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Of Terra

August 8th, 2004

There's this new girl on the team. Her name is Terra. I don't know her last name, but she's cool. Her power is to be able to control the ground you know. Raven doesn't like her, but she's soooo hott!

Raven moved uneasily and sat on a nearby chair as she continued on reading.

I guess Raven fears competition with her, considering they kinda have some of the same abilities... ish. Raven doesn't like her for whatever other reason, maybe she's jealous of the good looks? Nah.. Raven's pretty and all,but Terra is awesome! She's okay with the fact I'm a vegetarian and she thinks its cute that I can morph into different animals. She's into having fun, unlike Raven.

Raven paused as she bit her lip. True, Beastboy did admit she was pretty, but she wasn't as pretty and "cool" as Terra. Maybe they did deserve eachother, and maybe she could've done more to help her. Raven shook her head, this was back when Beastboy was nieve to what Terra was doing, and when Raven had not had the very best control over her emotions. Raven shook her head and continued on...

Man, I'm talking a lot about Raven, I should make an entry in here about her... yeah probably later. Terra want's me to go with her right now, so I'll do it later. Peace book.

Garfield "Beastboy" Logan

Raven let a tear roll down her cheek as she looked over to Beastboy. He had been so intoTerra that he didn't realize she was hurting him. That had been the night that Slade had gotten his troops into the tower because Terra gave him the pass codes. She shook her head and looked back at the book, maybe she was reading too much. She flipped the page to see what was next anyway.

Continuation "Of Terra"

August 10th, 2004

I'm so fucking pissed of right now it's not even funny. Terra betrayed us. SHE BETRAYED US! It's not like WE didn't GIVE hera place to LIVE! She betrayed us. Raven was right, she was nothing more than a liar. She got close to all of us. Even Raven.

Raven... even against her better judgement she let Terra in... because she wanted me to be happy. She wanted to be happy. So much for that ship. We got a call today and Terra took each and every one of us down... especially Raven. I think between me and her we took it the hardest.

I'm going to take Terra down, even if I have to go with her. I'll miss you Raven... you were always there to help, now I'm going to help you by taking out Terra.

Garfield "Beastboy" Logan

Raven knew what the next entry was going to be about. A eulogy to Terra. She didn't want to remember how bad Beastboy had reacted. He stayed a mess for almost a month. She had to personally take him out of his room and bathe him in his boxers. Not one of the best experiences she had, but she needed to get through to him. Apparently it worked.

Raven flipped lazily through the pages when she stopped on her own name. Written in a poetic fashion was Raven.

She read against her better judgement.

R- Ravishing
A- Amazing
V- Vexing
E- Emotional
N- New found beauty

Raven, one of the best superhero's I have ever met. She is an amazing person. Her powers are very emotion driven so she has to remain emotionless so she doesn't kill us all. LOL. Funny. Well, I'd write more, but I have to get going, duty calls!


Raven laughed at the poem, thinking it funny and cute. She smiled. What was he to write about her. Just as she looked down she heard a ruffle of the sheets and a gasp.

"Raven! What are you doing in here! In my room! Oh man, I'm sorry! DON'T LOOK!" Beastboy said as he scurried into boxers. She blushed a shade of red and hid the book in her cloak. "I'm just about to go... um... eat! Yeah... you wanna come with?" She said as she turned to a now boxerized beastboy and smiled. "Um... SURE!" He said as he pushed open his closet door.

"Ya wanna try the new buffet place... I hear they have soy waffles!" Beastboy said as he put on his uniform. Raven blushed still, "Um sure.. hey, lets wear normal clothes over our uniforms, we don't want to be stopped for autographs!"Beastboy said as he put a shirt over his head. She smiled. "Sure! Meet you in 20 minutes okay?" She said as she portaled her way out of his room.

In her own room she placed his notebook on her dresser and changed. She's read more once she got back. Twenty minutes later, as she waited for Beastboy, she smirked. She never really been out to eat with just him. She wandered what it'd be like.

Beastboy appeared a couple minutes later a tan color. Raven looked at him crazily. "What happened?" She said asshe poked at his skin. "Well, I figured I'd take a chance to look normal this week by dying my skin... I got the idea when Cyborg turned me orange for a week."

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