Buffy and Cordeila

"Season 5"

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Chapter 1: Buffy vs. Dracula

Buffy's bedroom

Of course she was awake at this time of day; Buffy was lying in her bed looking up at the ceiling. Then she felt a hand come to rest on her stomach. She looked over and saw Cordeila fast asleep next to her. They had been together ever since Riley decided to go with the army after they defeated Adam.

Buffy was mad for about a month and then her and Cordeila had started to hang out more, and soon they became friends, and then lovers. Everyone was happy for them, they finally found someone that made them happy…who was going to argue with that?

When Buffy felt Cordeila's hand leave her stomach and roll over Buffy slowly got out of bed and walked over to her closest. She put on a green shirt with a pair of black leather pants and a leather jacket. The she walked down stairs and out the door. I guess I will get some slaying in since I can't sleep. Buffy thought as she walked off toward the cemetery.

As Buffy entered the biggest cemetery in Sunnydale she couldn't help but remises about her life with Cordeila.Because who in there right minds would have ever thought that Buffy Summers and Cordeila Chase would end up together?

Sometimes it is hard to believe that I have been with Cordeila for like three months. I never would have thought that Queen C would have been that kind of girl, but hey I never thought I was that kinda girl. I think it all started when Riley decided to leave. Cordeila was back in town visiting her parents and she was there for me every step of the way. At first it was kinds weird but then it was nice.

The first person we told was Willow and Xander. They took it okay; I think. I think Willow was a little devastated, mostly because she hated Cordeila for so long. Xander couldn't help but be a little freaked out. I mean come on both of his best friends end up being gay…that tends to make you freak. But he got over it. The people that took it the easiest surprisingly was Giles and mom. They didn't rag on us or ask us a lot of question. They just asked if we where sure about what we where doing. Of course we both said yes.

"Slayer," a vampire said from behind Buffy.

"Don't you guys ever come up with new lines?" Buffy asked as they began to fight. It was kinda easy for Buffy. One shot to the midsection and then she brought the stake down to his back and the puff…dust. "Must've been a newbie." Buffy said as she continued to walk.

"Very impressive," a voice said from behind her. Buffy turned around to look at him. "Very impressive hunt."

"That wasn't a hunt…it's just what I do. My job." Buffy said studying the man before her. The man walks closer. "Hey, if you want to go a round then lets go. Because I kinda have someone I want to get back to." Buffy said.

"We aren't going to fight," he said with an evil grin.

"Do you know what a slayer is?" Buffy asked confused.

"Do you?" he asked back.

Okay more confusion. "Who are you?" Buffy asked as she stared him down.

"Oh sorry, my name is Dracula," he said with a nod of his head.

"Get out!" Buffy said with a smile. "I mean your him, the count, Count Dracula?" Buffy asked as they circled each other.

"I am," he said in his low accent. "And you are Buffy Summers." Buffy looked wide eyed at him. "I have heard a great many stories about you…the Chosen One." He said.

"Actually there are two of…but we won't get into that." Buffy paused. "You have heard of me?" She asked almost not believing it.

"Yes." He said. "That is why I came. To meet the one and only…killer." He said as he moved closer to her. Buffy didn't budge.

"Can you not use the word killer? It just sounds too…"

"Naked, plain, simple?" he supplied.

"Hey! I am the good guy…what don't you understand about that!" Buffy asked getting angry.

"Perhaps…but even you must know that your power is rooted from something evil. Evil is a part of the slayer even if she doesn't like to admit it." Dracula said.

Just then Buffy lunged at him but he turned to mist before she could touch him. "Okay that is cheating on so many levels." Buffy said as she looked around waiting for him to reaper. Just then she heard a noise behind her and she turned to see Xander and Willow walking toward her.

"Hey Buff, what no Cordeila tonight?" he asked looking around for the brunette. "What a shame."

She purposely ignored his comment about Cordeila. "You guys have to get out of here." She said as she continued to look around. Just then Dracula repapered behind them. "Look out behind you!" she said to them. They turned around and saw Dracula standing there.

"Hey man, you are looking seriously pale." He said. "And can you say obsessed with Dracula?" Xander asked. Willow laughed.

"Xander I am pretty sure that is Dracula," Buffy whispered from behind them. They both ran so that she was standing in front of them.

"It is not time yet," he looks right into her eyes. "I will be seeing you Buffy.' He said before he turned into a bat and flew away.

"Oh bats," Willow screamed as she Xander and Buffy and ducked their heads. When she looked back up she saw Buffy staring off into the sky. "So that was Dracula huh?" Willow almost squeaked. "Neat."

