AN: Written after I'd watched a ballet movie (Company! Marvelous, beautiful film). Not quite sure whether this is canon, or whether it's just the result of many read-throughs of Drive You Mild. For oba, because I'm late with my DYM edits, and for Gabri encore, because she is lovely and I said so.

One Dance

You dance
each move carefully
choreographed and controlled –
motions deliberate,
quietly restrained as
each twirl, each flutter
of uplifted hands
conveys a sense
of inconspicuous
beauty in
the shadows.

A solitary orbit,
this dance in
the dark –
you pirouette smoothly,
rotating and whirling
around empty space,
a performance for
an audience

But he approaches,
hand outstretched,
an invitation to
join another dance –
offering a transformation
from your solo
circling, to steps
made in tandem,
harmony achieved between
movements, and rhythms,
and thoughts, and dreams.

Spinning in uncertainty,
torn between your
hopes and fears –
communion of body
and spirit, or
this isolated dance?
completeness or comfort?
unknown possibilities or
personal simplicity?

Your orbit
wobbles, emotions breaking
down methodical plans,
cold feet melting
away as you reach
out, grabbing his hand,
and he pulls
you into an embrace,
a waltz of acceptance –
two forms fading,
and gliding as one
in the sweeping
three-step of
this complexly
paired dance.

Now you find
balance between
staged movements and
quick improvisation as
you move through the
steps he started,
but it evolves into
a new dance - taking
his soft, precise motions
and your icy perfection,
and swiftly attaining
between two extremes
in a duet you've
longed to begin.

Sliding, and falling
into the flow of
the dance as
the light grows, the
walls in your mind
collapsing as the
webs of your thoughts
intertwine with his own,
till every molecule
swirls united in
the music and
measure of your