Title: Object of Their Desire
Author: LupinLovesTonks
Rating: G
Warning: Some occasional language.
Disclaimer: I do not own nor claim any rights to Harry Potter. Harry Potter and all related characters are trademarked to J.K. Rowling. There is no profit coming to the author for use of these trademarked characters. Any resembalance to actual people or events is strictly coincidental.
Summary: It's the day for spreading love at Hogwarts and the Marauders are excited about the prospect of finding out which girls fancy them and enlist the most artfully inclined member of their group to make Valentine's for the girls of their choice. But, the real contest is to see which of the Marauders will actually get the most valentine's sent to them

AN: Yeah just a teeny note here... For some, unknown and ungodly reason, I have a fixation with having Sirius mercilesslytease James about being pretty. Don't ask where it came from, I just don't know.

Chapter One - James

"Don't open it James, unless you really want a little dog bouncing around your head for two days or you want to be turned into a girl," Remus warned. "Which, then the person getting it would know who sent it to her."

"I actually think I'd make a cute girl," James smirked.

"Well, we all know you don't make a cute boy," Sirius teased. "How much did you make this year anyways Remus?"

"I made enough to get at least four new school robes or two new dress robes," Remus boasted. "Or, lets just say, enough to buy a few months worth of chocolate frogs." He looked in the little bag he had collected his funds in. "Hmm, maybe even a years worth." He shook his head. "But, I already have a use for this money so don't start asking me to supply you lot with butterbeers for a week."

James and Sirius exchanged a look then looked back at Remus.

"Could it be?" Sirius gapped. "Our Remus, has plans to spend everything he earned this year, on a gift for a girl?"

"Oh, come off it," Remus scoffed. "It's just a little something for a fellow prefect. Purely in a friendly manner and without any sort of insinuations toward wanting to be something other than her friend."

"In other words it's a gift that you know she'll like and would have probably expected from her boyfriend?" James asked. "But you fancy the girl and just won't admit it."

Remus' nostrils flared slightly and he got a grave look on his face. This could only mean one thing and one thing only, James knew. It meant him and Sirius were right and Remus was just annoyed by the fact they had figured it out.

"By the way," James asked. "Have any of you lot figured out who you were going to ask to this little... Valentine's Day occasion Dumbledore invented? I already know I'm, of course, asking Evans. And I don't want to hear that she'll turn me down because after she reads this awesomely incredible card Remus did up, there will be no way that she will be able to turn me down."

James grinned and admired the second card. Unlike the one for Narcissa, Lily's was not made of a reflective material, instead the card was enchanted to look like rather nicely done forest setting with a solitary lily by a stream. James felt somewhat jealous of the little fawn sniffing at the lily. He was jealous because he was unable to draw something of that magnitude, heck, he was only good at drawing the balls from Quidditch and an occasional tree or broom.

He touched his wand to Narcissa's and muttered her name and it disappeared. "Hers should be arriving momentarily, hopefully she'll wait until tomorrow to open it with the others that'll be arriving at luncheon. I'm going to go and give Evans her's right now so I can see how she just melts into a little puddle of giddiness when she reads it."

"Something tells me it'll be more of a puddle of tears from laughing," Sirius smirked, nudging Remus. "Right mate?"

Remus muttered soemthing under his breath and walked away.

James snorted slightly. "What's his problem?"

"Don't worry about it James. You know how much he hates Valentine's Day, no one ever sends him anything except his mum. Maybe me, you, and Peter should get together and make something for him to just let him know we appreciate his work and his friendship."

"Nah-uh, Valentine's Day is for lovers," James boasted. "And I already get that insinuation enough about Peter and you, so I don't need to start one up for Remus as well. I'm off."

"You just now realized that fact yourself?" Sirius snickered. "Keep the mirror open alright? Peter and I have a bet going that once you get Lily alone that you'll turn into a blundering idiot and won't be able to ask her out."

James acted insulted. "Me? Moi? A blundering idiot? Never."

"Right," Sirius said slowly. "We've seen what happens when you manage to get her on your own. Pensieve's gotta love em. Good luck at any rate."

James inhaled deeply and walked off in search of Lily. He found her, sitting by herself, under a tree, reading. As soon as he noticed she was alone he felt his heart drop to his stomach and his stomach seemed to drop to his feet. No, no, he told himself. If he could do this in front of others, surely he could do it with no one else around to witness it.

He took another deep breath and strode purposefully over to Lily. She looked up at him and frowned slightly.

"What?" she said flatly.

James had meant to say, "You lovely today, Lily" with his self-assured tone. Instead, he opened and closed his mouth several times before saying, with an idiotic tone, "You're so pretty." He closed his eyes, sighed heavily and dropped his head with shame.

Lily blinked several times and almost looked amused. "Thanks," she said with a slight grin. "What can I do for you James? I was a bit engrossed with this book before you came over."

Far beyond any sort of salvation from looking like an idiot, James just held the card out toward Lily and mumbled, "For you."

For a moment, Lily looked perplexed but took the card and opened it after admiring the cover art. "Thank you James, it's lovely. Did Remus help you out with this?" James shook his head violently. "No? Oh, hm, perhaps I misjudged you then. Because not many people would know I greatly admire the works of Longfellow. Do you enjoy his poetry as well then?"

James startled slightly. Who the hell is Longfellow? "Yeah, yeah... of course I do. Longfellow is, I swear, the greatest." He gave a nervous smile. "I have to go now." He hurried off before Lily could say anything else.

Once back in the safety of his dormitory, James commenced beating his head against the wall next to his bed. It wasn't long before the other Marauders came in, looking rather pleased with themselves. Upon seeing him beating his head against the wall, Sirius burst into laughter.

"You became a blundering idiot didn't you?" Sirius laughed. "Pitiful I tell ya, the lad needs other people around in order to function properly around Lily. That's rather saddening mate."

James scowled and shot a hex at Sirius, which made him crumble onto the floor in pain. Ah well, he could always ask her later. And this time he would make sure she had a friend around and he had all his friends around. That way he could get the words out.