ignored me….and such?" He remembered how long he had spent pondering, hoping, he hadn't done anything to upset his friend, to bring him to toss away their friendship just like that.

The taller boy turned his face away from Koushiro, attempting to simplify everything he had felt, experienced, and wanted to say at that moment into mere words. "I didn't mean to worry you…" he started, voice cracking into a subdued whisper. "I just didn't know what to do. I was worried that you'd be freaked out…and I was freaked out…and I didn't…." The redhead couldn't hear the last few words Taichi spoke. But he understood.

His qualms, suspicions, fears that had culminated inside his clouded mind were finally cleared. An invisible weight was lifted from his shoulders as he swept his eyes across the sincere face of his best friend, his partner. Koushiro had never thought about life without the soccer player; he never had to, simply assumed that they would all stick together for life, no questions asked. The fact that he actually had to wonder what everything would be like without the brunette's absence frightened him.

And when he realized this, it was when he knew.

"You're sure then?" Raising his chin, the smaller boy's eyes caught the truthful brown eyes peering to him from above. He studied Taichi's features, taking in the defined jaw, the tanned skin, cheeks acquiring a rouge tinge from the close contact. The brown hair that never seemed to be tamed by any hairbrush, locks that he wanted to run his fingers through that second. His lips which could deliver him the most genuine of smiles everyday…all of this Koushiro was quite sure he wanted.

"Taichi, man!" A male classmate called out to the soccer player from behind. The brunette turned around, trying to pinpoint who exactly it was that shouted his name. A familiar classmate made his presence clear once again. "You're gay, dude?"

The redhead glanced at the boy whose gentle hand still rested at the nape of his neck, stroking the soft tuft of red hair. He tried to see any faltering in his expression, any hesitance, uncertainty tainting his strong features. But all he saw was the formation of a small grin as he readied himself to answer the curious teenager, as well as the rest of the class, now offering their undivided attention to the pair.

"Nah..." Not a note in his voice sounded at all unsure; it all brimmed with confidence. His fingers snaked to the younger teen's shoulder, pressing his slim body against his own. "I just happen to really like Koushiro Izumi." And that characteristic grin grew wider. "Enough for you?"

The waves clashing against the sands slightly muted the gasps resonating from the group of adolescents. Some of the boys flashed quick glances at one another, confusion etched into their stares. An unsettled voice arose from the crowd, cutting through the small hum of murmurs enveloping the short-lived silence. "Really?" It seemed this was the question that pulsed inside the minds of all their fellow classmates.

It was also whispered silently from the redhead's lips, black orbs gazing at the form of his best friend, his posture simply resonating an air of certainty.

"Yeah," he beamed, the one-word answer confirming everyone's disbelief, confirming Koushiro's uncertainty. And he whispered something faintly, quiet enough for only the boy resting in his hold to hear. "I'm sure."

At that moment, the younger boy felt something almost…flutter inside his chest, a red hue suddenly rising to his cheeks as he fought the urge to envelop the brunette in his arms and bury his face into the crook of his neck, never wanting to let go in hopes of making up for all the time they had lost due to Taichi's silence. He wanted to form into words everything he was feeling right then, everything he had felt before, everything he knew he would feel in the future.

It was strange really, surreal even. Koushiro, the computer genius, the introverted, yet brilliant student, honestly never thought about attraction and relationships that ventured beyond the realm of friendship. Granted, he never thought about the opposite sex the way teenage boys his age frequently did, but the same did not occur for the same sex. Then came the onset of that truly unique experience that was this project…and everything that occurred following that first day. Caring for someone in this way was definitely not something that seriously crossed his mind in the past; the deep camaraderie that had been cultivated from the adventure in the Digital World were more than enough and much too important to put at risk with the rise of anything more than friendship. And now it was seriously crossing his mind dozens of times, the words "I love you" developing a true meaning. And the face that smiled that optimistic grin, unfazed by the shocked expressions before him, was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

But Koushiro did nothing then. The crowd in front of him still seemed to digest and formulate an opinion of the picture in front of them; the school computer genius now resting his head onto the shoulder of captain of the soccer team, a hand wrapped rather possessively at the smaller boy's waist.

