She-Ra: Princess of Power

The Dark Lord of Etheria

By: General Stingrad

(Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Characters Lord of the Rings belongs to JRR Tolkien and She-Ra belongs to Mattel and Filmation)

Chapter I: In the Land of the Horde Where the Shadows Lie



Today was like every other day, I set out to invade and conquer Brightmoon and we were stopped by She-Ra. I started out with a hundred thousand troopers and She-Ra totaled them all as if they were made of foil. It just makes me think how much I despise Grayskull, not only did he banish to netherworld of Despondos, but now his descants prevent from ruling over the planets I seek. One day I will have my revenge on Grayskull, and conquer both Eternia and Etheria.

I spent most of the day in my chambers mediating on a plan to defeat She-Ra; all of the plans I had thought up were already proven failures. Every single scheme was a dud, curse that She-Ra. Just then, Shadow Weaver entered my chambers, although I did not notice her at first.

She told me about a magical artifact, a magic ring created ages ago by a dark being called Sauron to conquer someplace named Middle Earth, called the One Ring of Power. I knew this was the ticket I needed to conquer Etheria.

I ordered Shadow Weaver to open a portal to this Middle Earth; she went off to do so. I also left my chambers to gather some of my minions to accompany me; I chose Catra, Scorpia, Leech, Modulok, Grizzlor, Mantenna, and Shadow Weaver along with a squad of Horde Troopers. About half an hour later, we met outside the Fright Zone, Shadow Weaver had the Portal to Middle Earth opened, as always my minions were afraid to enter first so I went and they followed.

When we arrived at Middle Earth, I ordered my men to split up into groups Catra and Scorpia were to take to the north; Leech and Grizzlor were to take the south; Modulok and Mantenna were to take the west; and Shadow Weaver and I were to take to the East. "This land will learn why we are called the Evil Horde" I remarked as we marched out to find this Ring.



Once again, Hordak tried to conquer Brightmoon, He along with some of his cronies tried to enter Castle Brightmoon and it was up to me to stop them. They put up a good fight but in the end, She-Ra defeated them.

After Hordak retreated, I returned to Castle Brightmoon for a little R&R, I laid on my bed and took a little nap; well little is not the best word to describe it. No sooner that I had shut my eyes than an Etherian Honor Guard came into my room; he told me that Queen Angella wished to see me in her throne room at once. I asked him what was wrong but he just said, "Queen Angella wouldn't say" So I followed him to Queen Angella's throne room.

When we arrived, she was sitting on her throne. Bow, Glimmer, Castaspella, and Madame Razz were also present. The guard announced my presence to everyone in the Room.

"I have called you all here to discuss an urgent matter," she told us in a somber tone of voice. "According to our sources, Hordak is leaving Etheria," she said.

"That's good news!" I said, happy at the fact that Hordak was leaving Etheria and possibly giving up the occupation of Etheria. No one seemed to think in that way.

Queen Angella gave me a stern look and replied, "No, Adora, Hordak is leaving Etheria to search for a magical artifact" she corrected me. The very mentioning of the artifact seemed to worry her, whatever it is it must something of great power.

"Hordak is searching for an artifact called the 'One Ring of Power', if he succeeds in finding the Ring he could gain enough power to conquer Brightmoon," she continued with great passion. "Once again Adora, Etheria's fate is in your hands," she told me.

"Where do I find this 'One Ring'?" I asked her, I would go anywhere, even into the very depths of Despondos itself to face the dark demons that inhabit that horrible place if it meant, I could save Etheria from the Horde.

"It is in a land called Middle Earth, it is a land of magic, I pray to Light Hope that his magic will protect you on this journey" She said, "Castaspella will open a portal to take you there, Do you have any questions" she asked as she pointed to Casta who stepped in front of the throne.

"Yes your majesty, may I bring Spirit with me on this journey, and who else is going with me on this mission" I asked her, I felt that somehow Spirit would be useful to me as well as the other members of the team I was assigned to.

"You may take Spirit with you, but you will have to go alone on this mission" she told me, I was shocked, this wasn't like her, usually when there is a mission she assigns a team to accomplish the task. Usually Bow and Glimmer accompany me on a mission, but now she said that this was a solo mission.

"Why is that I must go alone on this mission?" I asked I knew Queen Angella had her reasons, but I had to know for myself.

