Chapter IV: The Battle of Mordor



I did not sleep most of the night the horrible visions of my dream kept me up, but I did sleep enough to alert and refreshed.

About an hour before sunrise, Aragorn came into see if I was ready.

"Are you ready for today She-Ra, we have a long journey ahead of us" he told me as I checked my supplies. This was going to be the beginning of the Apocalypse, we were headed for Mordor to fight a battle of such epic proportions it would make the ancient Ophidian Wars of millennia past look like a scuffle.

"I'm ready," I declared as I drew the Sword of Protection out. It's brilliant jewel shone like the moons of Eternia, and I would need all the light I could muster if was going to face off with Hordak and if my dream was right with myself as well!

Aragorn introduced me to all present, there was Gandalf, a wizard, he reminded me of the pictured I had seen of the Council of Elders; there was King Théoden of Rohan, a local monarch; his nephew Éomer; there were two 'hobbits' named Merry and Pippin, the same ones who rescued me from the tower, they were short probably no tall than Ram-Man if he weren't so bulky; Gimli the dwarf who looked like Ram-Man with a beard; and Legolas Greenleaf, an elf of Mirkwood.

"Are we ready" Aragorn asked as he looked around at his friends, everyone shouted in affirmation. Then looking out he shout "Let us be off" and we were.

I rode with Aragorn on his horse, Brego. He told that ride would be long and difficult but I was ready for anything,

Light Hope guide and protect us on our journey.



Once we entered Mordor, we waited for the Etherian team to arrive, after about a few hours, Catra and her crew showed up, looking a little worse for wear.

"Sorry we're late" she apologized. "We ran into a giant spider," she continued.

"Enough, now we must set our trap and wait for She-Ra to come, I want her to be here when I gain possession of the Ring" I told her as I thought of the perfect way to rid myself of She-Ra.

To make sure that she would not beat me I had Weaver teleport me to the foot of the mountain.

I began to climb the mountain halfway, I stopped at the place where my calculations said me, She-Ra, and the 'hobbits' would meet up.



We rode for days, weeks actually, the journey was long and paved with may conflicts, along the way we met up with armies from the lands of Rohan and Gondor, some of the soldiers weren't even thirteen years of age, little kids fighting in a war how frightening can that be.

I have seen the horror in their faces as they see their best friends slain in battle, events that would haunt them years for now.

The battles fought were hard, in one at a place Pelennor Fields, King Théoden was slain. I did not know him as well as I had come to known Aragorn, but I felt for his family's lost, he was good man, but in last years he was plagued with sorrow I was told.

A few miles before we reached the to the Black Gate Mordor we stopped to rest for awhile, everyone even Aragorn seemed worried about what will come next.

While I was resting Aragorn came up to me, "Lady She-Ra, I have a gift for you," he said as he led me a few feet a way.

There before me stood a beautiful white Horse, he looked almost identical to Spirit. I was speechless I didn't know what to say.

"Thank you, he's magnificent, what's his name?" I asked him as I petted the magnificent creature.

"His name is Fea, it is Quenya for 'Spirit', for he has the spirit of a warrior" he explained.

As I mounted my new steed, I saw the sadness in Aragorn's eyes, they spoke of all the carnage he saw and now it was taking a toll on him.

"Are you okay?" I asked worriedly as I dismounted Fea worried he might faint.

"I am fine, It's just that my men are young some just kids and some elderly, they might not come back and how do you tell their families theirs sons and fathers aren't coming home. The closer we get to our goal the more fearful they get, I'm not sure they can make it" he explained to me.

I wanted to help, but I did not how, then it hit me "Aragorn gather you men, I have a few words encouragement that will move their spirits," I told him.

Aragorn got up and called out to his men, they all converged in front him waiting for what he had to say. "Men, this is She-Ra, ally of all free people she has some words to lift your spirits" he told them as they turned to looked at me.

