A.N Here's a stupid poem that I wrote a long time ago, put it up, I took it down and now I'm putting it back up again. About Rin and Sessho, of course Sess is a bit OOC. But come on it's a short little poem, so whatever. I don't quite like this one so much, RHYMING IS HARD, MAN! I like the cool, un-rhyming kind, like my other one. But I took the time to write it and I crave reviews. So...whatever...maybe flames...flames are fun...

Ice and Flowers




Amber and white.

I let my claws and swords do the talking.



No feeling inside.

My attack is done and I keep on walking.

My eyes the color of gold,

Are hard as stone.

My heart frozen in forever cold,

Is doomed to be alone.

Fear, happiness?

No meaning to me.

Pity or sadness?

Nothing, as you can see.



Is all that I feel.

Anything else I will not permit.



No other emotion will be real.

Cold as snow, no warmth to be lit.

Slippery and hard as ice.

No one can break down my wall.

Trying would not be wise.

They are sure to never fall.

I am certain no one will come.

The hopes of that are few.

My soul is sure to stay numb,

And then came you.



Why are you here?

I don't understand why you stay.



You should not be near.

Than why can't I send you away?

Like the first rays of spring,

You're melting it down.

The cute little way you sing,

Is making it hard to keep my frown.

'Make it stop' I say,

But the words never leave my throat.

The feelings won't stay at bay.

You're the bridge across the moat.



Are not to appear on my face.

But the mask is crumbling apart.



Are not to be taken place.

And yet yearning is growing in my heart.

I need you here holding my hand,

Glad that you don't fear my claws.

As we travel together across my land,

You creating my new life laws.

The ice has gone and melted,

By your tiny gentle soul.

My sword will now stay belted,

For my heart is finally full.

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