It was a day after the preliminaries, 24 hours after Naruto sent his subordinates and their tutors to a special training area. He was currently reading thru the Yondaime's notes, trying to learn about how his father worked thruout his Shinobi life. Beside Naruto were piles of scrolls written by the Yondaime , some were filled with jutsu ideas while some were just the thoughts of an orphan genius growing up to the path of a Shinobi.

Currently the blonde haired rookie jounin-sensei was reading a scroll that was still under development. A scroll although finished by the Yondaime, it never was put to good use as the young Hokage never got to test out the contents of the scroll. Naruto had a small smile on his visage, his cerulean orbs moving thru the notes and small drawings that his father left on the scroll. 'Hhhmmmm...His own fighting style...One that utilized the jutsus that he had created. Naruto read the contents of the scroll. 'Well I got the Rasengan mastered to the extent that I can perform the technique on instinct. Shunpo...I mastered it to a certain degree but...I still need to work on it Those other two moves I hope that once Ero-Tousan gets back he'll finally give me the scrolls...To even get the basics of the unfinished fighting style I need to completely master the four of my fathers jutsu.' Naruto thought as he got up feeling abit tired from rummaging thru the Fourth's notes and scrolls.

Glancing outside his window, Naruto watched as the sun slowly rose from behind the Hokage Monument. Letting out a tired huff Naruto made his way towards the bathroom for a shower. He passed by a trapped door with seals placed directly on the sides of the door. His team , Konohamaru , Sakura and Sasuke , along with their tutors namely Kakashi , Shizune and Ebisu were behind the close trap door.


"As you know you have exactly one month to train for the finals." Naruto said, before taking a sip from his glass of water. Infront of him were Team 7 with their belongings and standing behind them were Hatake Kakashi who wasn't really paying attention to what Naruto was saying. Shizune who was quite nervous about being in between two perverts and Ebisu who had a smug look on his face.

"But it will not be enough time for the things that you are going to learn. You Sasuke need speed and power to even get pass Subaku no Gaara's shield." Naruto said with a nod to Sasuke, tossing Kakashi a scroll. He then let his gaze fall on the smallest of the team. "Konohamaru your opponent is a lazy ass but is actually a genius. You'll need to be able to strategize as good as him or at least match him" A grin formed on Naruto's face as he tossed Ebisu a well-worn out scroll and a new scroll. Turning to the female member of his team, Naruto's expression was grim. "Sakura your opponent as from what I've heard is a genius from the Hyuuga Clan. This might be dangerous but I beleive that the only way for you to even match Neji is to use Orochimaru's curse seal."

"Yes Haruno...Instead of concealing that are going to embrace it...although the effects will be very different. With the double Elephant seal placed directly over the Evil Seal. It should immediately convert the tainted chakra to something more useful to you. What you will be learning is the next step to your jutsu..So Sakura you and Shizune are going to be training in intense Chakra control regimen." Naruto said , panting a bit from the way he just explained to Sakura what she would be doing.

"Now that I have explained the boring stuff...I am going to teach you this special training genjutsu. Normally this would take months to learn, well your not going to learn it..You're all going to learn how to deactivate it." Naruto grinned, when Shizune voiced out her own opinion.

"Ano...Naruto-kun...Isn't Genjutsu easily released with the simple 'Kai' counter?" Shizune asked, Naruto's grin growing even wider as he tried to stifle his laughter.

"Well Shizune-neechan. I've thought of that so I made sure that the counter seal is quite different. Sasuke...Konohamaru...Sakura...Please direct your attention to me..and Do not break visual contact." Naruto instructed as he started gathering chakra to his eyes and to his right hand. "This is the activation seal and the deactivation seal" Naruto said as he extended his closed fist infront of the three and further extended his middle finger.

"WHA-what the hell?..NARUTO!" Ebisu cried in outraged when the blonde jounin just gave his team the finger. "Such display of ungentlemen like manners... Now I really know that he is your younger brother..." Ebisu whispered to Kakashi who wasn't really paying attention to what they were doing. Kakashi already knew the genjutsu that Naruto would be casting. He also didn't want to be in the receiving end of the genjutsu.

