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by: Lost-Remembrance (Red Tail)

Chapter Seven:

Relena remained with the other four boys after Heero had retired for bed, rather grudgingly she noted. He looked so tense when that man, J, had arrived that she couldn't help but wonder just what had happened. After all, fairy tales passed through the lips of so many that the tale altered. And, she was sure that her father wouldn't tell her such a tale that would be as the one she now found herself in.

"Relena?" The blonde haired girl looked up upon hearing her name being called. She met blue-green eyes as she blinked to clear her thoughts and stay focussed.

Tilting her head ever so slightly, she rested her head in her palm and looked at them, "Hm?"

Duo chuckled and leaned back, "Looks like she's back in the living."

"What do you mean by that?" her brows knit together in confusion, "I—"

"—Was lost in your thoughts," Quatre supplied with a smile, "It happens to all of us to." Wufei snorted and Quatre sent him a warning glare.

Relena raised an eyebrow, she could have sworn that Wufei had muttered something under his breath that sounded like 'onna'. She pushed some of her hair behind her shoulders.

"Who are you, really?" Trowa questioned suddenly, making all eyes avert to him. He continued to stare at Relena, awaiting her answer as he refused to look away and meet the other people's gaze.

Looking taken aback, she let out a small laugh, "I already told you."

"No," he narrowed his eyes, "There's something in your blood."

No one noticed the door creak open as Heero began to walk back into the large room. He was silent as the shadows as he made his way back to his chair, refusing to sleep. He wasn't tired after all.

"What?" Duo questioned, leaning forward as he sported a bored expression. "I think you've lost it, Tro."

"I think that he's still more sane than you." Wufei grumbled and crossed his arms.

"No…" He narrowed his eyes before they widened, probably the most reaction the other's had seen from him in a long time, "…I sense vampire blood in you!"

"What!" Collectable gasps filled the room and a dead silence filled the room for a longer moment than Relena would have wished for.

Vampire blood? …Her? The words didn't even seem to fit into the same sentence. But, more importantly, how! "What! M-me!" She was a princess—a mortal princess no less who had only dreamed of meeting enchanted creatures. Now, they were thinking she was an enemy—the enemy that tried to kill Heero no less!

A sword was drawn.

Relena gasped when she felt metal touch her exposed throat, making her eyes go wide as she managed to turn her head, making the blade draw some of her bright crimson blood. Her own blue eyes met dark blue. "H-Heero…?" She managed to speak, even though it was in a stuttering and small voice. Her face went paler than it was before.

He growled, "Who are your allies?"

The caring blonde took one look at the sword and the fearful look on Relena's face and lost it. "Heero…!" Quatre protested, standing from his chair so quickly that it toppled over. His face held worry as he glanced at both Relena and the sword at her neck.

"I'll ask once more—who are your allies?" Heero warned, edging his sword closer to emphasize his point. Relena gulped and stared at him, then the sword. She had no idea what he was talking about! He didn't honestly believe that she, Relena Darlain, was a vampire… or did he?

A voice broke though the silence of the room from the open doorway, "Her name is Relena Peacecraft—" all eyes turned to the pruplish-haired woman standing in the doorwar, wearing a officer's uniform. All eyes turned to the woman in the doorway and Trowa narrowe his eyes when he recognized the uniform. "—She's the younger sister to Milliardo Peacecraft."

"Vampire—" Duo seethed and he removed his weapon in a flash, a dark purplish aura radiating from him. "—How dare you--!"

"She's the vampire princess." Heero pressed the blade further towards Relena, more blood rivulets streaming down from the larger welt forming on her neck.

Vampire Princess?

Wufei snorted, weapons also drawn, "So this weak onna is to rule of Sanc…?"

Building were bruning.

People screamed as light-shrouded figures rushed around.

She heard the mischief created by the pixies and the crashed of the building collapsing and falling.

"In the name of the Wing clan and all faerie and magick folk, you have been tried—and found guilty—to your sins." A sword pierced through the body of the King.

Blood gushed from the fatal wound. "May God forgive you."

"I have to warn you," the woman warned, "If you hurt my charge anymore, I may have to take action." Heero send her a death glare for her words. Who did this woman think she was?

"Allow me to introduce myself—my name is Noin."

Heero glanced down at Relena and saw her standing still, eyes still wide as they were before. Only something was different… something warned him that something was going to happen; something bad. The girl was too quiet, too still, for his liking.


Heero didn't let his arm waver from his target as he set his eyes on Quatre, then looked at Trowa. "Are you sure?"

"There was a legend." Wufei trained his katana on Noin, to ensure she wouldn't try anything. "That there was a princess of Sanc that would come and end this never-ending war we've found ourselves in."

Heero snorted and narrowed his eyes. "How could she end this war?"

"We're the one's that started it…" Quatre whispered and he looked at the floor.


The murderer turned with a gasp, or a sharp inhale of breath. Relena wasn't sure. Everything was so hazy. She could feel the dead body of her nurse protecting her and crushing her into the floor. Blood pooled all around the silently sobbing girl. She stayed as still as possible.

She wondered where her brother was.

"Heero, why are you here?" The man bent down to a small, brunette boy who was looking around with confusion. "Why aren't you with your mother?"

The boy looked at the older man and his calm voice said over the noises of the remaining soldier's finishing their 'business', "Because Mother's already dead."

Relena gasped and fluttered her eyes open to find herself in a bed. Quatre looked up when he heard her gasp and smiled sadly at her.


He lowered the tome he had been reading and leaned back into the chair. "So you are Princess of the Sanc?" He looked at her with a closed off look. "Tell me then, what is your real purpose here? To end the war as Trowa says or to get revenge using our Prince like this Noin implies?"