Five years has passed since the attack from the great demon Kyuubi no Kitsune. Five years has passed since the great beast was sealed within the new born son of Yondaime Hokage 'Konoha's Yellow Flash.' Sarutobi set his gaze on the four stone faces carved on the mountain. his eyes traveled from the first stone face then moving on to the second. A smile formed in his face as his eyes passed his own stone face. Sarutobi let out a sigh of grief after stopping at the fourth stone face. 'Still so young and yet… You already left this world.' He thought as he saw a white haired man followed by a silver haired AnBu enter the building.

Sarutobi continued to watch the Hokage monument , waiting for his two visitors to arrive. After a few minutes the door to his office creaked open, turning around to greet his visitors , Sarutobi finally came face to face with his former student and the prized student of the Yondaime. Jiraiya of the Sannin and Copy Ninja Hatake Kakashi ANBU Captain stood there at attention waiting for orders. Well Kakashi was waiting for any orders Jiraiya was looking at the view from the Hokage office.

"Ohayo Sarutobi-sensei… Care to tell me why you pulled me out of my 'research'?" Jiraiya asked , eyeing the old man before him while the young boy beside him stifled a perverted giggle. Sarutobi let out a small smile as he went back behind his desk and sat down. He motioned for the two of them to do the same in which the two politely obliged. Taking out his pipe , Sarutobi quickly lit it while continuing to look out the window, he puff on the pipe for a few minutes. He then put his pipe down on the ashtray , and turned his attention to a rather impatient Jiraiya. "Well? What was your reason for dragging me back in Konoha?" Jiraiya said , his voice filled with impatience and anger.

"I know your still not over the fact that he is gone." Sarutobi started, his eyes calmly observing the two men's faces. His eyes narrowed when he noticed the guilt and pained look from the two men. A pained look could now be seen in Jiraiya's visage while Kakashi had a guilty look on his face , both men were looking at the ground avoiding Sarutobi's gaze. "I asked Kakashi-kun here to track you down because there is something we must discuss." Sarutobi continued a twinkle in his eye could be seen as he started to explain his reason.

"As you know the Kyuubi no Kitsune was sealed within a new born baby boy. Not just any baby but his own son" Sarutobi said , Jiraiya and Kakashi looked up from their stupor to listen intently to what Sandaime had to say. "Since it took three years and a half just to track you down, I took it upon myself to care for the boy, all the while waiting for you to return." Jiraiya raised an eyebrow at this , knowing full well that the duties of a Kage was rather hectic and had very little time for leisure. Sarutobi held out his hand to stop the white haired man from asking questions.

"I had young Naruto placed under the care of the Uchiha clan during times when I am unavailable to care for the child. This prove quite a good thing also since the Uchiha clan not only cared for the child they also started teaching him in the ways of the Shinobi." Sarutobi continued , this cause Jiraiya to have a rather shock look on his face. "Yes Jiraiya I think it was a wise decision but sad to say not everyone in the village see the boy as the Hero but as the Demon itself. This is where you come in my former student as well as you Kakashi-kun" Sarutobi said looking directly into the two's eyes with a serious expression.

"Jiraiya put your research work on hold as much as it pains me. I want you back here as a jounin-sensei in Konoha." Sarutobi announce which cause Jiraiya to rise from his seat in anger and surprise. Sarutobi once again held out his hand to hold Jiraiya's questions and protest, he then continued "Kakashi-kun you and Jiraiya will be the boy's mentors since the two of you knew his father best but Do not divulge information about his lineage. I have already made arrangements for your stay here Jiraiya. Your old house here is still where you last left it."

After his explanation Jiraiya began to bombard Sarutoi with questions. "Why the hell does it have to be me? Why can't Tsunade-hime do it? I'm not cut out to take care of the boy!" Jiraiya yelled out his frustration. He really didn't want to put his research work on hold but a glare from Sarutobi quickly made him change his mind. Kakashi meanwhile tried to raise a question but the tense air between Sandaime and his former student.

"Sarutobi-sama where is the boy now?" Kakashi asked the question which made the two men in front of him turn towards his direction. Sarutobi had a thoughtful look on his face then glanced at the clock , a small smile forming on his face.

