The Phantom of the Eternian Opera

By: Jeff McKissock (AKA General Stingrad and the Phantom of Eternia)

Based on the novel, Le Fantôme De L'Opéra' by Gaston Leroux, the movies The Phantom of the Opera and Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera starring Lon Chaney Sr., and Gerard Butler, and the play The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber

(Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters Phantom of the Opera belongs to Gaston Leroux and He-Man and She-Ra belong to Mattel, Filmation, and MYP)

Prologue: The Specter of the Past

The year is 1919, and the streets of Eternos, capital city of Eternia are busy. Automobiles are busy zooming on the streets. Standing out amongst the buildings of the great city is the Opera Eternia, built by the great Eternian architect Eldor De Regele.

In its heyday, the Opera house was magnificent, a palace of music, filled with paintings and statues, the most beautiful place on the planet. Unfortunately, now, it is decayed and time has dulled its once beautiful appearance. A large sign hangs above the palace of the arts, "AUCTION TODAY" it reads.

Just then, a black car carrying three passangers, two in the front and one in the back, pulls up to the Opera House, its doors bear a royal coat of arms.

The two passangers in the front, a nurse and a chauffeur, exit the vehicle and help the passenger in the back, an elderly man with white hair, out of the car and into a wheel chair.

They wheel him into the old Opera House's main theater where the auction is taking place.

"Lot 664, a poster from the 1881 production of Ertum's Il Ralabadio, may I start at 45 Gold Coins," the auctioneer says as the bidding begins and soon it is sold, and the auctioneer moves on to the next item.

"Lot 665, a music box, attached to it, a figure of an Eternian chimpanzee in the garb of the Magi of Etheria, playing the cymbals, this was found in the fifth cellar of the Opera House and it still works", he said, demonstrating the music box. "Can I start at 15 Gold Coins?' he said.

The first to bid was the old man who bid the opening amount, but an old woman with wings, that in her youth would have enabled her to fly, but now they are too frail and withered to lift her off the ground, bid higher.

"I hear 20 Gold coins, from Mme. Angella, do I hear 25?" the auctioneer asked looking around the room.

The next to bid was a tall man with dark skin wearing red armor and a red helmet. He said nothing but simply raised his hand.

"I have twenty-five from the man in the red helmet, do I have thirty?" the auctioneer inquired again of the bidders present.

The old man looked at the winged woman and the dark skinned man; he knew that he needed to get that music box. He raised his hand and bid the amount stated. From then on, the two other bidders remained silent.

"I have thirty do I have thirty five? No? Then it's Thirty going once, twice, sold for Thirty Eternian gold coins to the Vicomte de Grayskull, thank you sir" the auctioneer replied as he handed the music box to the Viscount.

"Amazing, it's exactly as she described it," he said as he ran his fingers across the music box. The item obviously held some memories for the elderly nobleman.

The auctioneer moved on to the next item, a light fixture of some kind covered with a tarp. The Vicomte, Mme. Angella, and the dark skinned man knew what it was, although the rest of the bidders did not.

"Lot 666, a broken chandelier, some of you might remember the story of the 'Opera Ghost' a story never fully solved. I am told that this is the very Chandelier of the infamous crash," the auctioneer said in an ominous voice. "Our artisans have repaired it and wired it for the recently invented light bulb, so we may see what it may have looked like in its heyday; maybe we can scare the ghosts of the past away, with some light, Messieurs!"

The workmen pull the chandelier up and as soon as it's in the air, they turn it on, and light fills the Opera House again.

Angella, the Vicomte, and the dark skinned man looked at each other as they recalled in their minds that sad, tragic story that began in the year 1881…