"Hhhmm? You said something Ebisu?" Kakashi asked casually, further infuriating the Tokubetsu Jounin beside him.

"The genjutsu will only be released if you use 'that' counter seal. One thing though you are not allowed to remove the genjutsu during the training period since I will not be with you. I will not be there to recast it. The genjutsu is called Kansei Saimin which affects all of your senses. During the time you will be gone for training..You will feel that the pull of gravity is 3 times than its original pull as such it will hopefully increase your speed."

"Magen: Kansei Saimin Demonic Illusion: Complete Hypnosis" Naruto said, his chakra flowed outside of him and moved towards the three genin before him. All three genin suddenly dropped to their knees as if a large weight descended upon them. "How do you feel?" Naruto inquired, mirth filling his voice, cerulean orbs watched in amusement while Team 7 struggled to get up.

"Like three mountains being strapped to our backs..." Sasuke replied thru gritted teeth. Beside him his teammates were in similar situations. Nodding to the three adults behind Team 7, Naruto opened the trapdoor at his feet. The three Jounins picked up the three genin and descended down the trapdoor.

"Good...the training grounds you will be training in is quite different...Time will be much slower where you when three weeks has passed in the outside world...Three months has passed by inside the training will find everything you will need inside the grounds...I'll see you guys after three weeks..." Naruto gave a wave to Kakashi as the mop of silver hair disappeared beneath the trapdoor.

End of Flashback

After a quick shower and a change to the traditional Konoha uniform, Naruto walked over to a wall where there were two weapons displayed. Zanpaku was displayed on the wall and right below it was a normal looking katana. This particular katana was quite difficult to create for Naruto. The katana was recently finished so he didn't get a chance to test out the sword.

The blade was made of the strongest metal that Naruto could find along with two sacks of large diamonds which were then crushed to powder inorder to create for the core. With a strong diamond and four shards of crystalize Kyuubi chakra core ,the blade of Naruto's katana was almost on par with Zanpaku and Kusanagi when it came to strength.

Strapping the shimmering blade , now in it's sheath,onto his back, Naruto passed by a shelf with four red scrolls with the labels Shodai , Nidai , Sandai and Yondai. With a quick exit thru his window, Naruto began to make his way towards the Hokage tower for the Jounin emergency meeting.

Konoha Hotsprings

Early in the morning the steam from the springs were already rising as customers filled the relaxing waters. The springs were separated by a stone wall one side was the male side and the other female. The stone wall was newly built only being erected 4 years ago after the female customers kept on complaining about a white-haired pervert who kept on peeping on them while they bathe.

The owner had no choice but to build the stone wall lest he wanted to lose his rather gorgeous customers of Konoha women and some other foreign and exotic beauties. Especially when he found out that the great medic-nin Tsunade-hime had returned with Uzumaki Naruto during his latest B-rank mission a few months ago. The owner of the hotsprings could already see the new renovatoins he had been meaning to do for his booming establishment. With Tsunade-hime back and her frequent visits to the springs. The cash should be flowing constantly again.

Said slug-sannin was in the hot-springs right now along with three other females. Tsunade was in the company of Mitarashi Anko , Yuuhi Kurenai and Shizune her apprentice. After a night in the hospital working the graveyard shift and medicl academy, the women felt a well deserved soak in the healing waters of his establishment.

In the male side of the hot-springs, a certain Gama-sannin crouched low as he peered thru the cracks of the stone wall that separated him from his research material. Mt. Myokubokugama's Holy Toad-Sannin The self proclaimed sexiest man alive in all of the Shinobi countries had just gotten back from his long term mission. Jiraiya should really report first to the Hokage that he was back from his mission but after several years of not being able to see the naked female form. His perverted instinct got the better of him.

