It was actually a beautiful day in New York for the detectives of SVU. Amazingly, there hadn't been one call or accusation of any kind that day! Some thought it was too good to be true. Others just reveled in it.

Odafin Tutuola sat at his desk as he, Munch, Olivia, and Elliot chatted about stuff. He was actually expecting his god-daughter, Sara, to come in any moment. Everyone but Olivia knew Sara, as she came around every summer to stay with him until school started up again. She lived in Florida, so it took two planes or so to get there.

"You seem preoccupied, Fin. What's up?" Elliot said and Fin glanced at the clock for the millionth time.

"Sara should have been here by now. I wonder what's taking so long," Fin answered.

"Who's Sara?" Olivia asked.

"My-" Fin started, but then Sara came running through the doors.

"Speak of the Devil," Munch said jokingly.

"Uncle Fin!" Sara cried and dropped her bag, jumping into Fin's arms as the man stood up.

"Hey, Baby Girl! Damn, I missed you!" the man exclaimed and swung her around in a circle before setting her down and looking her over with a smile. "Holy shit, man. You're as tall as me!"

"Watch your freakin' language!" Sara scolded playfully. The five of them laughed and Elliot and Munch just couldn't believe how much she'd changed since the summer before. She was now 5'8", 14 years old, had dark brown shoulder-length wavy hair, hazel eyes, and was whiter than ever, despite living in Florida, and had more freckles than you could imagine. She was beautiful! Though she wasn't exactly model-thin, she was never what you would call fat. She was just right.

"Hey, Liv, this is my god-baby, Sara. Sara, this Olivia, Elliot's partner," Fin introduced and the girls shook hands.

"Nice to meet you," Sara said politely.

"Same here," Olivia returned with a smile.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so glad there's finally a girl around here. Men are so dense!" Sara exclaimed and smiled cockily at the men.

"Ugh, tell me about it. They can be so stupid sometimes!" Olivia agreed.

"Sometimes?" Sara winked at her and they laughed.

"All right, come on, now. Where's my hug?" Elliot cut in and Sara wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

"HA! I CAN FINALLY REACH!" she cried and Elliot laughed.

"Hey, Stinky, over here," Munch called from his seat, using the nickname he had given her as a little girl, and Sara released Elliot after kissing his cheek and ran to plop herself down in Munch's lap.

"Oof! Okay, you're gettin' a little big for that," Munch groaned.

"Am not!" Sara protested and curled up on his lap, smiling smugly. She gave him a hug as well and stayed there until Cragen came out to greet her.

"Uncle Don!" Sara jumped off Munch's lap and hugged Don tightly, discretely opening her hand for the 20 he owed her. "Thanks."

"How'd she do that?" Fin asked Elliot while staring at Don and Sara, very confused. The two looked at him and Sara smiled.

"Oh, last year I bet him that I would either be as tall or taller than you and I won! Ain't life peachy!" Sara chirped.

For the next couple of hours, they all just sat in their chairs, catching up with Fin's god-daughter. Sara sat on Elliot's lap and the man had his arms around her waist comfortingly. Ever since Sara's dad divorced her mom the year before, she had always needed to be held or something, despite her age. Her 20-year-old brother was the only father-figure in her life now, besides Fin, Elliot, Munch, and Cragen. Sara started to nod off a bit and lean back against Elliot's chest. They all knew the flight had to have tired her out and just thought the sight of her curled up against Elliot was just adorable.

"Here, lemme take her up to the Crib," Fin said quietly and Elliot gently placed her in his arms. "Good God, she's heavy. Now I know why I stopped doin' this when she was 9," he groaned and they chuckled. Munch went up before him to turn down the sheets on one of the beds and Fin carefully laid her down, tucking her in and making sure she was warm.

"She sure has changed," Munch commented softly and watched as Fin brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes.

"Yeah, she has, man. No braces, almost in high school. Next year, she'll be drivin'."

"Remind me to get off the roads."

"If she hasn't run me over yet."

". . .heard. .that. . ." Sara mumbled as their voices woke her up slightly and they chuckled. Fin leaned down to kiss her on the forehead and smiled.

"Go to sleep, Baby girl," he whispered. Once they were sure she was settled, they walked back out to the bullpen to continue with their work, Fin going just a bit slower as he thought about what he and Sara would do once her friend got here in about an hour.

"Fin, how long is Sara going to be here?" Cragen asked.

"The whole summer."

"Take a couple of weeks off to spend some time with her." Fin looked shocked.

"You sure, Cap?"

"Go on, before I change my mind." Fin stood up and shook his hand.

"Thanks, Cap."

"No problem. As long as I don't make anymore bets with her and you bring her in here a few days a week, the world is perfect." They both laughed and Fin ran up the stairs to the Crib. Gently, he pulled back the sheets covering Sara and lifted her into his arms, being careful to keep her head against his chest. He carried back down the stairs and called to Munch.

"Yo, Munch. Wanna gimme a hand?" he asked.

"Not really, but if it's for Sara, sure, why not?" John retorted and picked up her bags. "Jesus Christ, what the hell does she have in here? Bricks?"

"Probably shoes and make-up," Olivia said absently and noticed the men staring at her. "What? I'm a girl. I know these things."

Fin let Munch put Sara's bags in the bed of his four-door Dodge Ram 1500 and waited for him to open the passenger door for him. He put Sara in the seat and buckled her up, careful not to wake her. Then he closed the door and sighed.

"Okay, I'm gonna head to the airport to pick up Sarah, so just call my cell if you need anything," Fin told Munch.

"Gotcha," he said and turned to walk back into the department. Fin climbed into the truck and cranked it up, pulling out of the parking lot and zooming to the airport to be on time.

So wudda ya think?