"Naruto-kun is at the academy right now attending classes" Sarutobi replied casually while Kakashi and Jiraiya's expression were of pure shock. Sarutobi then motioned for the two men to follow him towards the academy. "I believe classes are just about to end. Naruto-kun apparently has inherited his father's genius and rather hyperactive persona. and before the two of you ask me why Naruto-kun is attending the academy at such a young age. Well it would be because the boy seems more mature than kids his age."

"You see… Naruto has already been thru three assassinations attempts. From Shinobi's holding a grudge on the boy or the demon. If not for the protection of Young Itachi and his father. The boy would no longer be among us, Naruto has seen someone attempt to kill him. This caused the boy to be in such a traumatic state, also this lead me to explain to him about his special condition." Sarutobi said while calmly leading the nodding men towards their destination.

"How did the boy take it sensei?" Jiraiya asked fully interested now in training the boy. Sarutobi stopped for a few minutes to puff on his pipe before turning around to reply to Jiraiya's question.

"Naruto-kun was angry at first but then after I told him about Yondaime's dying wish. The boy went silent for three days , not talking to anyone not even to the Uchiha's who he has regarded as a family. After three days of silence Naruto came to me asking if there was a way for him to become stronger and uphold Yondaime's dying wish" Sarutobi said , a small tear rolling down his eyes when he remembered that day like it was yesterday. "So I started schooling him teaching him the basics like Math , Shinobi History and the essentials of a growing boy. After a year of home schooling from me and the Uchiha's I enrolled him to the academy to further his knowledge. This is his second year in the academy."

After a few more minutes of telling Jiraiya and Kakashi what they were to do with the boy , the three men arrived at the academy just in time to see the children coming out of the classes. The three of them walked on inside the building while the children and adults greeted Sarutoi and the two men in respect. "Kakashi-kun do you remember your time in this academy?" Sarutobi asked.

Kakashi just nodded while looking around the place , memories flooding back to him as he followed the Hokage thru the many hallways of the Academy. Reaching a door where a lot of noise seem to be coming from. "The boy may be able to match your record as the youngest to graduate from the Academy." Sarutobi smiled before opening the room and ushering the two men inside the classroom. Inside the room sat a short blonde 5 year old , silently listening to a bearded Chuunin who was discussing the lesson to the boy.

The Chuunin instructor finalling noticing the three men stopped his discussion and motioned for the boy to turn around. Upon turning around the boy's expression quickly became more lively as he jumped out from his seat and run towards the three men. "Hi Sarutobi Ojiisan! Guess what? Guess what?" Naruto said as he skidded to a stop in front of the three men while Sarutobi just chuckled at the boys antics.

"I've almost mastered the basic essentials of a Shinobi.. I can perform Henge no Jutsu and Kawarimi no Jutsu. I'll be learning Bunshin no jutsu next week!" Naruto shouted excitedly while bouncing on the ball of his feet. Sarutobi chuckled some more while Jiraiya curiously watched the boy. Kakashi meanwhile had a small smile on his face but it was well hidden from everyone's view due to his mask.

"That's very good Naruto that's quite an achievement and keep up your hard work. " Sarutobi replied while kneeling down to meet the boy eye to eye. "Now Naruto settle down I want you to meet some people" Sarutobi said as he motioned for Jiraiya and Kakashi to come forward. Naruto finally noticing the two men immediately became silent and look at the men with distrust in his eyes. Jiraiya and Kakashi were clearly shock by the boy's reaction to them.

"Don't worry my boy they aren't here to hurt you. In fact they're here to raise you." Sarutobi said reassuring the boy who was still looking at Jiraiya and Kakashi. Kakashi then knelt down beside the Sandiame and gave Naruto a smile as he took his hand out , offering it to the blonde boy.

"Yo! I'm Hatake Kakashi.. What's your name?" Kakashi said , his voice cheerful as the boy stared at him for a few seconds before taking his hand and shaking it in a friendly manner. Naruto then grinned and told Kakashi his name. Jiraiya chose to follow Kakashi's example and introduce himself in a more fashionable way. Naruto watched with glee as the white haired man performed his introduction , much to Sarutobi and Kakashi's embarrassment.

