Final Battle:

At the Dark Academy, all the Dark Angels were in the courtyard, clustered around a rift in the air that was steadily growing. A single massive eye could be seen within. Bloom, who was focusing the energy shouted encouragement.

"Come on, keep it up! Just a little more! We're almost there!" The rift was clearing and suddenly gave a blinding flash of light. When it cleared, a monstrous creature was in the air above them. It looked like a dragon but with the body of a serpent. Its single eye focused on Bloom as it lowered itself to the ground. Bloom, showing no signs of fear, walked up to it and met its gaze.

"Great Leviathan, I have summoned you because the enemies of the Oricalcos have conjured the great dragons. We need your power and the power of the Oricalcos army to vanquish our foes. Will you aid us?" She asked. The Leviathan lowered its head to the ground and motioned for Bloom to mount it.

"I thank you Great Leviathan. Now, together let us conjure the Oricalcos army!" The Great Leviathan gave mighty roar and took to the sky. Together, they conjured a portal to the dark realm where the army of the Oricalcos was imprisoned. Bloom used all of her power and the might of the Great Leviathan to break their chains of binding. First one, then another came out of her portal. Soon streams of them were emerging. "Finally, we will be invincible!"

"Bloom," Techna called out. Bloom flew back to the ground.

"What is it?" She asked.

"The Cloud Tower army is approaching," she reported.

"I had hoped to have a little more time, but I suppose we're ready. Let's do this and rid ourselves of our enemies once and for all," she said as her Oricalcos mark burned bright. She turned to the Dark Angels and the Oricalcos army that was still pouring through the portal.

"Servants of the Oricalcos! The time has come to at last claim dominance over this realm and crush our enemies! Prepare for the final battle!" Her army cheered as she mounted the Great Leviathan and lead her forces into battle.

"We're approaching Alfea," Faragonda reported from the back of Tomyas. Their army was nearly at Alfea where they knew they would be in for the fight if their lives. "We'll all go in together. If we can take out Bloom then the Oricalcos spell will be broken. She is the first one to be infused with Oricalcos magic, therefore of we can take it out of her, the spell on the others will fade away."

"Let's do it then," Griffin replied. She was impatient. She couldn't stand associating with Faragonda and Saladin so much. She couldn't wait to start sabotaging their school events again. "All forces move in. Remember your task. Take Bloom down!" Suddenly the Great Dragons shuddered.

"What was that?" Saladin asked.

"Oh no, Bloom's done it. She's summoned the Great Leviathan! We must hurry before she summons the army of the Oricalcos as well," she said as she and Tomyas began to descend.

"Oh your too late for that," a voice said inside their heads. "Much too late." Alfea was coming into view. It looked even darker than before, and Bloom's Dark Angels filled the sky. And that was not all. The great Leviathan carried Bloom and Brandon into battle. Oricalcos soldiers marched out of the front gate, forming ranks.

"This is what we've trained for. Don't lose hope. Now attack!" Saladin ordered, and the two armies joined together in battle. The boys used their bike lasers to take on the Oricalcos soldiers but it did nothing.

"Tomyas, attack!' Faragonda ordered. Tomyas gave a road and spat a stream of fire that destroyed the soldiers, but more kept pouring through the portal. Suddenly, Tomyas dodged a massing burst of flame coming from Bloom.

"You think your little pet dragons can stop me! I don't think so! Great Leviathan destroy her!"

"Tomyas destroy that foul beast!" Faragonda ordered. The beasts' blasts met midway. It was a stand off. Then Bloom began feeding her power to the Leviathan and soon Tomyas and Faragonda plummeted to the ground.

"Now Great Leviathan, finish them both!"

"No, that will not happen!" A new voice said.

"Who said that? Who are you?" Bloom demanded. A pink portal opened and a girl stepped through. She wore blue armor and a tall metal hat. The carried a slam staff that ended in a swirl.

"I am the Dark Magician Girl, ruler of the Dominion of the Beasts. You have caused much destruction and suffering and I will not allow you to continue."

"You can't stop me! Great Leviathan destroy her!" Dark Magician Girl easily dodged the attack. She looked around. The Oricalcos soldiers and Dark Angels were overpowering the Cloud Tower army.

