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Chapter 1: Alone

All Titans View's

Jump City was silent. Too silent. The streets were virtually empty on this Saturday night, with the exception of a few senior citizens out on their porches. Night had fallen upon the city, and everyone was either at home, or they were already where they wanted to be. The movie theater and mall were packed to the brim with excited teenagers, every one of them looking to have some fun. Of course, there were a few well known teenagers sitting at home, watching down on the city.

Titans Tower was just as silent as the quietest part of Jump City. The entire team was there, sitting in the living room, but no one was making too much noise. Beeps and clicks came from the television, where a video game was being played on screen by Beast Boy and Cyborg, the two occasionally yelling or shoving each other. Starfire was creating a Tamaranian dish in the kitchen, every once in a while mumbling to herself. Robin was at the kitchen table, reading the newspaper. Raven was on the floor, reading, the end of her book approaching.

Robin continued flipping through the pages, doing his usual search for anything odd. The villains in Jump City may be sneaky, but once in a while, even they had to screw up. Somewhere, there would be a mention about something out of the ordinary, and this would give Robin the clue he needed. If he spotted anything strange, he circled it with a pen. If it looked to be something involved with Slade, Robin would highlight the section, and spend the entire night staking out where the odd occurrence had happened. What could he say? He had a slight obsession.

The bitter aroma of zorka berries drifted over the living room as Starfire cooked. Currently, the pot that she was cooking in was beginning to overflow with purple muck. Robin looked up from his paper, gazed at Starfire, and then at what she was making. He cringed as she slowly poured an entire bottle of mustard into the pot with the berries. Robin tore his eyes away as she dipped a finger in, but he still heard her delighted noise. She no doubt had eaten it.

"Always in darkness…" Raven whispered the last line in her book, then closed it. She smiled at the thought of the book. It had a dark ending, and she had to like that, no matter what happened in the rest of the story. Raven stood up, placing her book on the counter. She pulled her hood up, attempting to hide her face from her friends. Then she glided over to the table, sitting down across from Robin, who looked up at her.

"Something you wanted?" He asked her. Raven opened her mouth to speak, but was cut short as Robin's stomach growled hungrily. Embarrassed, the boy wonder looked away from Raven's violet eyes, who kept on staring at him.

"It sounds like you're the one that wants something," Raven said dryly. She looked back at what Starfire was cooking, and frowned. Anything that the naïve Tamaranian girl was making… it wouldn't be good for any of them. She turned back to Robin. "We should order something," Raven mumbled.

"Dude, like, yeah! I am totally starving!" Beast Boy yelled from the couch. The changeling hopped over the back of it, stumbling slightly as he rushed over to the table. He pulled out a chair, and sat down.

"You're drooling," Raven muttered, rolling her eyes. Beast Boy looked down at his shirt, and saw a few droplets of saliva drip down onto him. He laughed awkwardly, wiping the drool off his face with one hand. A chair scraped the floor, and Cyborg joined the table.

"Man, what is for dinner? It's eight p.m. on a Saturday night, and we haven't eaten yet. What's the deal, Robin?" Cyborg asked his leader. Sighing, Robin put down his paper.

"I've been busy trying to get a lead on something, sorry guys. If you want food, just say the word," Robin told them, rubbing his temples.

"But friends, I have made us a meal! Come, who wishes to join me in a delicious feast of my mustard and zorka berry dish!" Starfire called over. She picked up the large pot, then walked over to the table, where she plopped it down in front of them all. Everyone but Starfire stared at in in disgust. The alien girl dipped a spoon in, then pulled it out and held a mouthful up to Beast Boy. "Try it!" She exclaimed. Robin came to the green teen's rescue.

"Um, Starfire, as appetizing as that looks, I think that we're all in the mood for something a little more… normal. Anyone up for Chinese?" Robin asked. There was a general murmur of agreement at this, except from Starfire, who sadly gazed at her untouched dish. But she quickly smiled again as she began to eat.

"Ya'll tell me what you want, and I'll go out and get it," Cyborg said. Robin tore off a blank part of the newspaper that he was reading, and then wrote his order down on it. He passed it over to Beast Boy, who wrote down his. Then Raven did the same, just before floating the slip of paper over to Cyborg. The machine teen gave a wave goodbye, then went to the elevator, stopping before he reached it, and turning to Raven.

"What?" Raven asked defensively.

"You just want tea? Nothing Else?" Cyborg questioned her. Raven shrugged.

"Robin's getting what I want, so I thought I would save us some money and just take some of his," She answered. Cyborg nodded slowly, then turned to leave. "And Cyborg… get lots," Raven said quietly in reference to the tea. Cyborg grunted in reply, then climbed into the elevator and rode it down.

Beast Boy began to tap his foot on the floor impatiently, his hunger level soaring. He began to look left and right, as if paranoid. Raven was watching him, the extreme urge to hit him almost overwhelming, but she restrained. Finally, Beast Boy jumped out of his seat, ran over to the couch, and turned on the Tv. He began to flip channels slowly, and Raven tore her eyes away from the annoying changeling.

She was not in a good mood. The past few days had been hectic, and that was just for starters. Crime wasn't a very big issue at the moment, but that seemed to be a bad thing. Boredom was now a big part of her life. It seemed as if, no matter what she read, it couldn't keep her occupied for a long enough time. Reading seemed to be the only thing that she had done as of the last couple weeks.

