I do not own Roswell or anything affiliated to it. This is a fan fiction story meant only for the enjoyment of myself and other Roswell fans.

Title: Doomed

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, Fantasy

Setting: What if Max had not let Tess leave at the end of season 2? Read this fic and find out!

Rating: PG

Written By: Jennifer S. a.k.a. AssissinElektra

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"I never loved you." I told him, and the look in his eyes shattered my heart. I blinked in an effort to wish it all away, but there he was, staring at me with tears in his usually confident eyes.
"Liz..." His tone was pleading, almost as much as his tearful eyes, so I looked away.
"No!" I said, my hands in the air by some reflex. I looked back through my own tears. "Max, just walk away." He just stood there. "Max," My eyes loicked with his. "Go." I thought about saying please, but I had to be convincing.
Max held my eyes in a solumn look for a few seconds, and he almost spoke twice, but then he walked away, his silence kept. Max Evans, the love of my life, walked out of my life forever, because I'd told him to.

I'm Liz Parker, and it's safe to say the last few days have been strange. First things first, Tess is pregnant with Max's son. I can't put into words how much that hurts, but it's a fact.
Science deals with facts so it's not exactly new territory for me, but that doesn't keep those facts from ripping me apart.
You see, I love Max. I love him like I've never loved anyone before. I mean, we are connected, our souls fuzed, and yet, Tess is the one who carries his child.
I know they had that whol other-life-romance thing, but she killed Alex! How much more can I hate her? She stole my life! Tess stole my soul-mate, killed my best friend, and has made my life hell since she showed up in Roswell.
Was I surprised that she was the one who killed Alex? No. Was I shocked that she would go to such lengths as framing an innocent girl to cover it up and throw me off track? Absolutly not. But, did I ever think that Max would sleep with her?
Now, back to my lie to Max about me not loving him. Let me tell you what that was all about..."

Horrified they waited for Max to come out of the cave. They'd left him alone with Tess only because he had insisted, and now, as her heart raced in panic, Liz Parker wished she hadn't. If Tess had enough power to murder Alex and cover it up for this long, what would stop her from hurting, or even killing, Max?
Maria clung to Michael, wishing she were anywhere else. But, they couldn't leave now. Not with Max still in there. Although Maria gladly would have left Tess there to rot. That bitch, who Maria had never really liked at all, although she had tried for the alien club's sake, she was the reason Alex was dead! Tess deserved to die a horribly painful death.
But, Max was in there too. And, no matter how hurt Liz was from Max's night of infidelity with Tess, Liz would be devestated if Max was hurt or killed. Because, with Max and Liz, their love was so strong that anything was eventually forgivable.
So, Maria hoped for Liz's sake that Max made it out. But, in the meantime, she was dealing with the unbelievable fact that Michael had come back for her. Michael, the one who had always wanted to leave Roswell, had stayed for Maria.
The rock door on the cave slid open and Tess flew out. Max stepped out, glaring at Tess with such hatred that Liz actually felt a little scared of him. Everyone was watching Max, but when he stormed toward Tess, their eyes shifted and looked at her.
She was a mess, a crying, desperate mess, but no one there felt sorry for her. Still, they left Max deal with her, drawn away from their own desires to hurt or kill Tess by Max's usually quiet but now intense leadership.
"We trust you!" Max yelled at Tess, who was metally shattered at this point. "I..." Max stopped talking, forced silent by both the subject of what he would have said and the angry tears that were threatening his leader image. "You deserve to die, Tess."
"Kill me, and you kill your son." Tess said, a personal satisfaction bleeding from her words.
Max's glare intensidied, but softened when he felt Liz's hand on his shoulder. He turned his head, but did not directly look at her.
"What are we going to do, Max?" Liz asked him. She didn't sound afraid or timid, but there was a lingering doubt in her question. Liz was really asking if Max was going to kill Tess, and they all somehow knew it, especially Tess.
"I..." Max looked at Michael, who nodded and yanked Tess onto her feet.
"Let's take her to Valenti." Michael said, as Kyle grabbed Tess's other arm and helped drag her. She didn't even attempt to get away. In fact, she didn't struggle at all.

Chapter 1

They stared at each other, Valenti looking disappointed and Tess trying to appear emotionless. This was the man who had told her the day before that she was family, that she was always welcomed in their home. Now, she was tied to a chair, locked in his garage, because no one else had a better idea of how to deal with her.

"There is nothing that I can say that will…"

Tess interrupted him, "Jim…"

"You shut up!" Valenti yelled, making Tess jump. "You do not have the right to talk anymore." His face turned red from anger, and he glared at Tess. "You killed one of us." Valenti added.

"We took you in, Tess. I let you stay in my home! And, you not only murdered Alex, you violated his mind as well as Kyle's!" His voice escalated as he spoke.

"I have to get my baby off this planet!" Tess yelled, before Valenti could object. Her hands rested on her stomach, and her face held a look of pain.

"How do I know you're not mind warping us all into thinking that?" Valenti asked, and Tess hesitated before answering.

"Do you really want to take the chance and have a dead child on your conscious." She finally said, glaring at him.

Valenti sighed. "Is there anything we can do to save your baby?" He asked, speaking much calmer.

"Not anymore." Tess said, pouting. "Max killed the only chance."

"Well, you killed Alex, Tess, so I see why he did what he did." Valenti stood up and walked out of the room, and once more Tess found herself utterly alone.


