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Ten little Titans went out to dine;

One choked himself and then there were nine.

Nine little Titans stayed up very late;

One overslept and then there were eight.

Eight little Titans traveling in Devon;

One said he'd stay there and then there were seven.

Seven little Titans were chopping up sticks;

One chopped himself in half and then there were six.

Six little Titans playing with a hive;

A bumblebee stung one and then there were five.

Five little Titans going in for law;

One got in Chancery and then there were four.

Four little Titans going out to sea;

A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.

Three little Titans walking in the Zoo;

A big bear hugged one and then there were two.

Two little Titans sitting in the sun;

One got frizzled up and then there was one.

One little Titan left all alone;

He went and hanged himself and then there were none.


It's really quite fun, you know. Some people would think I'm insane. And truly, I do believe I am. But I am also clever. Oh, so clever. The Teen Titans had no idea what was in store for them when we walked into the tower for that victory party. After all, the Teen Titans thought they were invincible. And they were so young, too. And besides, it was a party. Why was Raven to think she was standing upon death's door?

Because I was there. Because I am Terra. Because I was a member of the Teen Titans. Because I was their murderer.

Slade and I had it all planned out. I had returned to the Titans for the first time. I was going to let Slade's minions into the tower, and then take Beast Boy out for some fun, which would inevitably be his death. Together, all five loyal Titans are invincible. Truly, I believe that. But if you take even one away, they fall apart. And that's what I did. I was going to kill Beast Boy myself while Slade's subordinates took care of the rest.

There was a problem, though. And, oh, such a problem it was. I was falling for Beast Boy. Of all the things I've lied about, these strange emotions I expressed were the farthest from it. And I was supposed to kill him? That was something I couldn't bring myself to do. And somehow, some way, Slade knew. He knew I couldn't do it. And that's why he appeared—to do the job himself.

And, of course, everyone knows that happened from there. At least, the Titans do. My bitterness toward Beast Boy by the end of the night was so great that I abandoned every ounce of goodness within me. I became Slade's greatest ally, his greatest servant, his greatest weapon. He treated me like dirt, but I loved it. I forced myself to. Every thought of Beast Boy's betrayal to me renewed my hatred. I served Slade despite my loathing for his behavior towards me. I had to join with him. After all, I had a job to finish.

Such a plan Slade and I concocted once we realized the Titans were still alive after my beating of them. If I could just get into their ranks once again, they would be easy to eliminate. After betraying them once already, however, such a task was quivering upon the fine line of what was possible and what was not. But somehow, I knew, it had to be done. And so it was.

Truly I am a good actress. Such a show I put up on the night of my stoning. So deep was my hatred for Beast Boy that I was willing to face death, as long as my plan worked. And it did.

I was frozen in time, stoned underground. I have no memory of the year that went by. I remember using my power to stop the volcano's eruption, and then Raven's face as she completed some kind of ancient ritual. They explained to me what had happened, and how far Beast Boy had gone to save me. We embraced each other, the Titans six once again. And so my plan began.

I have been a part of the Titans one year to the day. Ten days ago, my plan began going into effect. We'd just had a big victory against Brother Blood, and it was time to party. I knew Slade's mind control of Blood had worked. It had taken such a long time to come up with a device to encompass Blood, but it had succeeded. The Titans and Titans east had showed up, along with a few others and minus the annoying Spanish twins. I didn't particularly care. The twins would've been the first to go anyway. And looking back, I see how that would've been my downfall. Raven could enter minds. It was why I couldn't speak with Slade during my time with the Titans. She would be much more suspicious, and getting past her would require little contact with Slade. But it had been done.

I had only recently discovered how I was to eliminate the Titans. Starfire and I had been having some girl talk in her room when she was suddenly distracted by a book she'd gotten the day before. She showed me a children's book with several rhymes I was quite familiar with, though the Tamaranian seemed fascinated with each one. It was at that moment Robin's tentative knock came from Starfire's door. She eagerly excused herself and they spoke in hushed voices outside the door. I, unsure of how long they would be, boringly began sifting through the book Starfire was so taken with. It was then I discovered Ten Little Indians. It was then my plan was set.

Only a few nights after this, I took a little trip. Using some of Slade's contacts, I managed to find myself at a weapon's warehouse. So many of the popular bad faces were there, I thought it rather like a convention. The only thing I sought I found almost instantaneously—a purple liquid in a thin tube. I told the man to put it on Slade's tab; he told me Slade had no such thing. To pay him, then, I summoned a decent-sized rock from the floor and accidentally made it come in contact with his head. He allowed me to continue my shopping. Some villains were absolutely pathetic. The next item I came across of value was a rope that had conveniently already been tied as a noose. This, too, I gained without difficulty, as the weakest villains seemed to be the ones forced to sell to those who were stronger. I vaguely wondered how they made a living as I left, but I didn't care enough to find out.

Ten nights ago, I put my plan into action. The hamburgers Hot Spot brought were easy to grab a hold of, acting the part of a party girl. Slipping the glass in was even simpler. No one noticed the broken mirror in the extra bedroom on my floor. No one used it. I hid what was left inside the walls of my room. It seems the Titans had forgotten that cement was partly made up of rocks. That alone gave me power over the entire tower, and would help me immensely in the future.

Raven eating the hamburger was not planned, but rather a particular stroke of luck. Now I see that had it been anyone else, my plan would've been foiled. I realized this shortly after her death. But I have gone too far. Let me rewind back a bit to dinner. It was during this that I noticed the miniature models of the tower—after all, with Beast Boy begging for praise, who could not?—and the plan formulated in my mind. I wasn't just going to kill the Titans' I was going to commit the perfect murders. And as far as I know, because the police have yet to arrive, I did.

When Beast Boy began the food fight, it was the perfect opportunity. I wasn't sure whether to take it or not, but the moment Raven's eyes widened, I knew it was time. I effortlessly slipped away and changed the pass code, which I had so easily hacked into weeks ago. Bumblebee's birthday was one of the first things I thought of. After changing the code, I set the timer for the lockdown and raced back, allowing myself to get hit with several items of food tossed my way.

It seemed to take eternity for someone to locate the corpse I knew to be Raven's. It took quite a bit of self-control not to keep glancing over at Raven, but if someone were to discover me, I would be a suspect. When I noticed Beast Boy crawling over to her, I was able to fully give my attention to the fight. It would not be much longer.

Sure enough, an elephant sounded, and all stopped in the room. I was elated at the responses I received, though hid it exceedingly well. There was such surprise and such horror flying about the room—such triumph! One down, eight to go.

Robin sent us to bed, my mind racing. I wanted—needed—to kill again. I tried to contain myself, knowing self-control was essential if I was to succeed. Luckily, though, my desire for death would be shortly surrendered to. In the meantime, however, I needed to make it seem as though Raven's dead had had a negative effect on me. Tearing up my room should have been fun, but the anxiety flowing through me entranced my mind. I wanted to kill, not demolish a bedroom! I contained myself in that room until two o'clock when I could stand it no longer. Hot Spot was waiting for me.

I opened the door to exit my room, an excuse at hand should I be seen. No one was in the hallway. Wonderful. It would've made things so much more complicated if there had been someone to stop me. I continued silently down the hallway, and also in such a manner making my way up the stairs. No one could know I had left my room.

When I arrived on Raven's floor, I proceeded with immense caution. My prey could not hear me, and I would be greatly surprised if he was asleep. As I opened the door, prepared to strike, I stood in shock. Somehow he had actually managed slumber. This, too, was a blessing, as it allowed me more time formulate my plan. When I had first arrived in Hot Spot's room, I was not sure how to make my plan work. Water, yes—Slade had uncovered his obvious weakness for me some time ago—but how? To encase him in it without waking him would indeed take skill. And as suddenly as the idea to use the poem Ten Little Indians in my scheme appeared in my head, so did an idea as to how I would murder Hot Spot. I raised my hands and removed pieces of the wall where I knew it would not collapse, forming them as I so desired. In such a short period of time I had created a large bowl of rock with not a single crack in sight.