"Men of Middle Earth, today you embark on journey and your worried that you might not make it home. However a great sage on Etheria named Light Hope once said 'we may fall, but as long as your spirit is just and brave we will all meet up again.' Good is always superior to evil and to give you the courage I will now bless you with a poem that I was blessed with, when I left for here:

Long ago, Long ago, before you were born, Gnostic Sorcerers enchanted this world. They wove their magic into the land and their names although forgotten can still be heard in your prayers.

When the Snakes invaded our homes, they ravaged all at hand. Many people good and pure died by Snake's hands. People lost all they had at stake and some Gnostics became apostates.

Then He-Ro, the great wizard and his student Light Hope, defeated Hsss's snakes and sent them back home.

Light Hope became the King and fought for us when Prime, came searching for a world to rule and in freeing us Light Hope died.

Then the Magi, who were at Hope's side, ascended the throne next until Ralabad died. Now called Hordak, the dark son of Prime, the Magi defeated him and once more we did sigh. The Magi into crystals pure and clear turned and then no more were they seen or heard.

Now we Angellians, take up the throne and we rule with love and Grace. When you go tonight and darkness is around you, may the love of the Angellians guide you to the light.

Even they did not know the characters that were in the blessing, they knew the message- that there is someone watching out for you. They were invigorated and ready to fight.

Once everyone was refreshed we began our journey again, after a few miles we reached the Black Gate, Aragorn and his armies were at the front, I had snuck to the side of the gate, Aragorn ordered the gate opened, but along with gate came an army of Creatures and a battle ensued.

While Aragorn was busy fighting the creatures I snuck into the Land of Mordor, on the horizon was my goal Mount Doom.

I rode for miles, the place reminded me very much of the Fright Zone and the Dark hemisphere, suffering and pain every which way. In the center of the land was huge tower with a great eye staring across the land; beyond the tower was a volcano- Mount Doom my goal

I continued to ride one, occasionally some creatures tried stop me and capture me, but I quickly dispatched them with all due speed, hoping to reach Mount Doom in time. I continued to ride into the heart of Mordor until about three hours later when I reached Mount Doom. I dismounted Fea and started to climb.

The climb up was long and dangerous, a few times I almost got buried in avalanche but I managed to avoid them before it was too late.

Finally After about an hour, I reached the halfway point, only to find out that Hordak beat me there. He had guards on all sides of him; behind him were two hobbits one had bark hair and the other had blonde hair, they both had blue eyes, no doubt these were Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee, the two Hobbits that Aragorn had told me about.

"Greetings, She-Ra, Looking for this?" he asked as he held the Ring out for all to behold. The Ring was made of pure gold and hanging on a chain. It seemed odd that such a little thing so worried Angella that she sent me here to ensure it's destruction; that such a tiny thing Hordak compelled Hordak to travel to strange land, virtually leaving the Fright Zone unguarded, ad yet even though it was so small, I knew it contained power.

"I won't let you Hordak," I spat at him, I ran after him in a frenzy but before I could close enough to attack, Hordak shot me in the stomach with an energy beam.

"Silence! The only reason I'm letting you live so you can se me attain my goal," he yelled as removed the Ring form the chain.

I slowly got up, a little sore from where I was shot, but nothing too serious.

I watched in Horror was Hordak gazed upon the Ring, he was in state of ecstasy; he mind a turbulent whirlpool of dark thoughts.

He smiled as he removed the Ring from the chain, "How long I hungered for such power- now it is finally mine" he declared as slowly placed the Ring on his mechanical hand.

Instantly he began to disappear then reappear, he did this for about minute and then stopped.

"Yes! Now I am invincible" Hordak screamed as the evil magic of the Ring and his own dark energies were becoming one, he began to levitate and energy glowed in his eyes.

"Now…" he exclaimed as he turned to face me, "You will die" he said began to shot energy bolts at me.

The first one caught me off guard, it grazed my arm, but not seriously, the rest I deflected with my sword. "Is that the best you can do, Hordak," I taunted him.

"FOOL! YOU DARE CHALLENGE ME!" he said as raised his arms and soon rocks began to levitate. "Let see if a rolling stone gathers moss," he joked as he began to hurl them at me.

I tried my best to block them, but there were too many, the rocks become larger and heavier soon he threw one at my back and pinned me to the ground.

