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Fin woke the next morning next to Sara in his bed, the girl snuggled up against his side. He reached down to push a stray hair out of her face and sighed. Like he'd predicted, last night had been hell for his goddaughter. Nightmares woke her, she threw up so much that she passed out once or twice, and he had no idea of what to do. He had never been on this side of the desk. It was horrible. A soft knock brought him out of his thoughts and he saw Elliot standing in the doorway. He made to get up, but Elliot waved him back down and walked in.

"How's she doing?" Elliot asked quietly. Fin shook his head.

"Not too good. Nightmares, vomiting, all that shit. I'm worried about her, El," Fin answered.

"You're supposed to be. She's like your daughter," Elliot said and pulled a chair over next to the bed.

"Yeah, she is. Speaking of which, Munch and I noticed that you've become sorta protective of Munchkin. What's that all about?"

"Well, we've always been like that. Even when you were in Narcotics and I would come to see you guys. I've always thought of her as a daughter. I don't know why. It's just been that way."

"We've got two special little girls here, man."

"Yeah, we do."

"So, how's her other half?"

"Rough night, but she's finally asleep."

"Yeah, that's how Sara got in here. Those nightmares are really getting to her."

"It's to be expected."

"I know. I just hate seeing them like this."

"We all do." Then Sara stirred and sighed deeply, rubbing and burying her face into Fin's chest and fisting her hand in the side of his shirt. "Aww."

"Shut up." The brunette's hazel eyes opened slowly and she saw Fin and Elliot staring at her.

"What?" she droned and looked confused at them, squinting her eyes at the light.

"Nothing. Just talking," Elliot said.

"Right," Sara returned with a yawn and closed her eyes again. Fin stroked her hair and Elliot smiled, standing up and putting the chair back against the wall.

"I'm gonna go check on Sarah. Then I'll go pick us up some food."

Sarah opened her eyes to find that she was alone. She shot up and looked around the room, making sure she was out of her nightmare. When she was sure, she fell back onto the pillows and breathed heavily. What she didn't notice was Elliot rushing into the room. Then she heard his footsteps and shot up once more.

"Are you okay?" Elliot inquired. Sarah tried to calm her shaking body, but she couldn't seem to do it. Elliot sat on the edge of the bed and took her into his arms. "Hey, calm down. Relax. Take a deep breath. It's okay. Was it another nightmare?"

Sarah nodded furiously and cursed herself for letting him see her like this. She needed to talk to Sara. She pulled away and Elliot ran his fingers through her hair.

"Can I go see Sara now? You promised," she said. Elliot nodded and she ran into Fin's room. When she saw that their eyes were closed, she decided to have a little fun. Tiptoeing quietly to the side of the bed, she gracefully jumped on it at the side that Sara didn't occupy and had a good laugh when they cried out.

"What the hell!" Fin cried and Sara just laughed. "Don't do that, ya little monster!"

"Munchkin!" Sarah "corrected" and Fin rolled his eyes.

"Man, I got at least three hours of sleep left. I'm getting 'em!" he said and walked out with the blanket and pillow, marching out to the couch and flopping down on it, falling asleep quickly. Sara and Sarah giggled and situated themselves on his bed.

"So. . ." Sara started.

"Are you okay?" Sarah asked suddenly. Sara stared at her in shock and stuttered.

"I-I. . .I'm fine. What about you?"

"My wrist hurts a little, but other than that I'm okay." Sara nodded and looked away. "You sure you're okay?"

". . .I told Uncle Fin about Mom and Dad." Sarah could see the pain in her eyes and pulled her into a hug. Sara melted against her and sighed.

"It was not your fault, Sara," Sarah told her. Sara didn't say anything, just sat there in her arms until they heard the front door open and close. They pulled away just before Elliot walked in.

"Hey, got breakfast," he said with a glint in his eye. "Your favorite."

"IHOP!" the girls exclaimed and scrambled out of the room, bowling over Elliot and leaving him sitting on the floor.

"You're welcome!" he said sarcastically and heard muffled 'thank you's from the kitchen. Standing up and dusting himself off, he saw Fin on the couch and decided to leave him there. Walking into the kitchen, he saw the girls already stuffing their faces with strawberry-topped pancakes. "Hungry much?"

They didn't say anything, just kept on eating. He rolled his eyes and put Fin's food in the fridge, pulling out his own waffles and sitting at the table with the girls. He was about to take a bite when his cell rang. The girls burst out laughing and Elliot grumbled. He looked at the CID and saw Munch's name. He knew it wasn't important this early in the day, so he gave it to Sara and watched as she put it on the speaker phone.

"Dunkin' Donuts, how can we help you?" the girls said at the same time and they all heard John scoff on the other end.

"What are you monsters doing with Elliot's phone?"

"Noooooootthing," they said.

"Right, I believe that. Come open the door, dimwits." Sara scrambled over to the front door, chained it, and then opened it.

"We don't want any!" she exclaimed and slammed it shut. They all started laughing, but Sara opened the door anyway and let John in, greeting him with a hug. Then she sat down at the table and the girls hurried to finish their breakfast. Olivia had called earlier and said she was going to take the girls shopping. About thirty minutes later, after their breakfast had been finished and Elliot and John and Fin left for work, Olivia dropped by, picked them up, and off they went. Fin decided that if Olivia was going to have the girls, he might as well make some money today.

Okay, guys. Since I won't be able to update for a week, here's what the next one will be about. Olivia is going to take the girls shopping. What do they buy?