Buffy was still staring into the sky but then she turned to Xander. "And what is with it being a shame that Cordeila isn't here?" Buffy asked remembering his earlier comment about her girlfriend.

"Oh it was nothing Buff." He said. Buffy just stared at him and he smiled and backed away. "It was just a joke. Do you think we should tell Giles about this?" He asked signaling the air. "About Dracula."

"I am thinking about waiting until tomorrow morning or something." Buffy said and by there confused looks she added. "It's late."

As they started walking toward Buffy's house she got to thinking again. What did he mean about my powers being rooted by darkness? I am so gonna have to talk to girls about that. She thought as the turned on to her street. And I so did not like him using the word killer. I mean it makes me sound so evil. And how about me being know around the world isn't that cool or what?

"So I will see you guys tomorrow then?" Buffy asked as she unlocked the front door. "We will meet up at Giles around noon." She said as she watched them walk down her sidewalk. Buffy walked in and closed the door behind her. She locked the door behind her before she took off her jacket and walk up the stairs to her bedroom where Cordeila should still be asleep.

I wonder what Cordeila would say when she finds out that I am known around the world. I mean that makes me more popular than she was in High School. Granted most of the people that know me want to kill me. But hey they still know my name.

Buffy changed back into her pajamas and climbed back into bed. Once she was under the covers she felt Cordeila roll over and place her arms around her waist. Buffy just smiled at the contact. She snuggled closer into Cordeila's embrace and soon she was fast asleep in her lovers arms and there was no place she would rather be.

Giles' apartment

Giles looked over at the door as it opened. In walked Willow with her computer…laptop. She went over and set it down on his desk and then she walked over to him. Why did I have to be here before noon…I mean God it is only seven. Willow thought as she walked up beside him.

"So Giles you wanted to see me?" She asked not even looking up at him. She just looked from book to book.

"Yes Willow. There is something really important that I want to tell you and you have to promise me that you will not tell anyone." He paused. "Not even Buffy."

"Sure Giles anything," she looked up at him concerned now. Ph my God he isn't dieing is he? I mean because he is old and stuff. "You know you can count on me."

"Fine," he paused before continuing. "I am going back to England." He said as a matter of factly. "And I called you over here today to put all the books on the computer so they will be at your fingertips." He said.

"Your going back to England? Why?" She asked all of a sudden sad. "You can't go back to England. We need you…Buffy needs you." She said trying to reason with him. Damn he picks one hell of a time to get a life. Wow! Where did that come from? "You can't leave us."

"I have to go Willow. Buffy doesn't need me anymore and you guys are all grown up." He said as he looked down at his feet. "I think it is about time that I let you guys go." He said.

"But Giles…you're apart of the Scooby Gang and we need you." She paused. "Who else are Tara and I gonna run to for magic advice. Who is going tot rain Buffy…because the truth is we all know she needs it, even her. Who is going to tell Xander that he jokes really aren't funny…because we don't have the heart to. And who is Anya going to work for?" Willow ended her mini babble. "We don't need you because we think of you as a father…we need you because we don't want to lose one of our friends." Willow said.

"But Willow…" Giles started but he was interrupted.

"Don't but Willow me." She said getting angry. "Giles you belong in Sunnydale…where the evil is. Not in some apartment in England where nothing good ever happens. Truth is Giles you will more that likely be board." She paused. "You know there is only one person on the face of the plant like Cordelia." She said jokingly. Giles let out a laugh. "You see who is going to make you laugh if not us?" she asked.

"I will think about what you said Willow, but I really don't think that my feelings are going to change. I need to let you guys grow up." He said.

"Grow up! Giles look around we have grown up. Buffy works at the new High School. Xander works in construction. You and Anya run the Magic Box. I am still in college. Giles we already grew up. There is no more growing up we can do." She said. When he tried to argue she pointed to her face. "You see my resolve face…you know what it means, you've seen it before." And with that she walked out of his apartment with a "we'll see you at noon" over her shoulder.

She is right Rupert. They have all grown up and they didn't need your help to do it. Sure you guided them but they did it on their own. So why do you really have to leave…for the Concial? Come on Rupert they don't like you anyway. They just want you because you are the link to controlling Buffy. Without you they would be without a slayer and you know that.

There is nothing for you in England. But look around and notice how much you have going for you here. Buffy, Xander, Anya, Willow, Tara, and God even Spike. They all look up to you and not just for guidance but for friendship.

Giles put his book down on the table and took off his glasses to clean them. Why am I leaving? I have no family there…my family is here, in Sunnydale. He put his glasses back on as a smile came across his lips.

