Nerdy Love Much?

((Note: Since I don't exactly remember what happened to Paul's old girlfriend, Carla, or that she was just written out, please no flamings!))

Junior high was more of a…unforgettable time for me, so to speak. But I did have a very good selective few friends who stuck by me, no matter what. One of the more familiar ones being my good friend, Paul Pfeiffer. The man was allergic to anything and everything. That was for sure. He was also, dare I say, a nerd. But he was a very kind and easy going person. He was easy to talk to, no matter what the subject. He also had a very good girl on his arm, Carla Healy. But…since she moved away, Paul was taking it hard. Sure, he looked to be doing okay, but inside, the man was hurting. It wasn't going to take long until he just blew out his frustrations…

Young 18-year-old Paul Pfeiffer slammed his locker shut, taking his books under his arms. A slightly shorter teen with big brown hair and brown eyes walked up to the taller teen.

"Hey, Paul." The teen greeted.

Paul turned to him, and smiled half-heartedly. "Oh, hey, Kevin." He replied his voice rather dull.

Oh, like that wasn't a sign of true depression.

"So, you going off to Math class?" Kevin asked, clearly noticing his friend's tone, but tried to ignore it.

The tall 'nerd' sighed, and nodded. "Yeah, I guess." He answered. "So, I'll see you later." He then began to walk to the room.

"See you, Paul." Kevin said waving his arm at him.

It was horrible seeing the man like this. It was obvious he was missing Carla, and he clearly needed to visit her. There was just one question, though…Where?

"Paul!" Kevin exclaimed with a smile, sitting by his tall friend. It was lunchtime, and they shared a seat. "I think I got it!"

Paul looked up from his food at his friend. "Got what?" he asked a little confused at his friend's peppiness.

"You miss her, don't you?" Kevin asked gently. "Carla?"

Paul looked up at his friend with a slight shock and blush on his face.

Okay, not the kind of reaction I was looking for…But for my sake, I'd continue.

"I mean, you're not the same Paul." Kevin admitted. "The Paul I know is at times, cheery and-"

"Kevin, shut up for once." Paul said snappishly.

Correction. THIS was not the reaction I was looking for.

"Umm…excuse me?" Kevin asked raising an eyebrow in confusion.

"I said, shut up for once." Paul repeated in a more angry tone, standing up. He threw his empty tray away, then shook his head disapprovingly at his friend. "You really need to choose words more carefully, Kev."

With that, Paul walked out of the cafeteria quickly, leaving Kevin alone with one thing: his thoughts.

At that moment, I felt I really screwed up big time. I also felt our friendship was kaput. However, I did have one more idea…