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A girl was seated in the wireless cafe, gulping down water every few moments and trying not to laugh too hard at the fanfictions she read, as to not attract too much attention to herself.
Every few minutes she would hail the waiter, asking him for another water bottle, and he would only shrug before returning with her request and accepting the payment. The girl did this every Wednesday night, the open mike night where most 'goths' came in and shared their dark poetry.. She would come, grab a table in a corner where the reception was good, and drink a lot of water.
Usually she was just reading, occasionally typing comments on various message boards, but this night was different. It seemed to be after an exceptionally dark poem read by a girl with short-cropped purple hair about the torments of tofu that her eyes glistened, and she got the waiter's attention again.
"Yes, Winter?" the waiter asked, for this was the girl's name. He felt that he already knew what her next request would be but he asked anyway.
"All right. I'm gonna need something real strong," her leg was bouncing up and down as if she were pumped on caffeine, "Get me a cappucino - wait - get me a half cappucino and half hot chocolate."
The waiter was astounded by this request. Winter had once ordered a croissant and nibbled on it every so often between gulps of water, but never anything else. He numbly nodded as he turned to leave but she stopped him.
"Oh yeah," she seemed to remember something as she drained her bottle of water, "I almost forgot. Could you get me another water?"
Once he had left, Winter grinned at her screen.
"If there ever was a time for an ACC, which there never is, why not now? Let's boogie."
With that remark the girl began to type, hardly acknowledging it when the waiter returned with her order, evil thoughts stewing in her mind as she began her first Teen Titans fanfiction...


"My BABY!" cried the largest Teen Titan as he surveyed the damage done to his... Playstation, "How could this have happened!"

Raven hardly looked up from the book she was reading as she replied, "The quarter-mile drop may have had something to do with it," from her hovering, crosslegged state.

Cyborg put on a cheesy grin as he, embarrased, remembered the events of the previous day. "Yeah - heh heh heh..."

The day before this one Cyborg and Beast Boy had gotten into a fight over the outcome of a match between the two in a game called StarWinder. Beast Boy had won, and the two had disputed that he had cheated. He held the gaming system and waved it threateningly as he was chasing the changeling around the living room. In the end, though, Beast Boy jumped out a window, quickly followed by the nearest thing Cyborg could throw. Little did Cy understand at the time that the nearest thing that he could throw was the Playstation in his hands, resulting in quite a heftly drop to the game system. It had been brought in by Starfire just moments earlier than this.

It was this exact moment (meaning the one that Cyborg remebered the event of throwing the Playstation out the window at Beast Boy) that the green boy turned up. He was yawning (twas morningtime) and his hair was disheveled. He certainly made a big entrance of waking up in the morning, might I point out.

"Good Morning everyone!" he called, making his way past the livingroom toward the kitchen, oblivious of the death glare that Cyborg was sending him, "Does anyone want any breakfast? I'm making tofu!"

The room was silent, and a huge, animated sweat drop appeared on the back of Beast Boy's head. He turned to see that only Raven and Cyborg were even in the room. Raven seemed uninterested, but that was to be expected. The sight of Cyborg was what threw the poor boy off. The mechanical man was seething through his teeth at Beast Boy and it didn't seem to have anything to do with tofu.

"Um," he began hesitantly, "Dude - are you all right?"

Cyborg began to grin evilly, and I mean really evilly - the crazy manical kind of evil that gives nightmeres, at Beast Boy. "You - you broke my Baby!"

For a moment, Beast Boy didn't seem to understand. But then he seemed to remember something, and without any more waiting, ran to Cyborg's feet and began to beg.

"It was an accident! I really didn't mean to do it! I swear I'll help you fix it - even buy you gas - but if only I had known I would have been more careful and I promise I'll never touch anything that belongs to you again -"

"Hol- Hold up," Cyborg interrupted, "What do you mean you'll buy me gas?"

"I've got money - it's the least I can do I'm sorry!"

Cyborg squinted his human eye at the green boy before him, and Raven nearly smirked. "What did you do?"

Beast Boy looked a little nervous now, thinking that maybe it wasn't the T-Car that Cyborg had been so worried about, but he had to go on. "The... T-Car?"

If Cy had been mad about the Playstation, you can only imagine what his reaction to this new development: Sentimental Wimpering Denial.

The tears came out of his one human eye as he sniffled, "My - baby !" But then he seemed to snap out of it as he screamed, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CAR?"

During this whole time, Raven had been watching out of the corner of her eye, keeping a cursory watch over the two to make sure that they did not get into any real trouble. She did not actually believe that they would, but it always helps to be prepared.

An alarm went off, interrupting Cyborg and Beast Boy's brawl and causing everyone to freeze. Robin and Starfire ran into the living room, Robin from the direction of the training room and Star from the kitchen, and Robin shouted the order.

"Titans! Go!"

And they went.


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