She couldn't take it anymore! Raven stood up calmly, then glided her way through the doors and into the halls. She quickly got to her room, then searched for her favorite book, which was a collection of poems by Edgar Allen Poe. There, it was on her dresser. Picking it up, Raven laid down on her bed for a second, and closed her eyes. There really was nothing to do in this tower.

Starfire stood up from the table, carrying the half empty pot of zorka berries in her arms. The Tamaranian slid Raven's recently finished book aside, then set the pot down next to it.

"Is anyone else as bored as I am?" Beast Boy suddenly said, drawing the attention from Robin and Starfire. The Boy Wonder shrugged for an answer, then returned to his paper.

"If you wish for someone to partake in the gaming of videos, I could join you," Starfire suggested.

Beast Boy's face lit up, and he practically dove over to Starfire. He shot up, grabbing her hand, and then lead her forcefully to the couch, shoving a controller in her hand. He flipped on the game station, and a racing game loaded up in front of them. Starfire stared at the screen curiously.

"How do I participate?" She asked Beast Boy.

"The A button is go, and you use the joy stick to steer. Trust me, Star, it's really easy!" The changeling said quickly. He mashed the start button, hit two players, and the racing began.

It was over in less than a minute, and Beast Boy was left wondering how he had lost. Starfire sat next to him, a big smile on her face as she clapped her hands together, giggling all the while. Beast Boy scratched his head, then proclaimed "Rematch!" He hit the start button, and the racing was on.

Nearly twenty minutes later, a weary Beast Boy got up from the couch and walked over to the kitchen. "Eighteen straight losses… against Starfire… ugh…" He mumbled to himself. Just then, Raven walked through the door, and he perked up. "Raven!"

The goth jumped slightly, but when realizing it was Beast Boy, she frowned. "Beast Boy, what do you want?" She asked impatiently.

The changeling strolled over to her, grabbing the book out of her hand and tossing it onto the table. "I need a new opponent, Starfire's too good!" He told her excitedly. Raven tore her arm out of his grasp.

"And you think that I want to play? No, I don't do video gaming," Raven said. She went to go grab her book, but Beast Boy grabbed onto her arm again.

"Please! I'm hungry, bored, and I need to play someone who can't possibly beat him. Just, c'mon!" Beast Boy pleaded. He began to drag her along.

"Beast Bo- Beast- No!" Raven yelled. Her anger got the better of her, and in a flash of light Beast Boy was sent flying. He smashed into the counter, then slid down the side slowly. Raven stared at him in shock. "Uh-" She was about to apologize, when Beast Boy shook his head and reached up for support. He found the only thing in reach: The pot of zorka berries.

"Beast Boy, the berries!" Robin yelled from the table. Too late. The changeling tipped the pot over, and the half full container spilled over, the runny zorka berries splashing all over the counter.

"Yuck!" Beast Boy said in disgust. Some of the zorka berries had spilled over the counter and down his back. He stood up and turned around, only to find an angry looking Raven, who was holding a rectangular object covered in berries in front of him.

"My book… My favorite book… Look what you did!" She yelled angrily. Beast Boy cowered, jumping back and hiding behind Starfire. Raven threw her book to the floor, which splashed more berries around.

"I didn't mean to, really!" Beast Boy defended himself. Raven glared at him, then raised a hand. Chanting her words quietly, she tossed the second pot of berries towards Starfire and Beast Boy, causing the two to duck down. Ding!

"Who wants Chinese food?" Cyborg called out into the room as the elevator door opened. The half human opened his human eye just in time to see the pot flying at him, and he barely had time to raise his hands as the contents splashed out onto him. Coughing, Cyborg dropped the teams dinner to the floor, wiping some berries off of his face. "What was that for?" He asked angrily as he walked out, staring at Raven. The rest of the team turned to look at her, but Raven stormed out of the room quickly.

"What is your problem!" Beast Boy yelled after her. There was no answer to his question, only silence from the rest of the team. Starfire began to clean up the mess, and Cyborg got the food out.

Robin stared at the door that Raven had gone through. Why had she freaked out like that? He wasn't always sure about why Raven acted the way she did. He knew that she had problems, more than anyone on the team, but he always wondered why she didn't share her issues with the rest of the team. Surely she wanted some help? Robin let out a deep breath, silently wondering why Raven acted so odd sometimes.

Raven's View

Raven got to her room once again, opening the door with her powers. She stomped inside, the slammer it shut with her energy. For a moment, she just paced the room, angrily muttering to herself about Beast Boy and her book.

"Stupid Beast Boy, he always had to mess with me! Why can't he just leave me alone?" She said to herself. Raven continued to walk back and forth, then suddenly fell over something. She looked back, and saw that she had trapper over a book. "Give me a break!" She mumbled. Raven reached over and grabbed the book, then hurled it at the window, stopping it with her powers before it connected.

"Anger is pointless, anger is pointless, anger is pointless…" She whispered quietly to herself. Raven settled the book down back in the book case carefully, then stood up, brushing herself off. She sighed, then floated up and her over bed. Raven shut her eyes, and began to chant her words, trying to relax. She didn't last long.

"I can't concentrate…" She said in a frustrated tone. Raven settled down onto her bed, thinking about a number of things. Beast Boy, her life, her friends, Robin… In a world where nothing seemed to go her way, Robin always treated her right. However, any happy thought of him was wiped at way as she thought of the rest of her life. Raven curled up on her bed, and she did something that she absolutely hated to do.

She cried.

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Next Chapter: As Raven begins avoiding the others, Robin decides that it's try to lend her a helping hand with her problems. What will Robin's idea be?

"Just say when, and you could make amends…"