Buffy's house

Buffy woke up that morning not because of her alarm but because of the sun shinning through the window. I thought I closed those shades last night. Buffy thought as she got up out of bed and walked into the bathroom. She quick took off her clothes and got in the shower.

Man that was one of the weirdest nights that I have ever had. It ranks right up there with when I first meet Faith…that was just freaky. But I mean come on I meet Dracula…how cool is that? And he said that I was known through out the world…that is awesome. I have world famous. I Buffy Summers am known world wide by every evil thing that has ever walked the earth. Man that gives me butterflies.

Then Willow and Xander had to show up. I mean I know that like to make sure I am okay when I patrol but I mean it was two thirty in the morning…why where they in a cemetery at two thirty? Anyways Xander made a complete fool of himself and that was just too funny.

Another thing that is pissing me off is that he called me a killer. I am not a killer! I am a protector. But he said that there was so much about my powers that I don't understand…that I don't know. I wonder how much there is that Giles has never told me? I mean he said that he has told me all I need to know, but if the most famous vampire in history knows more about me that I do…that can't be good. Right? Doesn't that mean that he or she has the upper hand? I am so gonna need to talk about this with Giles before my head explodes.

Buffy got out of the shower and started to dry herself off. Once she was done she wrapped the towel around her waist and walked out into her room. It was then that she noticed that Cordeila was not in the bed. Huh I thought she was sleeping. Buffy walked over to her closet and grabbed some clothes. She put on a black shirt with a pair of black paints. She opened her closest more so she could see herself in the mirror. She couldn't help but notice how crowed it was. Both hers and Cordeila's stuff was in there. I think I need a bigger closest. Buffy gave herself a one over in the mirror before she walked out of her room and headed down stairs.

Once down stairs Buffy suddenly smelt eggs and toast. Ummm. Buffy thought to herself as she walked into the kitchen to where her mom was making breakfast. Her mom looked up when she sat down. "Cordeila told me to tell you that she went for a run and she would be back in a few minutes." Joyce said going back to her eggs.

"Run? Why would she need to go for a run?" Buffy asked more to herself than anyone. Buffy shrugged her shoulder and went back to her thinking. Does she think that I think that she is too fat? Yeah right there is no way in hell Cordeila would ever be fat, and personally I don't think that would bother me. Buffy was so deep in her thought that she didn't even hear her girlfriend come in.

Cordeila took a set next to Buffy and smiled up at Joyce. "In her own little worked again?" she asked indicating Buffy. Joyce nodded. "I swear she spend way to much time there. So I guess when she comes out of it you can tell her that I am up in the shower." Again Joyce nodded. "Thanks you're the best." Cordeila said as she walked out of the kitchen and upstairs to take a shower.

Can you even imagine Cordeila being fat…I can't. I think she would have a heart attack. Buffy was knocked from her thoughts by the sound of the shower. "Huh?" she asked as she looked up and saw that her mom was still making breakfast. "Cordeila is here and I was in my own world again wasn't I?" Buffy asked her mom.

With a smirk she said, "She told me to tell you that she is in the shower."

"Thanks mom you're the best," Buffy said as she headed up stairs.

"I know," Joyce said quietly to herself.

Buffy sat on the bed as she waited for Cordeila to get out of the shower. She looked over at the clock and saw that it was eleven fifty. Well I guess I should head to Giles' place. Buffy thought as she started to write Cordeila a note. She put the note on the closet door and then walked out off the room and headed off to Giles' apartment.

A few minutes later Cordeila walked out of the bathroom in a towel and walked over to the closet and that is where she saw the note. It read: I'm a Giles' apartment come by when you get out there is a new bad guy in town so I kinda want you near me…Love Buffy. Cordeila smiled as she opened the closet door and grab something to wear. When she was done getting dressed she walked down stairs and out the door. She jumped in her car and headed to Giles' apartment.

Giles' apartment

Buffy looked up when she heard Giles' apartment door open. When she looked up she saw Cordeila walking through the door and that brought a smiled to her face. Cordeila returned the smile as she walked over and sat down next to Buffy. Buffy leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips.

"So Cordy I am glad you could make time for us in your busy schedule," Xander said as he looked over at her. She just glared at him. "Not," then Buffy glared at him. "Sorry."

Giles took off his glasses a rubbed them. "Yes we are all glad that Cordeila could make it; now can we please get back to the discussion at hand?" he asked the group as they turned there heads to him. "Now Buffy if it was indeed Dracula you meet last night that…"

"Hold up you went patrolling last night? When?" Cordeila asked.