Through Jiraiya's perverted eyes, wishing he had the byakugan, he could see glimpse of the female forms on the other side, skin glowing from the heat of the water, naked and rather large assets. Jiraiya was in heaven as he watched the unsuspecting women relax and bathe, two of the women both had dark hair were sitting on the edge of the springs talking. He could feel blood slowly trickling down his nose. 'Such beauty...hahaha...Icha Icha Heaven Hotspring babes gone wild edition coming up!' Jiraiya thought as he started to scribble on his notepad not noticing that his Toton no jutsu which was still in effect was wavering from his constant movement.

Jiraiya let out a perverted chuckle as he continued to write on the notepad. His chuckles however were heard from the other side by the four well-trained kunoichi. 'Oooh that pale blonde sure has a huge rack...heheehehe nad her companions arent too bad either..I'd say a C cup...but something about that pale blonde is familiar...hhmm...Oh well...On to writing!' the super prevert thought as he wrote some more, truly inspired by what he was seeing.

Tsunade , Shizune , Kurenai and Anko heard the giggles of the pervert on the other side of the stone wall. Tsunade's left eye twitched in irritation when she recognized the giggle. She recognized that giggle, only one person had that kind of a perverted giggle. Tsunade got from where she sitting, carefully wrapping a towel over her body and motioning for the others to do the same.

With practiced ease , Tsunade used her incredible strength to break the stone wall. "JIRAIYA YOU PERVERTED BASTARD!" Tsunade roared as she tried to pinpoint the location of the forementioned pervert. Seeing noone else on the male side of the hotsprings, her eyes narrowed as she tried to sense any chakra flux that was being used. A flicker of chakra caught her attention, she turned her head to the right to see the silheoutte of Jiraiya. Blood could be seen trailing from the wall to Jiraiya's current position.

It seems that Jiraiya hurled himself there from a massive nosebleed when he saw the women get up showing off their assets in his direction just before being covered by the towels. Tsunade and company began making their way towards the self-proclaimed super pervert, deciding on whether to pummel said pervert or make sure that he wouldn't be able to peep anymore.

Jiraiya's vision was blurry as he tried to focus. He could make out four forms coming towards him, feeling the rather murderous intent being directed towards him. "No-now Ladies...There's enough of the great Jiraiya to go around" The Gama-sennin said , a grin forming on his face after he said those words. Just as he finished saying those words his vision cleared and he got to look at the identity of the women before him.

His eyes widened in shock when he realized who he had peeped at. Jiraiya shot up into an upright position, pointing an accusing finger at his teammate. "YOU! What are you doing here? I thought you left the village for good!" Jiraiya said , trying to buy sometime for him to escape. From the way the four women were moving it seemed that Jiraiya's small distraction wouldn't work.

Tsunade's left eyebrow twitched at Jiraiya's words. '10 years of not seeing each other and this is how this pervert greets me...' Tsunade thought , her left eye continued to twitch as she cracked her knuckles deciding in pummeling her teammate. " I live here you idiot. I was born here so naturally I'd come back here..." Jiraiya gave her a weak smile before leaping into the air in a desperate way to escape his teammate and company's wrath.

Jiraiya let out a sigh of relief when he saw that Tsunade and the three other kunoichi weren't going to give chase given their current dress. His smile wavered when a sudden weight landed on his shoulder. 'What the-?' The Toad sannin thoughts were unfinished as a hand grabbed hold of his arm and used a move Jiraiya knew all to well. 'Shunpo' Jiraiya thoght as the hotsprings disappeared.

Naruto was speeding towards the Hokage tower when he felt the fluctuation of chakra in the hotsprings direction. The familiar chakra signature told the blonde jounin all that he needed to know. His pervert of a adopted father was back and it seems Tsunade found out as well. Naruto landed on the edge of the roof several blocks away from the hotspring.

Naruto unceremoniously dropped his heavy load on the flat surface. "OWW!" The white haired pervert cried out as he got up, rubbing his behind. Jiraiya sent a glare at his rescuer. "You could have told me you were going to drop me...Naruto" Jiraiya said while examining what the 13 year old teen looked like now.