"Your a pervert!" Naruto said as he pointed an accusing at the white haired Sannin. Jiraiya had a sweat drop on the back of his head as he let out an embarrass laugh which of course was followed by Naruto laughing at Jiraiya for admitting he was a pervert. Kakashi meanwhile quickly hid a small orange book by shoving it into his shuriken pouch so the boy wouldn't see it.

"Naruto, you are going to live with Jiraiya now and Kakashi will be like your big brother. Both of them are going to teach you how to become a strong shinobi" Sarutobi explained while Kakashi picked up the blonde boy and made the boy sit on his shoulders. Naruto now had a gleeful look on his face as he laugh a genuine laugh. The three men soon joined in on the laughter.

So on that day Naruto went to the care of Jiraiya and Kakashi as his guardians. Jiraiya as the father figure while Kakashi became Naruto's big brother figure next to Uchiha Itachi. Naruto would continue to visit the Uchiha manor often training with Itachi and his father. Jiraiya continued Naruto's training outside of the academy often teaching the boy the things that were not taught inside the school. Kakashi of course trained Naruto in Taijutsu and other physical aspects of training like Stamina and Chakra building.

On the same day that the Uchiha Massacre occurred Naruto graduated from the academy with top marks all thanks to the help of Jiraiya and Kakashi's tutoring. The three of them celebrated Naruto's graduation in Ichiraku Ramen where Naruto met a Sophomore Chuunin by the name of Umino Iruka. The two of them quickly became fast friends with a common love for Ramen.

The next day the news about the Uchiha Massacre became the talk of Konoha, many were quite shocked to hear that Uchiha Itachi had killed everyone in his clan except his brother Sasuke. Sarutobi had quickly dispatched a team of Hunter-nins lead by Kakashi to capture the now missing-nin Itachi. All of Konoha felt the severe blow from its depletion of Shinobis since most of the Uchiha clan were part of the Konoha Police force.

Naruto also mourned for the lost of the Uchiha's since the clan had taken time to care for him since he was a baby although he never met Sasuke. Naruto grieved for a short while before returning to his duties as a genin. Sarutobi assigned Naruto to Jiraiya as his jounin-sensei which of course also became an issue from the council and village elders. Sarutobi silenced them by saying he is only fulfilling Yondaime's dying wish. Everyone eventually grudgingly accepted this while others thought differently.

Naruto meanwhile didn't really feel lucky to be trained by a Sannin plus extra training from Kakashi after the scheduled hours of training by the Frog Sannin. Jiraiya then started teaching Naruto chakra control and strategy while Kakashi continued with the physical aspects increasing the boy's stamina and chakra capacity. Kakashi also worked Naruto on speed and strength often subjecting the boy to weighted clothing and laps around Konoha. Kakashi would also train the boy's dexterity by throwing projectiles at him while under the influence of weights and a gravity enhance training method created by the Yondaime himself.

Naruto soon grew in strength physically and mentally under the tutelage of Jiraiya and Kakashi while showing him the other side of Shinobis. The side of which that shows Shinobis as human beings and not just killing tools. Jiraiya would also take Naruto on missions so let the boy gain some experience as a Shinobi. Sarutobi took close watch of Naruto's growth a smile forming on his face every time he saw the Yondaime's legacy strive his hardest in life.

But even though Naruto was strong and skilled , he was still a boy. A boy who just wanted to have friends , often times Naruto would only meet cold eyes from the villagers and rejected from his peers. Although it pained the boy not to be acknowledged by the villagers of his home , Naruto would always put a smile on his face and continue on. Naruto eventually found a few friends his age. He befriended Nara Shikamaru of the Nara clan , often challenging the budding genius to a game of Shougi.

Next Naruto befriended Akimichi Chouji of the Akimichi clan during a game of Ninja, well he was watching the game since he wasn't allowed to play. Soon the three of them were inseparable, during their free time Naruto , Shikamaru and Chouji are often seen either watching the clouds and eating chips or training. When Naruto's duties as a genin called him away on missions , his two friends would often wait for him or watch the clouds on their own.