Buffy gave Giles a death glare before she turned back to her girlfriend. "You where sleeping and I…well I couldn't sleep so I went out. It was like a two in the morning." Buffy said trying to rationalize with her. "I didn't think you would want to be wakened."

"Buffy you know that I always want to go with you…no matter the time. Even if it is an ungodly hour." Cordeila said. "I want to know that you are safe…it kills me to think that you could go out one night and not come back." Cordeila let a tear com e down her cheek. The gang took this as a hint and left Giles' apartment to give them some alone time.

"I know I'm sorry," Buffy said as she took Cordeila in her arms. "Next time I will make sure to wake you."

"That's right…now did you really meet Dracula? As in the count, the prince of darkness?" Cordeila asked. Buffy smiled as she got up off the couch and went outside to where everyone else was sitting. Cordeila wasn't far behind. "Buffy meet Dracula…and this is bad because?" Cordeila asked once they where outside.

"Because he is the most powerful vampire off all time. He lures women by sexual fantasies." Giles said as he looked at his feet. "He is said to be unkillable." He took off his glasses and cleaned them again.

"Okay the whole sexual fantasies are what gets me…I mean Buffy isn't into that anymore." Xander said as he sat down.

"For once in his stupid life he has a point," Cordeila said. "Buffy he is right isn't he?"

"Yeah, I am totally in to you known…so how does the sexual thing work now Giles?" Buffy asked.

"It doesn't matter what…you are into. He will still us it on you and you will be lured to his mansion where he will try to turn you." Giles stated matter of factly. "Sorry Buffy."

"What to be sorry about? The fact that Dracula is going to lure me with sexual fantasies or that I am going be able to be lured by sexual fantasies?" Buffy asked to no one unparticular.

"Both," Cordeila said under her breath but Buffy heard her. Buffy elbowed her. "Ow…sorry." Cordelia said when she realized that Buffy had heard her. Damn the slayer hearing.

"Giles I can take care of this guy don't worry," Buffy said as she stood up from where she was sited. "But if it makes you feel better tell me where you think I will be safe and that is where I will go." Buffy said and then she heard a snort from behind her from Cordeila. "But only for a little while." She added when her girlfriend looked like she was going to argue. "Where do you want me?" she paused as she thought about what she just said. "Okay if you think about that for a second it is gross on so many levels that I want to hit myself for saying it." Buffy said with a disgusted look.

"I want you to go to Xander's," he said.

"Xander's! Like he is going to keep her safe. Might as well hide her with Spike!" Cordeila said getting up.

"Hey! I can protect Buffy!" Xander said.

"Shut up Xander," Buffy said walking over to Cordeila and pushing her back into the apartment. "I am going to go to Xander's, but only for a few days and then I will be back. It is what Giles thinks is best and I must respect that." Buffy said.

"But Buffy…"

"Bo Cordeila…I will be back in a few days. In the mean time promise me you will not go out at night if I am not with you."

"I promise." Buffy walked up to her and placed a soft kiss on her lips. And then she walked out of the apartment and walked with Xander to his house…or more like his parents basement. It was going to be a long few days.

Xander's apartment

Buffy was sitting in Xander's apartment house while she listened to him and Anya argues about something that wasn't even that important.

Why did I agree to come here? I mean does Giles really think that Xander could save me if Dracula was after me? I am not saying Xander is weak or anything I am just saying that if Giles is scared that I can't beat him that what does he think Xander is going to do about it?

Suddenly Buffy was startled from her thoughts by the sound of Anya shouting. She looked over and saw Xander putting her in the closet. Xander looked back and Buffy but said nothing. She looked into his eyes and got up off the couch and followed him out the door.

What am I doing? Shouldn't I being hiding out…but no I am following my best friend to the man's house that wants to kill me. Real smart Buffy. Cordeila is going to love this.

Buffy followed Xander up the driveway to a mansion that stood on top of a hill. Where the hell did this come from? I patrol the street every night and I have never seen this place before. Angel would kill for a house this big.

Xander opened the door for and Buffy and she walked in. Xander lead her throughout the mansion and Buffy couldn't help but wonder how he knew some much about this place. She juts followed and kept her mouth shut. Suddenly she came to a room that was only lit by flames. Okay this is way creepy. Buffy thought as Xander lead her further into the room.

At the fire place stood Dracula in all his silk and black. Buffy wouldn't help but wonder why she was so attracted to him. God he isn't even cute. At least Angel was cute. And plus I am so not into that anymore…for obvious reasons.

"I brought her master," Xander said when Dracula looked at him.