"Yes I can. Great Dragons, I call on your greatest power. Combine yourselves into one and create the Grand Guardian Dragon!" The three dragons glowed a pure white and merges together, creating a new dragon. Its skin was pure white and its wings were sky blue. It had a horn like a Unicorn's of its forehead and its tail was tipped with a glowing sphere. It gave a mighty roar and the Oricalcos soldiers dissolved into dust.

"Even this new creature can't defeat me! Great Leviathan, Brandon, join your powers with mine!' She commanded. "Now, prepare to meet your end! Black Seal!' She yelled. A massive web of energy headed for the Guardian dragon. It countered with a blast of its own. This time though it was Bloom's attack that was driven back.

"This is impossible! No one can stand against the might of the Oricalcos!"

"It's all right Bloom. It's time to wake up from this nightmare," Faragonda said as the Guardian Dragon's attack overwhelmed Bloom's. She and the Leviathan gave scream of race and sadness. Brandon hugged Bloom.

"No matter what happens, we'll always be together," he promised. Bloom grasped him back. The great Leviathan vanished, sealed away once again. Bloom seemed to shimmer for a moment, then a shadow seemed to separate from her (like what Bakura did to the yu-gi-oh gang of Duelist Kingdom). Then a great blast of light blinded everyone. When it cleared, all traces of the Dark Angels and The army of the Oricalcos were gone, except for the crystals that rested beside the former Dark angels. Each was a perfect sphere and had its own color. Gradually everyone began to wake up.

"Oh, my head," Bloom said as she opened her eyes. Brandon woke up as well. They were still holding each other. They blushed and released each other. Dark Magician Girl came over to the teachers.

"It is over. The Oricalcos has been defeated. I thank you for your help."

"It is we who should be thanking you. Without your assistance we would never have been able to save Bloom and the others."

"I will take the book with me back to my world. There it will be safe from those who would misuse its power." She said as she stepped back through her portal. "Good by my friends." The portal closed and she was gone. Bloom walked up to Ms. Faragonda.

"Ms. Faragonda I'm so sorry for what I've done." She said. "All I wanted was to become stronger. I had no idea it would turn out like this. I'm so sorry!' She cried, falling into Faragonda's arms. She held her and patted her back.

"It's all right Bloom. There was no way you could have known what that book would do to you. Everything's going to be fine," she said. Brandon came up beside them.

"She's right Bloom. Now that you've been set free and the book's gone everything can get back to normal."

"I feel so tired," Bloom said.

"Come on, I'll help you to your room," Brandon offered. Bloom took his hand and leaned on him as they walked through the once again normal halls of Alfea.

Back outside, the teachers were gathering up the crystals that had been left behind by the Dark Angels. They agreed to lock them up in the Alfea vault and never speak of them again.

"Well, here we are," Brandon said as he and Bloom arrived at her dorm room. "I'll call you later." He moved to leave but Bloom held his arm.

"I never thanked you for staying with me. Even when I made you a Dark Angel you stuck with me. I just want to thank you."

"Your welcome. I knew that if I just kept trying eventually we'd be free." Bloom and Brandon gazed into each others eyes for a long moment. Gradually they moved closer until their lips met. A minute later they pulled apart. Both were blushing heavily. "Well, I'll see you later," Brandon said as he walked away. "Maybe we can go out of a date sometime."

"You bet," Bloom replied. Finally, things were getting back to normal, but now she really did have a boyfriend.


So did everyone like the ending? Sorry if I made it a bit mushy at the very end. I hope you liked the story. I may do a sequel where the witches steal the Dragon Fire and imprison Bloom and they have to revive the Dark Angels. Only they managed to purge them of evil and now they are good. Tell me if you think it's a good idea. Until then, see ya.

P.S. Thanks to Serpent Hand for the idea of having Dark Magician Girl coming in and saving the day. Also, I haven't seen the Yu-Gi-Oh movie, so if any of you reviewers have send me an e-mail about it. Thanks! The story itself should get started in the second week of June because I've got to finish a mammoth project.