"Nice to see you too...Ero-Tousan" Naruto said with a grin before vanishing from Jiraiya's view. The frog sannin reacted immediately turning around with his arm up blocking an incoming roundhouse kick. Catching the foot, Jiraiya immediately swings the arm down to slam Naruto to the concrete roof. Poof Poof Two sets of arms caught Naruto's body before it could connect with the floor.

Jiraiya immediately released his hold on Naruto's foot as the two kage bunshins holding Naruto leaped at him. Holding his hands up to his chest in a half ram seal. Ninpou:Hari Jizou! Jiraiya's hair elongated and wrapped around his body before each strand of hair hardened like steel. The clones landed on both sides of the toad sannin. Jiraiya quickly used kawarimi no jutsu just as the clones exploded.

'His control over Kage Bunshin no jutsu and it's other variants has grown to complete mastery' Jiraiya thought as he performed a series of handseals. Naruto stood a few meters away from Jiraiya, his cerulean orbs observing what his father and mentor was doing. Naruto's eyes narrowed as Jiraiya inhaled deeply before unleashing a large blast of white hot flames. Katon: Karyuu Endan

After the flames died down, Jiraiya saw a large puddle of water, vapor slowly rising from the heat caused by the flames. Naruto stood on the same spot , with his hand held out a bluish white glow covering his hand. Suiton: Yaban Suiga no Jutsu (Water Element: Savage Water Fang technique) Spike of water rose from the puddle shooting towards Jiraiya in a drill like fashion. Naruto didn't waste time,he didn't watch whther the technique connected with it's intended target. Instead Naruto immediately moved in Jiraiya's direction, hoping to catch the man off guard. He knew that a low level technique such as the savage water fang wouldn't even land a single scratch on Jiraiya.

Doton:Doryuu Heki A wall made of earth formed as the Toad sannin puked the mud out from his mouth. The earth made wall intercepted the drill like projectiles but it also obscured Jiraiya's view. The toad sannin turned around to find a blade pressed against his neck. "I Win..." were Naruto's words before Jiraiya's hair stood on end and began shooting sharp strands of hair. Kehari Misairu (Hair Needle Missile)

Naruto in response to Jiraiya's attack started slashing his sword wildly, deflecting the sharp strands. After the barrage of hair ended, Naruto could be seen crouching on the tiled roof opposite where Jiraiya was standing. The blonde jounin was panting hard in deflecting the needles. "You were saying something Naruto?" Jiraiya said with amusement. He wasnt expecting Naruto to be able to deflect that many strands of hair but not a single needle of hair had connected with the Kyuubi Vessel.

"Good..You mastered..Shunpo...I guess you're ready for the next two steps... I'll meet you later" With that Jiraiya turned around to leave. Just as he was about to leave Naruto intercepted him by grabbing the sannin by the shoulder and warping towards the Hokage Tower. Jiraiya cursed all the way to the Hokage tower muttering about ungrateful brats and prolonging his research.

If Naruto heard any of the curses sent towards him, he paid them no heed as he landed just outside of the building. Jiraiya continued to struggle against Naruto's grip but he soon found out just how much of Tsunade's strength training had Naruto mastered. "Damnit Brat! Why are you dragging me to the old man's office?" Jiraiya inquired while trying to break free of Naruto's hold on his shoulder.

"Jounin-meeting...We're late..." was Naruto's reply as he pushed Jiraiya into the large oak doors of the Third's office. Jiraiya stumbled inside the room, looking at some old and new faces. He quickly hid behind Naruto when he saw that Tsunade and the three women he saw earlier were also inside the room.

"Ah good...nice of you to join us Uzumaki-Taichou, Jiraiya.." The Third said with a smile, his tone indicated that there wasn't going to be anymore banter just straight to business. "This morning I received some disturbing news. ANBU Division 3: CSI Dept. contacted me that they found Gekkou Hayate's body at the Hotel district." At this news murmurs began to circulate around the gathered elite shinobi. The Third had to raise his hand to silence the incoming barrage of questions.

