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Hell's Fury: The Beginning
Chapter Twelve: Eternally Lost?
By: Amber Myst

Oh, I apologize for all the things I've done
But now I'm underwater and I'm drowning
Is it my turn to be the one to cry
Isn't it amazing how some things just completely turn around
So take every little piece of my heart
So take every little piece of my soul
So take every little piece of my mind
'Cause if you're gone... inside
I'd die without you
-Brandy, Die Without You





These were all the emotions that were flowing through the very fiber of Robin's being, each emotion weaving its own melancholy song until Nothing silenced them all.

The intense headache that had knocked him out was no longer tormenting him and in it's place, an endless void had appeared. For a reason he couldn't comprehend, he felt empty inside and that feeling made his chest tighten. He sat there, not moving, his eyes closed as he tried to calm his racing heart. A physical warmth was enveloping him, almost to the point of burning but on inside he felt so cold. That definitely was not normal. He brow furrowed together as he opened his eyes. The scene that met his stricken eyes was a strange one, like nothing he had ever seen before.

The cloudless sky was red, flames burning angrily and no matter what direction he cast his eyes all he could see was a red, dry landscape, where nothing lived. Strangely, there were hundreds of eerie, black birds everywhere. They had four red eyes that glowed menacingly at him, a few hopping closer towards him, and snapping their beaks. He scrambled to his feet hastily, dusting off his green pants, as he tried to figure out where in the hell he was. Robin's masked eyes scanned the perimeter meticulously as he looked for something that might identify where he was.

Nothing helped.

He could feel his frustration eating away at him, an unexplainable despair beneath the unwanted feeling. With a little effort, he calmed his thoughts, closed his eyes and took deep breaths. He concentrated on the link him and Raven shared and his eyes shot open, widening in joyous anticipation. Raven was near! He was so happy to have identified something familiar he didn't notice that it wasn't familiar at all.

Arella gathered her energy for the upcoming battle as she meditated, her legs folded Indian style. She felt the last few tortuous seconds of her daughter's life and she grieved the lost of her only child. She felt her life slip away, heard her last tortured breath, saw her chest rise and fall for the last time. However, although her broken heart was aching, she had to pull herself together and go help the other Titans that would be left defensive against a heartless monster. Raven was her responsibility, and although it would absolutely destroy her, she had to make sure that Raven would never become a pawn to be used by Trigon. Raven would never want that.

A single tear slipped down a porcelain cheek, leaving a burning trail in its wake. 'Raven…my dearest. Please forgive me!' She stood up with a whirl of her robes around her lithe body and prepared for the last thing she ever expected to do.

As Robin walked, his thoughts drifted unconsciously and unsolicited to the kiss Raven saw him and Starfire share. He hoped desperately that Raven would allow him to just talk to her so that he could explain to her what happened. If he lost Raven over this, he didn't know what he would do. His pace quickened as his thoughts centered once more on the strange feeling he had upon wakening.

He still felt…empty for some reason. As if he would never be warm again. His heart ached, as if there was something missing, something he would never get back again. These feelings frightened him beyond reason as his heart began to pound ferociously.

"What's wrong with me?" He murmured to himself as a hand flew to his chest as if to stem the erratic beating. His quickened pace soon became a sprint as he realized that the feelings he were currently suffering from were somehow related to Raven. His pain briefly forgotten, he began to panic, as he chanted repeatedly in his mind, 'Raven, please be alright.'

Suddenly, the hundreds of birds that flocked his sides took to the flaming skies. A thunderous noise filled his ears as he clasped his hands over them, the incessant cawing and the flapping of wings almost too much. He stood there and closed his eyes hoping that the birds would soon disperse. He knew that he was essentially blind with all the birds suffocating him. If he were to try to fight his way out of them he might walk right off a cliff, or worst, they'd attack him. Therefore, he stayed put as the sounds soon dissipated and wings stopped beating against him.

Robin opened his eyes, a few black birds still flying across his vision as he suddenly saw a lone figure standing several feet in front of him, a small amount of relief flooding his senses. The figure was hidden entirely in a black cloak, the hood covering the face completely but he had no doubt as to who that figure was. "Raven…" He whispered breathlessly.

