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Last- The Digidestined return to their world… but everybody is dead. And they're the last. Last of the humans.

They had a lot of time to think on the way home. Some looked ahead to their lives which would continue after their adventures. Those that chose to do so looked forward to less hassles, where the life they would proceed to live would not be filled with life and death decisions. Where they wouldn't have to constantly look over their shoulder to make sure there were no evil Digimon chasing after them. Where they would be able to get their food from the grocery store instead of foraging for it. Where they wouldn't have to decide everything for themselves.

Those that chose not to do so instead looked back. Back to their wondrous memories with the Digimon. Back to the joy and happiness they had experienced with their Digital partners. Sure, it had been hard, but even among the deep despair and the constant look out, there was and always would be that degree of friendship that would never be attained by anyone.

But if they were looking forward or backward, neither groups were looking to the present. Who cares about the present? Nothing was happening at the moment, except they were being taken from the past to the future.

However, things were happening in their world. Digimon had also passed through the gate, and those that did had been thirsty for death. The first victims of the massacre that had followed the entrance of the Digimon had included the family members of the Digidestined. Jim Kido. Richard Ishida. Nancy Takaishi. All of them. The Tachikawas, the Takenouchis, the Izumis, the Kamiyas… all gone. Obliterated.

It didn't end there. The Digidestined had proceeded, destroying all signs of life. Their attacks destroyed the humans, leaving behind only the cities. A ghost town. From over 6 billion, the human population plunged like a penny being dropped from the top of the empire state building. The result of the Digimon was just as dramatic as a penny plunging several feet into the concrete after being dropped.

Gennai had not known that during the time of the gate's opening, time had sped up in the real world compared to the Digiworld. By the time the chosen had gotten into the trolley car to take them to Odaiba, there was no Odaiba to go back to. By the time Gennai was telling them to return the trolley car to San Francisco, there was no San Francisco to return it to. By the time the Chosen began to realize that they would see their parents again, there was nobody to see. It was all gone. Obliterated.

By the time the trolley had begun to move and the chosen were saying their final good-byes to the Digimon, the human population was zero. At least in the real world. Of course, they didn't know that.

By the time the trolley began to sail through the sky towards the gateway, plants and signs of new life were beginning to overrun the deserted cities. By the time the trolley had gone through the gate, the only signs of civilization as they had known it were the cities, but even they were like jungles.

And when the gate finally closed, the human population had a dramatic increase to eight.



They were the last.

The leader forfeited all his courage.

The rebel forgot to greet his friends and family.

The surrogate mother felt a sledgehammer shatter her love.

The pessimist lost any desire to be reliable.

The braniac tried to shut out the knowledge.

The whiner stopped expressing her sincerity.

The innocent lost his hope.

And the light…

The light flickered out.

This is now a one-shot. That's all there is to it, and the chance that it will be continued is zero to none. Sorry!

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