"I don't know what it is." Liz said, handing Michael an order. "It's like I feel this… energy whenever I'm around Tess, like my hatred and anger are taking physical form."

"Well," Maria said, "as soon as you start getting alien powers, I'll worry, Liz." Maria smiled as she walked over to a customer.

"That's not funny." Liz said, although she was unable to hide a small smile. And then Max walked in, and her smile faded. "Max?" Liz said, walking out from behind the counter. "Is everything all right?" She asked him, as he took a seat on one of the stools.

"No, Liz." Max said, looking at her through his dark eyes. They seemed older somehow, and Liz guessed it was from the stress Tess was causing all of them. "I don't know what to do." The usually fearless leader admitted.

The customer she'd been helping walked over to a booth, and Maria turned to Max and Liz. "I say we kill her." Maria said, although her tone showed how untruthful the statement was even if her face showed hatred.

Liz looked at Maria, giving her best friend the puppy eyes they used in code for "I need to leave, can you cover me?"

Maria sighed and waived absentmindedly toward the door. "Go." She said. "Break some of her limbs for me." Maria added, as Max and Liz walked out of The Crashdown holding hands.

"You know, I don't get why you let her do that." Michael commented to Maria.

"Do what, Michael?" She asked, glancing back.
"Just leave." He answered.

"It's not like she's never covered for me." Maria told him.

"Whatever." Michael turned back to the grill.

"Whose limbs are we breaking?" Max asked once they were outside and walking down the sidewalk. He looked almost as confused as he felt, which was a relief for his face that had held a "world resting on my shoulders" look so much the last couple years.

Liz's eyes glanced at Max. "Guess."


Tess didn't have to look up to know that Liz and Max were in the garage. But, she did anyway, wishing she hadn't immediately after seeing their glares. Liz kept her mouth shut and waited for Max to speak first, although she could have cheerfully reached over and strangled Tess.

"You're getting bigger." Max commented, and Tess's hands instinctively moved to her bulging stomach.

"That's what happens during a pregnancy, Max." Tess snapped, moving to stand.

"Sit down!" Liz yelled, and Tess followed the order in shock. Max looked over at Liz, surprised to see such rage in her eyes. "Max," Liz locked onto his eyes, "give us a few minutes of girl time?" He hesitated, but finally turned to leave.

"Don't hurt her." Max told Liz before leaving, and she nodded in agreement, once more holding back her uncharacteristic anger.

"Are you sure you want to leave them alone in there?" Max glanced over at Kyle, who was pretending to watch TV.

"I trust Liz." Max said, although even he had his doubts.

"Whatever, man." Kyle said. "You're cleaning up the mess."

Max looked at him and considered slumping onto the chair next to his couch, but then he noticed how Kyle wasn't really paying attention to the TV at all. Kyle looked up, suddenly aware he was being watched.

"Oh, uh, if you listen carefully, you can hear what they're saying." Kyle said.

Back in the garage, Liz was untying Tess's hands. "I don't understand." Tess said.

"It's for the baby's comfort." Liz told her sharply. "Not yours. Once Max's son is safe and away from you, no one will protect you, Tess." The alien backed away from Liz and sat next to the wall. The floor was harder than the chair she'd been sitting in, but it was a welcomed difference.

"When are you due?" Liz asked, as she started pacing in front of Tess.

"I…how would I know something like that?" Tess asked.

"You seem to know everything there is to know about you aliens." Liz remarked. "Why the sudden ignorance?"


"When are you due?" Liz asked, this time speaking slowly to get her point across.

"Sometime in the next few days." Tess said, and Liz had to hide her shock from it being so soon. "Aliens mature faster than humans, apparently." Tess's tone was almost sarcastic.

"Here's what I think." Liz said, stopping to stand right in front of Tess. "You're going to tell me everything you know about your baby, and you're not going to lie or mind warp me."

"What would stop me?" Tess asked, becoming her snotty self for a moment.

Liz kneeled down and looked Tess right in the eyes. "I would."

"I'm scared." Tess remarked in mocking fear.

"Good." Liz said, reaching out a hand and wrapping it tightly around Tess's throat. But, the sudden connection caused something the erupt with Liz's cells, and a bolt of colorful energy knocked her away from Tess.

It took her a moment to recover, but as soon as she did Liz was back on her feet and staring at her hand in awe.

"Guess Max has rubbed off on you after all." Tess commented. "And here I thought I was his first."

"I hope you rot in hell." Liz said, leaving the garage and slamming the door. She appeared in Kyle's living room just in time to catch both Kyle and Max leaning over to hear her conversation with Tess.

"What are you doing?" Liz asked, and they both jerked back into sitting normal in surprise.

"Um, nothing." Kyle said, flashing a goofy smile. "How'd it go with Tess?" He asked, casually.

"I need to talk to you Max." Liz said.

"Okay, that's my cue to leave." Kyle said, getting up.

"What's wrong?" Max asked, standing and touching Liz's shoulders to comfort her.

"I…I don't know. When I…I touched Tess and I…" Liz sighed. "I think I used an alien power."

"What?" Kyle yelled from the other room. "I mean, I'll be in the kitchen if you guys need me." He added, but Liz and Max had ignored him anyway.

"What do you mean?" Max asked, more concerned now than ever.

To Be Continued...