At the time, it was tempting to remove the wall and use seawater, as it would have taken far less time and been far less dangerous. It would not do, however, for they would distinguish between the smell of salt and fresh water. I did not want them to think that their murderer was so eagerly getting in and out of the tower. It creates a better sense of dread if they think that there is no possible way out and they are locked away with a madman—or rather, a mad woman. In the ocean's place, I tediously held the rock under the shower, letting the water run very slowly so as to reduce the noise. I was certain I was to be discovered, but Hot Spot was the only one on this floor, and he was sound asleep. My plan was working.

It was quite simple afterwards to simply walk into Hot Spot's room once more and dump the bowl atop of him. He was instantaneously dulled, and I was quite content that he would not produce another flame again.

Such a kill was not satisfying, however. I had been clever, oh so clever, but I wanted to murder with my own two hands. This, however, was not to come. I was going to abide by the poem—the perfect murders meant more to me than a simple pleasure. The Titans would still die, as I assured myself, and that was what mattered. My revenge was what mattered. And as I convinced myself of that, I made plans for the deaths of the rest of them. I linked them all in some way because of something I knew about them, and I decided how it was going to be done to the best that I could. If I did this, they would react like this, putting them in the perfect situation for them to die like this. It was wonderful, scheming the deaths of those whom I loathed.

My perfect plan, I realized as I was about to lie down for sleep, included the miniature model Ts Beast Boy had brought. After so much death, surely no one would miss them? I once again left the confines of my room and crept down to the main room, using as much stealth as I knew how. The glass Ts were difficult to carry to my room in one trip, but I did manage it. Leaving the one that fell and broke behind as a tribute to Raven eased the load slightly. As I reached my room, I again ripped open the wall and carefully stashed the Ts inside, the perfect hiding place for such incriminating objects. I laid them all there—all save for one. Leaving my room for the final time that night, I returned to Hot Spot's resting place. It had not yet begun to smell of death, which was another stroke of luck for me. Stenches such as that tended to cling to those it came in contact with, and it would not do for me to smell like a corpse. I returned to my room after smashing the T on the desk next to the bed, pleased that there had been no difficulties, and went to sleep. There was nothing further I could do until morning.

When Starfire awoke the next morning, I am certain that many people thought I had made an attempt on Starfire's life. I find this insulting, and it was another reason they all are now dead. I would not have made an attempt on Starfire's life. Not only was she essential for my plans later on, but I also would not have made an attempt on anyone's life. Had I decided to kill Starfire next, I would have succeeded, not attempted. As I saw the living room immersed in flames, however, I realized something horrid—something that would devastate all I had worked for. If Starfire died in this, my scheming would be for none. It would not have gone according to the poem, I would not have created the perfect murders, and I would not be a mysterious murderer. In those few moments, I remember such fear that all I had done would be waste. As soon as I realized Robin had entered the fire, however, I relaxed. He would not allow her to die. He would not allow either of them to die, not when he was still emotionally strong. He would not die until Starfire had died, something I had realized long before my stoning in the volcano. As I predicted they both came out alive, though more thanks to Aqualad than to Robin.

In this time, through my worries and assuages, I had almost forgotten about Hot Spot. When Aqualad brought him up again, however, my heart leapt. The reactions that I lived for were beginning to form on their faces as they realized what must be true. Even as we ran up the stairs to ensure he was dead, I could see the hope being drowned by resignation. Cyborg's response I found particularly amusing upon the verdict being final. He was so determined to save Hot Spot's life, a man he hardly knew. Yet even he had to give in to death. It was only a matter of time.

Then, of course, the accusations started. I knew Aqualad would be the prime suspect, but had never before imagined anyone would accuse the naïve Starfire. Either her naïveté would convince them it wasn't her or fear of Robin's wrath would. Aqualad was either very stupid or, more dangerously, very gutsy.

Then there was the simple Starfire. She was so unused to death. After the deaths of two of her friends and a near-death experience herself, it seemed to be a bit much for her. Her complete breakdown would not occur for another day, but her incessant wailing was annoying. Several times I desired to kill her early, but I withheld myself that pleasure. I had to think of my revenge. I could listen to her words of sorrow for a little bit longer. I had to. I needed the perfect murders.

Robin, dear Robin, was hilarious to watch. He was so furious at the accusation against Starfire, and made an entertaining figure. His voice rose and he nearly attacked Aqualad. It was a shame Speedy held him back. It was a shame Starfire demanded them to stop. Speedy would eventually have slackened his grip, Aqualad would have likely said something stupid again, and Robin would have attacked. He would have been a good decoy as well, as enormous amounts of suspicion would have fallen on him. Even though it was obvious of his feelings for the Tamaranian, he had attacked Aqualad, probably with intent to kill. Even when the murders were just beginning, anything anyone did that could be described as 'murderous' would put a more careful watch on them and less on the real killer.

I was less than amused when Beast Boy thought of an outsider as the killer. While it was a good theory, it annoyed me. I did not want to search the tower. When Cyborg created it, he added on a great deal of unnecessary space, and to search every nook and cranny was not appealing. To object, however, would mean immanent suspicion, so I kept quiet. We would have to go through with this while Starfire created her hell of a dinner.

I don't know what went down while I swiftly cleaned my room, which was actually not as bad as I told Beast Boy it was. I was, however, eager to go and remove suspicion from myself. After I had finished cleaning my room, I waited a while longer, though just how much time had passed, I am unsure of. I needed to make things seem realistic while still satisfying my need to remove any guilt from myself. I strayed from my room and made my way towards Beast Boy's where we talked and cleaned his own room for the remainder of the time before dinner. He, unlike myself, had not exaggerated the disarray of his room.

When we had returned together for dinner, Aqualad was not among us. All but I feared him dead. I do not know what possessed him to say what he did at dinner that night, but when I returned to the site of the bodies later that night, I found them disturbed. Perhaps he was the one visited them. It was, however, helpful to my plan. Had he not mentioned his desire to go to Devon, I would have likely been the only one to know of it because of the research I had done on all of the Titans. His talk of Aqualand made it much easier for the other Titans to make the connection of the murders and the poems. Things really did seem to be falling straight into my lap.

He also mentioned his lack of time. It was later that night the idea came to me, to steal the Clock of Eternity. It was not what the Titans were expecting after all, and I was always up for the element of surprise. Having lived in the tower, I knew the way to deactivate the security code just long enough for me to get the clock and get out. Afterwards, I hid it in Aqualad's room within the walls that were so quickly becoming my best allies. It was an easy feat, using Hot Spot's room. The human torch's room was directly above his elemental counterpart, and to remove some of the flooring and slip the clock into the ceiling of Aqualad's room was quite simple. With nothing further to do for the night, I allowed myself to return to my room and sleep.

Robin discovered rather early in the morning that the Clock of Eternity was missing. It rather annoyed me. I had planned for them to not even realize the clock was gone until after it had been put to use. Just what Robin was doing in the training room is unknown to me, though I acted my part despite this letdown. It would not affect my killing scheme, only the reactions I would get at the next murder.

This, of course, was when several rather important things happened. The most important was that Starfire, who seemed so clueless sometimes, discovered that my killings had a theme—a theme from a children's poem. I will not lie when I say that I was both terrified and excited about the Titans discovering my use of the poem. It would serve to put them on the alert more, but what would they say and think? Would they think their murderer nothing more than a child, or perhaps someone with a childish mind? While neither was correct, I wanted to see what they would do. They did not, however, seem to believe it after only two murders, blaming it on coincidence. It was quite annoying. Cyborg and Beast Boy both left the group, leaving room for suspicion. It was also when Speedy accused me, and I likewise to him. I, of course, knew quite well that Speedy was not behind it, but such acting was entertaining. In my last days, I deserved a bit of fun.

