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February 13

"Yuu-san? You seem… distant." Aya commented, as Yuu walked into the small room they had rented. "Kazuki quit. He's having some sort of weird problem with his finances. Or so Taishi said. Still, I can't help but wonder what's wrong." "Did you tell him that we need him?" Aya inquired, taking a sip of her dark tea. Yuu sat beside Aya, and sighed. "I know that he's grown as an artist, and he knows just what he's giving up. So, I guess we just have to let him go." Aya nodded, and looked out one of the high windows. The sky was clouded, and gray.


February 14

Kazuki stared up at the ceiling. 'What kind of jobs have you had in the past?' He kept asking himself over and over again if he should or shouldn't put down "Manga-ka." After moments of pondering, he completed the resume, and proofread it for errors. Tomorrow I can go down to the library and type it up.

A sudden knock at the door startled him. "I'll get it!" He shouted, to no one in particular.

It was none other than Mizuki. "I brought you something. Happy Valentine's Day!" She greeted, thrusting a small box into his hands. Kazuki could feel his cheeks warming. He had to remember to give her something on White Day. No, he already knew he was going to buy her something… he even knew what. Now, thought he was going to have to make her some chocolate or something. He couldn't just give her a ring, no matter how much it cost. She bowed deeply, as did he. She smiled, and Kazuki couldn't resist.

Carefully, he leaned in towards Mizuki, and with a single motion, pulled her entire body close to him, into a huge hug,nearly choking her. He laughed, and patted her atop the head, as though to make up for his behavior. She looked up, eyes merely slits. "Mizuki… It was a joke." Kazuki pleaded. "SHUT UP!" Mizuki bellowed, her fist coming down hard on Kazuki's skull. "I said I was sorry." He whined, his body now spread across the threshold. Mizuki took special care to step on every part of him she could as she left Kazuki sprawled along the balcony.