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Chapter Eighteen

"And who might you be?" John asked the small blonde sitting next to Winter. She looked to be about six years old and on her lap was another girl – most likely a younger sister – who looked to be about three. When the waiter asked her this question, she stuck her nose up in the air and ignored him, so he returned the question to the third girl, who seemed to be a girl in between the other's ages.
"Then you?" he asked, referring to the also blonde girl sitting on the other side of Winter. That girl turned and busied her face in Winter's arm, hiding from the question.
"She's Molly," Winter indicated, talking about the last girl he had asked, "And she's Gracie, and she's Isabel."
Grace was the first girl he had asked and Isabel was the one who seemed to be the youngest sister.
Isabel looked up with a wide, serious expression on her face and whined, "No."
"Why not?" the blonde and red haired teen asked the youngest girl.
"Because!" she returned forcefully, pouting now.
Winter sighed, looking at the three girls beside her, wondering what on earth she was going to do with them.
"Well then," she said, "I guess I'll have two fruit roll ups, two chocolate milks, two bottoms of a hot dog roll with ketchup in between to make a sandwich, and iced tea, and one –"
"Water?" John said expectantly, jotting it all down. "Coming right up."
He had turned to leave and fill the order when Winter stopped him.
"Hey John," she called. She eyed the girls and went on, "Make that a double. I need all the energy I can get."

There are some people in this world who are just not the same style as you are. There are also those who chose to not live with the differences that cause these styles to be different, and instead of accepting the differences they decide that they will have absolutely nothing to do with them or their styles.

Those people are called nonconformists.

As any other clique, there are many levels to this type of person. Some are simply against conformity of any type, but others go to the complete extreme of doing everything in their God-given power to not do what those other people are doing. Some do it without thinking; they simply are different than the conformity people by nature, but others do it quite consciously and religiously.

For example, Achilles is one guy who does many things in his power to escape from the horrors that are "being the same." Everything that someone else is doing is basically pointless, and if you are not completely your own individual than you are messed up or something. But on the other hand, Raven simply is who she is. Granted, she does think of what she is putting on in the morning and enjoys her style, but she does not do it with the sole purpose of not being the same as the other people closing in around her as she shuffles down the aisles at school; she actually likes what she wears.

That does not go to say that conformity is a favoured practice in her eyes, though.

As it was soggy and thoroughly not deliciously sunny outdoors on the campus of Harrisfield Boarding school, most students, except the occasional wacko, namely known as Rayne, Winter, and sometimes another, who decided that the rain was just as scrumptious as the indoors and took the time to dance in it, took the liberty of spending as much of their time inside as possible. The halls crowded into a splosh of human (and inhuman) bodies and the dorm living rooms were bursting to their seams so terribly that nearly anyone with a brain was thinking very seriously of going to their assigned dorm rooms for a bit of peace, and even in people's own sanctuary that was their room, peace seemed to hold little meaning, or at least one of importance.

Seeing how much space all of the students were taking up really made the point show that most of the teens attending the school spent a great deal of their time outdoors.

A figure with a purple hood hiding her features did her best to weave through the madness which was the halls of her dorm room without being accosted by others she did not even know, thinking she was someone else, so she sped up and aimed for her doorway.

"Winter," she murmured threateningly to no one in particular, "If you have people in there I am going to kill you."

Raven was referring to their dorm room, of course, and was genuinely relieved when she opened the hard wood door to their room to find it completely deserted. All she'd wanted was a little bit of peace and quiet away from the hoard of teenagers rushing this way and that who couldn't seem to figure out where the hell they were actually going, and it seemed that she would actually get it.

With a huge sigh of relief, the violet haired girl sat on the edge of her bed and crossed her legs in Indian style. She closed her eyes and relieved herself of as much negative energy she could with the simple relaxation technique – not quite meditation but close enough that she could completely escape for at least a few moments – but that was about as far as she got in her luck.

The shouting laughter was coming closer into her senses. What she had been drowning out was now invading her personal quiet time and it quite irked her. She opened her eyes with a small amount of fury beginning to form behind her irises and dangerously aimed them at the door, almost daring someone to open it with that revolting laughter still ensuing.

I nearly regret to say now that I have neglected to mention that Raven seemed to be having quite a miserable day. Rain did not suit her, however its dreary seeming outlook was sometimes compared to her moods, and the rest of the day had seemed to have been on a steady decline after that.

