The Reality of it

Kimiko stared into the mirror she kept in her room at the temple. Behind her stood Raimundo, fellow Xiaolin dragon and a person she cared about more then she wanted to admit.

He examined her body with his eyes, a series of emotions raised within him. Her hair was in her normal ponytails, but she was thinking about what to do with it.

She was growing to care deeply about Rai, her best friend, one who she cared more about then any other. She really needed to know how he felt about her, but couldn't simply ask. She thought for a moment and opened her mouth.

"Rai, do you think I'm pretty?" She asked. It sounded dumb, but it was the best she could think of.

He was caught off guard, but considered it for a second. "No." He replied simply.

Kimiko looked down to the floor sadly. Was that how he really felt or was it a really bad joke?

"Do you think we should stay together forever?"

"No." Raimundo let out again.

Kimiko felt like her heart was being pierced.

"Would you even care if I left?" She asked desperately, still not facing him, not being able to bear it.

"No." Raimundo's words hurt more each time. Her eyes teared up, she felt pained and humiliated.

"Did you ever even like me?" She felt some piece of hope still within her.

"No." That was all she could take. She turned to the door of her room and rushed out in the outside of the temple. Trying to hold her tears in, but not succeeding. She would leave, leave the temple, and leave it all behind.

If Raimundo hated her so much then what was the point of staying? She had never felt so much pain from a rejection She felt arms pull her to a stop. She could tell it was Raimundo who stopped her, but she had no idea why. He turned her around and forced her to face him.

"Girl, I don't think you're pretty." He stated.

'Why is he doing this, I already know he does not care about me' Kimiko thought.

"I know you're beautiful!" He wiped away her tears. "I don't think we should stay together forever. I need for us to stay together forever."

Kimiko looked to him in surprise. Was this the truth this time?

"I wouldn't 'care' if you left…I'd die if you left." He hugged her close, she returned the squeeze her gave.

"And I never just 'liked' you, I always loved you." He kissed her on the cheek. "Sorry to scare you like that girl." As they left the huge, Kimiko playful swatted him.

"Never do that again!" She demanded in a mock anger. She was badly hiding her inner joy.

"You got a deal girl!" He shielded himself. She then pulled him into their first actual kiss.

Clay and Omi watched from a distance.

"Well, bout times all I can say." Clay watched grinning.

"I do not understand love, first she ran from him. Now they place their lips on each other?" Omi said confused.

"You'll understand someday Omi. But Kim and Rai go together better then beef and a barbeque, and that's sayin' lots." Clay laughed slightly, just happy for his friends.