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Chapter 10

Word Count: 1956

"Defence. That is what I am going to be teaching you this evening. My plan was to start you with something simple such as walls; however I think I will start with something a little more complex. As he spoke, Myrddin pulled his wand shaped stick, and motioned the teens to come closer. "I will assume that you are familiar with the standard shield charm, correct?" Demonstrating the wand movement involved, Myrddin kept his eye on Harry and Ginny. Getting a nod of affirmation from them both, the aging wizard continued once more. "I am going to start you with a variation on that charm. It requires more power to bring it forth, but it is still only useful in the same situations."

Harry and Ginny looked at each other before turning back to Myrddin in puzzlement. Since both teens had been in the D.A. the year before, they were familiar with both the charm's strengths and its shortcomings. Speaking up, Ginny gave voice to her thoughts. "Myrddin, if more power is required for the shield, but it does the same thing, then why use it? Wouldn't that mean it would wear the wizard or witch that cast it out faster?"

Myrddin's smile caught the two off guard. "That is correct, Ginevra, it will indeed cause the caster to tire out and exhaust themselves much faster. That is perhaps the biggest drawback to this shield, and by itself a good reason to not use it. That being said, it is half again as strong as the standard Protego charm, which means something that is powerful enough to break through the standard shield is less likely to be able to break through this."

Harry looked thoughtful for a minute before opening his mouth to comment. After dealing with Ginny using his words against him just a short time before, he wanted to make sure of what he was saying before he did so. "Myrddin, you said 'biggest drawback'. Does that mean there are others?"

"Indeed Harry, there is another drawback. Although there are those who do not see it as such."

The look of exasperation that crossed Harry's face was enough to draw forth a giggle from Ginny and a twitch from Myrddin as the Druid struggled not to laugh. "Okay, then what are its other drawbacks?"

"Well dear boy, the answer is quite simple really. The shield is visible to the naked eye."

The glare that Harry directed at the older man was one worthy of the Hogwarts Potion Master himself, and gave Ginny cause to burst out in laughter. As the girl calmed down, Myrddin grew serious and slipped into what the teens had started to think of as his teaching mode. "There are other drawbacks to using this shield, but as they rarely occur in actual use we will not dwell upon them right this moment.

"We will start by practicing the incantation, and then we will work on wand movements. Only once I am satisfied will we continue and combine the two. I do not expect either of you to get this right away, but we shall see. The incantation is Entropis."

For the next half hour, they practiced the incantation with Myrddin coaching them along. At one point, Harry found himself in an eerily familiar situation similar to what his friend Ron had been in during their first year in Charms class. "Harry, it is pronounced EN-trop-is, not en-TROP-is. The inflection is at the beginning, not the middle." Myrddin smiled in encouragement. "You do not want to mispronounce this spell in a fight. The consequences could be most ... dire."

After Myrddin was satisfied with their pronunciation, it was time to practice the wand work. As Myrddin pulled out his fake wand, he began. "The wand movements for this spell are the same as for your standard shield charm with one slight difference. You must give your wrist a slight twist at the end."

While Ginny got started on practicing the wand movements , Harry turned to Myrddin to inquire, "You speak of dire consequences. What do you mean? Wouldn't the spell just not work?"

"Nay lad, the danger in miscasting this spell is much worse. The shield would appear no different than if it were cast properly, but there is a difference. This is the other drawback that can be found with this shield. It is not so much a drawback though, as it is a danger. Instead of blocking an attack, as it would when cast properly, when it is miscast it will make an attack stronger as it magnifies and directs the incoming spells at the caster of the shield."

Harry and Ginny both blanched at the though. While Ginny paused in her practice to contemplate what the teens just heard, Harry looked hard at their teacher and with a hint of sarcasm said, "Yes. That would be bad."

As Myrddin gave a slight smile and a nod, Harry started to practice the wand movements shown to them while Ginny started her practicing back up. Once he was satisfied with their progress, he called for them to join him at the fire pit in the middle of the clearing. When the two teens joined him, Ginny saw that the fire that Harry had started earlier had been extinguished so with a quick glance at Myrddin, she used her wand to once again light the fire with a spoken spell.

Chuckling, Myrddin spoke. "Very good child, however I would prefer it if you would start practicing the magic you already know both wordless and wandless. This goes for you too Harry. But now it is time to practice incantation and wand movements together."

While Myrddin watched with a critical eye, Harry and Ginny practiced casting the Entropis charm. By the time that Myrddin stopped them, the teens had resorted to a mock duel where they traded minor jinxes and hexes while attempting to cast the shield spell. As Myrddin called them over, he made note of the fact that although Harry was a bit tired, it seemed to be more from dodging than having cast the shield whereas Ginny was more exhausted due to better results while casting.

