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Beastboy- She's creepy

Starfire- Perhaps she is ill?

Cyborg- She's just not normal.

Robin- She likes to be alone.

Raven awoke to the sound of her own ragged breathing. Starring down at her hand, which was gently resting atop her breasts, Raven muttered unheard curses. "Fucking bastards! I'm not creepy... I'm just... I don't know... alone." She stared at the decor of the room, taking it all in, before walking towards her closet.

Starring at the girl in the mirror Raven sighed, "It's not that I like being alone or creepy, it's just all I've known... here." Thinking now of her home on Azurath she covered her face, "It's not my fault." she said to herself, as if assurting the fact. Finally looking one lasttime at the pale girl in the mirror Raven ventured into her closet. Starring at the onslaught of Titan uniforms and parafanilia Raven scarcesly caught the glimpse of one of her 'normal' outfits. It was a simple black tanktop with a pair of blue jeans with cut out holes with fishnets in them. Raven, glancing back to her Titan uniform with a bored look, sighed, "I miss being normal... at least to an extent..." She took hold of the uniform before glancing towards her clock which beamed a neon purple "3:28AM". Starring again at the long forgotton shirt and jeans in the corner Raven smiled, "I guess there's time to be.. normal."

Once dressed she ventured out into the kitchen, which, to her dismay, was in ruins. Turning on the radio she started the grueling task of cleaning it. After 30 minutes or so a familiar song played on Ravens lips as she finished the dishes. Sitting on the counter she lightly sang it.

"I'm so tired, I can't sleep... Standing on the edge of something much too deep..." She paused. "Funny how I feel so much, but I cannot say a word... I am screaming inside, oh, I can't be heard." As the chorus broke in Raven hung her head slowly. It killed her how the verse screamed and tore at her insides. Tears slowly began to trickle down her cheek and off her chin. She hadn't cried in so long.. she forgot how much it hurt.. As the tears continued their flow Raven whispered the second verse, "I'm so afraid to love you; I'm more afraid to lose." At this her memories drifted towards the titans... and a certain green changling.. "Clinging to a past that doesn't let me choose." And now they shifted to a diabolical Slade and her "destiny". "Once there was a darkness, a deep and endless night. You gave me everything you had, oh, you gave me light."

Smiling as the tears rolled down her face Raven looked out towards the city. She was immersed in thought of the titans and her life up until now, but mostly up until now. The titans, each with a fair hand, had helped her out so much. She was able to control her emotion-driven powers so she could show a certain degree of emotion. Mind you, she couldn't go flow blown with how she felt, but she could give you a pretty good idea.

Sometimes, though far and few, she does lose control. Certain things like anger or embarressment do throw her off. Just last week as the Titans were watching "Cold Mountain" Starfire asked Raven during the 'love scene' (which raven was blushing about anyway) if, due to Ravens powers, Raven would be able to make love. Raven's face grew a deeper shade of red as things around her were being engulfed in her black aura. Only when she stammared to speak did things break, "Starfire... I... er... um... maybe... no... I... I... I don't know." As the items smashed Raven fled to her room in order to meditate and clear her thoughts. Nothing had been said since, but the point is Raven could show she was embarressed without blowing up the room or the tv (which she has done on occasion) and it was because of her friends, yes, her friends.

The chorus continued to play as Raven gently cried her happy tears. As the final line played Raven felt a hand hold her cheek, "weep not for the memories."...

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