Kurenai had her hand up to raise a question. " was Hayate-san killed?" Sandaime took out a folder from his desk and began passing it around for the gathered shinobis to see. Gasp of surprise and disgust could be heard all around. "CSI Dept. were able to pinpoint that the method used was jutsu. In fact from the wound marks...It is in the Wind Element category."

Silence envelooped the whole room as the information tried to sink in. Shiranui Genma stood up from his seat and began to move towards the door for an exit. The third knowing where Genma would be going had Anko and Asuma restrain him. "Yes it is indeed a wind technique but we can not arrest him as we are participating in the Chuunin Exam and also we are hosting this exam. Our alliance with Suna Nation is quite strained right now because of the Kaze Daimyou's budget cuts. If we arrest the culprit it may cause some trouble. Coupled with the sudden reappearance of Orochimaru " Sarutobi fell silent at the thought of his insane prized student. ''re connected to this aren't you?'

"I fear that there might be trouble during the Finals so we must prepare for the worse." the third generation Hokage announced. Silence once again filled the room, it's occupants comtemplating on how they should deal with a situatioin in which war might be the outcome. Without anymore to discuss the Third adjourned the meeting and dismissed the jounins except for Naruto, Jiraiya, and Tsunade.

The three of them discuss certain issues well into the night, planning on how the defense of Konoha should be handle if Suna had indeed allied with Orochimaru or that the Kazekage would declare war on them. After two bottles of Sake later, Tsunade and Jiraiya reached a compatible plan for the Finals. The Third then dismissed the three of them disappearing into the night.

The three of them, Naruto Jiraiya and Tsunade, would not be seen again until the day of the finals.

Time jump to the day of the Finals.

The participants of the Final part of the Chuunin Selection Exam were gathered in the colliseum. The most prominent figures in all of the Shinobi nations were present, ready to watch who the candidates for the Chuunin would be. Daimyous from other countries sat at the VIP area where a betting pool had arisen. Bets on Uchiha Sasuke and Subaku no Gaara were the most sought after.

Down below at the Arena stood the 9 gennin surprisingly only one stood out from the rest. Team 7 stood beside each other wearing light brown cloaks hiding their bodies from everyone else. Each member had an air of confidence in them.

Sakura meanwhile was scanning the bleachers for any sign of their Team Leader. She thought that Naruto-sempai would already be there but ever since they had come out of the training area a week ago. They hadn't seen and sign of him except the note that he left and three wrapped parcels. The note said in Naruto's scratchy handwriting. Wear this for the Finals. Take the last week as a time to rest and prepare. There was also another note that detailed on what went on while they were away.

"All of you show some spunk...This is your show..." The referee spoke outloud despite the booming sounds coming from the cheering crowd. "My name is Shiranui Genma. I'll be the referee for the Final exams." Genma said , his eyes glancing at the lone Suna Shinobi among the finalist. "Haruno Sakura and Hyuuga Neji please remain while the others proceed to the waiting area."

Sakura and her opponent the Hyuuga prodigy remained while the rest began to move towards the waiting balcony. Sakura watch as her teammates left with the rest of the finalist. She gave them one last smile and a nod. Both male genin members of Team 7 returned her nod with a look that said Kick his ass for us. "There is no use in fighting... Fate has already decided me as the victor the moment I was chosen as your opponent."

Sakura who wasn't really listening to what Neji just said, turned to the Hyuuga's direction and replied casually. "You said something?" This earned her a death glare from her opponent. Up in the stands Maito Gai was looking suspiciously at a ANBU wearing a dog-mask.

"Eternal Rival! The beautiful Sakura has captured your hip attitude"

"Hhmm? You said something Gai?" Kakashi replied, not really paying attention to Konoha's self-proclaimed Beautiful Green Beast.