I knew from the beginning that I would die at the end of it all. To kill those who had once been my friends, however much I hated them, and to return to the controlling Slade would not be worth living for. I knew all along that I could not live with myself for allowing Beast Boy to die, and that I was to end it along with my former teammates. I could not, and would not, live a life like that after allowing my one love to be murdered, as I knew he must be. I loved him, and yet I hated him. Is such even possible?

But I have strayed. Speedy and I argued, and it was quite the interesting experience when Cyborg came over the speakers saying he had located the Clock of Eternity. I cannot describe the panic that was making my stomach church throughout these next few moments. At first, I ran with the rest of them. But what was I to do? Cyborg had discovered the hiding place of the clock! They would discover it in the walls, and it would be a simple matter of putting two and two together. All they would have to do is recall that cement is partially made up of rocks and I would be the prime suspect. In a sudden decision, I crept away from the group. They were in such a hurry to see if Cyborg's words were true that they wouldn't notice one among their party disappearing.

My surprise was when I discovered that more than one of us had slipped away.

I entered Aqualad's room, but I was not alone. The king of the seas stopped whatever he was doing—for I had arrived too early to discern his movements—and turned to look at me. I tried to keep the shock out of my face as my brain reeled, coming up with an excuse for me to be in his room. I told him that we noticed he wasn't with us, and I had come to look for him.

He knew the truth. Perhaps it was because I was "looking" for him by myself that made me suspicious. Maybe despite my attempts to conceal my surprise, it showed through. For whatever the reason, Aqualad understood that I was not, as I had said, looking for him so as to ensure he was safe. If I had been looking for him at all, it was to ensure that he would be dead.

He shouted for help, but the Titans were already several floors below us. In several swift movements, I had dashed over to him and put him in a restrained position so that movement caused immense pain. I summoned the ceiling to fall and caught the clock as it fell into Aqualad's room. Without even thinking, I raised the time portal and smashed it atop his head.

I must say, I expected time itself to stop as the Clock of Eternity made contact. Some magical thing was bound to happen, but it did not. Everything remained the same, only now the clock was broken and Aqualad was dead. I stood for only a moment, watching Aqualad's blood begin changing the color of his dark hair, before I suddenly desired the clock back. I needed to be down with the others!

Again I was stopped. These were supposed to be my perfect murders. Things had to be perfect! Insanity had taken over me, and I made a mistake that could have been very costly, and I will never know for sure why it was not. I ran all the way back to my own room, took out a miniature version of the tower, returned to the corpse that was Aqualad, smashed the T, dumped it in the blood next to him, and returned to the chunks of the wall back into place. This in itself would have taken a few minutes given the enormous size of the tower. Yet I was with the Titans as they entered Cyborg's lab.

I don't know how I did it. Perhaps it was a last magic of the clock. All I am aware of is that I had joined the others quite soon after they arrived in the lab; by "quite soon", I mean seconds after. This should not, by the laws of time, have been so. It is why I believe that the clock did tamper with time as it was destroyed. My initial impression was only by the use of sight, but now logic has put in the more probable solution as the alternative to coincidence.

Of course, I was going back up the stairs almost immediately after my arrival, so I saw little point in having come down in the first place. Speedy and I "apologized" to each other on the way up there, however—truly a funny part to play. I knew very well that in a moment's time, things would be back to the way they had been only a minute before. He, however, did not, and so I pretended to be sincere. I had just made a miraculous escape, and it would be stupid of me to give myself away by telling him to save it.

By this point, I had begun to create a theory. With my perfect murders, I would be able to see if this was true or not, and I began to study it. I was suggesting that the more murder a person sees, the more numb they become to it. Soldiers in wars and people turned villains must feel that way. I, of course, should know, but killing was not something I had done often. I'd had the desire too—oh yes, on far too many occasions to give a number to—but had never committed the sin itself until Raven.

Starfire was fun to watch. She always was. She did, however, make me angry when I was kindly forced to play babysitter for an hour. While her overreaction to Aqualad's death was amusing, I had to wait on her while she showered, talked over her problems, and dulled life for me. What did everyone else think? Did Speedy begin ranting about me again? After seeing Starfire so upset, what did Robin do when he thought no one was looking? Such information I find invaluable and enjoyable, and that stupid girl deprived me of it!

At the time, however, I should have been thankful that they had yet to discover I was the murderer they so adamantly searched for. I thought on it as Starfire showered, how lucky I was to have escaped that time. It was not until several days later as I reviewed my kills that I would discover the time problem and see that I was very fortunate to have escaped with my identity still a secret.

I left Starfire long after my boredom began, but I had to fulfill my role as the caring friend. I searched immediately for Beast Boy, not sure what to say to him, but knowing I had to say something. Starfire had said that Beast Boy liked me, which I knew very well. I also knew the words I had replied to her with were just as true—he liked Raven as well. While she was dead, it was a problematic situation.

I walked in upon Speedy attempting to convince the one I was looking for that I was a murderer. I could not, for reasons understandable, have Beast Boy trying to decide if I could be a killer. I already had Speedy set on the idea, and I didn't need him gaining followers—especially not Beast Boy. It angered me so much that I snapped at Beast Boy as well as Speedy. It felt good to tell Beast Boy to leave, but it also hurt me. Our relationship was the prime example of a love-hate relationship. I chewed Speedy out a bit more and then left, seeing no real point in arguing with him. I was annoyed at not getting to see people's reactions, and I didn't need to hear Speedy's voice at that moment. I wanted to see Beast Boy, but I knew he wouldn't want to see me. With that aggravating thought in mind, I went into my room and into bed. I needed some sleep anyway. I was getting up early tomorrow.

I slept for only a few hours before my body awoke me. Over the next few days I was to begin getting less and less sleep. My mind had been reeling even in my sleep so that when I awoke I knew exactly what I would do. I crept out of my own room and went to the lowest floor. I entered Cyborg's training room and looked at what I was to destroy. I had decided in my sleep that I was to use the R-cycle. It had occurred to me that the keys to it were not in my possession, but I had a theory. I had never seen Cyborg hand keys to Robin when he was going to ride the R-cycle, nor did I hear the jingle of them on Robin's person. The keys, therefore, must be in the R-cycle itself.

I had expected to have to search for a good quarter of an hour for a secret compartment hidden in the motorcycle. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the keys were waiting for me in the ignition. I revved up the R-cycle and turned it to its destination. I took careful aim and stepped on the accelerator, jumping off moments before contact. I was surprised that the clashing sound of the machinery crashing together did not wake anyone up. Then, of course, it occurred to me that whenever Cyborg worked in his lab, I never heard it. No one did. It was soundproof.

With this revelation in mind, I brought the R-cycle back and crashed it into the T-sub several more times. No one would hear me, which allowed me to create as much havoc I desired.

Satisfied with the condition of the R-cycle and T-sub, I cautiously proceeded towards the submarine. Cyborg, in all his cocky triumph, had gloated off the blueprints to the sub. I took note to where he hid them and frequently returned to study the outline. In a month I had discovered all of its assets and flaws. It was simple work to redirect a few wires so that when touched, it would result in a total rejection of what it came in contact with. Knowing Cyborg, he would allow no one to touch his "baby" until he had restored it to its former glory. The inevitable result, whether it be in hours or days, would be Cyborg's demise. With this part of my set, I went to my room for a few hours of restless sleep.

Upon wakening the next morning, Cyborg had already been informed of my mischief. It was an easy act to pretend that I was unaware of what had happened. I took a model T out of the wall and smashed it before I went downstairs, a daring idea in mind. As I pretend to be in shock as I examined the T-sub, I carefully slipped the broken shards near the wires that would cause Cyborg's end, though they were partially hidden. I could only pray he would not move them.

