SGA: The Musical

A/Ns: This is a combined operation between myself and nightpheonix... this is gonna be soooooo much fun... this is gonna be short then it'lll get bigger - monsterous by proportion- sorry... i'm getting off topic.

Disclaimer: (If I have to...) Yes, anyway, we are borrowing the lovely members of SGA... again. We will return them with hoarse throats from yelling, screaming, and singing... give 'em a couple lozenges and they'll be fine... we hope...

Anyway, welcome to Stargate Atlantis: The Musical


"Hello!" The voice echoed back to the caller.

"Hello, hello, hello?" He couldn't help it…

"Is there anybody in here? Just yell if you can hear me! Is there anybody there…"

A voice down the hallway floated back to him. "Relax. I need some information first. Just the basic facts: Can you show me who ya are?" John chuckled.

"You missed a stanza Rodney."

"I know. I did that on purpose. Where is everyone major?"

"I... uh..."

"Cut! Nice job you guys."

"What? Where do you guys come from?" John asked warily.

Ford smiled and Weir explained. "We're going to put on a play… or a musical more or less. And you're going to be in it."

McKay and Sheppard looked horrified. "I don't sing!"

"I'm not singing!" McKay protested strongly.

"You can and you will. Besides Rodney, this will be fun. Just… think of it as you're giving a big long speech about wormholes or something." Weir walked away. Ford was left in front of his elders, still grinning like a fool. McKay scowled at him.

"But SINGING!" Sheppard called after her.

"Was this your doing Ford?" McKay growled.

"Nah, I just helped." John and Rodney looked at each other and ran at him. The smile was instantly wiped of his face and he ran for all he was worth. Off in the corner, safe from harm, Teyla put her hand to her face to smother a giggle. Once the men had past, she stepped out into the hallway, shook her head in amusement, and trotted off to her quarters.