"Harry, you must focus more on the feelings of energy. Feel the energy as it flows from you to your wand. Magic is alive to a certain degree, all it needs is for you to call it forth and shape it with your will. This is the point in time where magic becomes 'light' or 'dark', as the caster melds it to the desired end.

"Ginevra, you too must focus more. But in your case you must focus on calling more power forth. The magic was there for you, just not at the level of power needed.

"You must both be ready at any time. I will be testing your skills as we go. So you should be prepared to defend, always. Nothing shall be cast your way that you cannot handle, but cast I shall."

Harry and Ginny looked at each other before replying at the same time, "Constant Vigilance."

With an upswept brow, Myrddin contemplated the two teens in front of him. "Very good, children. That is exactly what you need to remember."

Harry nodded in understanding. "There is an auror that we know in our own time. He takes that advice very seriously and yells it out when least expected."

"Ah, I see young Harry. It would do you well to keep his advice in mind. You never know when it will save your life." As he finished speaking, Myrddin motioned for the two teens to continue with their practice session. After a few minutes of watching, he surreptitiously raised his hand and fired off a nonverbal curse in Harry's direction at the same time Ginny cast the Leg-Locker curse at him.

Seeing the flash of energy Myrddin released on the edge of his peripheral vision, and hoping that he had finally understood the knowledge that Myrddin had tried to impart, Harry focussed his magic and yelled out, "Entropis!" As the spells hit the newly formed and visible shield, Harry experienced a brief moment of glee that turned to one of horror when both spells impacted on the shield and then passed through seeming to gather power and speed.

When the spells impacted against him, it felt like his lower body was being ripped apart. With sudden insight and clarity, Harry understood how even harmless spells could be detrimental to one's health when the shield was improperly cast. As sudden pain shot through him, Harry heard the unmistakable sound of bones breaking. As blackness clouded his vision he was able to make out both Ginny and Myrddin rushing towards him while a scream of agony, vaguely recognizable as his own, echoed through the clearing before he passed out and knew no more.

Voldemort's spy was standing in the shadows waiting for the meeting of the Death Eaters to be finished so that the business to be had with the Dark Lord could be addressed. Watching as Severus Snape was being tortured, the spy considered how much longer to keep the duplicity of the man quiet. Deciding to not say anything until the Dark Lord requested the information, the spy thought about the news that would be imparted this evening.

Not even the Dark Lord knew how the knowledge was being obtained, despite the desire to know for himself. Family was family after all, and just because the spy was not a member of the accursed Order of the Phoenix, did not mean that the information was not obtainable. The fools didn't even know how Voldemort was getting wise to their plans.

The news that the spy had was surely of the kind that would make the Dark Lord angry, but it was at his own request that it be acquired. The knowledge that there was a prophecy regarding the return of Harry James Potter and Ginevra Molly Weasley to their own time would not sit well with the Dark Lord, but to know that there is nothing to indicate when it would occur or how would hopefully temper his anger.

To also bear news of the Order's plans for the trip to Hogwarts for the students, specifically Potter's friends, would certainly be able to put a twisted smile on the face of the madman. No, the spy had no illusions about what was going to happen. Only a desire for Muggles to be subjugated under the rule of the Wizarding World. To the spy blood didn't matter, only power. That and the death or destruction of Potter.

Potter had been an influence that needed to be removed since his first defeat of the Dark Lord on that Halloween fifteen years past. The way that the people of the Wizarding World regarded him was just sickening to think about. The spy's family had been corrupted in their thoughts since that night and Potter's influence over them was guaranteed. The way he constantly put people in danger was outrageous and this last school year had been the final straw for the spy. Steps had been taken to ensure that the family was kept safe from the carelessness of their saviour; unfortunately it looked like additional plans would need to be devised.

Watching as the last of the Death Eaters left their lord's presence; the spy waited a few more minutes to make sure that none returned. Satisfied at long last, the spy stepped out of the shadows and into the evil wizard's presence. As Voldemort turned his snake-like eyes upon the spy there was a rustle as a knee was bowed in supplication. "My Lord, I bring news of great import."

Author's Note

This is the second chapter that I have had sitting on my hard drive awhile waiting to be posted. Once again, this has not gone through the beta process.

Now, to be fair, I had sent both this and the last chapter to betas, but never got any response from either of them. sniff So I have attempted to make sure that both were clean and defect free before posting. With any luck I have succeeded, or at the very least have minimized errors to a very minimal level.

Although I have more of the story written up, I have not laid out any of it in chapter form yet. Nor have I gotten anymore transcribed onto the computer. Bear with me please, and I shall endeavor to get another chapter out as soon as possible.