The door opened, and the laughter flowed in.

The evil eye glare which had previously been focused on the door now transferred itself to the girls entering; namely Rayne and Winter. The two of them were laughing quite loudly.

"Hello, Winter," Raven growled, her tone pretending to be calm but it really was annoyed inside.

Both Rayne and Winter grinned at their purple haired friend, ignoring her almost completely unhidden anger directed at them. Instead of seeming worried even a bit, Winter walked to the desk, picked up her notebook and began to randomly write, and Rayne sat down on Winter's bed beside Raven's.

"Hi!" Rayne replied, quite chipper as the morning breeze, "How're you?"

The sarcasm in Raven's reply was no less than expected. "Fabulous. I just love having my personal space invaded by every random passerby."

With a shrug of sympathy, Rayne, understanding that Raven would prefer to be alone, said, "I know what you mean. There're too many people inside when it rains. That's why me and Winter were outside!"

The redhead was beginning to be bubbly again, so Raven sent her a serious glare that told her to settle down immediately. Living with the hyper Winter and being friends with those like Garfield, the purple haired girl had mastered that look down to an art and it sent its message without fail.

Rayne grinned, a bit embarrassed, and began again, "Well if you don't like how there's so many people here then why don't you go over to Lemmington? Their school gets fewer kids when it rains instead of more, so you'd be fine."

The psychology of students at Lemmington School is a bit more abnormal and complex than that of a normal teenager. Or it may be that they are the normal ones and everyone else is just simply strange, but who am I to tell? Instead of crowding into the hallways and dorm rooms of their friends when the weather is not nice enough to stroll in, they usually disappear into the far reaches of the campus and town, somehow possibly thinking that if they go away the rain will also leave. Telling Raven that she should go there was actually a very good idea; the area there would be much more likely to have the peace and quiet that she wanted.

Raven raised an eyebrow, unfolding her legs lazily from their crossed position and stepped onto the floor. She still had her shoes on from being in the hall so she didn't have to worry about that, but if she was going to go off campus she was going to need more protection from the rain. "I'll see you later then," she murmured monotonously as she searched the room for an umbrella. She refused in her mind to step foot outside without one, what with the entire horrible downpour, and searched the room for the umbrella to keep her dry.

Winter, who's eyes strayed from the pages of her notebook, and Rayne, both watched Raven search the room with a bit of bewilderment in their eyes. If she said she was going, why was she still walking around the room looking?

"Um," Winter began, "What are you looking for?"

"An umbrella."

The line itself, out of anyone's mouth, would have been at least slightly humourous. But coming out of one's mouth such as Raven's, who one would not have even thought that would contain a word such as umbrella in her vocabulary, it is just plain hilarious.

So, of course, Winter and Rayne laughed.

Rolling her purple eyes, Raven continued to search. Within a few moments, after the last of the sighs of contentment had commenced from the other two teens' mouths, Winter stood up and walked to her wardrobe. She rummaged through the contents of a few drawers at first, but soon brought her hand up from those depths and exclaimed, "Aha!"

In her hand was something pink. There was black in it, but it was mostly pink.

The blonde and red headed girl handed it to her roommate with an almost embarrassed expression on her face, making sure to tell her that, "No, I didn't choose it, my mum did."

Raven didn't seem to care that it was not Winter's – that girl had some weird stuff anyway that she didn't say anything about – but she did care about its excessive pinkness and the fact that she could never ever never be expected to show her face in public with something that fluorescent.

"No thank you," she said, not surprised at all that Winter had owned something like that.

"But Raven," Winter whined while Rayne just kind of looked on, "There aren't any more."

Raven brushed the comment away in her mind, continuing to search through her own drawers, under beds, in the refrigerator, for the umbrella which she prayed would not be pink, would keep her dry, and, by the way, did I mention that she did not want it to be pink?

Rayne took the umbrella from Winter's outstretched hand and walked over to the roaming Raven. "Here," she said, thrusting it at the other girl, "Use it. Just keep your hood up and don't talk to anyone. No one will notice at all."

After a few moments of staring at each other's eyes, both looking at the other with strong will behind them, Rayne won and Raven held her hand up, open to receive the pink thing – the forcefield used to prevent rain from touching her. She then pulled up her purple hood further over her eyes so that her face was as hidden as possible, and, nodding her head to her roommate and Rayne, she exited the room.

