/The Super Ultra Hyper Duper Comic Round Robin/

By: BigHead and Joshua the Evil Guy. (and a lot of other folks, hopefully)

Disclaimer: None of this belongs to us. We just are crazy enough to go ahead with it.

Summary: The gang. A book. Some spell. And then... we don't know much more than this. Read on.

Warning: This might cause brain damage. Heck, it happened to us.

Rating: R for language and some graphic description of violence, just to be on the safe side.

Author's Notes: I would like to thank Joshua for screwing my writing life more than it already was. But this was too good to pass on. BigHead.

"Da Rulez" - Since this is a Round Robin and we don't want the world or the story to end on the next chapter with some magical instantaneous solution, here we go:

Rule #1 - In Megascity, NO VAMPIRES!

Rule #2 - In the Real World, No "writing them out" or "defeating the Villain with words", only plot twists and writing in tools to help them out.

Rule #3 - While transformed in their superhero personas in MegasCity, our heroes just remember their lives in MegasCity, not the ones in Sunnydale.

Rule #4 - Everyone in Megascity has powers, but nothing too outrageous, small stuff like penny-sliding telekinesis, or bad luck premonitions, or changing the flavor of their ice cream cone.

Rule #5 – All except Giles has "Special Attacks", but even when performing normal attacks like kicks or punches, the attack MUST be called out as it is being performed. Kinda a Japanime thing there.

Rule #6 – Xander's attacks must always be preceded by the letter 'X'. (Ex: "X-Punch!", "X-Beam", "X Crossbeam Laser!")

Rule #7 – Buffy's attacks must always be preceded by the word 'Slayer'. (Ex: "Slayer Strike!", "Slayer Flash!", "Slayer Cross-Cutter!")

Rule #8 – If the person is in Megascity, then they are NOT in the Real World, and will not appear where or when they disappeared from it when/if they ever get out.

Rule #9 – If one person (author) is slowly coming out with incremental additions and has a "plan" for some amazing plot within Megascity, ANNOUNCE IT at the beginning of each increment and most definitely at the beginning of the plot so others may be aware of this.

Rule #10 – Time is relative. Please keep this in mind.

Rule #11 – Powers cannot "decrease" as the story continues, unless there is a listed and agreed upon reason for it. Example: Xander's Superhero form completely wipes out a nearly invincible demon, written by one author, week later, another author has him use the same attack on a "weaker" villain and said villain is not destroyed. Not allowed, unless there is an agreed upon reason.


Participation/Additions: YESSSS! PLEEEEAAAASEEE!


"Hey G-man," Xander greeted as he strolled into the Magic Box, seeing Giles at the register.

Rupert Giles sighed and rolled his eyes. "Xander, how many times must I ask you not to call me by that infernal nickname?"

Rather than respond, Xander just grinned, unrepentant and walked up to his live-in girlfriend, greeting her with a kiss. Then he turned back to Giles and finally replied, "Would you rather I say hello the same way I do with Anya?"

Giles rolled his eyes again and chose to ultimately ignore the construction worker.

"Hey Giles . . ." Willow, with Tara in tow, came out from the back, carrying a large dusty tome with her, "Oh! Hey Xander," she paused to greet her friend before turning back to Giles. "Giles, this book you asked Tara and I to look at. . . we can't get it open."

"Yes Willow, that's why I asked you and Tara to look at it. There is a binding spell placed upon it. I was hoping that the two of you could figure out a way of breaking the enchantment." Giles patiently answered.

"Oh. Well that's just it," Willow huffily retorted, "There are multiple layers of protections and bindings on this thing. We managed to break the first one that you called us for, but then we found three more, and I've managed to break two of them, and Tara knew a trick around the third, but . . . there are still over thirteen more spells on this book and I don't think Tara and I are good

enough to even begin taking them apart. Hence,we can't get it open."

"Oh dear. Well that is rather unusual, isn't it?" Giles left the counter and took the book from the witches over to the main table in the corner. Taking a closer look, Xander saw that the dusty tome wasn't actually that old, it just looked like it had been left on a shelf for ten years or so. Also, the funny thing, was that there were paper stickers all over it, including a rather large one across the leaves that seemed to keep the book from being opened.

