I do not own Roswell or anything affiliated to it. This is a fan fiction story meant only for the enjoyment of myself and other Roswell fans.

Title: Heritage

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, Fantasy

Setting: This story is set 15 years after the final episode of Roswell entitled, "Graduation" It picks up with Zan—Max's son—as a teenager.

Rating: PG

Written By: Jennifer S. a.k.a. AssissinElektra

Author's Note:

Chapter 10

Zan looked at Sarah for the longest time without saying anything, then spoke very quietly when he said, "Sarah, I've just barely learned that my parents were aliens. I killed my own sister a few minutes ago, after learning that both you and her are aliens. I'm kind of overwhelmed right now. So please don't ask me to apologize for being angry with you. I have every right."

"I know, Zan." She said sympathetically, walking over to him. "And as much as you may not care right now, I'm here for you." She touched his hand, which hung stiffly at his side, with her fingertips. That touch brought another flash, and this time they both saw it.

They were kissing, Zan and Sarah, and they were alone. Everything around them seemed oddly familiar, and yet nothing was familiar to either of them. Sarah reached down and began to take Zan's shirt off, and he reached his hands to hers to help her.

A few seconds later, with Zan shirtless and Sarah on his lap, their kissing became more passionate. It was then that they both noticed wedding rings on their hands.

Sarah pulled sharply away from Zan, a strange and unreadable look on her face. She looked very sad, like the idea of her being with Zan was a tragedy even after all he felt for her.

"That was…" Zan could not finish what he was about to say. He was at a loss for words, because the vision had seemed so real to him. He could still feel Sarah's hands pulling his shirt up and her lips touching his. He looked into her eyes. "What's wrong?"

"Zan, that can't happen." She said, quietly as tears formed in her eyes. "You and I, we can't…"

"Why not?" Zan asked. He was annoyed at the idea of not being with Sarah, and even more annoyed that she was proposing the idea. "Sarah," He seized hold of her hand before she could pull it away, "I've watched you from afar all this time, and while watching I fell deeply in love. It's a feeling I can't explain, a feeling I don't quite understand yet."

"I've been watching you all these years."

Zan hears Sarah's voice in his mind as if she were saying it to him now, and he remembered the vision he had had of Sarah when asking her out on a date.

"Sarah, I just learned that you and I are from the same world and that that world is not earth." He told her, but she refused to look at him, in fact she turned her whole face away from him. "I know why you're lonely even in a crowded room." Slowly, Sarah turned her face to look at Zan, silent tears streaming down her cheeks.

She opened her mouth to speak, but could not and looked away again. "Sarah, what is it?" Zan asked. "I know that after what I've just told you, you must have a response. Please don't let me just stand here." Sarah looked at Zan, her face one of devastation.

"Zan, we can't be together." She said, and he could hear her tears in her voice. "You've already been promised to a girl on our home world." Sarah explained. "And she's not one to let things go."

"Is that all?" Zan smiled as he took Sarah's face into his hands. "Sarah, we can explain to her, to everyone that we are in love! I promise they'll understand!"

"Zan, I haven't told you that I love you." Sarah said, coldly, and Zan backed away.

"Are you saying that…" Zan couldn't finish his question, afraid that the answer would be exactly what he expected it to be.

Sarah closed her eyes and her tears fell more rapidly. Then she opened them again and said, "Zan, whatever I feel for you means nothing anymore, because it can bring nothing for either of us."

"Then you do feel something!" Zan said, smiling as he reached out for her hand. "Come on, Sarah, I can see it in your eyes!" Their hands touched creating another flash.

"Sarah or Aviria, I don't care what your name is!" Zan told her, getting down on one knee. "I am so in love with you." He continued, and Sarah looked down at him in awe. She knew what was coming. "Will you please be my wife?"

She smiled through happy tears, then fell to her knees and kissed Zan. "Yes." She said, pulling away. "Just in case you couldn't tell." She added, sarcastically.

"You just made me the happiest man alive!" Zan told her, smiling back.

"But you're not a man, Zan. You're so much more!" Sarah told him.

Sarah shuddered and snapped her hand away. "Didn't you feel that, Sarah?" Zan asked her.

"It's just wishful thinking, Zan."

"No, I had a vision like that of Emily getting shot and it really happened!" Zan insisted. "It's a prediction of the future, Sarah! You and I end up together!"

"Zan, we need to worry about Emily's people right now, not about our relationship." Sarah said.

