#84. If you would only turn around...

He has his back to me, looking out the window. I can see his worried face reflected in the glass and I know that he is contemplating something difficult. He always keeps his real fears to himself, as if they would become real if he spoke them out loud.

I yearn to tell him that I want to share all of his pain and fears, but that would be overstepping my bounds. So, there he stands bearing the burden alone while I wait for the day that he turns around to share them with me. I wait diligently for that day and hope that I am enough to help him overcome it all.

Oh Lord, I know you all had given on me! I totally lost inspiration to write for this couple, but have been feeling the fluff bunnies nagging at me lately. This one is short and a bit rusty, but hopefully I can get back on track. :)