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Word Count: 594

Midnight. The witching hour. A fine mist permeated the air as a low-lying fog covered the ground. Faint moonlight shone through the clouds, casting a pale glow all around.

Two figures, both heavily cloaked, could be seen amongst the shadows cast by the old headstones located within the ancient graveyard. No identifying features could be seen on either of the two as the hoods of their cloaks hid their faces.

"What news have you brought me?"

"Your enemies have not changed their plans for bringing Potter away from his safe haven just before the next year starts at Hogwarts. Unbeknownst to them, he shall arrive unscheduled during the attack that you have planned."

"You have arranged this."

"All proceeds according to schedule, Lord. He shall receive his 'gift' and be brought to the target location immediately. He will never know what hit him."

"What about the spell? Is there any chance of it failing?"

"No, my Lord. It will work exactly as it should."

Silence descended upon the area as one man continued to stand, while the other kneeled in submission before him. Finally, the one standing spoke. "Be sure that you do not reveal this to any of my other followers. I believe we have a spy within our midst, but I can not be certain."

"As you wish. None shall find out from me."

"The others know an attack is planned of course, but not where or when. Not yet, anyway. Nor are they aware that Potter will arrive in the middle of it all."

Looking down at the one kneeling at his feet, Voldemort continued his conversation with a sinister smile. "When you first joined my forces, you told me why you wished to do so. Why you so readily came to my cause and brought me this information. Despite my being all powerful, tell me again your reasoning, that I might know you are not the traitor in my midst."

"Of course, my Lord. I personally could care less about the Muggle world and its ilk. I merely desire to rid the world of Harry Potter and his influence over my friends and family. It is because of him, that those same friends and family have been in danger for the last few years. Both at Hogwarts and elsewhere. The sooner that he is gone, the happier that I will be.

"When combined with the power that you have promised me, I could do nothing but help you in your cause."

"Very well. But remember, you shall not be known amongst my Death Eaters. After all, if Dumbledore can place a spy within my ranks. Why can I not do the same? Perhaps you may even be able to determine just who it is that the old fool has amongst us.

"Don't fail me in this, or you shall only live to regret it. Here is a taste of what you shall receive, if you do fail. Crucio!"

With a sudden movement, Voldemort pulled his wand forth and fired off the curse, only lifting it after fifteen seconds had passed; his follower's screams of agony echoed through the dilapidated graveyard.

Kissing the hem of his master's robes, the Death Eater Apparated away, leaving Voldemort standing alone.

"Soon Potter. Soon, you shall be relegated to the annals of time itself. Gone like you never existed. Gone and forgotten."

The laughter that echoed through the night continued for many hours; for the few that heard it, they were chilled to the depths of their souls from the evil that could be felt.