Their friendship lasted for a long time until Jiraiya and Kakashi made Naruto take the Chuunin Selection exam. During these times the Chuunin exam was quite different , it was held in Akagahara where the Chuunin hopefuls were tasked to retrieve the Crimson four leaf clover. It was in this exam that Naruto met different foreign Shinobi , this was also where Naruto made his first kill his first time to kill a shinobi. At first it shook him since he had never taken a life before. This was also the first time that Kyuubi's powers surface , everyone in the village felt the intense killer intent coming from the testing area.

Jiraiya , Kakashi and Sandaime immediately rushed to the scene followed closely by a squad of ANBU. When they reached the place where the source of the killer intent originated , they found Naruto standing over a dead chuunin while being surrounded by the Marionette Shinobi squad. Kakashi made a move to rescue the still trembling boy but Jiraiya and Sandaime quickly held him back. The three of them and the squad of ANBU just looked on as a berserked Naruto began to deal with the marionettes , using the skills that he learned from Kakashi and Jiraiya.

"Well it seems the Kyuubi has finally awakened from it's slumber within Naruto" Sarutobi said after the Chuunin Selection Exam's were finished. Out of 70 genins who entered Akagahara to partake in the exam only 15 came out of the training area safely. Each of the 15 held a crimson four leaf clover in their hands one of these was Naruto. The fifteen of them after presenting the four leaf clover to the judges meaning the Kages present and Daimyos , were then given Chuunin flak jackets and promoted to the rank of Chuunin.

After being promoted to Chuunin, Jiraiya took Naruto away on a training exercise to train the Yondaime's legacy in controlling the Kyuubi's chakra and perhaps even taming the great beast. So for six months Konoha didn't see the white haired Sannin or his young apprentice , during these six months Jiraiya began teaching Naruto how to use Kyuubi's chakra after striking a deal with the fox of course. The fox stubborn as it already was put up a good fight in refusing to 'pay rent' as Naruto called it but in the end the fox agreed to help Naruto.

After the grueling training session he had under gone with Jiraiya , Naruto came back to the village to resume his duties as a Chuunin of Konoha. Naruto is now 7 years old 2 years since he graduated from the academy. Naruto would then often join Kakashi on missions ranking from C-rank to B-rank all the while learning from his big brother figure. Naruto also went on solo missions that were issued to him by Sarutobi. Jiraiya continued to teach Naruto the jutsus that he had learned also some of the jutsus that the Yondaime created.

At 8 years old Naruto followed Kakashi's example and joined the ranks of ANBU where he came under the tutelage of Morino Ibiki who specialize in Interrogation anf Torture and Mitarashi Anko who use to be an apprentice to the Sannin Orochimaru before the snake sannin defected from Konoha 9 years ago. It was also during this time that Sarutobi sent Jiraiya on a reconnaisance mission on a new organization rumoring to be growing in power.

Naruto , clothed in the ANBU uniform along with a black cloak and a white mask the resembled a menacing fox , stood at the gates of Konoha waiting for his father figure to arrive. Beside him stood Kakashi wearing similar clothes as him except his cloak was of a dirty white color signifying his rank as an ANBU captain. "Are you sure he's leaving at this time Kakashi-niisan?" Naruto asked , while trying to find any signs of the frog hermit.

Kakashi just nodded , his eye never leaving the orange book that he was reading. Naruto rolled his eyes in annoyance , giving Kakashi a disapproving look on the book he was reading. Jiraiya had just published his second novel Icha Icha Paradise at which of course Kakashi immediately bought after it hit the stores. The sound of popping signalled the arrival of the Frog Hermit, Naruto turned his attention to the new arrival. Jiraiya had a impish grin on his face as he faced his young protege and the ANBU captain.

"Well i'm off for my mission so I guess this is good bye for now." Jiraiya said kneeling down to meet Naruto eye to eye. He reached from his back pocket and pulled out a large scroll from it, he then handed it to Naruto. "This Naruto is something that the Yondaime left for you. Sarutobi is gonna strangle me for giving you this but I feel it is time that you learned the true reason why Kyuubi was sealed in you" Jiraiya said.

Kakashi placed a hand on Naruto shoulder as Jiraiya stood up and bade his farewell to the two of them. "I'll be back once this mission is complete until then... Naruto train more and remember what I taught you and learn the techniques in that scroll." Jiraiya said flashing the blonde haired ANBU with a grin. Naruto returned the grin with his own grin.

