Title: Object of Their Desire
Author: LupinLovesTonks
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own nor claim any rights to Harry Potter. Harry Potter and all related characters are trademarked to J.K. Rowling. There is no profit coming to the author for use of these trademarked characters. Any resembalance to actual people or events is strictly coincidental.
Summary: It's the day for spreading love at Hogwarts and the Marauders are excited about the prospect of finding out which girls fancy them and enlist the most artfully inclined member of their group to make Valentine's for the girls of their choice. But, the real contest is to see which of the Marauders will actually get the most valentine's sent to them.

Date: 6791 ts13 yraunaJ
Time: ?serac ohw ,sumer yltsenoh ,ho
From: rettoP semaJ
How many: 2 (total, not per girl like last time)
For: Lily Evans, Narcissa Black

Special Requests:

Lily's - Something pretty. glitter and other sparkly girly things a plus, but not required. maybe a little deer on the corner would be a nice touch (added bonus is if the little deer is laying in a bed of lilies, since i know lilies are your specialty when it comes to drawing flowers). Note should read: Wishing you would be my girlfriend, as always. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, James. PS: Now will you be my girlfriend?

iheard you possess the knowledge to place guilt charms on these things. if you still possess this wisdom, apply it to valentine so she will feel guilty for rejecting me so many times. :)

Narcissa - Something that she'll be able to look at herself in. needs to be charmed to make her see her cold black hearted self for who she really is upon second glance. charm message to shoot up in fireworks and follow her around for hours, maybe even days. Note should read: i'm a cold, heartless, bitch.

adding a little sparkly dog to hop around "bitch" would be a definate bonus. just makes sure it's something that will forever haunt and remind her that she left me for that snot nose prat Lucius! extra hexes a definate bonus. more so if they will effect Lucius too. or turn her into a guy. a really ugly guy.

with boils.

and hair sticking out her ears.

Date: that one girl Lily's always around
Time: what the...?
From: The one, the only, Sirius Black.
How many: 4
For: Valentines Day, of course.

Special Requests:

A few peices of chocolate should be in order.

I think her name is Leigh. Not sure. I know it starts with either an "L" or a "P". Address it to "the beautiful dark eyed Ravenclaw" just to be safe. Enchant chocolate with high grade love spell since she hates me. Something with poetry, since you said "girls like that sort of thing". Just make sure it says how much I want to sweep her off her feet and teach her to put that anger she feels toward me to much better use ;)

I mean, honestly Rem, the girl is hot. Even Peter said so and you how he usually only fancies the weird girls. Then again, this lass isn't exactly what even you would consider "normal"... Oh, and use different poems on each card.

Date: 5 February 1976
Time: close to midnight
From: "Wormtail"
How many: 1
For: Moaning Myrtle

Special Requests:

Something to make her feel special so she'll quit moping about. Perhaps a picture of her that makes her see how pretty she is. A live flower on the card would be most appreciated. After all, it would be nice to see her smile for once.



Sparkly things and glitter a go. Little deer a go. Guilt charm a no go. Should cost me around 5 sickles to make. This is including labour for the drawing I'll have to do by hand and the application of sparkles and glitter.

Will get to work on Narcissa's straight away, since this will prove to be most complicated card I will have ever made. However, profanity is not allowed on any of the cards I make this year due to the fact I do not wish lose my prefect duties. So, roughly, this means I will find out how to spell "bitch" in a different language. I hear Atlantian isn't known by any of the professors so that may be the one I use.

Normally a card of this magnitude would cost the sender about 20 sickles. But for you, my friend, I will gladly do it for free.

By the way, who told you I knew how to do that charm?



PS: Capitalization of the letters, where needed, in sentences is a courtesy most educated people admire.
PPS: Not to mention the backwards writing is "gniyonna".

Mr. Black

I am most pleased that you have sent me a reasonable request for once. I almost didn't get done with the, roughly, 60 cards you wanted me to do last year. Enclosed are 6 poems I like to use on cards for people in your precarious situation. Please choose four and return them to me in enclosed envelope. Love Spells are illegal. A mild affection charm, however, is not.

A side note: The girl's name is Abigal... It's her cousin's, best friend's, sister's, daughter's friend that is named Leigh.

And are you sure you want to chance that one? Lily told me she's into all sorts of SM type things, so I worry she may be far above your reach. But don't feel special, Abigal hates guys in general. Her only desire is to beat them into submission. I know this because I actually asked after recieveing your request.

As for weird... Honestly, Sirius, the girl is the definition of weird. And what's "this lass isn't exactly what even you would consider 'normal'" supposed to be implying Mr. Black? Are you implying that I'm not normal? I take this as a personal insult. An insult which I will remind you of until the day you die. In fact, if I die before you, I will make it a point to haunt you and continue reminding you.

All that said, it will cost me about 5 sickles to make each card. That brings your total (with that lovely Black Tax, which came into effect when I became insulted, included) to 50 sickles. (price also reflects the price for chocolate you stole from me last week).




Sometimes we wonder about you mate. Really.



PS: will cost only 2 sickles because I really really feel sorry for you.

AN: More coming soon.