Things proceeded, as I knew they would, with Cyborg fixing up the T-sub and Robin's devastation. His sudden explosion of fury was not unforeseeable, but not something I was prepared for. Then, of course, everyone tried to soothe the savage beast. It was then that the Titans noticed a pattern, one that I did not mean to make. Hot Spot was the most likely to have killed Raven, and then he died. Aqualad was the most likely to have killed Hot Spot, and then he died. I had no intention of making it that way, but it happened nevertheless. It did, however, put all eyes on Starfire when they decided she would be next to die. They were, of course, all wrong, as my next victim would be murdered right under their noses. Their focus would be on the innocent Starfire, and meanwhile Cyborg's life would unpleasantly end. Robin took Starfire away, as I recall, in order to better protect her. Cyborg returned to his lab. The rest of us began a discussion that turned into an argument. I, being in the heat of the fight, did not realize immediately that Cyborg had not shown up to stop us. It was Robin and Starfire who returned first, and Starfire who brought such a thought to her voice. It was at the moment she said this that I knew. No one else did, but I realized it. Cyborg was dead.

Once again my heart as we entered Cyborg's lab to silence, myself feeling exhilarated while the others must have been terrified. Starfire dared to look first, and even I was surprised at the severity of my work. Split into pieces with eyes electric blue was not the morbid picture I'd had in my head. It sufficed. Starfire vomited; everyone else turned away, pale. Bumblebee was shaking, thought with the way she was trying to control herself, it was not as noticeable as one might think. I, however, with my keen eye for feedback, did not let such an act slip by unnoticed.

We boarded up the lab so as to never see Cyborg's dismantled figure again. It did not, as police will infer, work quite as well as Robin had hoped. That, though, is for later. I was sent up to bed and went without a fuss, for my next job was another to be done in the night. It was Speedy's turn to die.

Stealing Bumblebee's stingers would not be an easy job under normal circumstances, something I was aware of. She always kept them on her person, sleeping or awake, and her sleeping habits were not unknown to me. I was to be her murderer. Knowing everything there was to know about her was in the job description. I was also aware, however, of what the death of your love could do to you. The night Beast Boy betrayed me, he also died to me. I could relate to that pain. Tonight, h at least, she would sleep deeply. That's why it was essential for Cyborg to die when he did. It was all part of my brilliant scheme in the works.

Having easily walked into Bumblebee's room and stolen the stingers from her, I left for Speedy. He was, contrary to Robin's belief, awake when I found him. I heard him mutter something along the lines of "I knew it was you" before his life was ended.

I borrowed a piece of the wall and pushed Speedy onto it, using it to carry him out of the guest room and up to Hot Spot's. This part of my kill had come as a rather spur-of-the-moment thing, but the thought was appealing and so I tried it. I switched the two bodies so that Speedy was now in Hot Spot's bed and Hot Spot on the floating concrete. I returned to my room to retrieve a broken model T and hide the rotting corpse of Hot Spot. I could only hope he would not give myself away with that stench as I placed him within the wall next to my model Ts. Killing was such a fun business.

After leaving my room again, I returned to Speedy's bed for the last time during my secret excursion. I took the model T and smashed it, placing it next to Hot Spot's. Hopefully the Titans would understand their meaning soon.

I was not yet finished for the night, however—no, not yet. I could return the stingers to Bumblebee, but it would be more difficult to put them back in their holders than it was to take them out. Deciding that that would be far too dull anyway, I placed them in the room of someone who was a deep sleeper, someone whom I loathed. Beast Boy would be easily framed—and he was.

Bumblebee was the one to discover Speedy's body, and before anyone had even realized he'd been gone. Her incessant screaming had started to give me a headache, and I distinctly recall thinking that I would be overjoyed at her death. Everyone, as I had expected, was in shock at Speedy's corpse and Hot Spot's lack thereof. Even more predicable, someone wanted to search the tower for Hot Spot and, as they finally noticed, Bumblebee's missing stingers.

At first we split up into twos, except for Starfire, who insisted on going by herself. Robin, naturally, did not take well to this, but he grudgingly accompanied Beast Boy. We were several hours into the searching process when Starfire began screaming. Only I was wondering what was causing her to scream—everyone else seemed quite convinced that the murderer had gotten to her. I was delighted to discover that she had been rereading the poem and seeing just how true it was becoming. We went over the poem, realizing just how it was beginning to unfold. They finally understood. I was delighted.

By this time we had searched through a great majority of the tower. Everyone had left each other's room alone so as to respect their privacy, but now that was all that was left. I must say that I learned more than I wanted to in that particular search. Starfire little doctrines from Tamaran, Bumblebee's disgustingly organized room, Robin's lack of distinction between an office and his room, and Beast Boy's strewn animal underwear (the boys couldn't move everything) did nothing to help my impressions of them all.

I was anxious. First, when they searched my room, I feared something would give me away. I had the poem written down on scratch paper under my bed—would they discover it? However, Starfire was an idiot and Bumblebee had not quite yet regained her head. The boy's searching area was limited, and they were not allowed near my bed. Then there was also the problem of a body in my wall. Would they notice the stench, or if they did, would they take it as something else in my room? Sometimes I wondered if the gods were on my side.

Secondly, I was anxious when they searched Beast Boy's room. I had seen the mess the night before, and needless to say, was not pleased then. It was easy to bring back the feeling of annoyance as though I was experiencing it for the first time. I thought that someone would discover the stingers under the mattress, as I had hidden them rather obviously once one looked under the mattress. The stupid boys, however, exhausted from their searching, missed it. I had to "accidentally" reveal the stingers, putting Beast Boy as the suspect for the crime I committed. Revenge really was sweet.

Once again, however, I was not finished. If Hot Spot remained in my room for another day, the place would reek of the dead. In the night, I retrieved Hot Spot from his hiding place in the wall and used the wall as a table to carry him on. I went up the stairs to the top floor and through the set of hallways, then up the half a flight of stairs that led to the roof. Just in front of the door out was a security device exactly like the one I had used to start the lockdown in the first place. Entering the number two, which was the changed password in representation of being Slade's second apprentice, I ignored the female voice announcing that the lockdown was no more. I rushed out onto the roof and threw Hot Spot's corpse into the sea. I was back inside within seconds, yet I could already hear life scrambling about below me. It was time rejoin the others.

Robin's lecture I found both annoying and amusing. He was reacting, and that thought made it bearable. He also got Starfire mad at him, which further entertained me. I was not, however, one to be chastised, and he insisted upon it. I was glad when he sent us to our rooms where the bed was drawing me like a magnet. I would sleep for a good many hours this night, though it would be the last decent sleep I was to get.

I woke to Starfire cooking her traditional Tamaranian breakfast, the name of which I care not. I noted that Beast Boy was the only one not to have arrived. He would be going on trial.

Robin showed me upon entry into the training room some robes he had dug up that resembled the attire of a judge. At first I had no idea why he was showing this, but then I understood. I had gotten in trouble in other cities before, been in courtrooms. He wanted me to play judge. He wanted to decide Beast Boy's destiny.

Fate has a sense of humor.

When noon came and went, Robin sent me to fetch Beast Boy—as though I were his messenger girl! The sleeping Titan was awoken, despite my grudge about being ordered around. I knew Beast Boy had something on his mind the moment he walked out of his door, and he quickly revealed to me that I had hurt him the previous night when the stingers were found and I didn't stick up for him. What was I to do? I desired his death, and he wanted me to defend him! Of course, he was not aware of this, and I had to pretend that I had wanted to; I just didn't have enough time to decide to or not. He seemed to decide that this was not a good excuse and ran ahead of me, which only served to anger me more. Robin was sending me away and Beast Boy was running away. How was I supposed to kill anyone at this rate?

