Epilogue: The Headstone

Back in the year 1919, after having won the music box at the Opera House's auction, the car carrying the Vicomte de Grayskull left for the cemetery of Eternos-Gheriac.

When it arrived, the nurse and the chauffeur helped Adam out and into his wheelchair and took him to an elaborate headstone. The stone read:

Teela DaaƩ 1863-1911

Comtesse de Grayskull

Devoted wife and mother

Adam leaned a bit and placed the music box he bought at the foot of the grave, "I told you I would get it for you my dear." He said to the stone and after saying a prayer sat up as straight as he could.

Next, he was wheeled to another grave nearby, it was elaborate like Teela's but this one read:

Adora de Grayskull 1860-1882

Comtesse de Grayskull

Devoted daughter and sister

He looked at the grave and then turned to the nurse who gave him a flower that he put on the gravesite and after saying a prayer, he went back to the car.

"Where to now, your grace" the chauffeur asked the Vicomte as he helped Adam enter the car.

"Back to the Opera House, and I wish to go in alone this time and no one is to disturb me while I'm in there" he informed his driver as they left the cemetery.

An hour later, they arrived back at the Opera House, the chauffeur and the nurse helped him out and into his wheel chair, once he was in the chair the nurse gave him another flower and he wheeled himself into the Opera House.

He searched for a few minutes until he found the service elevator and took it to the fifth cellar of the opera house.

When he arrived, he wheeled out and traveled for an hour until he came to a neglected headstone.

"Exactly where Teela told me it would be," he said to himself, Teela had told Adam about this gravestone on her deathbed.

He placed a flower on the grave and carefully leaned in his chair and wiped the dust from the stone. The writing on the grave was almost worn out but Adam could still make out the text, it read:

Keldor (?-1882)

Died from the one thing he sought in life: love

Adam stared at the stone, "I hope you have found happiness in death," he said in a respectful tone of voice.

After saying a prayer, Adam wheeled back to the service elevator, took it back to the ground floor, and left the Opera House. The nurse and chauffeur helped him back into the car and drove off, as the car left, Adam looked out the window and standing by the old Opera House was Zodak, the Enforcer, he had a look of happiness on his face.

When the car left, Zodak went back in the Opera House and went to down to the fifth cellar.

He walked for a few minutes until he reached the grave, he knelt down and bowed his head "you are at peace now," he said as he prayed by the stone and walked away, knowing that the sadness in Keldor's life is now replaced by the happiness of eternal sleep.

The End