I fell to the ground, causing my sword to fly out of my hand. I could feel the rock pressing on my back, every time I tried to get up, Hordak would push the rock more forcefully driving me closer to the ground.

"Death is like fine wine, She-Ra, it is bitter at first but then it becomes oh so sweet" He whispered to me as he forced the rock closer to the ground.

I could feel my bones breaking and my organs gushing blood- he was crushing me to death. My ribs were piercing my lungs making it harder to breath, if I didn't so something soon I would be a goner, so using all my strength and power I lifted the rock from my body and hoisted up in the air and hurled at Hordak.

"Impossible" he sneered as he deflected the rock; he looked shocked that I had the power to lift the boulder.

Weakened and battered, I was still determined to stop Hordak, I picked up the Sword of Protection and declared "Hordak! Let us end this battle the only way it could ever end" as I waved my weapon in the air.

Hordak thought for a moment, and then materialized his own sword, "So be it," he sneered and the final battle began.

I was weak and dizzy, I tired my best to fight him but eventually he managed to knock my sword from my hand again.

"Farewell old enemy, and may flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest" he said as he was about to deliver the final blow.

I had to think fast, I needed a distraction, I turned to the two hobbits and yelled out "Frodo! Sam! Throw rocks at him, hurry".

Although they were hesitant, they began to as I told them to do.

"Take this you demon" they yelled at him as the hurled a barrage of stones at him.

Hordak turned to face them, his eyes were filled with venomous hatred, "IMPUDENT FOOLS!" he spat as he blasted them with an energy beam.

They managed to get up again they were hurt but not badly, Hordak was now more furious than ever, his eyes filled with acidic hatred that could kill any being stared at them for too long "You will join her in death": he threatened.

"No, they won't" I said from behind him.

He went to turn around but before he could, I had managed to cut off the arm that had the ring on it.

Hordak doubled over in pain, surges of electricity ran through his body via the circuits on his armor, making him wince.

The Ring had landed just a few inches from my feet, I knelt down to pick it up and examine just what was so special about this ring.

While I was looking at the ring, a strange feeling came over me, a sense of power.

I looked around at my surroundings, Frodo and Sam were yelling something to me but I didn't hear them, then I turned around and gazed at Hordak, for some reason, I no longer viewed him as living being, but a monster that had to be killed.

"She-Ra what are you doing?" he asked as I approached him.

"Ending your reign of terror, demon" I spat as I hoisted him up in the air and carried him over to a pool of lava. "Farewell Sweet Hordak and may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest" I told him with an evil smile on my face.

"She-Ra please! Have mercy!" he pleaded with me but his plea fell on deaf ears.

Just I was about to throw him into the lava, I heard a voice whisper "Adora, remember you honor", it was the voice of Galadriel, the lady in my dreams.

I realized what I was about to do; I threw Hordak to the ground and recovered my sword. A war was brewing in my mind; the good of Grayskull was fighting against the evil of the Ring.

I stared at the sword, the inner conflict tearing my very soul apart, then suddenly, I understood Galadriel's words- to remember my honor was to remember the Honor of Grayskull and why I fight Hordak in the first place.

Filled with this knowledge, I raised the Sword of Protection in the air and declared "For the Honor of Grayskull" As always the power healed my wounds, but I also felt as if I was surrounded by light and energy more than usual, drawing my strength from this light I was able to overcome the One Ring's hold on my mind and let it drop to the ground.

With my soul restored, my power went back to normal levels; once the light vanished I fell on my knees and began to cry.

Frodo came up to me and asked; "are you okay miss?" he was concerned, about me, even though he did not know me.

"I'm fine, Frodo" I told him as got to my feet and wiped my tears.

Frodo looked at me puzzled, "Who are you that you know my name" he asked, he knew that I was good but he didn't how I knew his name.

"I am She-Ra, friend and ally of Aragorn, son of Arathorn." I explained to him.

His friend, Sam looked at me with suspicion, "How can we trust her" he told Frodo weary that I might be an enemy sent to stop them from carrying their mission.