When I sat down in the judge's chair, I was expecting something semi-professional, and I suppose that's what I got. Robin was trying to be a good prosecutor, but he didn't have the right questions. It was all an argument, and something that could easily be settled without such extravagance. I can only presume Robin was trying to make things seem more realistic, since his own solid world was crumbling. It is, however, difficult to enter the mind of Robin. He was always unstable, prone to his temper flaring, his protective nature becoming overbearing, and his obsessive nature consuming him. Robin was easy to predict, but difficult to understand.

Bumblebee's outburst surprised me. Trauma could do many things to a person, and while insanity was one of the possibilities, it did not seem to fit Bumblebee. She was too strong for that; and yet there was a glimpse of it as she tried to attack Beast Boy for knowing her real name. It was a good thing I had never called her by it, for her wrath was one I would prefer to avoid. The gleam in her eyes had maniacal, and very much unlike her own. It would have thrown immense suspicion on her if it wasn't for what would soon take place.

The secret panel in the elevator I was unaware of until Beast Boy mentioned it. He was right in the fact that she should not have mentioned it, for I used it in my later acts of murder. While I was not there when Robin, Bumblebee, and Beast Boy went to observe it, I was about to have plenty of time to browse through every nook and cranny in the tower. I've no idea what possessed Robin to take Bumblebee instead of Starfire with him and Beast Boy. Perhaps, since they were already thought to be accomplices, he didn't want something to happen and have more skepticism on them. For whatever reason, I was glad. Naïve Starfire would be much easier to trick than witty Bumblebee, and I could not have asked for better timing. Now it was time for another death: my own.

As soon as the others had left, I proceeded to manipulate Starfire. It was the only reason she had been kept around for this long, for I was anxiously awaiting Robin's response to her unfortunate death. I told the Tamaranian that I would pretend to be dead—she would make up some story about how I tried to attack her and she was using self-defense. Everyone would think I was dead, and then I would be able to creep around the tower at night and discover who was killing everyone. We would meet late in the night and I would tell her if I had discovered anything. This seemed like a brilliant idea to her, and she commended me for it. I allowed her to hit me with a minor starbolt in case it left some kind of indication behind, and then I lay down on the ground as I listened to Starfire's high-pitched scream. There was an explosion, and I could feel the heat of a starbolt next to me. The girl had good aim. I closed my eyes as I could hear the running footsteps, and am not quite aware of what happened next. Something prevented Beast Boy from reaching me immediately, which I am oblivious of. He suddenly screamed my name, however, and a few seconds later I could feel his warm breath on me as he held me. He began talking to me, whom he thought was dead, telling me to get up. I could hear Starfire acting her part well as she cried. When Beast Boy began yelling in my ear, it was tough not to tell him to shut up. My eardrums vibrated even after he was through shouting, and I tried to remain as motionless as I could.

His accusation against Starfire was expected, and I anxiously awaited Starfire's response. I feared she would ruin it with her simple mind, but she played her part extraordinarily. The Titans had no idea. They all believed her, all save for one, which was to be expected. They argued for several minutes before I was suddenly picked up, and I could feel Beast Boy's breath again. He carried me out of the room and up several flights of stairs, silent the entire time. I had no way of knowing what was going through Beast Boy's mind, but I could perceive that he was deep in thought. Beast Boy paused after I heard a door open, but then suddenly set me down on a bed I recognized as my own. There was another pause, but then suddenly the changeling had kissed my forehead and murmured something about "not letting her get away with it". I could only assume me meant Starfire, and as soon as I heard my door close again, I jumped out of the bed. Even now I recall the rush of heat that flew up to my face, and the pounding of my heart growing stronger in my head. I paced the room for hours, trying to gain control over myself. I loved Beast Boy, and yet I hated him. Was it really possible for both? I remember throwing the pillow around the room for hours, arguing with myself—my heart. There was a fleeting instant where I even considered giving up my killing spree and running away with Beast Boy.

Then I remembered that night. I saw him again betray me, leave me in the dirt with Slade. I had wanted to get away, to leave with him and live with the Titans again. I did it because I owed Slade something, but I didn't want things to stay that way. He didn't care. He left me out to die, to be Slade's apprentice, and to ruin my life. He was the reason for all the pain and hardship I was feeling, for all of my killing in the first place. I couldn't let him get to me! Not now, not after I'd come so far! Beast Boy had to die, had to pay for what he'd done to me, and that was all there was to it. My feelings of hate had to far exceed my love, and the more I thought about that night, the more I hated him for what he'd done to me.

I stayed in my room for hours on end. It was not until the clock was almost at two that I left, hurrying over to the elevator. Starfire was expecting to meet me soon in the kitchen, but she would not be making it that far. I was grateful to find a set of elevator doors already open, as the boys and Bumblebee must not have closed them in their haste to get out. I removed a piece of the wall and surfed the air on it, feeling around for the hidden compartment somewhere in the shaft. I knocked on the walls as quietly as I could so it would not reverberate, but it still made more noise than I had hoped. Several times I imagined hearing movement, but as I paused in my work, there was only silence. It's funny what anxiety can do to a person.

I finally located the compartment, in between the ninth and tenth floor. I knocked on it a few times, and a panel slid open. I crawled inside and sent the majority of the rock back to the wall. Two fragments of it, however, I had remain in the air. Ever so slowly in a spot higher than I was, I began to have them go back and forth against the elevator cord. At fist it did nothing, merely created a brushing sound that was louder than I would have liked. As I got faster, however, I saw one spark, and then another. I heard, very faintly, a tearing sound as one particle at a time, the elevator cord began to come undone.

When Starfire summoned the elevator from her floor, I moved the rocks downward to follow the elevator's movement. I needed to keep working on that one spot. I heard the doors open and then shut again, and the elevator began to slowly move down. I moved the rocks together furiously with my powers, and the snapping became quicker. The doors on the sixth floor opened and Robin was looking in the shaft. The seventh floor doors opened too, and Bumblebee and Beast Boy were peering up the shaft like Robin. My heart raced in those few moments, fear seizing me. What if they were to see me? Their attention, however, was focused on the rocks they could not see moving swiftly against the elevator cord, a grinding sound erupting from them.

Robin pieced together everything first. I saw Robin jump down the shaft, but too late—the cord broke, the elevator fell, and the explosion cast Robin to the top of the shaft where gravity pulled him back down. I, being concealed in the secret compartment, felt only the heat of the explosion next to me. As it receded, I peered out to see Robin falling, the debris coming after him. He would be crushed, and therefore dead. I could not allow this. My perfect murders were not yet complete.

Robin had to be injured or they would realize something was wrong. I withheld the debris from falling on the already unconscious martial artist, but allowed him to hit the ground below. It was taking immense concentration to hold back the tons of rock that threatened to fall on Robin, and it was hard to summon another, smaller piece to carry me to the bottom. There was metal on top of the cement that was weighing it down and threatened to fall through, but I held everything steady as I lowered myself to the bottom.

It was almost cute. The elevator was now nothing more than a melted mass of metal, and inside a girl—or so I assumed, for it looked little like one—clearly dead. Robin had landed next to the girl's remains. Hours later I would laugh at the irony as Robin tried to move enough rubble to reach a place he had already been, to reach a girl he had the chance to see with his own eyes.

I picked Robin up and quickly flew out of the elevator, allowing the mounted wreckage to fall behind us. I had to fly up the stairwell four flights before I found the end of the pile, on top of which I lay Robin. After this was done, I ensured that Beast Boy and Bumblebee were still alive before returning to my room. I needed sleep, and no one was going to die for over twenty-four more hours. I had time.