"Well that was fast," Winter commented once Raven was gone, "What did you do?"

Rayne put on a face of supreme knowledge. "I told her that if she didn't take it that Garfield would fall in love with some skinny-bitch-prep who was really into rocks and –"

"You two stared at each other. There was no speaking involved," Winter said, interrupting.

Once again, Rayne pretended with her superiority. "Ah, but you forget that I can send telekinetic messages through my brain."

All Winter could do was groan.

While the two girls still sitting in Winter and Raven's dorm room spent a grand time fighting over whether or not Raven had heard Rayne's silent head beamed message, the very purple haired girl was sneaking through the halls, twisting through people with as much skill as possible, towards the outdoors. She his the pink umbrella in the front pocket of her purple hoodie; it folded up small enough to fit inside it, and before she realized what was happening she was by the front door of the dormitory hall and had to choose – would she wimp out and sacrifice her much wanted peace because of a pink umbrella or would she brave it and just pretend that she wasn't who she really was.

Raven chose the brave one.

Nervously tugging at the brim of her hood to make sure that it was adequately covering her facial features, Raven pulled out the umbrella, opened it, and ducked under the push open glass door.

She was slouched while she walked, speeding up almost every time she heard a sound that could relate even a little bit to one of her friends or one of her enemies. If anyone knew that she was carrying something bright and pink around she would be dead – no one would obey her evil stare ever again – it would be hell on earth!

Suddenly she remembered that she had not told Winter, nor had she told Rayne, not to tell anyone that she was going somewhere with this piece of weather equipment. Raven searched her pockets for her cell phone to call them and let them know what she was thinking – that if anyone found out that the two of them would be the ones to pay – but could not find it anywhere. She seriously considered going back to tell them and to get her phone but when she looked at the road ahead of her she realized that she was already off campus and it would be too much of a pain to return.

"Hey Rebecca!" A female voice called from behind her. At first she jumped, thinking that someone was calling her, but after a moment she realized that the person was speaking to someone else so she continued walking, but not until after she had once again fixed her hood over her eyes.

"Rebecca, wait up!" This time it was a different voice, but coming from the same direction. Suddenly Raven, who had begun to tune those voices out, found herself with two girls walking on her right and one on her left, all talking to her at once.

"It took us forever to find you," the one who had spoken first said.

"And just now we weren't even sure if it was you when you didn't answer."

"Is that a new umbrella? Did you go shopping!"

Raven had been planning to simply ignore the girls, who seemed to be about her age, until they just realized that she was the wrong girl, but she looked up now to see them and found that she was in deeper trouble than she had thought.

Beside her, wearing various shades of orange, pink, red, and yellow; this year's autumn colours, topped with blonde and brown hair, were three preps, and they thought that Raven was one of them.

Underneath her hood, Raven's eyes went wide. She would have hyperventilated, had her calm exterior allowed her to, but instead she found herself doing one of the few things she really enjoyed; acting.

In a voice a little bit less monotonous than it normally was Raven replied, "No, I borrowed it from my friend."

The other girls also held umbrellas of their own, though they matched; all of them were clear. The rain began to slant now, and Raven was getting soaked. She sped up her pace so that she would get to the school faster.

While the girls matched her pace, Prep 3, who had made the comment about Raven's umbrella, replied to the darker girl's comment. Her voice was continually perky. "Oooooh! Was it Jimena? That looks like the kind of thing she would recommend!"

"Erm… no?" Raven, who was now being thought of as Rebecca by these other girls, said, trying to come up with a story that the others, who were waiting for more of a reply intently, would buy, "I, uh, didn't know it was raining and when I went outside I… didn't have anything so this… guy came and gave it to me."

There was a collective 'awww' coming from the three girls as they all clutched their hands to their hearts which were steadily getting wetter from the rain which continued to pour and Prep 1 spoke to Raven.

"Well that's good. Guys who know to give you stuff are too hard to come by nowadays. And a guy who would have a PINK umbrella – it takes a real man to wear pink."

Prep 2 agreed. "Guys look hot in pink. I don't know when they'll learn that."

"And a guy who'd give up their pink –" Prep 1 went on, prompting their discussion.

All three of them (obviously not including Raven) went on to say, "Is so totally worth it!"