"Yosh! Don't worry Jiraiya-sensei I'll definitely learn the techniques left to me by Yondaime Hokage and I'll prove to the villagers I'm worthy of their acknowledgement" Naruto said , taking the hood off his head ,revealing his unruly spiky hair. Naruto then pocketed the scroll and gave Jiraiya a hug. "Till we meet again Jiraiya-sensei" Naruto said as he let go of the hug and took a step back.

"and Naruto if our furry friend decides to become abit of a problem. you know what to do" Jiraiya said ,his voice was serious when he said those words. Naruto just nodded happily , grinning back as Kakashi also waved bye to the Frog Hermit. "I leave Naruto to you Kakashi...I'll send you a copy of new volumes along with my mission updates" Jiraiya said as he started walking away from the village gates.

"Till we meet again Jiraiya-sama...till we meet again" Kakashi said as he and Naruto disappeared in poofs of smoke, to return to their duties as ANBUs.

Jiraiya looked back one last time before taking to the trees at a high speed. ' Train Hard Young Naruto and Make your father proud' were Jiraiya's thoughts as Konoha's gates shut tight.

Time jump to four years later , Konohagakure has grown in strength and power. Peace has reigned over Konoha under the leadership of Sarutobi Third Generation Fire Shadow. Sarutobi was once again looking at the Hokage Monument even though the stone faces reminiscing about his younger days. On his desk was a wrapped rectangular package addressed to him , he already knew the contents of the package. Jiraiya's mission report and his authographed copy of the new volume. Being Jiraiya's former sensei had it's perks when it came to his lecherous student's perverted novels.

A knock on his door brought Sarutobi back to reality, with a exhausted sigh he told his visitor to come in. Sarutobi quickly went back to his desk , putting away the small package into his drawer just as his visitor entered the room. He finally looked up to greet his visitor. "Ohayo Naruto-kun...I see you have come for your report" Sarutobi greeted while taking the folder from the young boy infront of him.

Naruto still looked the same in the four years that had passed. He still wore the issued ANBU uniform except now instead of the midnight black cloak a dirty white cloak now covered the uniform. Naruto then took of his mask and removed the hood as he sat down on the chair. He gave Sarutobi a small grin while the old man scanned thru his mission report. After a few moments Sarutobi put the mission report down and smoked on his pipe. Naruto patiently waited for the Sandaime to finish his pipe before asking if something was up.

"I see...So I take the mission was a success?" Sarutobi asked at which Naruto raised an eyebrow at the old man's question before answering in the only way Sarutobi knew the boy would respond. The boy stood up from his seat and glared at the old man for a few minutes before speaking.

"What you mean was the mission a success? Didn't you read my report old man? It said Target elliminated" Naruto roared while Sarutobi just grinned a twinkle in his eye could be seen as the old man began to chuckle in laughter.

"At least your still the same Naruto." Sarutobi said as he too got up and walked over to the window. He let out a puff of smoke before speaking again. "How long have you been a member of the ANBU Naruto-kun?" Sarutobi asked , his hazel orbs were pointed at the direction of the Hokage Monument. Naruto shifted from his seat to look at where Sarutobi was sight seeing.

"Four years Sandaime-sama...I've been in ANBU for four years" Naruto replied as he let his body relax , four years of non-stop training and doing missions. Since he didn't have that many friends except for Shikamaru and Chouji, Naruto would often be seen training in Training Field #7 , perfecting his Chakra control and physical abilities. Naruto also now knew that he was the son of the Yondaime , after reading Yondaime's letter he had understood why the Fourth chose him to be the vessel. Even though Naruto understood this , not many people understood that Naruto is still Naruto and not the Demon Fox.

"Your rank is currently Tokubetsu Jounin" Sarutobi said as he turned around facing the young ANBU captain with a smile. Naruto meanwhile just nodded , a similar smile forming in his face. "Quite an achievement really...You even surpassed Itachi's record" Sarutobi said while casting a glance at the boy infront of him. Naruto's facial expression had turned rather cold. Sarutobi shook his head , knowing full well that Naruto didn't like being compared to the Uchiha murderer. After a few minutes his expression returned to it's usual cheerful state , making Sarutobi sigh in relief the tense air inside the room were giving him the chills.