"Damn you Eternal Rival..You and your Hip Attitude." Beside Gai was Rock Lee recently recovered from the surgery to fix his body. The bowl cut boy was watching the two combatants down below at the Arena.

"First Bout Haruno Sakura vs Hyuuga Neji...Begin!" Genma announced quickly leaping backwards to avoid being hit by any projectiles the combatants may throw. Sakura meanwhile retained her calm expression,while her eyes were already scanning the environment for any advantage she maybe be able to have in this fight.

"As I said..It is useless to fight..I will be the victor no matter what happends" Neji once again started on to try and discourage Sakura. To him Sakura wasn't even worthy of facing the basics of the Hyuuga Taijutsu Jyuuken Ryu. Sakura remained silent although her Inner Sakura was straining to get out and beat him up. 'Calm Down You...We'll get our chance to beat him up once we let him show all of his cards..' Sakura thought, trying to calm the ranting of her other personality.

With his patience growing thin, the hyuuga prodigy decided to attack first, rushing at Sakura intending to end the fight. Sakura gathered chakra to her palms and dropped to a defensive position. Neji began attacking Sakura with open palm strikes at which Sakura using her precise chakra control channeled chakra to her arms to deflect his attacks as much as possible.

A smirk formed on Neji's visage when he saw an opening, taking advantage the Hyuuga prodigy went under Sakura's guard planting a somewhat gentle push to her chest. "Heh..I Win.." Neji said before Sakura exploded into smoke revealing to be just a log. Neji growled as veins erupted from the sides of his head, with the Byakugan activated he began to sought out Sakura.

Sakura quickly performed a series of handseals before placing her hands on the ground. Doton:Iwa Bunshin no Jutsu From the ground two forms crawled out, at first the clones were as the same color as the ground but after a few seconds they were exact replicas of Sakura. With her 'Bodyguards' formed, Sakura leaped out of her hiding spot throwing a handful of kunais and shuriken. Her clones followed the flying projectiles, leaping into the air and descending towards Neji.

The iwa clones raised their legs up in a high arc ready to come thundering down on Neji but the Hyuuga genius had other plans. Knowing that simply taking out the clones would leave him in a vulnerable position. Neji decided to show why he was considered as a prodigy. Gathering chakra all over his body Neji quickly began to spin. A dome of chakra encased around him just as the Iwa bunshins came crashing down with a psuedo-Tsuuten Kyaku. A Thunderous boom echoed all over the arena, Sakura meanwhile couldn't see whether Neji survived the attack although she saw the dome of chakra appear just as the clones connected..

"It's over...You are within my field of Hakke" A voice behind her broke Sakura out of her stupor. Sakura quickly leaped back trying to distance herself from Neji, her hands flashing thru quick handseals. Katon: Ryuukaho no jutsu! Fire Element Dragon Fire Canon technique! A small stream of flame erupted from Sakura's lips just as Neji closed in to attack. The single line of fire was easily dodged by Neji despite the almost pointblank range of the technique.

Sakura braced herself for the incoming attack, her Inner personality already screaming obscenities at her for not moving her cute little tushy out of Neji's range of attack. She sent a silent hiss to quite down the damned voice in her while slowly preparing to unseal one of her trump cards. Up in the bleachers Hyuuga Hiashi watched in awe at his nephew perform the techniques meant for the Main family.

Hakke: Rokujyuu Yonshou (64 hands of the eight divinations)

Up in the bleachers the crowd held their breath as the gennin hailed to be a prodigy coming from the Hyuuga clan used a Main house technique. Hiashi watched in awe at his nephew skillfully attack the 64 tenketsus sealing his opponents chakra. The crowd grew silent as Sakura was thrown backwards after the 64th blow. THe silence continued while the refereee stood by watching a smirking Neji continue to taunt Sakura.

"Give up...I've sealed your can't use your chakra. I hold no grudge against you" Neji spoke, his back already turned away from Sakura. Neji already started to walk away sure that victory was his. Afterall Fate had already written that he would be the victor of this match. Too bad for Neji Fate decided to screw with him for Fate grew tired of Neji's rant about his decision already being made for him.