"Are you alright?" When he didn't receive a response, the relief he experienced at finding her whole swiftly vanquished.

He took a tentative step closer, confused and upset at his hesitation as the feeling of emptiness reasserted itself. Raven needed him and all he could focus on was the feelings coursing through his body. His hand outstretched, he took another step, this time sure and steady. "Please, Raven talk to me." He pleaded.

Her head lifted slightly.

Suddenly, a figure stepped in his path, obscuring Raven from his vision.

Robin's eyes widened furiously as realized who the figure was. He growled, "Slade."

"At your service, Robin." Slade gave a sweeping, mock bow as his single eye glowered ominously at him. "What can I do for you?"

"Where the fuck are we and what the hell are you doing here!" Robin roared, his fury pulsing unbridled through his body. Slade would not take Raven from him, he would die before he would allow it.

Slade laughed as he stepped aside, revealing Raven's form once more, still in the same position Robin found her in. "Tsk, tsk. You don't know where you are? I'm sure Raven could tell you…Raven, dearest, tell him where he is."

For the first few seconds, Raven did not respond. Slowly, mechanically, she lifted her head and her eyes met Robin's masked ones. She replied in a dead monotone, even more lifeless than usual. "You are in Nevermore."

Robin's mouth gaped as he tried to comprehend what he saw in Raven's eyes…nothing. There was nothing in them! Dull amethyst eyes, bordering on black stared at him, void of any emotions, of life. He had to fight the impulse to flinch and look away from the black, endless orbs. They appeared lifeless, as if they were staring out of a corpse long passed away.

"What…Slade, what did you do?" He asked hoarsely, as his voice faltered. What had happened to her to make her change so? She radiated coldness, her skin way paler than was usually, than was healthy. She looked how he felt inside; cold and empty. He knew that if he reached out to touch her cheek it would feel icy and smooth to his touch, like flawless marble.

Slade made clucking noises. "Robin, I didn't do this Raven, I merely helped her. The culprit here would be you."

Robin's eyes began to blaze, and his blood boiled. "I did nothing to her! I would never hurt Raven, I-"

"And yet you did!" Slade said forcefully as he interrupted Robin. "Raven bore witness to the little kiss you and Starfire indulged in, right after your fight." Slade shook his head pityingly as his eye began to glow in perverse amusement. "You broke her heart Bird Boy. I just ended her pain."

Robin didn't respond to Slade's baiting as he stared intently at Raven hoping to break through to her. "Raven…Starfire kissed me, I was apologizing to her for blowing up at her and before I knew it she was kissing me. Raven, I would never do anything to hurt you. You have to believe me."

"So you see Robin." Slade said hastily. "Raven belongs to me now." As if to validate his statement, he stepped in front of Raven's prone figure, turning his back to Robin and pushing her hood back gently, almost tenderly.

Robin's mask narrowed dangerously as he gritted his teeth, a feral growl coming deep from his throat. "Slade. Step away from her, now!" The only thing that kept him from attacking was his fear of hurting Raven.

Slade didn't even turn around to face the enraged teen. He simply lifted his arm and flicked his wrist, and black flames created bars that encircled Robin.

"What the hell?" Robin exclaimed as he stepped backwards slightly. He stopped himself from backing into the dark flames that flickered at his back.

"Are you wondering why the flames are black, Robin?" Slade asked amused, turning around. "Raven is mine now…would it not make sense for her power to become my own?" He had been draining Raven's powers for days now, as the empath became weaker and weaker. She hadn't even noticed

"You lie!" Robin hissed angrily, although deep down he knew it was true. He felt Raven's essence around him, surrounding him but strangely, not burning him. He didn't feel any heat. Hesitantly he reached forward, and his fingers passed through the substance. He stared at his fingers in wonder as the flames curled around them, before pulling them back again.

Although Slade was wearing a mask, Robin could tell that the smirk was he probably wearing slipped completely from his face. Suddenly, although the situation was grim, Robin felt like smiling.

"Damn." Slade swore and snapped his fingers, his single orange eye narrowing dangerously. The black aura that seemed apart of the flames bled out, like the dark from the sky at dawn, revealing brilliantly flickering orange flames. "Apparently, using Raven's powers to enhance my own isn't such a good idea right now."