"It's getting late...You better go before Ichiraku closes. Your dismissed Naruto-kun" Sarutobi said as the boy gave him a salute before teleporting out of his office. 'He's growing quite well old friend...If only you could see him now' Sarutobi thought as he looked at the Hokage monument one last time before retiring for the night.

Later in Ichiraku Naruto could be seen sitting in his usual seat wolfing down on a bowl of Miso Ramen. Beside him sat his good friend Umino Iruka who was also eating the same food but at a slower pace. "So Naruto how was your mission?" Iruka asked while slurping on his ramen. Naruto meanwhile finished his second bowl of ramen before looking at Iruka with a serious expression.

"Well Iruka-sempai...The mission was quite hard at first but then I was able to elliminate the target" Naruto replied as he signalled for the chef to cook him another bowl of ramen. "How bout you? how's your classes going?" Naruto asked in return , patiently waiting for his third bowl of ramen. Iruke then turned to him with a wide grin just as the chef placed Naruto's ramen infront of him.

"Tomorrow is the Genin Final Exam and a lot of students are quite promising this year." Iruka said , while Naruto listened intently to what Iruka was saying while continuing to devour his bowl of ramen. "Uchiha Sasuke will be graduating this year along with your two friends Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Chouji." Iruka said , a smile formed in Naruto's face as he nodded and fished out a few bills from his wallet and placed it on the counter. He then waved bye to Iruka before walking towards his apartment.

The next day Iruka gazed happily at his newly graduated students especially to the three students in front of him. Uchiha Sasuke, number one in his class next to him was a pink haired girl who was staring at the raven haired boy with admiration , Haruno Sakura, 2nd in class and finally Sarutobi Konohamaru the youngest in his class. Konohamaru had been accelerated because of a certain blonde ANBU captain who had beaten up Ebisu , Konohamaru's tutor. Konohamaru was a genius in his own right alway striving to be acknowledge who was also somewhat like Naruto. Striving for acknowledgement.

Beside Iruka stood the other chuunin examiner , Mizuki who was handing out the Hitai'ate's to the students after being graded. Mizuki smiled at the students after giving them their forehead protectors while saying "Enjoy...Good Work" Iruka wasn't paying much attention to Mizuki's actions because the brown haired chuunin was occupied with the next phase of the exam. The team selection and jounin-sensei selection , he let out a short sigh as he gave the last of the Hitai'ate's to Mizuki.

Iruka waited for the last of his students to leave the room before going to the Hokage's office to discuss about the team selection exam. It was already late in the afternoon so there wasn't that many people waiting outside of the Sandaime's office. Iruka knocked on the door before entering the room. Inside he found the old man signing some documents and reading mission reports from the numerous missions that were completed for the day.

"Ahh Iruka-kun...Good afternoon I see you brought me this year's rookie genin roster." Sandaime said as he placed his pipe on the ashtray and took the folder from Iruka. Sandaime went thru each one of the files while giving out the usual comments here and there. "Hhmm I see my grandson Konohamaru graduated as well...Too bad I wasn't able to come and greet him congratulations when he left the academy. Oh well I will have to make it up to the boy and maybe perhaps this time he won't use the jutsu that Naruto taught him." Iruka had a small smile on his face knowing the particular jutsu since he himself had fallen victim to the jutsu numerous times from Naruto and Konohamaru.

"Please sit Iruka so we may finish this as soon as possible and I can celebrate my grandson's graduation" Sandiame said offering Iruka the chair infront of his desk at which the academy instructor quickly obliged and sat down. "Okay let's start" Sarutobi said as he took out a new folder from his drawer marked New Genin Team roster. Iruka quickly filled the Sandiame in on each of the students individual abilities based on their academy grades.

The two of them worked on the team assignments for two hours , often checking and rechecking the abilties and academic grades of the students. The two of them just finished finalizing the team assignments when someone barged into the Sandaime's office. "Sandaime-sama There is an Emergency! Someone has stolen the Scroll of Sealing" Alarmed by the news Sarutobi quickly went into action as he ordered to gather all available Shinobi to find the thief. Iruka quickly left in order to search for the thief while Sandaime used his crystal ball to search for the culprit after dispatching the available ANBU squads that were on duty.