Anya, with a broad smile on her face, went back behind the counter, manning the register, while Tara, looking somewhat tired, went to get some coffee from the maker in the opposite corner. Xander, having nothing better to do, walked over to join Giles and Willow in looking at the book.

At that moment however, the front door opened, the shop bell ringing the announcement, revealing Buffy Summers, the Slayer, Chosen One, and 4-time saver of the world, so far, and her sister, Dawn Summers.

"Hey all," the once Southern Californian Cheerleader turned mystically empowered super hero greeted.

"Hi guys!" Dawn happily chirped, somehow sounding like the most annoying sound in the world coupled with the cutest.

Buffy clenched her teeth and quickly pointed Dawn to the table where she was supposed to do her homework while moving to see what Giles and company were gathered around. When Xander was at the research table, she had discovered early on in her superhero career, it more often than not was a sign of an upcoming apocalypse. Or at least the demon of the week.

"Watchya got there Watcher-mine?" she asked coming around Willow's side to look at the paper sealed tome.

"Oh, Buffy, yes hello, I'm having a wonderful day, so nice of you to ask, and I trust that your day is also going splendidly?" Giles responded with the British equivalent of sarcasm.

Smirking at her mentor, she stuck her tongue out at him and turned her attention back to the book. Frowning suddenly, she flipped it around so she could read the inscription that was on the cover. "Meg . . . Meg-ah-sss-I-tee? Mega-sss-Itee? Megas-cite-ee? Meg-ass-city? Oh, I get it now, Megascity. What is it anyway?"

"Well, that's just it, I'm afraid," Giles answered her, taking the tome and handing it to the Slayer. "I haven't the foggiest to be perfectly honest. I found it downstairs, left over from the last . . . er, proprietor I would imagine. But it appears to be sealed. I asked Willow and Tara to come and see if they could unlock it, but apparently . . ."

Giles was prevented from continuing as Buffy suddenly grunted in exertion as she tried to force the leaves apart, or to even tear off the paper that was stuck to the covers. " . . . they can't get it open," Giles finished his statement.

"Well did you try using scissors, or a knife?" Xander asked out of the blue.

Everyone turned and looked at him and just stared for several seconds. Then Buffy's face lit up, at which point Xander reached into his back pocket and handed Buffy his pocketknife.

"Thanks," she smiled gratefully and proceeded to cut the paper. Or try to at least. After several grunting attempts, she finally gave it up and handed Xander his knife back, only to find that the blade had been twisted into a misshapened piece of metal. "Uh . . . sorry?" she apologized, flushing crimson with embarrassment.

"No, that's all right, I never liked this piece of junk anyway," Xander replied, his voice devoid of feeling, telling them all exactly what he felt about the loss of his favorite pocket knife.

As he was about to throw it away however, he noticed something on the book cover. "Hey, what's that," he pointed at the other inscriptions, which were smaller and further down on the cover beneath the title.

"Oh my, I never noticed that before," Giles took a closer look.

"Hey, neither did we," Willow exclaimed.

"What is it?" Tara asked, sitting next to Dawn, silently helping the youngest Summers with her Math homework.

"Don't know, looks like some kind of inscription," Xander answered for them. Taking a closer look, he began to read. "Transmutous, Portus, Omnifortalus."

"Land of Heroes, Open the Gate," Buffy read another of the inscriptions, pointing at it as she read.

Willow found another, "Powers of the Realm Open unto thine of Body, Heart, Spirit and Mind."

Anya looked up, a wild look in her eyes as a desperate memory tugged at her.

Giles read the last three words at the very bottom of the front cover, "Transominous, Victania, Justica."

"Strange, very strange indeed," Giles muttered to himself as he studied the cover more closely.

"NO!" Anya suddenly shouted. "Get away from the book!"

As the four of them turned to look at the desperate ex-demon, they didn't see all of the mystical seals, the pieces of paper, light up, black symbols appearing in the middle of each one, and then burn away into less than smoke. Less than a moment later the book flew open, probably caused by the sudden gale-force winds that were ripping through the magic shop. Blinding light shined from the opened pages, but before the four heroes of the Hellmouth could back away as Anya had warned them to do, something, some force reached out of the book, grabbed them, and then sucked them all into it. After that, the wind and light died down, but the book itself snapped shut.