Suddenly, Slade whirled back around to face Raven again. There was a second's pause before Slade swiftly brought his fist across Raven's face. Her face was whipped to side, the cheek where he stuck her still a colorless pale, almost as if she was not susceptible to harm. Or maybe it was because she really was like marble, cold, unfeeling, and dead to the world. Maybe she really was gone.

He shuddered at the thought, despair rolling over him in crushing, suffocating waves. For a second he couldn't breath, his lungs refusing to draw breath. It couldn't be true, she couldn't be gone. If she was gone why was she still protecting him. 'Why didn't the fire harm me?' He clung onto to that desperately, as that fragile thread was the only thing keeping him sane, keeping him from lying down immediately and dying inside.


Robin was ignored as Slade continued to stand there. "As you can see Robin, Raven will take whatever I give her." He followed up his statement with an even more vicious jab to her stomach. The dark girl didn't make a sound, she didn't even double over from the force of the hit, she just continued to stand motionless with the blank look present on her face.

Slade fisted his hand in her hair, using her amethyst locks to yank her head backwards, exposing her pale neck to his gaze.

"Her skin is lovely, isn't Robin? Oh, but you would know better than I." He walked his fingers up the column of her throat, pausing to circle his fingers delicately around a red mark. "Compliments of you, I presume?" He stopped his fingers' ascent up neck and raked them down again, creating angry red welts that started to glisten with blood.

"Leave her alone." Came the hoarse voice from behind him. Robin didn't want to watch. It was happening all over again. Someone he cared about was in danger and he could do nothing but watch helplessly from the sidelines, his helplessness mocking him as it had years before. Raven needed him and he had failed her once more. He sank to his knees, feeling tears brim his vision. He felt the moisture slip down his face from beneath his mask and dashed it away, angry. Angry at Slade, angry at himself, angry at fate. He would not let Slade win. He wouldn't succumb to his own insecurities this time around. He clenched his fists as he thought of how he would overcome his current situation.

"Why Robin? You should have known by know. I will not leave her alone, and I will not leave you alone. She is mine and so are you."

Any responses made by Robin were tuned out as Slade continued his ministrations to what he saw as his property. He was so absorbed that the fierce attack by Robin was completely unanticipated and Slade was thrown violently to the side.

Fire resistant capes had their advantages.

Robin launched himself at Slade with a raging, animalistic cry and a series of quick, furious strikes, each hitting their intended target with a force that seemed supernatural in their frenzy. Robin finished off the flurries of attacks with a roundhouse kick to Slade's head, throwing him to the ground. Then Robin raised his foot and brought it down hard on Slade's face, cracking the mask down the middle. Slade used his arm to sweep Robin's feet out from under him. Robin caught himself and flipped backwards, landing on his feet, a yard or so away. He propelled himself at Slade again, but he was ready for him and used his own momentum against Robin and tossed several yards away. The Boy Wonder quickly recovered though.

Slade threw his head to the side, cracking his neck. "Are you quite done Robin? It's my turn now."

Robin didn't even get a chance to blink before Slade's fist collided with his face, forcing him to stumble back. Robin regained his balanced and braced himself for Slade's next attack. He wasn't disappointed as Slade slammed into Robin again, and this time Robin hit the ground hard.

Dark tendrils crawled slowly around a prone figure, curled in the fetal position on Raven's bed. The heart that had previously stopped from before began its life rhythm anew, the steady beat that indicated awareness and existence. However, this was no normal heartbeat, it was slow, moving almost too slow for it to be moving at all. Pale lips parted in a smirk more evil than words could express, revealing sharpened canines. The figure that looked suspiciously like Raven levitated off the bed, feet touching down lightly upon the black, carpeted floor. Amethyst eyes, peeked out from behind a haze of blood red, as they examined their new surroundings. Pale fingers flicked back violet locks to clearher vision.

A sudden pounding on her door alerted the dark entity unnecessarily to another's presence, she felt him coming, heard it in the beat of his heart, felt it in the pulse of his blood. Life. The figure did not bother to answer as it flipped the hood over its head, melting into the floor. It felt so good to be free.

