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Chapter One: The Call. Set a few months after the conclusion of San Andreas.

Carl Johnson, or CJ, was your average resident of Los Santos. He was in his late twenties and lived in Ganton, a small, sleepy suburb of San Andreas. He was in the prime of his life, and already life-changing events had altered the world around him. His brother had died, he had spent five rough years in Liberty, and his return to Los Santos was just the beginning of his adventure.

Carl had become involved in a major drug war that had spread across the state of San Andreas, sweeping up his friends, his family, and his gang, the Grove Street Families, into a massive timebomb that tore apart his gang, his friendships, and his normally quiet life since returning from Liberty City.

His trusted friends Lance "Ryder" Wilson and Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris had turned on them, assisting a rival gang, the Ballas, with their efforts against Grove Street Families. Worse, a pair of corrupt cops and their unsuspecting friend Hernandez had the two former OG's on a leash, preventing any action against their treachery.

So it was up to Carl. Sweet, his brother, had been busted by the LSPD and put away, his best friends had abandoned him, and he was at the mercy of police officers Tenpenny and Pulaski. But that was where the ride of his life was just beginning.

CJ's sister, Kendl, was still by his side. She had always doubted the integrity of his gangsta friends, and had managed to escape the mess with her boyfriend, a Mexican lowrider fanatic by the name of Cesar Vialpando. Their support in CJ's endeavour to reunite Grove Street and to stomp out Big Smoke's huge crack ring had been what kept him going.

On the way, CJ had made new friends and new enemies. CJ met up with a lunatic hippy by the name of The Truth, who had led him on some of the most bizzare adventures of his rather long inter-city hunt. He had met up with and worked for a fiery Mexican woman by the name of Catalina, only to have her run off to Liberty City with her new boyfriend, a mute named Claude. There was Mike Toreno, an always-watching CIA agent, Dwaine and Jethro, two surfer dudes who now worked at his garage in San Fierro, and Zero, a nutty RC nerd who had put CJ through hell just so he could outdo his rival, Berkeley. And there was Wu Zi Mu, a blind Chinese Triad leader who owned the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas. Much of CJ's money came from Woozie and his business partners.

Finally, there was Madd Dogg, a rapper whom at one point had been totally washed-up, suffering from alcoholism, egomania and drug addictions. CJ had saved his life after Madd Dogg had attemtped suicide by jumping off the roof of a casino in Las Venturas. Now, thanks to his friends Kent Paul, Maccer and nerve-racked ex-lawyer Ken Rosenberg, Madd Dogg was back on top, his songs often airing on Radio Los Santos.

After taking out Officer Pulaski, San Fierro pimp Jizzy B, Ryder and a rifa gang member by the name of T-Bone Mendez, plus a heap of other less notable victims, CJ had returned to Los Santos to stop Smoke's drug empire.

It was three months after CJ had succeeded. The GSF were on top, with the help of Cesar's gang, the Varrios Los Aztecas. The Ballas and Vagos were easy pickings nowadays, occaisionally attacking areas like Glen Park or Idlewood with little success. Their homies could generally handle any threat such a that, leaving CJ and Sweet to enjoy their time at the top. Until one day...

CJ pulled his car, a Wheel Arch Angels-modded Sultan, up in front of Sweet's house at the end of the Grove Street court. Sweet's blue Greenwood was present outside, telling CJ that his brother was home. To his left, CJ saw the two-storey Johnson house, where Kendl stayed when she wasn't with Cesar. Behind him was the Grove Street overpass, a bridge spanning over the entrance to the GSF home base. There was a section of railing missing where an out-of-control firetruck had ploughed through a few months back.

CJ stepped out of his vehicle, the engine on idle in case he needed to leave in a hurry. Which was rare. He headed up the short path to Sweet's house and knocked on the door.

"Sweet!" he called, "Yo, it's your brother! Open up, homie!"

The door swung open, and Sweet stood in the door. He was a few years older than Carl, wearing his signature cap and shirt in Grove Street green. "Hey! Watcha doin' here? I thought you was up in Vinewood with Madd Dogg."

"Nah, Kent Paul's lookin' after the new album, so I thought I'd drop by, y'know?"

Sweet nodded, "Well, come in."

As CJ entered, Sweet called from the lounge room, "Hey! I managed to get a new video for us to watch when Cesar drops by!" he stuck his head around the door and held out a video to his brother. It was an adult film, starring Candy Suxxx. It was titled 'Mountain of Mash IV'

"Ah, man, another Steve Scott film?" CJ exclaimed. He was rather bored of Candy Suxx, even though Sweet was quite fond of her movies, such as 'Bite'.

"Hey! This one's got that Mercedes Cortez in it!" Sweet informed him, back in the lounge room again, "You like her, right?"

Oh, shit, he knows? "Yeah, she's alright." Carl could never get enough of girls. He had several girlfriends across San Andreas, the closest being Denise just down the road.

"Well, stop by when Cesar gets in, we'll have a wild night." Sweet told him.

Carl sighed, "Yeah, for sure..." Great... another porno...

"Why'd you drop by, exactly?" Sweet called again, before Carl joined him in the lounge.

"Here's what's goin' down. Shit was fucked up with the Varrios. They're getting brought down by the Vagos. Apparently there's this new gang in town supplying them with heat and stuff. Then they just stopped, and the Varrios kicked their punk-asses back up to the north again."

Sweet chuckled. He loved happy endings, "Well, served them right for fucking with Cesar's gang."

"But that's the thing! If this new gang appears and starts assisting the Ballas, then we could be in serious shit when-"

Carl was cut off by a ringing noise. It was the cellphone in his back pocket.

"Hang on..." he told Sweet, answering the phone. He hoped it wasn't Catalina calling to screech in his ear like she usually did. "Speak." he told the caller.

"Carl," came a voice which made Carl stiffen. He hadn't expected to hear from him again, "remember me? I need you to meet me at your airfield in Verdant Meadows. We gotta... talk."

Before Carl could respond, the line cut out on the caller's end. He had hung up.

Carl slowly turned to his brother, "Ahhh... some shit has come up, I gotta ride."

"'Kay. Catcha round, homie."

"Yeah, for sure."

Carl turned and headed out the door of Sweet's place, and jumped into his Sultan. He sped around and out of Grove Street, Radio X blaring out of the speakers. The thought of the call lingered in his mind as he finally digested what he was doing.

He was off to meet, once again, with the one man that freaked him out more than The Truth.

Mike Toreno.

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