"I had talked to Casta about whether or not Hordak could detect the portal, she informed that if more than one person were to go into the portal, he would be able to detect it, but if only one person would enter then it would escape Hordak's detection." She explained. I felt uneasy at my stomach, the thought of going alone into some strange land was frightening but, I had to do it, Etheria was at stake. I told the queen that I would do it.

"Casta, go with Adora to the stables and prepare to leave at once" she commanded, Casta walked over beside me and prepared to leave.

Before we left, my friends gave me gifts to help me on my journey. From Bow I got his bow and arrows that were used by the Etherian Honor Guard to defend the Magi during the War of Illumination, "May they likewise protect you" he said bowing politely. Glimmer had given me her magic mirror of friendship that allows it's possessor to see his or her friends and allies no matter how far away they might be. Castaspella gave me a magic talisman, the Infinitus, the symbol old Etheria back when it was called Infintia, she told the Gnostics used it to promote good luck, and she hoped it would do the same for me; Madame Razz gave me a special potion, The Healing Potion of Kulosadian. She told me that it will heal any wounds and I only need to drink one drop of it for it to work. Lastly, Queen Angella gave me the greatest gift she had to give, The Angellian Blessing, it was sung to her by her mother:

Long ago, Long ago, before you were born, Gnostic Sorcerers enchanted this world. They wove their magic into the land and their names although forgotten can still be heard in your prayers.

When the Snakes invaded our homes, they ravaged all at hand. Many people good and pure died by Snake's hands. People lost all they had at stake and some Gnostics became apostates.

Then He-Ro, the great wizard and his student Light Hope, defeated Hsss's snakes and sent them back home.

Light Hope became the King and fought for us when Prime, came searching for a world to rule and in freeing us Light Hope died.

Then the Magi, who were at Hope's side, ascended the throne next until Ralabad died. Now called Hordak, the dark son of Prime, the Magi defeated him and once more, we did sigh. The Magi into crystals pure and clear turned and then no more were they seen or heard.

Now we Angellians take up the throne and we rule with love and Grace. When you go tonight and darkness is around you, may the love of the Angellians guide you to the light.

When she was done, she excused Casta and me so I could get ready. I went to my room and packed some belongings in a bag, some food for nourishment, a spare set of clothes; the gifts that my friends gave me; and of course what I thought was the most important item I packed, the Sword of Protection, You never know when She-Ra will be needed.

A few minutes later there was knock at my, it was Castaspella, she wanted to know if I was ready, I came out of my room with my bag and we made our way to the stables.

When we arrived, the horses were neighing as if they sensed that I was in danger, although I wasn't. It was frightening, but I ignored it and tried to keep my mind on the mission.

We went over to Spirit, he seemed the most worried of all the Horses, "it's all right Spirit; this journey is frightening to me too." I said as I soothed him, the poor thing he had seen his share of war and destruction, he had seen first hand his brethren killed by Prime eons ago, and now he witnessed the Horde destroy Etheria. He's also had the honor of being called the joy of the immortals. I sometimes wonder what Kalion, the Green Goddess of Grayskull, used to whisper to him, what divine gnosis was he privy to? There was no time for religious contemplation now; there was work to be done.

I mounted Spirit and signaled to Casta that I was ready to leave, she waved her arms and a gateway opened up. Before I left I waved goodbye to Casta and with that, Spirit and me left for Middle Earth.

A few moments I arrived in Middle Earth, I looked a round for moment and told Spirit, "Well I guess we better start to look for Hordak" Spirit neighed in affirmation and we started our journey.


2 March 3019 III

I was on my way to Isengard to relate all the news of Rohan to Saruman, I was happy today, that fool Éomer had been banished from Rohan and thus is no longer a threat to my master's plans.

I was traversing through the Westfold, when something caught my eye. I hid behind a boulder to see what it was. I saw a strange army marching in different directions. They weren't men, Uruk-Hai, Orcs, or any other race of Middle Earth. They were hybrids of different creatures it seemed. One was part cat and part human, another was part scorpion, another looked like a giant leech, another looked like some strange insect, and one looked like a feral man-beast you hear about in children's stories. Another looked like it was cobbled together with left over body parts, and another which commanded the leader's attention looked like a female Nazgûl (if there were such a thing) with glowing eyes and wearing a red robe instead of a black one .