"God, girl, did you even get this guy's name? 'Cause you should totally lose Ben if you did, he is like so much better than that dumb slob who you've been with."

Raven did not answer. Nor did the girl who they had thought that she was; the notorious Rebecca. The reason for this lack of reply was the fact that she had taken the first opportunity that she could to escape from the three girls. She was currently entering the campus of Lemmington school, watching her back and making sure that none of the preps were following her onto the grounds, and wondering what the heck had just happened.

When you are spoken to by someone you do not know, you may feel a bit awkward. When you are mistaken for another person, especially when you do not discourage this mistakenness, it may also feel more awkward. But this awkwardness does not often settle in completely until after the fact, when you are walking around the campus of your friends' school in the rain and you still feel dazed.

This was how Raven was feeling; dazed and a little bit confused, and felt just as weirded out as she had been when the strange girls walked up to her when Emily jogged up to her. The short blonde was without an umbrella or a raincoat and instead was simply wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants, jogging in place.

It took a double take for Emily to realize that this truly was Raven and not some random passerby in Raven clothing, but when she did completely understand the other girl's identity she just stared, a blank look on her face which clearly expected an answer to the unasked question.

She waited, watching Raven's face which was mostly hidden behind her hood, and waited some more.

And she continued to wait, because Raven did not offer any answers.

So Emily tried actually asking.

"So… what's the deal with the umbrella?" she asked with a quirky smile on her face. Raven, in response, rolled her eyes and continued to walk toward the buildings that made up Lemmington School. Emily shrugged, chuckling, and continued on her run.

Lemmington School not only had fewer students around when it was raining; it also had fewer students in general. Its campus was considerably smaller than that of the one at Harrisfield, and fewer buildings dotted the area. There was only one dormitory both for boys and girls (though of course it was internally segregated) so Raven did not even have to remember what building to go to in order to find one of her friends.

The door was, of course, unlocked, and, instead of the thick glass doors that they had at Harrisfield, tall wooden ones that almost looked medieval were what were used to enter the premises.

As soon as she had opened that door and closed it behind her, Raven closed the bright pink umbrella as quickly as possible and, shaking it off briefly on the linoleum floor below her, hid it once again in the front pocket of her hoodie.

By mere habit, if nothing else, Raven headed up the stairs to the guys' part of the house. She herself had never even been in Vesta and Emily's dorm room, so the only logical place for her to go was up to where she actually knew where people resided.

True as their predictions had been, the halls were empty as a graveyard at night. The only residents were sparse and mostly by themselves; walking to the bathroom or slipping over to a friend's room to return a cd they had borrowed at another time. Raven was already much more relaxed now than she had been nearly all day.

Passing Achilles' room, she thought of entering that one but realized afterward that it would be too awkward and she did not feel like discussing doom and gloom or listening to the worst recordings of obscure musicals with lacking plots and bad acting. The rain had dampened her room quite enough for one day and she felt that she didn't need a put down any more than absolutely necessary.

Not really thinking, though, Raven went straight to Garfield's room. It had always been the first place that everyone went when they hung out at Harrisfield (of course that is unless they were with Vesta in which case they would most likely head immediately towards Achilles dorm). She didn't even think about it when she knocked on the door and answered "Raven," monotonously when her green friend called "Who is it?" from the inside.

The door opened quickly, after scrambling was heard on the carpet; he had probably tripped over the couch or something once again, being the poor pitiful fool that Raven often called him.

A turning of a lock could be heard and Gar appeared where the door had been, a huge smile on his face. It fell quickly, though, when he saw her condition, turning to a look of concern.

"Dude, you're soaking wet!" he exclaimed, looking the, just had he had said, wet teen over, just to make sure that his eyes were not deceiving him.

Raven's eyes went up into the back of her head in sarcasm. "No," she said blandly, "It's the stage makeup."

The violet haired girl lightly pushed past Gar, pulling down her hood as she entered his room, and shook out her hair with her hand. Gar seemed to snap out of a daze at that moment, because he suddenly bounded himself to the other side of the room to find her a towel to dry herself off with.

She accepted it gratefully and the two of them sat down on his couch, watching Anchor Man, which, apparently, was what the young teen had been watching before Raven arrived.

"Oh joy," Raven pointed out, "Plastic and recording and millions of dollars wasted on a pointless manuscript."