Iruka quickly went to find Mizuki in order to ask for help in finding the culprit. He knocked on the silver haired chuunin's door but he soon found that the door was unlocked. Curious as to why Mizuki would leave him door open , Iruka entered the small apartment to check if the other instructor was asleep. when he reached Mizuki's room he was shock to find some rather troubling things. Schedules of the guards in the hokage tower and other documents that involved and placed on the wall was a blueprint of the Hokage's office along with the room of scrolls where the Scroll of sealing was kept. Realization hit Iruka as he now knew the identity of the thief , without wasting anymore time Iruka dashed out of the small apartment heading towards the forest.

In the forest Mizuki was leaning against a tree waiting for someone to arrive , strapped to his back were two large shurikens. 'Where is he?' Mizuki thought as he looked at his watch checking the time. Beside him was the scroll of sealing, he stared at it with satisfaction , a crooked smile forming in his face as he thought about the power that was inside the scroll.

A movement from the bushes brought Mizuki back to reality. 'Finally! he' here' Mizuki thought as he picked up the scroll of sealing preparing to leave with the new arrival. "What took you-" Mizuki began but he stopped in mid sentence because the person that had appeared from the bushes wasn't who he expected. Iruka had found him. Mizuki silently cursed his luck as he returned Iruka's glare.

"Mizuki Why did you take the scroll of sealing?" Iruka asked , he caught sight of the scroll beside the man but made no move to get it. Mizuki meanwhile now had a smirk on his face as he pulled out one of the large shurikens from it's strap.

"I'm surprise that you found this place Iruka! not many know about this place. Why you ask? Well Anything is possible with this scroll!" Mizuki replied as the shuriken in his hand began to spin. "With this scroll I will become powerful...Even more powerful than that stupid old man of a Hokage! This village sickens me...It even let a monster into our ranks of Ninja!" Mizuki roared out as he threw the shuriken in Iruka's direction. Iruka quickly sidestepped to avoid the large shuriken but he failed to see the kunais flying towards him.

Pain coursed thru Iruka's body as the kunai's struck , one grazing him on the shoulder while another was completely buried on his left thigh. Iruka gritted his teeth as he pulled out the kunai on his thigh. Iruka threw the kunai at Mizuki who easily dodged then Iruka picked up a log and ran back towards the village. 'What an idiot' Mizuki thought as he made a move to pick up the scroll. Mizuki clenched his hands into fist when he only felt a rough bark. 'That bastard I'll kill him for pulling such a trick on me!' Mizuki quickly dashed towards the direction Iruka ran. The log that Iruka had taken was now where the scroll use to be.

Iruka ran like the hounds of hell were after him, he held onto the scroll tighly as he tried to increase his speed but the numerous injuries he had sustained against Mizuki was taking it's toll. 'I have to get the scroll back to the village. I can't let Mizuki get a hold of this scroll' Iruka thought as he leaped down from a branch and continued to run on the ground. 'It seems like Mizuki hates Naruto because of the nine-tails. Stupid prejudiced jackass' Iruka thought anger clearly showing in his face as he remembered Mizuki's words about the Hokage and Naruto.

Meanwhile back at the tower , Sarutobi watched in interest as the chase went on. He shook his head when the thief's identity turned out to be Mizuki. 'Such a pity he is blinded by hate' Sarutobi thought as he focused some more on the scene before him. 'I hope the ANBU squad gets there soon...Mizuki's companion is already in hot pursuit on the two of them.'

Mizuki had finally caught up with Iruka who had taken a short rest. He now had Iruka cornered against a tree. "Nowhere to run Iruka." Mizuki said as he pulled out the last of his shurikens from it's strap. "Too bad it had to end this way Iruka. I would have offered you a chance to join me and avenge your parents. you could have been the one to kill that monster fox" Mizuki said but the look on Iruka's face told him that the chuunin instructor would have no part in his plans.

