I do not own Roswell or anything affiliated to it. This is a fan fiction story meant only for the enjoyment of myself and other Roswell fans.

Title: Heritage

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, Fantasy

Setting: This story is set 15 years after the final episode of Roswell entitled, "Graduation" It picks up with Zan—Max's son—as a teenager.

Rating: PG,

Written By: Jennifer S. a.k.a. AssissinElektra

Chapter 1

Zan watched her from a distance, not quite sure how he should approach her. There was something about Sarah that always made him feel, well, at a loss for words. He was normally the charismatic campus hotty, but lately every time he tried to ask a girl out Sarah's face appeared in his mind. So, Zan was finally approaching her today, was finally going to ask her out after two years of watching her from a distance.

He sucked in his breath as soon as he got to her, and waited for her to finish drinking from the drinking fountain. Sarah pulled her head up to look at him and her golden hair flew over one shoulder.

"Sorry." She said. "I was really thirsty." Zan smiled, unable to do much else as he looked at the girl of his dreams.

"Oh, um, I didn't come over for a drink." He finally said, once he realized that she had thought he had been waiting for her to finish drinking. "I wanted to talk to you actually." He added, clearing his throat. "I'm Zan." He held out his hand for her to shake.

Sarah smiled at him and Zan's heart melted. "I know who you are." She told him. "Everyone knows who you are." She seemed a little nervous too, and for some reason that comforted Zan. But, she didn't shake his hand, so he put it back into his pocket.

"So, um, what are you doing this weekend?" He tried to make it sound casual, but it didn't.

Sarah's smile grew and she looked into his eyes. "Nothing right now. Why? Did you have something in mind?"

"Well, there's the school dance." He told her, looking at his feet. "I know they're kind of lame, but it might be fun."

Sarah reached out and touched his chin, pulling his face up gently so that Zan was looking at her. "You have beautiful eyes." She told him, but Zan didn't hear her. Zan was lost in the images that flashed in front of his eyes, images of a much younger Sarah, when she was in elementary school.

"Ring around the rosies. Pocket full of posies…" Children were chanting in the background, playing on the playground. But, Zan focused in on Sarah, who had been beautiful even at six. Her blue eyes were brilliant against the pastel background, and she seemed to be looking directly at him.

But, as Zan watched he saw that her eyes focused on a little boy, a boy who was sitting in a corner all by himself. Zan's heart began to race as he recognized himself. And then he was seeing himself through Sarah's eyes, and what he saw was amazing. She didn't see a lost little boy, she saw a lonely man in need of comfort. And she began to walk towards him.

Suddenly everything changed. The children disappeared and Zan saw that it was only him and Sarah on the empty playground. She walked over and kneeled down beside him.

"I've been watching you all these years." She told him as she smiled. "I've been watching and waiting for you to speak to me. I know why you're lonely even in a crowded room. I can help, and that's why I've been waiting…"

"I've been waiting for you to ask me out, you know." Zan opened his eyes back to reality and looked at Sarah.

"Did you just…?" Zan looked confused.


"Nothing." He said, turning to leave.

"What time will you pick me up on Friday?" Sarah called out.

Zan turned and looked back at her, still unsure of what had just happened to him. "Around six." He told her, and then he turned to leave.


Strange things had been happening to him lately, and Zan, so far, had no answers for them. He figured it had something to do with his parents, but that was the bad thing about being adopted—you sometimes didn't know anything about your real parents.

But, Zan had been having dreams lately of a dark hair girl and man who he thought were his parents. They seemed familiar to him even though Zan knew he had never seen them before. And yet, a part of him wondered if he had.

"The rest of our lives may only be twelve days." The girl had told the man once.

"Then we'll take those twelve days, and we'll live twelve lifetimes!" The man had replied.

That dream had always been Zan's favorite among them all. But there were things about his already confusing dreams that made them almost impossible to understand.

Sometimes there was a blond girl there, and Zan had no idea who she was either, but he got the same feeling as with the others. He knew that girl, or he had at one point. But, the most confusing things about his dreams were the things that he could not explain but that he knew had really happened.

The dark haired man had healed the dark haired girl once, had destroyed a bullet that would have taken her life with only his hand. And after that healing the girl had had a silver handprint on her stomach.

Zan was no fool. He knew that these very possibly could just be dreams thought up in his own mind's imagination. But, for some reason that he could not explain, he knew, and he knew without any doubt, that they weren't just dreams, they were memories.

"Are you okay?" Zan looked up from his thoughts at his sister, Emily. They weren't blood related, of course, because they had both been adopted, but everyone said that looked alike. Same dark hair, same mysterious eyes. And Zan had always been close to Emily.

"Weird day." Was all he said.

"Tell me about it." Emily said, sighing as she threw her backpack onto her bed. They shared a room with one bed on either wall. "James tried to hide that he was gay again when Alicia caught him checking out her boyfriend. I keep telling that boy that he needs to just tell people and he'll feel better. I may not agree with it, but he's still one of my good friends. You know?"

"Sure." Zan said, but he wasn't really paying attention at all.

"Something's up, Zanny, I can tell." Emily said, moving to sit on the floor beside him. She propped her head up against his bed and waited for him to tell her what was up.

"I don't really want to talk about it." Zan said, thinking about Sarah.

Emily smiled. "Girl trouble." She sounded amused.

"I guess you could call it that."

"Well, who said no?"

"That's not the problem." Zan said. "She said yes, it's just that…"

"Was it Sarah?" Emily got all excited and giggly—the way she did when her and a bunch of her friends had a sleepover.

"Yeah." Emily hugged Zan when he said that.

"Way to go, Zan!" She said, pulling away. But her smile faded when she saw that he was still upset. "So, if Sarah said yes, then what's the problem?"

"When she touched my chin, she…I…"

"What?" Emily was running out of patients, was tired of waiting for him to just tell her.

"I think I saw one of her dreams." Zan said, realizing how stupid it must have sounded. He waited for Emily to laugh, but she didn't.

"You mean like a vision?" She asked, and she seemed interested.

"Sort of, but it was almost like I was experiencing it too." Zan explained. "Do you think I'm crazy?" He looked at his sister, wondering what she would say.

"Let me answer that question very carefully—not yet. But, tell me all about this 'dream' and we'll see." She smiled, but it wasn't a smile that mocked Zan it was one that gave him the comfort of knowing that Emily would listen and not judge until he was completely finished explaining.

To Be Continued...