"Sarah, our relationship is the only thing that matters to me." He told her. "Don't you see that?"

"I see it." Sarah said, trying to mask her sadness with fear. "But, we can talk about this later. Right now we need to stop Emily's people." She walked over and touched the wall with her hand. The cave door slid open and Sarah climbed out.

Zan looked around at the cave, looked at everything that could explain his mysterious past, that had explained some of it. He glanced at the four pods quickly, and was shown another memory.

Young Max was out of his pod, and Michael and Isabelle were gone, so he was alone. He started after them, but stopped and turned to face the final pod, the only one that had not been broken yet.

Max reached out his hand and touched it to the pod, looking at the blond girl who slept within it. Her curls floated around her head, and Zan saw that she was beautiful. It was then that Zan realized that the little girl was his mother.

Zan blinked and looked at the pods again. "He really loved her." He said quietly to himself. "Even after everything with Liz, my father always held a special place in his heart for Tess."

Smiling at this knew realization, Zan started towards the cave door. Once outside, he looked around for Sarah, only to find that she was being held silently by one of the aliens.

"Let go of her!" Zan screamed, backing away from the alien. He wondered where the others had gone to.

"They said it was hopeless, that you really were a true leader." The alien told Zan. "They left because you defeated Emily. They thought you could not be defeated. They were wrong." The alien's green lips curled into an eerie smile. "You can be defeated through the loss of Aviria."

"You let her go!" Zan warned, holding his hand out.

"Or you'll what?" The alien taunted him.

"I'll kill you." Zan said, his tone turning so quickly to seriousness that the alien was actually afraid for a few moments. But, he brushed it off and smiled at Zan.

"You wouldn't do that." The alien told him. "After all, that would make you just like us."

Zan didn't say anything as he silently concentrated on doing to this alien what he had done to Emily. The memory of killing his sister almost brought tears to his eyes, but Zan contained them and kept a rigid, leader's face just as his father had many times before.

It took a few moments, and Zan was sure that the alien was about to snap Sarah's neck, but just as he moved his hands he screamed in pain and dropped Sarah. She ran to Zan's side and they both watched as the alien fell to his knees in the dust.

He looked at his hands in horror. "What have you done?" He demanded to know, his voice like the screeching of a dying owl. The alien's fingers began to curl and whither away to a dried up mummy state, and this awful affect passed through his entire green body. Seconds after his first scream, the alien was nothing more than a dried up corpse lying in the dust.

"Sarah?" She pulled her head away from his chest—where she had rested it after being released from the alien—and looked at Zan. "Let's go home."

"This doesn't change anything about you and I, Zan." Sarah said, once they were back in the car and headed towards town. "We still can't be together."

"I wish you'd stop saying that, Sarah." Zan told her. "I just learned all about my parents. This should be the happiest day of my life, but somehow, I know that knowing about my parents is only going to make my life harder." He paused, then said, "Sarah, I don't want to go through whatever's coming alone. Please don't leave me here alone."

Sarah looked at Zan and admired his features. He had a strong face, which complimented his dark hair and eyes—both of which he had inherited from his father.

"Because, Sarah," Zan started again, "After all is said and done, there's only one person I want to be with." He glanced at her quickly, then turned his eyes back to the road. "I mean, every time I touch you I get visions of the future!"

"Zan?" He looked at her again. "It's not going to be easy. In fact," Sarah took a deep breath, "your life is going to be extremely hard now that you know about your parents. But," She paused, then took his hand. This time there was no flash, and they were both able to fully enjoy the present moment. "There's no one I'd rather be with at the end of the day either."

Zan looked at her and smiled, and Sarah mirrored his look. He could already feel his life was in new danger because of what he had learned. He could sense a million eyes that had turned and focused on him at his personal discovery. He knew that he was wanted dead now, even more than he may have been before. Zan was scared, more afraid that he had ever been in his entire life, but he was looking at the woman he loved, and he had a hope for their future together that only her smile could bring. As for what lied ahead, they would take that one day at a time, and they would take it together.

The End

Okay, there's my first finished Roswell fic! Be on the lookout for my sequel to this fic in which Zan's promised wife (from his home planet) comes to earth to fight Sarah for him. Reviews and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated! As are ideas and suggestion for the sequel. I can't promise that I will use every idea presented, but I will definitely consider each one! Thank you for taking the time to read my Roswell fan fiction!