My sleep was in fragments. I would sleep for an hour, then fifteen minutes, then two and a half hours, and then my restlessness would pull me out bed. I was also only allowed to sleep in one position, should someone walk in on me. It was difficult not to move while still rest at the same time. Eventually I gave up and got out of bed. I needed to see how the others were fairing.

I had discovered that the vents in the tower were huge so that Cyborg could crawl through when they needed fixing. Using these to my advantage, I made my way to the elevator. Robin and Bumblebee were working to clear the debris. I briefly wondered where Beast Boy was, but Bumblebee suddenly stopped and began talking to Robin, which drew my attention. Robin actually believed Starfire could be alive, or so he told Bumblebee. I think we both knew otherwise, that Robin was just stubbornly in denial, but she walked away. I continued to watch Robin for a while before I found myself incredibly bored. I could not see his face, and therefore could read little reaction from his body movements. He was tense, his movements swift and automatic. He was hurting, both physically and emotionally. That was all I could draw from my vision several floors above him. I could have gone lower, but fear of being seen prevented me from doing so. Instead I turned around and returned to my room, lying on the bed in case someone were to enter it. How depressing it was when you were dead!

Shouting was what aroused me many hours later. It was Robin's echoing voice, saying something about murder. I promptly left my room and headed towards the elevator, where the sound was still reverberating. Robin and Beast Boy were talking down below. Bumblebee suddenly joined them. They argued with Robin over his belief that Starfire could survive that explosion, and when he refused to stop searching for her, they attacked him. It surprised me just as much as Robin, I'm sure. I stalked them with interest as they placed him in his room and locked him inside, and then returned to the elevator shaft.

Something had created mistrust in Beast Boy, and an interesting conversation followed them. Each accused the other as well as themselves, as though either were likely culprits. I was particularly interested when Beast Boy suddenly renounced his accusation against himself for my sake. "I wouldn't kill Terra." It was touching and yet amusing to witness. Then the conversation moved, and I was brought up again. I was aware, like Bumblebee said, of Beast Boy's feelings for Raven. It was just another reason on my list of why I hated him—he had feelings for another girl.

When they parted ways, I followed Beast Boy. He returned to Robin's room, but a moment later was racing off as he realized that the room was unlocked. While he raced to inform Bumblebee, I remained behind to decipher how Robin had escaped. Fear leaped through my heart as I saw the open vent. Robin knew about these means of escape. He knew that they were big enough for anyone to crawl through, and that they led all throughout the tower. If he were to discover my missing corpse, it would not take long for him to realize what had really happened. Then he would be on a rampage, knowing full well who Starfire's murderer was.

Unless he suspected me, however, he would not be searching for my corpse. Besides, how would he know where Beast Boy put me? I would simply have to be very careful traveling through the vents as I attempted to locate any of the three.

I found Robin first. It surprised me how long it took the other two to locate him there. It would have been one of the first places I would have looked. He was sifting through different items of the Tamaranian's, merely reminiscing. He suddenly came upon the book full of so many nursery rhymes, sifting through it as he sat on her bed. He paused upon a worn page that I knew very well. Beast Boy and Bumblebee finally arrived, and they discussed the poem. Now I knew that I had all three convinced. They didn't quite understand how I was doing it, but they knew it was being done.

They decided to stay in one room. That was a problem for me. When they brought the food up to Starfire's room, I fretted that I would not get a chance to kill anyone else. My perfect murders were going to be wasted. When Beast Boy fell asleep, however, my hope was rekindled. Bumblebee went soon after he did with Robin still examining Starfire's things. He was quite the stalker.

Then again, so was I.

When he was asleep, the strangest idea came to me. What if I could scare them all by bringing in everyone's corpse? That would be fun. With a sinister smirk that I am increasingly proud of, I began to gather the corpses by the order of death. I put work into Raven's body, trying to decipher what was human ashes and the ashes of everything else. This began the line of the dead. After this I recalled that Hot Spot's body was no longer in the tower, and I was put in quite the dilemma. I could open up the tower, but that would wake them and give myself away. I simply couldn't have that. It was then that I realized I could simply remove the wall and get out that way. I used the concrete to lower me to the rocks below, scouring about for Hot Spot's body. I didn't throw it very far, and it logically would have washed up on the island's shore. This was the case, and I picked up the body and flew back into the tower, placing it next to Raven's ashes. Then I moved Aqualad next to Hot Spot, a very simple task. I had to break into the lab to retrieve Cyborg, but it was a minor compensation for the shock I knew I would receive when they awoke. I moved Speedy next to Cyborg's remains and looked at my nearly finished idea. This was going to be quite enjoyable. I went to the elevator shaft and concentrated in order to lift the debris again, then lowered myself down to Starfire's remains with another piece of the wall. I gently touched the girl, and I could feel the flaky skin ready to fall off. Ignoring this, however, I picked her up as carefully as I could and raised myself over the garbage in mid-air, gently putting it back into place. Starfire seemed to be falling apart merely in my arms, and so I hastened my way back to the Tamaranian's room, placing the girl several inches away from the door. I had to leave room for myself.

As I heard Bumblebee rousing, I quickly got into place. I've found that when a person stares into space, it's possible to keep their eyes open for a long period of time. This I did, staring at nothing in particular as Bumblebee screamed. It was hard not to look at each of the Titan's faces as they examined the bodies in front of them, but I could vaguely see their reactions. I blinked only once, when I was sure Beast Boy was behind the bed and Robin and Bumblebee weren't looking at me. Then they left, and I was greatly relieved to be able to blink again. Once they were a fair distance away, I got up from my place and climbed into the vent, clambering about as quietly as I could to find them. I distinguished their voices and followed them into the training room, where they were discussing the heinous act I had just committed. Beast Boy opened his big mouth and drove Bumblebee from the room. For this, I was angered. I had wanted to eavesdrop on their conversation more, but as Bumblebee was my next kill, I was obliged to follow her.

She didn't go very far, only the next room over, to Cyborg's lab. The room had begun to smell, but she didn't seem to care. She walked through the room, running her fingers across different things that undoubtedly reminded her of Cyborg. She paused at the T-sub as she reached it, and I'll never forget her murmuring, "Why did you have to go?"

Her tender moment was ruined from a crash in the room over. Bumblebee and I fled to the training room to see what was going on. Robin and Beast Boy had begun fighting. Bumblebee split them up, but I still don't comprehend what went on in our absence. When questioned, they spoke in riddles that neither Bumblebee nor I seemed to understand. They eventually decided to leave, not forgetting the necessity to stick together. Bumblebee seemed quite certain that she would not have been attacked in her outing alone because she was "an infuriated woman". She did not realize that, I too, was an infuriated woman. When two of the same clashed, who could be certain of victory?

They were, naturally, not going to stay in Starfire's room. Their problem was the food was still there. I was exceedingly gleeful as they entered Starfire's room again. Curiosity overtook me as Robin told Bumblebee and Beast Boy to go on ahead. I watched him walk over to Starfire and begin speaking to her, pulling romantic lines to a dead girl.

Voices trailed softly through the vents. My curiosity redirected me as Robin said his goodbyes. I arrived in the hallway just long enough to her Beast Boy mumble something about using the bathroom as he set his share of supplies down. He turned a corner and vanished from sight. Bumblebee fidgeted, seemingly uncertain of what to do. She look from the door of Starfire's room to the corner Beast Boy had disappeared behind. A nervous look was slowly coming onto her face as she looked from one to the other. Then, quite suddenly, she ran. With an incredible speed, tossing down the food she had been carrying, she fled in the direction opposite Beast Boy's course. Surprised by her actions as well as the lack of ability to run, I was far behind her. It crawled through the vents for a minute before finally calling it quits on the idea. They were all going to die by my hand anyway, and I needed to catch my prey. Midnight was minutes away.

