By Taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi

Disclaimer: Nope, Naruto isn't mine. If it was, I'd let more of the minor characters have decent screen time…

Authors Note: I have officially decided that this is my favorite Naruto couple. And I've also decided that the fandom shall grow, even if I have to do it by myself. smile So here's my second 227-word blurb, in honor of my birthday being less than a week away. It's too short to be OOC in my personal opinion, but you can be the judge of that.

Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 2-22-05

As strange as it sounded, Kiba liked cats.

Yes, Kiba Inuzuka, whose best friend was a dog, had other dogs living in his home, and even had the word dog in his last name, liked cats.

Cats weren't so bad, once he got to thinking about it. They were stealthy, quiet, calm and laid back, and just like dogs, as long as you took care of and loved them, they'd stay with you forever.

Kiba himself wasn't much like a cat at all. He was loud and rowdy, just like a dog. But he didn't mind because although he liked cats, dogs were still his favorite animal.

Kiba hadn't even realized how much he'd liked cats until he'd come along. He was like a cat. His look reflected that—his hat stood up at made it look like he had cat ears. His fighting style reflected that—crafty and concealed. Always fighting from a distance, and always underestimated. Kiba loved to watch him fight. It was so different from his own in-your-face style; it intrigued him. He intrigued him.

And from that simple intrigue, came genuine love. Kiba had always figured that he'd fall in love with someone like Hinata, not a guy like him. But he had, and Kiba didn't mind at all.

After all, Kiba liked cats, and Kankurou was very much like a cat.