Strangers in Shadows

By: Amanda and Shelby

Rating: Pg 13 for violence

Summary: Pre-LOTR. When Aragorn comes across a man who has captured the Prince of Mirkwood for revenge, Aragorn must try to help legolas while keeping his intentions secret. Will Legolas trust Aragorn in time? (NO SLASH)

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Strangers in Shadows

by: Amanda & Shelby


Only shivers ran around the lonely fire; the shivers of cold bodies trying to draw warmth from the dying sparks of the small campfire that crackled in their midst. Continuous rain had taken most comforts from here these past months as it dampened the environment. Hours would go by slowly, like years of waiting for something that wouldn't come, as they searched hopelessly for comfort and warmth.

Watching the sparks through matted dark locks of hair, as if he could make the fire blaze with the power of his anger, a mess of memory, plans, hatred, pain and the feeling of a soul gone. Unfocused eyes watched memories of a recent past repeat itself; taunting and provoking him to do the unthinkable. He knew it was making him crazy, slowly it felt as though it already had snatched away his sanity.

All he saw at night was a limp, bloody body; killed by the beings within this forest. The beings he hated and despised. The beings he would like to kill and gain his revenge from. The beings who had killed his younger brother, leaving the body which plagued his thoughts right in front of his eyes.


Memories that fostered hatred and burning agony within his heart.

The beings, he thought, the creatures; the creatures that shall hide from fear of me, cower beneath my shadow which will rise like death before the dawn.

The others around the fire watched as their leader's eyes grew cold once again. A shadow touched his features and anger traced each weary line upon his face. Droplets of water streamed down his checks, first thought to be tears, but which were only the beginning of another storm of rain with thunder and lightning to match his expressions perfectly.

They drew their cloaks closer to their bodies, trying to preserve any heat as more chill filled their surroundings. More so a feeling that seemed to penetrate them came from the man before them; a scene of victory that seemed so emotional it was hard to ignore.

A crack of lightning creased the sky and thunder clapped loudly, echoing painfully and bringing cold tears to one's eyes when he heard it, almost like a signal. The man before them stood with balled fists and fury-filled eyes and picked up a bag that seemed to clang like the thunder that had just clapped in the heavens. As he stood rain pelted them like the night covered the forest.

The fire gave one last leap as the rain poured down, enveloping it, yelling at it to disappear. Darkness took over the place once more, and the flames slowly faded away and the fire disappeared into the darkness. The wind blew against the trees and the feeling of cold and dread flooded over them.

Hitching his bag over his shoulder, sharing a haunted grin with his men, the man walked off into the downpour, concealing himself in the rain, leaving their horses. His group took his grin and departure as a sign to follow. With a moan and a shudder they got to their feet, letting cloaks fall and allowing the chill to reach their bones. A chill that did not only come from the cold of the weather.

Walking blindly through the forest they followed a dim outline of the man in front of them with no question. They had been with him for a long time and were firm in their loyalty. The rain seemed to take over the night's darkness. There was more rain than there was light and the rain gave the usual darkness a silver sheen.

When they had left the little clearing of trees the rain decided to slow down and just sprinkle. A thick fog and mist decided to take over the rains job, making it hard to see.

The men followed their leader, knowing where they were going, but not certain why it was now that he choose to go there.

A light wind moved through the mist as a small shade of light shone through, welcoming morning. Their feet stuck to the ground as they trudged their way through the sticky mud.

They followed a path into an opening where there were signs of a small struggle. The leader's companions moved quickly toward an immense pit in the ground. Arrows were spread around as they glanced into the hold and saw a lonely blond-haired being in its clutches.

The leader smiled. He was about to get the revenge that he had so longed for.

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