I fell out of the vents and ran through the hallways, jumping down flights of stairs in order to catch up with Bumblebee quicker. I could only imagine where she had gone off to, but my first guess was right. As I neared the training room, I clambered back into the vents and crawled through so as to not be seen by my quarry. Bumblebee was sitting in the judge's chair of the courtroom—my chair—in a very tense position, staring with fright at the door. Had she finally lost her mind, or was she just getting exceedingly paranoid? It made no difference. I was not coming in through the doors.

I slowly and silently opened the moved the covering of the vent that led into the training room. It was just behind the chair Bumblebee was sitting in. It was almost funny, how perfect things were going for me. I slipped down from the hole in the ceiling, making only the slightest noise behind me. Bumblebee turned, however, the fearful look on her face. It increased as she recognized me, and I knew I had to act fast. I spread both hands out and summoned pieces of the wall from either side of me, clapping my hands together so that the cement would too. Bumblebee just had time to scream before the walls smashed into her. She was a stubborn girl, however, and did not die immediately. She tried to push the rocks away from her, but brute strength could not compare with a special power. She said a few more things in her effort to get out, but thankfully never thought to say my name. I heard footsteps as her last breath was taken, and I quickly used the pieces of the wall to lift me back to the vent. I replaced the cement into the wall just as Robin entered the room to find Bumblebee's crushed corpse. I wanted to stay and watch, but I had no time to linger. I hurried to the nearest security device and punched in the number two, ordering a power outage. The lights went off, and the emergency lights came on. The clock chimed. I was just on time, but it was a now a new day, and I had work to do.

In order for things to go according to the poem, Beast Boy, who I had ordained to die next, needed to be "frizzled". This could mean, as the previous line suggested, "in the sun", or, as I realized, an electric shock. The only difficulty was how to make it work. I had decided long ago that I would not and could not kill Beast Boy. While I hated him with a passion I have never experienced before, I also loved him like no one else I had ever met. I could hate him, but I could not kill him. That's why Robin was going to do it for me. I simply had to figure out how.

Robin chased Beast Boy to the top of the tower to their basketball court. During such witty banter, I was terrified I would be found out. My heart pounded with mounting anxiety as they spoke, but those two idiots mistook every word that came from the other's mouth. Even if one of them had denied being the murderer, I am doubtful the other would have believed them. Both of them thought they were the last two that were alive, and would not believe any other story at this point. Everything was working to my advantage.

When Robin and Beast Boy started fighting, I began to take action. I knew that for the poem to be followed through, Beast Boy would have to be "frizzled". Robin's electrodisks would do the trick. Who was to say, though, that he would not use something else to kill Beast Boy? I had to ensure the poem was fulfilled. I left the vents and crept through the darkness using the noise they were making to guide me to them. As I reached them, my eyes accustomed to the darkness, I carefully began taking Robin's gadgets off of him. I had to use my memory, thinking back on when Robin used his electrodisks and where he reached to ensure I left the right device behind. It was a tricky process, without doubt, and several times Robin nearly backed into me. Beast Boy, too, came dangerously close to hitting me on multiple occasions. It was only when Beast Boy backed away and Robin sensed me coming back for the last of his items that he caught me. I was just about to back away, but Robin knew I was there. He kicked me, and I dropped everything in my hands. I fought with him, and he seemed to think I was Beast Boy, for he made no indication otherwise. When I finally landed a punch that sent back several feet, I made my way back to where his fallen appliances were, quickly grabbing them and taking off as inaudibly as I could. I climbed up the vents and quietly placed the items in my hand inside, climbing up after them. From there I simply watched as my handiwork worked itself out. They spoke to each other a lot, which made me uneasy. Once Beast Boy even mentioned on how I would want him to live. I stifled a laugh. He was quite mistaken.

Suddenly the line in the poem that was being fulfilled was recalled to my mind. Two little Titans sitting in the sun; one got frizzled up and then there was one. They had to be in the sun? I hastily moved from my hiding spot, scurrying through the vents like a mouse that smelled cheese. I needed those two outside for my plan to be perfect! It risked them getting away, but it was a chance I had to take. The perfection was worth it all.

I came down at the small flight of stairs that led to the roof. Turning to the device beside me, I punched in the number two and told the tower to unlock itself. It was time for the sun to shine.

I crawled back into the vent and waited. They were so close to this door that I would be surprised if they went out the front door. Then again, they may have realized that the other didn't unlock the tower, and it had to be someone else. Robin and Beast Boy were rather thick, however, and once they were set on something, they were not easily discouraged from it. They were set on murder.

Beast Boy zipped past me and was out the door before I had much of a clue what was happening. Robin was quickly behind him. As the door shut, I jumped from the vent and crept to the door, opening it so that only a sliver of the outside world came through. It was enough, however, to see Robin throw out his electrodisk at the green pterodactyl that was flying away. Only a second later, the flying dinosaur was being torn from the sky.

When Robin went to look over the edge, I shut the door and ran down the stairs to the bottom floor, anxious to beat Robin there. I wanted to see if Beast Boy was dead for myself, though I knew this impossible unless Robin brought him back in the tower. To my excitement, he did. My last love was indeed quite dead, and while a part of me was devastated, the elated side of me took hold. Beast Boy had finally paid for his act of transgression to me. My revenge upon him was finished, and I was quite pleased. Now all that was left was Robin, who was already practically a walking corpse himself. Someone powerful was watching out for me.

I hardly had to race Robin back to Starfire's room as he was taking his sweet time getting there. I pretended to be dead just as those around me actually were, and I was grateful Robin was only in the room for a few moments in his first visit. It allowed me to think on things. My plan was so close to its finale that it was exciting and yet depressing. Everything, all of my fun, was almost over. It was good while it lasted, though, I remember thinking. Everyone had been so accommodating to my devious scheme without even realizing it. Once Robin was dead, I would have no reason left to stick around. That purple vile I had "bought" not too long ago would save me and destroy me. It was sad to think that everything I had lived for was going to end so soon, but, as I reminded myself, at least it was going out with a bang.

Robin returned and placed the last of the bodies against the wall, for what purpose I do not know. I found it gratifying, however, as it saved me time. The Boy Wonder tried to communicate to the police on the mainland, but I could not have that. The fire had ruined the communicator's frequencies, and blocked all contact from coming in or going out. He lay down to sleep. I waited.

Once I was sure he was asleep, I left Starfire's room and followed the hallways to the stairs, following them down to the main room. It was still mostly ashes, and hardly stable to walk on. Everyone had stayed away from it since the fire, which had helped me immensely; for buried here in the floor were the items most valuable to the finale of my plan. I pulled up the floor with caution, unsure how the unstable area would take it. When nothing worrisome occurred, however, I knelt down and picked up a hook stolen from Cyborg's lab and the noose I had gained with the purple bottle of liquid. I grabbed the hook and noose, hesitated, and then grabbed the vile as well, sticking it in my back pocket. It would not be long before I was in need of it.

I returned to Starfire's room and found Robin still sleeping. Pinpointing the center of the Tamaranian's room, I drove the hook into her ceiling and placed the noose on the curve, tugging hard on it to make sure it was stable. It was. In the corner was Starfire's favored bright pink, wooden chair. I moved it underneath the noose and stood on it, adjusting the rope to Robin's height. How this was going to work was not clear in my mind. I knew that Robin's first murder would do one of two things to him, and the latter did not seem to be the case. The first was that he would go insane with the grief and would never again be able to be Robin the superhero. He would be Dick Grayson, the teenager in the psychiatric ward. The second possibility was that he would become addicted to murder, as I had become. Because of his monotonous actions after his swim to retrieve Beast Boy's body, I had become exceedingly doubtful this would occur.

