Well here it is, my first dabble for the RoyAi community. This is in response to the 100 RoyAi Themes. I have always wondered how Riza came to follow Roy. Here is my rendition.

#10 Promise

He heard her before he saw her. The sounds of her weeping and begging filled his ears and compelled him to seek out the sad soul that was in so much pain. He found her, huddled in the alleyway behind headquarters. Tears streaked her face as she rocked back and forth, chanting to herself.

"Please forgive me. Their faces, their scared little faces. I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."

At this she doubled over and began to cry so hard that she couldn't make a sound. Roy watched her, her words striking a chord in his own painful past.

He walked closer to where she was huddled, slowly approaching her so as not to scare her. As he got closer he realized who she was. Riza Hawkeye. She was one of the army's best gunman and had come from a family known for their loyalty to the army. She had also been recently promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant for her service in the Ishbal War. Rumor had it that it was her reward for her sniper work there.

Normally, she was known for her calm and collect personality. She was sharp and attentive and rarely showed a great deal of emotion. However, currently she reminded Roy more of a small child. As he inched closer, she abruptly stopped crying. She raised her head up and stared ahead with unblinking eyes. With a shaky right hand, she reached for her holster and pulled the gun out of its protective leather. Slowly she raised the gun toward her head.

"You know that isn't a good solution to your problems. I know, I considered it and found a better way."

She flinched slightly at his words and slowly lowered the gun. She turned her head ever so slightly to look him in the eyes.

"You don't know anything about my problems. You don't know what they made me do. I hate them all. Those bastards and their rules and twisted philosophies that cause wars."

Roy moved forward and crouched in front of her, looking her straight in the eyes.

"What if I could promise you a better solution than this? What if I could promise that you could make a difference and make it so that no other soldier has to go through what you have?"

Teary eyes looked at him for a moment. She closed her eyes, and contemplated his offer. When she opened her eyes again, they were hard and determined.

"I would take you up on that offer."

At this statement, Roy smiled and stood up holding a hand out to the Lieutenant.

"Then follow me, to the top."

I updated this chapter a bit since as I was reading the manga I discovered that Riza was 2nd Lieutenant when they first met the Elric brothers. It wouldn't make sense for her to have been promoted to 1stLieutenant in my story.

Please note: The above was written well before any history was given to us in the manga about Riza and Roy's background so please forgive my feebil attempt at their first meeting.