Gar reprimanded her for such a terrible and heretic comment, "Rae, if you're gonna start talking about pointless stuff you should go talk to Achilles. But you must appreciate the importance of comedy if you're going to chill with me."

He was half joking, and Raven knew this, but she played along anyway. "Oh I appreciate comedy. Kevin Ludwig is a comedic writer, but, fortunately, he wrote with plots."

With a 'pft,' in Raven's general direction, Gar returned to watching the movie. A man on a motorcycle was now throwing a dog over the edge of a bridge and the teen just had to cry out in protest to it.

"It's not the fricken dog's fault! Throw the dude over instead! That dog didn't do anything to you?"

Raven sighed. "How many times have you seen this movie?"

Proudly, Garfield exclaimed, "43 and a half!"

"Read a book," she threw at him, rubbing her arms as she suddenly felt cold.

Garfield noticed this action, however, and turned to her. "Hey, you cold?" he asked. Without even waiting for a reply, though, he kneeled on the floor at her feet and took over her action of rubbing her arms. After doing so he stood up, pulled a fleece blanket off the edge of his bed, and wrapped it around her shoulders. She was silent throughout the whole movement and her face had barely changed when he looked up at her again.

Barely, but there was a difference there. In her eyes she had a little twinge of gratitude trying to escape from the depths of her monotonous décor that was her face, and, though it was miniscule, Garfield saw it. You notice little things like this about your friends, and, though he said nothing about it, this time was no exception.

"So, Rae…" Gar began.

The person being spoken to interrupted him. "My name is Raven. Not Rae, Ravie, Rae-Rae, Sunshine, or Bubbles; Raven."

This comment made the corners of the green tinged teen's mouth perk up in a bit of delight. Raven quirked an eyebrow as if to ask, 'What?' and he continued on to say, "What are you doing tomorrow?"

Raven's response to this question was immediate. "I'm faking sick."

"No, what are you really doing tomorrow?" Gar whined, not quite believing that one of the star students at Harrisfield would ever skip any classes.

"I'm calling the school nurse and telling her I'm sick. The school's going on a ridiculous field trip and I refuse to degrade myself."

"I thought you valued knowledge, though," Garfield commented, pretending to be smart by using as many big words as he could think of on the spot.

"Oh I do," Raven said, her monotony slipping for just a second when she said that, "I just despise going to planetariums with schools."

Gar, looking away from her for a moment, listened to the track on the television. They were talking about love – something terribly corny and ridiculous – and it had been broken up humourously with comments like 'I love lamp,' and 'I love desk.' He released the air from his lungs in a sigh, looking back up at Raven who was now watching the movie once again, and tried to not make a fool out of himself.

"So, if you're not gonna be in school tomorrow," he started, "Why don't we hang out? We can go into town and throw some pranks."

His voice was so hopeful. The prank part Raven had a sure idea about it being a joke, but he really wanted to do something tomorrow. Maybe the bores of school were getting to him.

"I suppose we could sit on a bench and throw small objects at random passerby for amusement," Raven shrugged. The look on Garfield's face was priceless and she saw it out of the corner of her eye – even though it was a bit dim in his room she could practically see stars in his eyes. Just to make sure, though, she went on, "But no circuses, no tofu, no actual pranks, no pointless comedies, and no caffeine for you."

Gar didn't seem to care about Raven's terms – she had agreed to actually hang out with him. This was a breakthrough in itself. He threw his arms around her neck in a big, glomp style hug and only released her when she could no longer breathe. (of course this is an exaggeration. He more or less just waited until she threateningly said his name.)

Raven stretched, seemingly getting ready to stand up, and said, "Nine o'clock tomorrow morning good? I'll meet you at the coffee shop on 51st street. (yes, that was just a random street.)"

"I have to get up that early?" Garfield was complaining again.

Raven gave him a fake glare. "Yes. Savvy?"

"Aye-aye, Cap'n!" Garfield was joking around and mock saluted Raven grandly.

"Do you even know what that means?" Raven asked with a skeptical look on her features which were finally almost dry.

"Nope." The fool still had a huge goofy smile plastered on his face. "Where you goin'?"

Raven shrugged, drying her hair off once more with the towel before folding it briefly and tossing it in the overflowing laundry basket by Gar's bed. "I should be heading home – I'll be missed if I'm any later."

Little did she know that too much was going on back at the Harrisfield dorms to miss much of anybody.

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