Frodo stared at me, he was trying to determine the veracity of my claim to be a friend of Aragorn. Finally after a moment of thought he said "It's okay, Sam, she's a friend." He concluded. "Why have you come here She-Ra?" he asked me wondering why Aragorn would send someone here.

"I have come here on a mission to prevent the Ring of Power from falling into the hands of Hordak, the being we just defeated." I said as removed the Ring from my finger.

Before I gave the ring to Frodo, I turned to look at Hordak, he had vanished along with his men, no doubt they returned to the Fright Zone to plot another attack, but that was not my concern now.

I turned to Frodo, my eyes were still full of tears, my hands were trembling, overcome by the evil that had possessed me temporarily "here, destroy the Ring, it is your duty and yours alone" I said.

I could see that they were worn out and maybe even low on morale, so I gave them a blessing "may Light Hope guide though your mission".

"Thank you" they replied and we went our separate ways.

I scaled down the mountain as fast as could, and ran through Mordor like lightning vanquishing any foes that got in my way.

Finally, I reached the gate ran out. I looked back into that dark land; the great tower that stood in the center of the kingdom crumbled to the ground, I knew in my heart that Frodo was successful.

Victory was ours at last.

Later that day, I was invited Aragorn's coronation and marriage with his bride an elf lady named Arwen, it was celebration that could easily overshadow any Victory Day celebration.

Finally when night had come Aragorn gathered his men together to see me off on my way home.

Before I left the newly crowned King Aragorn gave me a gift a bag with a note attached to it:


I cannot thank you enough helping me prepare my men for the battle, but I think this will do nicely. Gandalf found it in the possession of an Uruk-Hai near Isengard, the potion the phial contained is all gone and some of the items like the mirror were damaged, I had the artisans of you Gondor repair them for you. Also to show my personal gratitude I give you Fea to take home with you and this promise when ever your land is in danger, you need only to send for me and I will come with all due speed


Aragorn Elessar; King of Gondor.

"Thank you" I said as I curtseyed before him, as show of respect.

"You are most welcome, She-Ra" he said politely, as he saw me mount Fea and start along my way.

As I went passed the rows of soldiers, they would salute me and shout "Long Live She-Ra, ally to all free peoples of Middle Earth!" I was honored at such a farewell.

Finally when I sure I was far enough away and no one was looking I raised my sword up in the air and said "The Honor is Restored" instantly I reverted back to Adora.

I raised the sword again and said "Take me home" soon as I said that a portal opened up and Fea and me went through the portal and returned home.

We arrived a few moments later at Castle Brightmoon; I took Fea to the stables and made my way to Queen Angella's throne Room.

When I reached the room, I found Queen Angella and everyone waiting for me.

"Adora, Thank Light Hope you're all right, we were so worried" she said as she gave me a hug.

Everyone was anxious to hear about my adventure, so I told them all about Middle Earth; Saruman; Mordor; Aragorn and his allies; Galadriel and the dream I had; the battle at the Black Gate; and how I met Frodo and Sam and how they helped me defeat Hordak and how I almost became evil again and killed Hordak; and how finally the Ring was destroyed.

"Well, I'm glad you're safe, come let us go celebrate" She ordered as we left for the banquet hall. We celebrated well into he night and finally it was time for bed, I slept safely that night knowing all was safe- for now.



Curse that She-Ra, once again she defeated me, but this defeat has taught me a valuable lesson, that even after all these millennia, King Grayskull is still a force to be reckoned with, his great power reached across time and space to save She-Ra from succumbing to the darkness of the Ring. I must find out how to harness that power and use it against my enemies. Once I learn that secret, I will be invincible

I have retired to my chambers to think up another plan, and the next time Shadow Weaver mentions any magical artifacts I will just say NO, the Triad that my Shadow Priest made for me millennia started my displeasure of them and now the Ring has made it worse.

Magic ring or not, I will destroy He-Man, She-Ra, and my idiotic servant Skeletor and then once they are gone I will rule over both Eternia and Etheria- THIS IS I SWEAR!

The End