Part 2

When he got home, Kevin went through the phonebooks in the kitchen.

"C'mon, Healy, Healy…" he whispered to himself.

Okay, so I knew there had to be a few Healys around here, and none of them might be Carla, but I was desperate.

He flipped through the pages of one book, until he found 'H'. He then frantically flipped through the pages, hoping that he could find 'Healy'. After a few minutes, he found it!

Yes, victory was so sweet! But it'd be sweeter if Carla answered…

He dialed the number shown, then a female's voice answered. "Hello?"

"Hi, is this the Healy Residence?" Kevin asked politely.

"Yes, it is." The female voice answered. "Who is this?"

Okay, now for this moment of truth…

Kevin began to sweat a few bullets. "Umm…do you remember a person named…Kevin Arnold?" he asked timidly.

"Kevin Arnold…" The voice said in deep thought. "Oh my god! Kevin! This is Carla!"

YES! Score one for the good guys!

"Carla!" Kevin cried happily. "So…long time, no talk, eh?"

Carla giggled. "Yeah, well, how are you? How's…Paul?"

"I'm fine…" Kevin said before his voice became more uneasy. "Paul's been hurting, though. I think he misses you."

"Oh." Carla said softly. "Well, maybe I could come down there, and maybe…visit?"

Yes, girl! Visit! Make Paul happy and end this nightmare!

"Yeah, of course! How long a drive is it?" Kevin asked excitedly.

"About a few hours." Carla answered.

"Great. So maybe you can visit Paul and I after school?"

"Okay, that sounds cool. I'll see you both then."

"Alright, see you then. Bye."


With that, they hung up their phones. Kevin smiled and jumped up in joy. "Yes! I did it!" he cried.

Soon, Wayne walked into the kitchen, holding a bag of chips in one hand. "Hey, what are you all hyper about?" he asked dully.

Kevin threw a glare at his older brother. "Shut up, Wayne." He mumbled.

"Butthead." Wayne mumbled back before walking away.