"Good…leave us." He said and Xander walked out. "Come here killer."

"I thought I asked you to stop calling me that," Buffy said as she walked toward him. It was almost like he had control over her like the master did. "I just want you to know that you are so not controlling me." Buffy said as she continued to move closer. "I have free will."

"Right and why aren't you stopping?" He said with a smirk.

"Good point…I will be stopping any minute now." She said.

Suddenly Buffy found herself in his arms. "You have no control over me slayer." He pushed her away a little and held his wrist out to her. "Drink and see the evil inside yourself." He said as he slit his wrist.

Buffy lowered her mouth to his wrist and drank some.


Giles and Cordeila walked up to the last mansion that they had to check. Cordeila was going on and on about leaving Buffy with Xander which she thought was really stupid. Giles had to ask the God how on earth he got stuck with Cordeila…he would rather be with Anya right now…ir even Spike. Anyone but Cordeila.

When they walked through the door Cordeila saw Xander standing in the hallway. "Xander what the hell are you doing here!" Cordeila screamed. If Xander was there than that meant Buffy was too. "If something happens to Buffy I am going to kill you."

"You will have to get in line," Giles said.


Buffy lifted her head from sucking his blood and looked into his eyes. "That was incredibly gross." She said as he looked at her funny. "I am so not evil."

"You are evil…there is evil in you, now drink more." He demanded.

Buffy smiled. "I don't think so." Buffy said as she walked away. "You know you are just not my type." Buffy said walking around the table. "I used to think that the whole creature of the night thing was sexy but then I grew up and got serious."

"You can't stop me girl!" He snarled.

"I'm sorry did you forget who I am. Well allow me in introduce myself again. I'm Buffy…the vampire slayer and you are?"

"I am going to kill you," he said running at her.

"You can try."

The next thing Buffy knew she was being thrown against the wall. She got up and shuck it off and then ran at him. She hit him heard against the face. He stumbled back but that was about it. Buffy whipped out her stake and he turned to mist. Buffy watched the mist with her eyes and watched it go to the top of the stairs. She quickly ran that way and then when he turned whole again he got a stake to the heart. The look on his face was of utter confusion.

"Buffy?" Buffy looked down at the bottom of the stairs and saw Cordeila standing there with Giles and Xander. And it looked like Xander was going to have a nasty black eye. Buffy walked to the bottom of the stairs and took Cordeila in her arms. "Are you okay?" she asked when they pulled away.

"I'm fine," Buffy said looking back at where she had just come from. "Let's go home."

"Good plan."

Just then Dracula reappeared. "You thought it was going to be that eas…" Just then a stake slammed into his heart.

"What you didn't think I've seen your movies." Buffy said as she walked away with a smile on her face. She took Cordeila's hand and they headed home.

Buffy's house

Buffy was sleeping peacefully when a knock came at her door. What the hell? She looked down at Cordeila who was still asleep. I swear she could sleep through anything. Buffy thought. As she was about to get out of bed and get the door it opened. Buffy was shocked at who she saw standing there.

"Dawn what the hell are you doing here? I thought you where living with Dad?" Buffy asked as she quietly got out of bed. "Know is not a time to be bugging me." Buffy said as she grabbed her hand and took her out of the room.

"Buffy was that…a girl in your bed?" Dawn asked almost in shock.

Buffy just rolled her eyes. "Yeah know if you don't mind I would like to get back to that." Buffy said. "You know sleeping." Buffy walked back in her room and shut and locked the door.

"Mom!" Dawn screamed as she walked away from Buffy room. Man this is going to be a long year. Buffy thought as she climbed back into bed with her girlfriend.

Giles' apartment

Buffy had left her house before Dawn could wake up…so that meant that Cordeila wasn't awake either. She knew that when she got home she was going to get scolded by her girlfriend for leaving her with her sister. Buffy walked up to Giles' door and knocked. This was weird because she never knocks, usually she just walks in. Giles answered the door.

"Buffy is something wrong?" he asked.

"Man Giles you always assume the worst." Buffy said as she walked through the door and over to the couch. Giles came over and sat next to her. "I have something I need to tell you," Buffy said once he sat done.

"I have something to tell you too…but please go first." Giles said.

"I want you to start training me again…I want to know about slayer, their history, the abilities, everything." Buffy said. Giles smiled and Buffy took that as a yes. "Now what was it that you wanted to tell me?" She asked remembering.

"Oh nothing, it isn't that important." He said.

Buffy leaned over and hugged him and then she got up and walked out the door. Giles just sat there with a smile on his face. Now I have a reason to stay in Sunnydale.

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