Dark Winx

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Classes had ended for the day and Bloom and the rest of the Winx Club were in the Alfea library.

"So what are we looking for here exactly?" Stella asked in a voice that plainly said she was bored.

"A book I heard about that supposedly contains spells to enhance our powers," Bloom replied. She was looking through the oldest spell books in the library.

"It would help if we knew the title," Techna replied.

"I know but I don't know it. All I know is that it might help me find the source of my power."

Suddenly Musa came running up.

"Yo Bloom, this it?" She asked, holding up a book with a double circle design on the cover. Symbols were set between the layers. In the smaller circle was a design that looked like a six pointed star. The points on the sides were shorter than the ones at the top and bottom.

"Yes, you're the best Musa!" Bloom praised.

"Well, now that we've found Bloom's precious super power book, can we go back to the room now? I really need to decide what I'm going to wear tomorrow," Stella whined.

"All right Stella," Bloom replied with both excitement and annoyance in her voice. She took the book from Musa and they returned to their rooms.

"So Bloom, what's this book supposed to be about?" Questioned Techna when the girls had all taken a seat. Stella was going through her closet but was paying attention.

"Look here girls," Bloom said. She was pointing to a picture of the circle on the cover but there was also a passage. "This passage tells about a force of magic to strong, it can make whoever wields it invincible. Imagine what we could to with that. We would never have to worry about the witches again. So, are you girls interested?"

"You bet," Musa replied. "So, what's this thing called?"

"The Seal of Oricalcos," Bloom replied.

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