Hermione Granger tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear in frustration. While waiting for the time to pass that early Friday morning she kept glancing in the mirror. Her appearance had only slightly changed over the past few years, but according to Ginny, everyone had noticed. Her hair now shined pleasantly, making the soft large curls of her hair look long and lustrous. While on vacation with her parent the past summer (after her 6th year) she had grown very tan, so much that her childish freckles now faded in with her new color. She was still her same five foot eight, but her stick figure had given way to some curves that made her seem more womanly, which was more than Hermione appreciated. Curves were alright if you were some one like Lavender, but since when did curves get you in A on an essay?

She scolded herself, shaking her head side to side. Her mind had gone straight to the gutter as it has been a lot lately. Her hormones kept getting the better of her and she had found herself, once every two weeks, pleasuring herself in the head girl's private bathroom.

That thought made her blush immensely making her glance away from the mirror yet again. She checked her watch and discovered it to be 7:30AM, a perfect time to have breakfast. Upon arriving in the common room, she began the wait for Harry and Ron to come down to the common room too. After a few minutes Hermione lost all patience and made her way up the boy's staircase to wake Harry up first. Opening the door only a small crack, she poked her head in and saw him fast asleep in just his boxers.

Looking around, she also noticed that all of the other 7th year boys had gone to breakfast already. So she set her bag down as quietly as possible and snuck into the room. Once she was finally at his bed she leapt up onto it and began jumping up and down, missing him by the smallest amounts each time, shouting, "WAKE UP SUNSHINE!"

Harry nearly fell out of bed in shock, but recovered quickly. He tackled Hermione to the bed and began tickling her until she squealed for mercy.

"Harry!" She gasped, "I have to wake Ron yet!"

He let her up and hopped off the bed.

Hermione had long since gotten over her shyness around seeing Harry in just boxers; after all he was like a brother to her and would never be anything more.

"Do me a favor and wake him up the same way you did me," he said as he put his arms through the sleeves of his uniform shirt.

"Will do," she smiled brightly. She turned around after picking up her bag and proceeded out of that room and up the stairs to the head boy's room. Ron's room.

Hermione took a deep breath and suppressed the flutter in her heart. Ron had changed quite a bit too. He now towered at six foot seven, dwarfing Harry's even six feet. He had also put more muscle on and was no longer as lanky as he had once been. Although Mrs. Weasley still claimed that he wasn't fat enough yet, even though he ate as much ten horses in one sitting, for every meal.

She had finally arrived at his bedroom door and realized that she was happy that she'd get to follow through with Harry's favor. She set her bag down outside the door and slowly tip-toed in with out glancing in the room. She was about to close the door behind her when she heard him whisper her name. Hermione whipped her head around so fast that her neck almost hurt.

Lying sprawled out on the bed with the drapes wide open, was Ron Weasley absolutely starkers and with his left hand wrapped around his "wand". He still hadn't seen her there because his eyes were squeezed shut. His lips were trembling and he heard her name pass through his lips a few more times. Had he really said her name! And that look of pleasure on his face was unbelievable. Realizing that she was watching a very private moment she quietly left and met Harry back downstairs. All the way down she couldn't get the thought of his sweaty body out of her mind.

Harry was smirking at her, no doubt because she had a stupid grin on her face.

"Where's Ron?"

"I think he's going to be a little late today," Hermione said with the same stupid grin. Today things are going to change. I am raising the stakes.

Harry and Hermione walked all the way to the great hall in silence. When they arrived they chose seats near the end so they could save a couple seats. About five minutes into breakfast both Ginny and Ron arrived. Ginny took the seat on Harry's right, and Ron took the seat on Hermione's left.

Smirking to herself, Hermione had the thought of her first move. It would be very subtle, but subtle was good when she really needed to confirm what she had seen earlier.

"What are you grinning at?" Ron asked. "You always have that look when you're being mischievous."

Hermione put the best innocent look on her face that she could summon. "Me? Mischievous?"

Ron eyed her up suspiciously. Hermione sat up in her seat, and reached across Ron for an apple from the fruit basket, slowly brushing her recently developed chest across his arms in the process. He immediately sat upright with his eyes wide in shock. Hermione went back very slowly, repeating the dirty deed. She couldn't help but give him that same "mischievous" grin that she had given him before. His face immediately flushed.

Hermione returned to eating and waited for Ron to do the same. When everything seemed to be back to normal, Hermione began to slowly and ever so lightly pet his upper thigh. She immediately felt his muscles under her hand tighten in shock.

"Ron you don't look so well," Hermione purred into his ear. "Maybe you 'ought to go see Madam Pomfrey before class begins."

Ron, who was now staring at her hand in disbelief, nodded his head quickly and ran out of the great hall, fighting to hide his raging erection.

Hermione giggled and shook her head at him and began poking at her food again.

"Are you trying to kill him!" Harry asked incredulously.

Ginny was laughing so hard she may have had milk come out of her nose.

"I think he likes me," was all Hermione said.

Ginny hit her forehead with her left palm, while Harry let his head drop to the table.

"It's about bloody time." Harry mumbled into the table.