Sakura although in pain due to strength of Neji's attack manage to stand up but barely able to keep her balance. With wobbly legs, Haruno Sakura genin kunoichi of Team 7 yelled at Neji. "Come back here you white eyed Freak! I'm not done with you yet! You may not hold a grudge but I do" Sensing no chakra flowing thru her, Sakura took out a single pill from her pouch. A soldier pill although she wasn't exhausted, Sakura hoped that the pill would jump start her chakra coils enough for her to gain access to the damned seal as she started calling to it.

"Your Taunts are meaningless... You have no ways of fighting back now that your tenketsus are sealed... Fate has already decided me as the victor" Neji said only his head turned towards Sakura although his body shifted to side.

"You bloody coward! Stop talking like fate has already decided the outcome!" Sakura answered back, steading her legs as she clutched the pill in her fist.

"You know nothing about the Hyuuga destiny...You know nothing about me! " Neji said, his tone of voice faltered hints of anger appeared but quickly disappeared. Neji grew tired of telling his opponent to give up. If she doesnt want to give up then he should just end her life. Maybe that'll stop her from talking. Him a Coward? Hyuuga Neji is a genius and the strongest to come from the Hyuuga Clan. He was everything that a Hyuuga Clan member would hope for but a Coward was not one of them.

"You dare call me a Coward when you are already reduced to calling me names..How fitting for a Loser like you...Just like your Loser of a Jounin-Sensei" Neji said, a smirk forming in his visage. He failed to notice the sudden silence of the crowd and the way the referee used his self control from spitting the senbon between his lips towards the genin.

"You don't know what it's like to be burdened with a seal. A Bird ina cage seal...That seals the fate of a Hyuuga branch mem-" Neji began but Sakura interupted him.

"Blah blah blah! Shut up Already! I know about that stupid curse seal and what happend between the Hyuuga and the Cloud! So what if you have a seal? So what if you have a the burden of protecting the Hyuuga Main house!" Sakura shouted as she prepared to take the soldier pill. "You say I don't know how it feels to have a seal?" Sakura pulled the knot on her forehead protector, letting the fabric slide down to reveal the mark that she received from Orochimaru.

"At least your seal has a purpose...Mine was given to me because of my duty! My Duty to protect those precious to me!" Sakura said as she popped the pill into her mouth.

"Referee...This match is over...I intend to kill her...If you want to stop me... I suggest you-" Neji adressed Genma but stopped again when Sakura's tenketsus slowly opened after digesting the soldier pill. 'Impossible! It can't be opened!' Neji thought while a smirk formed on his visage once more. Even though the tenketsus were unsealed her chakra reserves were still quite depleted.

Sakura felt her chakra return to her but there was still very little left. Sakura quickly moved her hands to a certain seal. Sakura had her eyes cosed as she directed her remaining chakra to her forehead. Up in the waiting balcony Ino watched in amusement at the barely visible begin to travel towards Sakura's forehead. ' Hehe Sakura's forehead is useful after all' Sakura's jade orbs snapped open as she finished gathering chakra to her forehead. InFuuin Kaiin! (Secret Mark Unseal!)

Neji could not believe it, his opponent had just reopened her tenketsu and then gathered the remaining chakra she had left to her forehead. Neji thought that a powerful blast might erupt from Sakura's abnormally large forehead especially from the strange mark right at the center of it. Neji was prepared to perform the Kaiten if ever such a thing would happen.

Sakura felt the chakra from Orochimaru's curse seal react to her lack of chakra immediately. She felt the tingling sensation as the seal changed but instead of the black marks, the seal changed color same with the chakra as it passed thru the elephant seal. The chakra wrapped around her, her Inner personality seem to have strengthened and a much more fierce attitude. 'Loser? Us a Loser? Let me out Let me out I want a piece of that white eyed freak!' Her inner personality ranted as it tried to gain some control.

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