The leader was very demonic in appearance; his face looked like that of a bat with red eyes and sharp fangs. The soldiers that accompany them looked like men wearing armor, although they could be machines. The all wore a bat on their clothing, obviously their insignia. They called themselves the Horde and seemed to be looking for something.

Once the army was gone, I went to leave my hiding place when I saw another being this time a young woman, no older sixteen from what I could tell. She was wearing a red and white battle suit with yellow stripes on the shoulders. She had blonde hair and blue eyes; nothing strange about that, after all Théoden's niece Éowyn has the same features.

What was strange about this intruder was the weapon she carried, it was a strange sword, the steel that it was crafted from was imbued with magic, and in the center of the weapon was a jewel. It was not like anything I've seen crafted of men, elves, or dwarves, Saruman must know about these intruders.

As fast I could, I rushed to Orthanc to alert my master. Faster than a fox evading hounds, I ran till I came the Fords of Isen. I crossed the fords with equal speed and went north to Isengard. When I got to Orthanc, I went immediately to Saruman's throne room.

"What news from Edoras do you bring me Grima?" he asked me I his usual melodic tone of voice.

"There are intruders in the land" I informed him trying to catch my breath. I thought he would be upset, but instead he seemed calm, he got up, walked to the Palantir, and gazed into it.

"Tell me of these intruders." He said calmly as he continued to be transfixed by the seeing stone. I could tell that Sauron was also telling him of these intruders and was going to compare my information with that of Mordor's.

"The first is an army, they called themselves the Horde, they seemed to be looking for something," I reported to him, he did not ask about the other one but continued to gaze into the orb.

I didn't know what to do; Saruman can get quite angry and irritated if interrupted from his meditations. I felt though, that in this case, I did need to risk his wrath and inform of the other intruder.

"Shall I tell you of the other intruder?" I asked him, he did not answer.

After a moment of dead silence he replied, "What of the other intruder?"

"The other was girl, sixteen at the oldest, what really got my attention was the sword she carried. It wasn't like anything of this world and seemed to have great power," I told him.

At the very mention of power, Saruman's eyes lit up, "A sword not of this world with great power, she must be captured, I must possess that sword" he ordered.

"What are your orders, master?" I asked him waiting for my instructions.

"Take a squad of Uruk-Hai and keep watch over these intruders, especially the girl, I want her brought to me alive," he ordered.

"Yes, master" I replied and went to do his bidding.

I went down several flights of stairs and made way to the dungeons, there I found the Orc Overseer.

"Excuse Me," I whimpered as I waited for him to notice me.

"Wha' da ya want worm!" he barked at me, I must say that although I have been down here before, something about the Overseer's question spooked me.

"Saruman asked me to take a squad of Uruk-Hai to spy on some intruders" I told him boldly, I knew that this mission was important to Saruman and I wanted to make sure that I succeeded on this mission.

The Overseer looked at some crumbled pieced of paper and wrote something down on it. He looked up and bellowed "White Squad! Go with the Worm!" Soon a fierce looking Uruk-Hai named Vergog came forward.

"Maggots! Get your armor on, we have work to do!" he ordered and soon Uruk-Hai began to scramble to get their armor and weapons. They were shouting and yelling at each other. After about three minutes, they were ready to go.

I inspected them, they looked ready as far as I could tell, "Saruman has ordered me to spy on some intruders, you are to come with me to assist me on this mission, do you understand" I told them, they shouted in approval, "Very well then move out!" I shouted.

"MOVE OUT MAGGOTS!" Vergog shouted to his 'men' as we marched out.

We marched for several miles until we reached the point where I saw the army and the girl, although they were long gone, the Uruk-Hai picked up their scent.

"Vergog split your squad up, I'll take half to go after the army, the rest will go after the girl," I told him.

His answer was grabbing my neck, "You don't EVER order me around, the next time you do I'll roast and have you for dinner" he threatened, I nodded in affirmation and he released me.

He turned to his men and said "ALL RIGHT MAGGOTS, DIVIDE YOURSELVES HALF GO WITH THE WORM THE OTHERS COME WITH ME!" he shouted to his men as they divided into groups and went in opposite directions.