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Chapter 7:

Harry did his best to ignore and avoid Ginny at all costs until Sunday night when he was feeling just plain miserable. After being able to hide so well he had lost the ambition to keep away from her when she found him lying, moaning, on one of the common room sofas.

"Harry?" Ginny asked upon seeing him looking rather green.

He spun his head around so fast that it made him want to vomit up whatever he managed to keep down from lunch. He tried to get up, but he tripped over Ron's over large body that he still hadn't gotten used to and fell back into the couch. Ginny was standing over him when he looked up and he cringed. She was glaring daggers at him with her hands on her hips and her weight shifted in that oh so familiar female way.

"Harry James Potter," she hissed. "Now that you can't go anywhere I think we'll have a little chat."

Harry cowered under her powerful stare.

"Just – " She noticed that he was shaking violently. "Why are you shaking like that?"

"I-I don't know…" He was now gasping for air and not getting enough because he fell to the floor.

Ginny knelt down beside him and put the back of her hand to his glowing forehead. "Harry, you've got a dreadful fever, maybe you should go see Madam Pomfry." She suggested while trying to help him to his feet.

The freckles that dotted his nose and cheeks quickly became even more visible as his skin paled to grayish white and he promptly fainted taking Ginny down with him.

Hermione and 'Harry' were in the library finishing off their essays for Snape at Hermione's insistence. Hermione was finally feeling more like herself and was speeding through her essay, because she had been slightly distracted for the past week and had barily started it. 'Harry' on the other hand was almost finished with his, but he had been feeling horrible for the better half of the day and was not making much lead way on his essay.

Finally with a horrible lurch in his stomach, 'Harry's head hit the table in front of him with a dull thud.

"Harry!" Hermione hissed in obvious annoyance. She was finally getting somewhere with her essay and she didn't want to put up with the snoring that was soon to follow his new state of sleeping. When she glanced up from her scroll, fully intending to glare at him, she saw that his left cheek was pressed to the table and his face looked so clammy and white that she immediately began to worry. Leaning over the table she gently shook his shoulders in hopes of awaking him with out receiving any suspicious looks from Madam Pince.

After a minute of shaking and whispering his name Hermione was genuinely concerned because he wasn't responding in the slightest. Her only relief was found in the fact that she could still see his chest rising and falling steadily.

"Ron!" Hermione hissed one last time before he rolled his head over and let the other cheek flop onto the table.

"Whadja call me Won fo' Hermy?" He mumbled.

"Ha-Harry?" Hermione stuttered.

"Ugh, duh!" Harry said into the table, "now lemme go ba' to seep."

But Hermione wasn't going to be having any of that and she pushed him off his seat and onto the floor much to the chagrin of Madam Pince who immediately shooed them out of the library. After quickly stuffing both Harry's and her own bag with their books she dragged him out by the wrist until they were around the corner in the hallway.

"Where are we going?" Harry finally asked, pushing his glasses back onto his nose. And that's when it hit him. He was in his own body again! He danced a little jig in place that was so unlike him that Hermione had to stifle a giggle. Instead of waiting for him though she began her trek for the common room.

"Where are you going?" Harry shouted to her.

"I've got a boyfriend to snog!" She yelled back with out turning. She quickly walked down the halls trying not to draw to much attention to herself until she finally made it to the Pink Lady. "Rufflesprout." She said clearly.

When she'd crawled through and stood on the other side she saw Ron standing bewildered by the sofa with Ginny glaring at him.

"Ron!" He looked up at her even more confused than he was before. She ran and leapt onto him, bracing herself with her arms around his neck and brought his lips down to hers in a searing kiss.

At first Ron was too shocked to move at all until Hermione's persistence paid off and his lips responded to her soft pressure. He wrapped his arms around her slim waist and pulled her closer to help keep her mouth at his level.

"Oh get a room you two!" Ginny snorted from behind Hermione.

Hermione leapt out of Ron's embrace in surprise and upon seeing Ginny's knowing smile blushed crimson.

"So everything is as it should be now?" Hermione asked eagerly.