I returned to my sitting place next to two corpses and waited. When Robin awoke, it had been so long that I had stopped keeping count of the hours. I refused to allow myself to blink as he got out of bed and walked over to the mirror. What drew him to that place I am not sure, but he saw the noose in the reflection. I silently got up and snuck over to the chair, sitting on it just as he turned around. He seemed shocked as he looked at me, and the first word that came out of his mouth made me smile. "Starfire!" Is that what his tortured mind was seeing?

I had done no tricks. I had not put a hallucination pill in his drink. I had not put a hologram of Starfire, nor had I hit him on the head a little too hard. Robin's mind did it all. The events of the past ten days had wrecked his mind beyond therapeutic repair. When he saw me, he seemed to mistake me for his lost love that he missed so dearly. I stood and got upon the chair, taking the noose and tightening it around my neck. He watched me in horror. I took the noose off of my neck and stepped down from the chair, gently goading him into mimicking me with hand gestures, but his eyes never left the noose. Then he suddenly spoke to it, calling it Starfire. I had given Starfire a body, but now Robin was doing it all with his mind. I quickly became aware that Robin didn't even realize I was standing there, so I returned to the wall of corpses, sitting in my spot to watch the show. He ran forward quite suddenly, but the fallen look in his eyes told me that Starfire had hung herself.

Robin had a temper tantrum, which I found quite funny. I made no noise as it might break the trance his mind had put him in, but watched with maniacal glee. He pounded on the floor, anger spreading across his face, followed by uncertainty. Whatever was going on in that muddled mind of his, it was making him see things in a new light. He stood and got up on the chair, placing the noose around his neck. I tried to look dead, but I could not hide the maniacal smile from my face. It was happening.

And quite suddenly, he was dead.

That is my story. I killed ten Titans in ten days. For the police who will arrive at Titans Tower far too late, I send this message out to them. I do not know who will get it, but I do hope they enjoy reading about the deaths of the famed superheroes. I hope everyone remembers that it was not Slade who killed them, that it was not Brother Blood, that it was not Trigon or Blackfire or any member of the HIVE. It was I. It was Terra. The saying to keep your friends close and your enemies closer is indeed very true. Your best friend probably is your worst enemy.

I will take the purple vial I bought so long ago, which is filled with a deadly poison. I will be dead within minutes of taking it. This letter shall be sealed in a bottle, so cliché, and thrown out the window. To whomever reads this, I do hope you have enjoyed hearing my tragic tale. It was far too fun to pass up, and if I had the opportunity, I would do it again. Should I ever leave this tower again, however, Slade will hunt me down and force me to once again do his bidding. That is not a life worth living for. My revenge is complete, and I am far too elated to every feel something depressing again. I want to end on this happy note. I want to end with the Titans dead beside me, knowing that it was not they who came out victorious, but I, Terra, their best friend and worst enemy—their murderer.

Do give Slade my regards. I'm sure he'll be furious that I killed the Titans and didn't give him credit. As his apprentice, I know he expects it. But it is not coming. I alone murdered nine members of the Teen Titans, not Slade. Ensure no one ever forgets it. It's just a pity that the Titans couldn't be alive to witness my triumph, but that is not possible, for my triumph is in their death. The almighty Titans were brought down to their knees by no more than a teenager like themselves. I was no different. We were the same in so many respects, which I why I think they were able to guess many of the different ways in which I killed. We were all so very similar, and yet so very different. They understood some of what I was doing, yet they could not stop me. There were nine of them, but they couldn't stop a simple teenage girl. They were brainless and weak, whereas I am clever and strong. They did not comprehend many things, but one Titan understood something that they'll never know for a fact was true.

Robin was right. I found it all hilarious.



Well… here it is. My epilogue. My answers. Better late than never, I suppose. Let me ASSURE you that many of you came up with much better theories. They were truly incredible to read.

You know, there was something that many of you did in your reviews that I found absolutely hysterical. And while the way-off guesses did make me laugh at times, this is not to which I refer. Several people in their reviews told me what had happened in the book And Then There Were None. I found this absolutely hysterical. Some of you told me what happened in the book—as if I hadn't read it! All those of you may have done was spoil the book for those who hadn't read it yet. And I found this hilarious. It was amusing for you to tell me what happened in the book my story is based off of. It was absolutely hilarious. Thought I'd share that with you all. : D

This is really poorly written. At first it started out insane, but then I got pressed for time and it was more telling you the fic all over again. I'm sorry. It was bad. But one day I'll come back and make it better so it's more interesting to read. Gomen nasaii!


There were some things that happened in the fic that no one there could explain except for myself, because I am the almighty author. Mostly these are just flaws I realized as I wrote the epilogue and made up excuses for. But, so that there is no confusion, I will list them here. If there is something I've missed, please state it in your review and I will make up something to explain it. ; D

In chapter four, Starfire was walking through the halls. Cyborg saw her on his security cameras. Whatever happened to these security cameras? They would have caught Terra sneaking through the tower on tape.

Indeed, that is true! Starfire saw it, but she thought that the footage only went to the main room, which was in ashes. Cyborg had not revealed to the others of the security cameras in his own room. Terra was not aware they existed. Cyborg did not check them because he, like Robin (only much faster), was beginning to loose himself. He couldn't think straight, and forgot that if he rewound the footage, he would be able to locate the murderer. This would have caused Terra's downfall, so she's a lucky one!

How did Terra know about the wires in chapter four? The ones that dismantled Cyborg. That would be something Cyborg would know, but not Terra. Why didn't he avoid those wires?

Terra, if you will remember, had traveled the world before she finally settled with the Titans. It is impossible to find out just what she learned and did not. Therefore she learned quite a bit about mechanics in her journeys, which led her to discover that those two wires' particular reaction to each other would cause a rejection of what it touched. Cyborg did not realize that these wires were what they were. If you'll remember, the T-sub was completely wrecked, and the wires were strewn about everywhere. It would be very difficult to determine what wire did what.

There was no broken T when Terra "died".

That can be explained in two ways. The first is that, in actuality, no one died. The other way to look at it is that Terra slipped up. She seems to have been very lucky in her murders, and this is just another example. Because the Titans had not understood the pattern of the broken Ts, it went unnoticed.

When Robin, Bumblebee, and Beast Boy woke up to the corpses in the room, wouldn't they have noticed Terra breathing?

… If you just saw seven people in front of you who you thought were dead (six that actually were), many who looked absolutely repulsive, do you think you would stand around to see if their chest was moving? I, for one, would have screamed and ran. You're weird if you wouldn't. ; D

When Terra followed Bumblebee and Beast Boy, Robin was talking to Starfire's corpse. She would have had to leave after Robin because he would have noticed she was gone. How did she reach Bumblebee faster and slid past Robin without him noticing?

Ooh, you are an intelligent one! I didn't catch that! Let us say that his sorrow at his goodbye to Starfire blinded him from Terra's absence. Indeed, you have caught yet another stumble of mine while writing this fic!

If there are any Inuyasha fans in the crowd, I saw the third movie. Incredible. A must-see. I love the San/Mir pairing, and there was one line in that movie… FLUFF! I'm a sucker for fluff. You've no idea. It's why I positively ADORE the Rob/Star pairing.

So this is my epilogue, everyone. IT IS NOT EDITED. I just HAD to get it out today because I'd made you guys wait so long…. I'll have you know that I hardly slept at all last night. Or the night before that. Or the night before that. You'd think I'd learn my lesson about procrastination, but nope. I would still do it again. xD I hope you all enjoyed this fic, and please, don't hesitate to tell me how I can improve! I know that the epilogue wasn't all that great, and my way of how it was done was pitiful compared to your ideas, but I would still love to hear from you!

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4) Are there any grammatical errors you saw me commonly making that you'd like to point out/give me advice on? (I'm always up for grammar help!)

5) Is there anything else I should know, because I'm too lazy to think up more questions…?

Thank you SO much for reading this! Review, okay? Thankx!