Taichi offered no sign of loosening his grip.

A few seconds of rather uncomfortable silence, a giggle sounded from somewhere within the crowd, tinged with familiarity as a comment followed the amused lilt. "You guys look cute." The students all seemed to freeze in place, then suddenly relax, composures softened as a murmur of voices seeped into the air, mostly in agreement with the disembodied comment. The boy who had asked the initial question shrugged his shoulders, laughing nervously as he continued on with his previous conversation with the girl beside him. Glances shot their way varied in emotion, ranging from amusement, slight joy, confusion, perhaps even a note of mild disgust in a few pairs of eyes. It didn't matter at the moment; the attention was now shifted away from them.

Koushiro would have to thank the voice later.

With that situation out of the way, Taichi turned back to the smaller boy, only to be startled by a pair of lithe arms encircling his neck, the redhead's face buried in the juncture of his neck and shoulder. Before he settled his own arms around the thin body pressed against his chest, he was taken by more surprise when lips were suddenly against his, a fleeting touch, soft and warm and sure. The brunette smiled into the gentle caress, providing his own yield as he took in the scent of his friend, taking note of the lavender shampoo from his hair and the faintest hint of vanilla from his skin, etching those details into his brain, locking them away where they won't soon be forgotten along with a culmination of other details; the way Koushiro's jersey felt his fingertips as he brought his body closer to his own, the auburn strands tickling his nose as he angled his face, the tiniest hint of that familiar vanilla savored when he rolled his tongue across his bottom lip, pleading for brief entrance before separating from the smaller boy. He numbered the details, painting them into his mind, proving that it was so much better than he had even dared to imagine.

Taichi opened his eyes to see Koushiro looking right into his own face, watching as the black eyes darted to every feature. The redhead's lips were moist, reddened, as they deftly curved upward into a smile before reaching for his friend's hand, pulling him towards the rest of the class to join in the mingling and laughter that consumed the warm night air. Taichi kept his gaze on the smaller boy, watching as he engaged in conversation with their classmates and couldn't help the grin that pulled at his own lips.

Awww yeah I can get a tent in my pants and not feel bad about it, how awesome is this.

And it wasn't long before he felt the sting of a palm against the back of his head. His hand went reflexively upward to nurse the sudden ache, and he whipped around to see whose face he's have to punch. He let out a groan at the gelled shock of blonde hair and the knowing smirk plastered below the bangs.

"It would've taken too long to get a hose here, dude", Yamato said with that damn haughty tone positively soaking his voice. "Any longer and everyone and their dog would know you want nothing more than to bone him, you perv."

Taichi sputtered, glancing backwards to see if Koushiro had heard the obscene, but nonetheless, truthful comment and sighed in relief when he saw that the younger boy was animatedly talking to another boy and his partner. And his hand, reflexively, traveled to the hem of his shirt, tugging it slightly downward in case his body had failed him.

"No worries man, nothing to hide," Yamato answered the unvoiced question, a laugh escaping with his words.

"Shut up dude, I'll break your fucking guitar."

"You won't. I love getting new dirt on you, I was getting kinda bored."

"Pretty boy I swear I'll rip out your nose job if you don't – "

"Yamato c'mon, I love this song, let's dance, we've haven't gone dancing in so long, c'mooon." And Sora had pulled at the blonde's arm, allowing Yamato to glance backwards to raise an unpleasant finger and flash a cheeky grin in Taichi's direction.

"And quit being a dick to Tai." The brunette smiled as he watched the blonde's head reel forward in what was probably a show of affection from a loving girlfriend.

The night continued and began to slow down as Taichi hesitantly inched for Koushiro's hand as they walked down the lit street. He knew one thing for certain as his fingers curled around the other's smaller ones; Hikari will sure as hell NOT bite his head off once they got back to his apartment.

Always a plus.

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