Ron grinned broadly and quickly took Hermione by the hand and lead her up to her head girl room. Ginny laughed lightly at them. She was very happy to see them finally get together, but a small part of her was jealous that she didn't have anything like that with Harry.

She sighed aloud.


What an enigma. She both hated and loved that man. He awoke a passion so strong in her that it often scared her senseless. Speaking of the devil.

Harry walked in with a broad grin on his face until he saw Ginny looking deep in thought.

"Uh…" Harry tried to back pedal out into the hall again, but Ginny was quicker. She grabbed him by the arm and steered him over to a couch by the fire and pushed him into the seat.

"You are not going to escape from me once again, Harry Potter." She sat down across from him and pinned him down with her steadfast gaze.

"Harry, why have you been avoiding me?" She asked quietly.

Harry almost flinched at the 'soft spoken Ginny', which was much different than the brazenly loud version she usually was when she was upset with him. This quiet Ginny was the scarier one, in Harry's opinion, because you could never see what was coming and it also meant that she was probably feeling bad about something too.

Sighing Harry spoke equally as soft towards her, "I guess I was scared of what you'd say – I mean with all the things we've talked about as 'Ron' and his sister…"

Ginny nodded as if in understanding. "Harry, I'm not going to even pretend to understand why you lied to Hermione and I about that potion and it's affects, but I do know that even if you were pretending to be my brother, I learned a lot about 'Harry' instead and I'm not upset about that. I just wish I could have found out all that stuff another way."

"Look – Gin, I understand that you don't fancy me and all, so if you care for me as a friend just take it easy on me. This whole 'broken-heart' stuff is kind of new and I'd like to keep a few pieces for myself." Harry said dejectedly, not even bothering to look at her but instead at the carpet.

Ginny smiled coyly and lifted his chin so he could look her in the face. "When have I not loved you with all my soul, Harry Potter?"

He was too shocked to do anything at first until he saw her face slowly approaching his own and he met her half way in a soft and tentative kiss. His stomach did back flips while his head was screaming congratulations as he brought his hand behind her head on the base of her neck so he could keep their lips locked together and deepen. Ginny moaned softly into his mouth and moved her body closer to his so he could feel the subtle heat radiating off her. After a few minutes they parted but only to rest their foreheads against each other.

"Does that mean that you love me too?" Ginny asked almost breathlessly.

"Merlin I hope so!" Harry laughed.

She giggled in response and immediately jumped onto his lap so she was straddling and facing him. Harry's jaw dropped in shock.

"What?" Ginny asked innocently. "Easier access." She winked at him and pressed her lips to his again in a hungry kiss. After recovering from the shock Harry moved his hands to caress her sides and hips. A quiet moan slipped past Ginny's lips and Harry took this as encouragement to continue and so he moved his hands from her hips back to her nice butt, that he rarely saw through the outline of their school robes. and lightly squeezing it he pulled her further onto his lap so her breasts were pressed against his quiditch hardened chest. Her hips involuntarily rocked forward in reaction to the heavy snogging they were doing and Harry groaned and bucked his hips into hers in return. Ginny's head fell back in ecstasy and Harry took full advantage of her exposed neck by nipping gently and kissing her soft skin. Ginny's breath was coming in quiet gasps and her hands were gripping his t-shirt tightly. "Ooooooh, Harry."

His already hardened member twitched in excitement at hearing his name coming from her lips and his hips bucked into her center again eliciting a sharp gasp of excitement from Ginny.

"A-hem," Hermione cleared her throat to alert the randy teenagers in the room that she was there.

Ginny leapt off Harry's lap blushing a horrible shade of red and tried to compose herself.

"I don't want to hear any lies, Ginevra Weasley, but I don't want to hear any truths either. I do recommend that you make use of Ron's head boy room if you catch my drift. I think he'll be very busy for the remainder of the night and I won't tell him about what you guys may or may not do in there. Anyways, just came down here for Ron's wand." Hermione stooped down to the table in front of where he had been sitting earlier and picked up the carelessly discarded wand. "Good night!"

Harry and Ginny laughed heartily until their sides ached and then anxiously ran up the stairs to Ron's room to do you –know-what, with out thinking about you-know-who for the rest of the night.

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