Beast Boy pounded on Raven's door, his green fist almost a blur as he waited anxiously for the dark girl to open the door. "Raven! Something's happened to Robin!" There was anxiety and a spark of fear laced in the normal overtones of his voice. He may have been upset at the heartless jerk, but that jerk was still his friend and his friends meant everything to him.

Starfire had come scrambling into the living room cradling the unconscious hero in her strong arms, tears streaming from her stricken, green eyes. Cyborg acted instantly. Sometimes it felt as if he always knew what to do. Barely seconds later, they were in the med. Lab, monitoring his condition, which was highly unstable. His heart was pounding at a dangerous rate, as it seemed to be working overtime for some unapparent reason, and his breath rolled in and out feverishly as if he had just ran a marathon. It seemed way too similar to the episode he had when he thought Slade was back.

That was when Cyborg had ordered him to go get Raven, hoping that she would be able to do something to help solve the problem. Or at the very least calm his fitful state.

A few more minutes of agitated waiting passed and Beast Boy's frown deepened. He paused only momentarily as he quickly typed in the password that overrode Raven's lock. The door opened with a soft 'whoosh' and Beast Boy stepped into the dark, strangely cold room. "Hello?"

No one was there and the green changeling scratched his head in confusion. He could have sworn she was in here. As his eyes swept the room, a chill ran up his spine. It was really cold in the dark room. And something felt wrong…extremely wrong. He took a nervous step backwards, as his green eyes darted across the room. The shadows that encompassed the room flickered, as if they had lives of their own.

Dark masses of shadow seemed to move across the carpeted floor, inching towards them. His nerve quickly lost, he backed up quicker, too afraid to tear his eyes away the black expanse merging towards him. He had a feeling if he did remove his eyes from them, they would be the last thing he saw. A deep chuckling echoed around him, and a pair of glowing red eyes stared non-blinking at him. He swallowed hard, "Raven."

His voice came out as a high squeak. "Stop kidding around."

"I'm not Raven."

Beast Boy squealed and turned around, heading for the door. He turned around just in time to see it slam shut. The noise from the slam echoed through the room loudly, but not loud enough to drown out the heavy thudding of his heart and the evil laughter behind him.

"What is taking him so long?" Cyborg asked himself as he paced agitatedly in front of Robin's bed. His worried eyes kept darting between the thrashing Robin on the bed and the door, hoping that BB and Raven would come running through the door any minute.

"Shall I go see what is keeping them?" Starfire offered as she hopelessly tried to wipe her cheeks of the unrelenting torrent of moisture pouring down them.

"No need." A voice announced.

Cyborg and Starfire looked up startled as a dark figure emerged from the shadows of the room.

"Raven." Cyborg studied the dark girl in front of him. Her head was bowed, her hood covering it and her cloaked covered her completing from head to toe. Something was wrong, very wrong. Darkness seemed to emanate from her, as a chill filled the room, the lights flickered slightly, and the machines shut off momentarily, turning back on.

Starfire's spine stiffened as the hair rose on her arms. She resisted the urge to rub her arms but she did stand, as her eyes narrowed involuntarily. Her instincts were screaming at her, and she could not ignore them. "Where is friend Beast Boy?" She asked, a hard edge to her voice.

Raven tilted her head to the side, the hood slightly askew, showing her twisted lips. "He…is not available at the moment."

Fear sparked through Cyborg as a frightening thought occurred to him. "Raven…remove your hood." He ordered firmly, he wanted to make sure Raven was herself because she sure as hell didn't seem like it.

The smirk on her lips widened slightly, revealing sharpened canines. "Very well, Cyborg." She had a mocking lilt to lips as proceeded to do the mechanical hybrid's bidding. With a sharp flick of her wrists, her hood fell backwards, revealing long, almost shaggy purple locks. A brightly burning symbol burned on her forehead where her chakra should have been.

"What in the hell?" Cyborg exclaimed. When her hands had parted her cape to remove her hood, they reveal brightly burning symbols twining up her pale, gray legs. Her gloved hands begin to glow with gathering black swirls of energy.

Red eyes flashed with dark amusement. "What in the hell, is exactly right."


Spread Your Wings and Fly…Butterfly