"DIE IRUKA!" Mizuki yelled as he advanced towards the downed chuunin. Iruka stared straight into Mizuki's eyes before looking down in defeat. 'I guess this is the end' Iruka thought as he waited for Mizuki's final blow. Iruka waited for the pain to come but it never came as he only heard the sound of Mizuki screaming in pain and metal falling to the ground with a thud.

Iruka opened his eyes to see Mizuki clutching to a stump were his arm use to be. The arm holding onto the Shuriken now lay on the ground , blood seeping from it staining the grass and dirt. 'Nani?' Iruka thought as he looked pass the screaming Chuunin. A smile formed in his face as he recognized his rescuer. Behind Mizuki stood a short ANBU cloaked in dirty white , the Fox mask looking rather cold at the traitor.

The short ANBU held a large sword in his hand while staring at the still screaming Mizuki. Mizuki glared at the ANBU while clutching his wound trying to stop the bleeding. "Damn you..." Mizuki cursed as the ANBU just swung his sword onto his shoulder, a dust cloud and the wind that was circling around him was pushed back by the large chakra that the ANBU immited.

The ANBU then spoke , his familiar voice now made Iruka sure of his rescuer's identity. "Don't lay a finger on Iruka-sempai..." The ANBU said before removing his mask revealing his visage to Mizuki. "I'll kill you if you do" The ANBU said , his voice was now filled with anger and coldness. Mizuki just laughed and charged forward attacking blindly.

"Why don't you try it you Bastard!" Mizuki yellld as he quickly broke into a full run towards the ANBU captain. Meanwhile Iruka watched with admiration at his rescuer. 'There's only ANBU who has that high amount of chakra...' Iruka thought as the ANBu captain let out a battle cry , charging head on to the attacking traitor. 'There's only one ANBU who has that height' Iruka thought a smile forming in his face as the ANBU disappeared , by using Shunshin no jutsu, from Mizuki's sight and reappear behind the traitor. 'There's definitely only one ANBU captain who has a sword that huge!' Iruka thought as the ANBU begin to deliver his final blow to Mizuki.

"Feel my wrath for having raised a hand on a comrade!" The ANBU said as dealt the final blow on Mizuki by swinging the sword in a slashing manner letting loose a large blade made out of chakra to slice Mizuki in half killing him instantly. Iruka sighed in relief as the ANBU quickly elliminated Mizuki's body using a katon jutsu. After the body ellimination was done the ANBU captain then turned to Iruka , a wide grin could now be seen on the ANBU's face as he removed the hood on his head.

The blonde boy infront of him gave Iruka a grin as he moved towards the injured man. "You alright Iruka-sempai? Sorry I'm late I got lost trying to find you" The boy said while Iruka just chuckled at the boy's antics.

Name: Uzumaki Naruto Age: 12

Village: Konohagakure no Sato

Rank: Tokubetsu Jounin / ANBU captain

Mission Index:

D-rank 50 C-rank: 15 B-rank: 27 A-rank: 17 S-rank: 1


Ninjutsu: Superior Genjutsu: Average Taijutsu: Genius

Additional Info:

Human Vessel of Kyuubi no Youkou

Protege of Sannin Jiraiya

Graduated Academy at Age 5

Promoted to Chuunin at age 7

Joined rank into ANBU at age 8 under the command of Morino Ibiki and Mitarashi Anko

Became ANBU Captain at age 11

Codename: Konoha's Death God

Back at the village Sarutobi had a small smile on his face as he exited the building , finding most of the Jounins and Chuunins in panic as the asked each other. "Did you find the thief?" One chuunin asked while the ANBU squads nearby didn't immediately stood at attention. "Where's Captain Uzumaki?" An ANBU cloaked in black asked looking for the short captain everyone who knew the blonde looked around noticing the lacking presence of their blonde comrade.

Sarutobi stepped up , his hand holding onto his lit pipe. "There's no need to worry. Naruto and Iruka has found the scroll of sealing and disposed of the traitor." Everyone relaxed at this bit of news after which Sarutobi dismissed them as he went back to his office to await the arrival of the two. He watched from his crystal ball as Naruto supported Iruka as the two walked back to the village.

'Your son is living up to your expectations my friend' Sarutobi thought as the images in the ball disappeared.